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<ul><li><p>building &amp; facilities managementbuilding &amp; facilities managementbuilding &amp; facilities managementbuilding &amp; facilities management</p><p>HVAC | OFFICE &amp; IT | WORKPLACE PLANNING &amp; DESIGN | MARCH 2016 </p><p></p><p>ONLINE SHOP NOW LIVE</p><p>THE LEadINg maNufacTurEr Of SafETy &amp; cONTrOL VaLVES</p><p>MADE IN GREAT BRITAIN</p><p>32Seven seemingly harmless items that could put your company at risk</p><p>28Modern office design; how style meets substance </p><p>6iApply provides welcome efficiency for UK building boom</p><p></p><p>FUNDING SCHEME DIPS THE LIGHTING BILL FOR VALLEYS AUTHORITY PAGE 36HIGHLIGHTS</p></li><li><p>3Building &amp; Facilities Management March 2016</p><p>Business Development DirectorJames Scrivens</p><p></p><p>Creative DirectorSarah Daviner</p><p></p><p>Accounts ManagerKatie Brehm</p><p></p><p>Print MIXAM UK LTD</p><p>BFM is published 10 times a year by Abbey Publishing Ltd. To receive a copy free of charge, contact our offices.</p><p>17 Whitley Close, Irthlingborough, Northamptonshire, NN9 5GNTel: 01933 316931Email:</p><p> BFM_Magazine</p><p>Subscriptions are available to non-qualified readers for 50 per annum (postage incl.), 60 (Europe), and 70 (rest of the world) Cover Price: 5.00</p><p>PAPER USED TO PRODUCE THIS MAGAZINE IS SOURCED FROM SUSTAINABLE FORESTS.</p><p>No part of this publication may be reproduced by any means without prior permission from the publishers. The publishers do not accept any responsibility for, or necessarily agree with, any views expressed in articles, letters or supplied advertisements.Some manufacturers and suppliers have made a contribution toward the cost of reproducing some photographs in this magazine. </p><p>All contents Abbey Publishing Ltd 2016ISSN: 1470-5281</p><p>March 2016</p><p>BFM Team</p><p>On the cover:</p><p></p><p>ContentsJangro launches new dedicated website for suite of training modules4</p><p>News</p><p>Workplace design sets the scene26Workplace Planning &amp; Design</p><p>Good things come in small packages20HVAC</p><p>34Portable &amp; Modular Buildings</p><p>Portakabin delivers complete interim primary school in just 14 weeks to the amazement of parents</p><p>38Exhibition Preview</p><p>Facilities Management 2016 has finally arrived</p><p>36Lighting</p><p>Funding scheme dips the lighting bill for Valleys authority</p><p>NABIC offers a comprehensive range of safety &amp; control valves.</p><p>See page 18 for more details.</p><p>Conference calling dont make the wrong call30</p><p>Office &amp; IT</p><p>Rada safeguards users at popular country club42</p><p>Products &amp; Services</p><p>Corporate Partners: </p><p>35Catering &amp; Vending</p><p>A Healthier Road Ahead for Vending</p><p>An ally in the germ war33Special Feature 40</p><p>Waste Management &amp; RecyclingReducing food waste</p><p>Video surveillance delivers real-time security37</p><p>Security &amp; Access Control</p></li><li><p>News</p><p>4 news Building &amp; Facilities Management March 2016</p><p>Water treatment specialist Lubron has appointed Mark Hadaway as its UK Sales Manager. Mark joined the team in January 2016, and his knowledge and experience in the industry will be a significant asset to the company.</p><p>Already a market leader in healthcare and the food and beverage industry, Lubron has been a reactive Engineering company with the majority of its sales occurring as a consequence of its well-designed and reliable equipment. Mark plans to use sales strategy to encourage a more proactive approach to break into new markets that, conventionally, Lubron has not focused on.</p><p>Mark graduated from the University of Leeds with a Chemical Engineering Degree and gained his industry experience working for Veolia </p><p>Water, BAC Balticare and Clearwater Technology. His specialist knowledge of chemical water treatment will enable him to spearhead Lubron UKs drive in that field of the industry.</p><p>Mark says, I see myself adding value to the Lubron UK team by utilising my skills and expertise to enhance what is already a collection of exceptional technical knowledge and experience. Lubron already has a good share of the water treatment market, but I want to build long term growth as our key success criteria, and work towards this in our team values.</p><p>The use of chemicals in water treatment is vital to ensure the longevity of equipment and getting it right has significant long-term financial benefits for those responsible for facilities </p><p>Lubron UK welcomes its new UK Sales Manager</p><p>management budgets. Mark explains, Lubron has a great deal to offer the FM industry, we can service and maintain our competitors equipment, provide the chemicals needed to operate it at optimum levels and carry out the regulatory compliance tests. There is no reason we should not be the go to company for the building services as well as the Facilities Management sector for every aspect of water treatment.</p><p>For more details about Lubron, its services and products, or to contact Mark, visit: or call 01206 866444.</p><p>Jangro, the UKs largest network of janitorial supply companies, has kicked off 2016 with a brand new website for its award-winning suite of training modules.</p><p>To celebrate, Jangro is giving potential and current customers the chance to download the training modules free of charge with a special voucher code.</p><p>Through the Learning Management Solution (LMS) website, companies can ensure all staff are fully trained in correct products and working procedures following a quick and easy online registration process, entering the code LMSPRESS for exclusive access.</p><p>The system works remotely so it can be carried out at times to suit the user, covering everything from Kitchen Hygiene and Carpet Care to an Introduction to Cleaning and Housekeeping.</p><p>The distance-learning programme originally launched in 2012 and consisted of eight different modules with two more being introduced last year by popular demand. </p><p>Joanne Gilliard, Operations Director at Jangro, said: We are delighted with our new LMS website and this voucher code gives everyone access to our award-winning modules free of charge. </p><p>Since we launched LMS modules in 2012 we have had some really great feedback on the programme from both users and employers, who now have the peace of mind that their staff are being trained through a quality training programme.</p><p>Each module has a different operating time, varying from 50 to 90 minutes. The training programme also allows for employers to monitor the progress of each employee.</p><p>Jangros LMS training modules include: Introduction to Cleaning, Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Awareness, Introduction to Equipment, Kitchen Hygiene, Carpet Care, Washroom Hygiene, Floor Care, Housekeeping, Colour Coding and Infection Control and Health and Safety.</p><p>The LMS modules can be accessed at For further information please contact 01204 795955.</p><p>Jangro launches new dedicated website for suite of training modules</p></li><li><p>ALTIVAR HVAC DrivesWeb Exclusiveon a massive range of Altivar 212 drives - in stock now!</p><p>All products are subject to availability and are correct at the time of print. Errors and omissions excepted. All prices shown are exclusive of VAT where applicable.</p><p>The Power To Supply... </p><p></p><p> 3-phase asynchronous motors from 0.75 kW to 75 kW Energy savings of up to 50% compared to a traditional control system Easy integration into (BMS) building management systems Low harmonics THDi</p></li><li><p>News</p><p>6 news Building &amp; Facilities Management March 2016</p><p>News that new-build properties have hit an eight-year high is reassuring for everyone involved in the building </p><p>industry, from those designing and planning homes to those authorising and building them. House Building: December 2015 reports show more than 143,500 new-build homes were started up to December, a 91% increase on June 2009. Completions have also hit a seven-year high, which is not only encouraging for homebuyers but is a fine reflection of building industry growth as a whole. Moreover, the latest Housing Pipeline report from the Home Builders Federation (HBF) indicates that planning permission </p><p>for 59,875 homes was granted in England during the third quarter of last year. This is up from 53,409 permissions during the equivalent period the previous year. </p><p>Building control is one of many aspects of the industry buoyed by these promising figures. Increased efficiency from new technology such as iApply, the UKs first combined online planning and building control submissions service, helps to keep track of these rapid developments. Created by Idox, iApply has been designed to bring greater flexibility, transparency and interactivity to the planning and building control submissions process. </p><p>It enables submissions for both planning and building control applications to be managed through a cloud-based mobile-friendly single source. Data can be shared between applications and this new platform also affords the ability to authorise others to add drawings and make payments. iApply provides automatic notifications of changes in status which brings fluidity to the process, and results in increased time-saving on the part of both applicants and local authorities. </p><p>North Yorkshire Building Control Partnership (NYBCP), the first Local Authority Building Control Partnership in the UK, was one of the local authorities involved in the iApply pilot project and </p><p>iApply provides welcome efficiency for UK building boom</p><p>has since become one of iApplys early adopters. The partnership provides a flexible and modern building control service on behalf of Hambleton, Richmondshire, Ryedale, Scarborough and Selby councils. </p><p>Les Chapman, Head of Building Control at NYBCP, explains why he favours iApplys new approach. We have been working with Idox since 2012 and the company has already helped us streamline our online service. The introduction of iApply seemed like an obvious next step and we were keen to be involved in the initial pilot, as it gave us the opportunity to ensure that it would work effectively for our customers. One of the things that has made iApply such an attractive proposition is how simple and intuitive the product is to use. The fact that our applicants can use iApply to collaborate with others involved in the project from the architect to the client is also a major benefit, as is the ability to pay online. In addition, iApply will help us become more efficient and our aim is to be able to turn building notices around within one day. </p><p>For further information on iApply, please visit or watch the introductory video highlighting just some of the major advantages of investing in the service </p></li><li><p> Tel: 01284 701696 Fax: 01284 702531 email:</p><p>Dont forget that Bilco CE-marked smoke vents can also be used for access onto a at roof, eliminating the need for additional roof penetration.</p><p>Just add a xed vertical ladder to the side of the vent (opposite the actuator), and your smoke vent becomes dual purpose.</p><p> Saves space on the roof Motorised operation for access Reduces cost of having separate access hatch</p><p>Q. Is it a smoke vent or is it roof access?A. Yes.</p><p>BIM | CAD </p><p>SEE US ON STAND E5054</p></li><li><p>News</p><p>8 news Building &amp; Facilities Management March 2016</p><p>The UKs largest water company has cut water use by a staggering amount at its Clearwater Court office in Reading following a trial of three new technologies in two of its washrooms. Thames Water replaced the existing urinal sensors in the washrooms with Cistermisers Direct Flush. They collectively reduced the amount of water used during the trial period by 90.7 per cent. </p><p>Meanwhile, the company also replaced the existing non-concussive taps with Cistermisers sensor-controlled Vectataps which cut water usage from the taps by 59 per cent.</p><p>When the gains achieved by these two sensor technologies were added to the savings from new toilets provided by another supplier it showed that the two washrooms now save over 11,500 litres a week and are on course to reduce water use by a colossal 500,000 litres over the next 12 months.</p><p>Direct Flush uses infrared sensors to detect visitors to the urinal, automatically flushing two seconds after use to ensure the highest level of hygiene from the minimum volume of water. It removes the need for auto-flush cisterns which flush all urinals intermittently even if they </p><p>have not all been used. The average water saving per urinal using Direct Flush at Clearwater has been calculated as 1,315 litres per person p.a.</p><p>Meanwhile the newly installed Vectataps are elegant, deck-mounted, polished chrome plated brass basin spouts with inbuilt infrared control which turn the water on whenever a visitor to the basin places their hands in front of the sensor.</p><p>Andrew Tucker, water efficiency manager at Thames Water, says: We recently installed Cistermiser sensor taps and urinal sensors in two washrooms as part of a water efficiency pilot project at our head office in Reading.</p><p> We have been delighted with the look and performance of the two devices and have achieved an average water saving of more than 80 per cent, compared with the previous efficient fittings. We are now looking to roll out further improvements to our other buildings.</p><p>David Meacock, Technical Director at Cistermiser says: This has been a terrific trial and provides an indisputable endorsement of the value of moving to sensor-controlled technology in the bathroom the </p><p>Cistermiser helps Thames Water save water</p><p>more so, given that the previous fittings were considered efficient.</p><p>Not only have the water savings been enormous, there are substantial cost savings too if the same combined technology was installed in all 16 washrooms at Clearwater Court it would lower annual water use by 4.8 million litres and save Thames Water around 10,000 per year. </p><p>For more information, call 0118 969 1611, email or visit</p><p>Jangro, the UKs largest network of janitorial supply companies, will be showcasing two new additions to its impressive portfolio at The Manchester Cleaning Show 2016.</p><p>Delegates will be able to find out all about Jangros brand new Learning Management Solution (LMS) website and pick up free voucher codes for exclusive access to the online training modules. Its inaugural Healthcare catalogue, which has been developed to meet the needs of a whole host of care and nursing facilities, will also be available on the stand.</p><p>In addition, Jangro team members will be talking visitors through the companys added value services including its Budgeting Software and its Site Manager tool, which is a leading health and safety compliance solution.</p><p>Joanne Gillard, Operations Director at Jangro, said: We are very excited to </p><p>be attending this years Manchester Cleaning Show.</p><p>It is recognised as the meeting place for the UKs cream of the crop in the cleaning industry and were thrilled to be exhibiting our brand new website for our award-winning training programme and our first Healthcare catalogue.</p><p>The Manchester Cleaning Show 2016 is at Event City on the 6th and 7th April...</p></li></ul>