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    Every day its the same thing, that damn alarm clock going off, way too early and way too loud, this way you can never wake up in a nice way. Thats why I went searching on the internet to find the best alarm clock. I came up with a top three alarm clocks that will wake you up in a pleasant way.

    Rolls and leaps, from up to 3 feet, off your nightstand after one snooze. To really get you out of bed it will keep beeping random patterns and it will roll of your night stand and hide, the only way to shut up this alarm clock is to find it.It's safe to say you won't be catching any z's catching this clock.

    This clock is a wireless clock that uses your home sound system to wake you up. This way you can choose to what sound or what song you want to wake up to. Simply touching the flute sets the snooze.

    The hardest part about waking up is actually getting out of bed. There were some really smart people that came up with the perfect solution, an alarm clock that you can only turn off by standing on it. You can place it on the ground next to your bed like a little carpet or by the door, this way you are forced to get out of bed.


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    - BINGE DRINKING IN THE UK Teenagers like to go out and have a drink now and then. Growing up, I had four drinks when I went out at the age of sixteen. Nowadays, kids as young as thirteen drink more than that before they leave the house. With this type of drinking, these teenagers drink more than the teenagers that do not drink before going out, because they drink the same amount at the bar. A growing hype amongst teenagers and young adults, is binge drinking. The term binging is often associated with an eating disorder, where the person eats a great amount of food in a small period of time. However, binge drinking can also be associated with drinking, meaning: consuming a huge amount of alcohol. This adds up to four or more drinks in one or more episodes in two weeks. Teenagers and young adults who are binge drinkers abuse alcohol in such a way that they dont remember what they are doing. A bigger consequence to this type of drinking can be alcohol poisoning. According to statistics, fifty percent of English fifteen and sixteen year old drink more than once a week. The amount of alcohol they

    consume a year is equal to 44 bottles of wine or 177 glasses of beer. 84% of these teenagers get their alcohol shots at local bars, streets or even parks.

    Due to the big amount of alcohol consuming youngsters, paramedics have decided to provide the so-called booze buses. These buses treat drunk people along the road who are drunk. They respond to about 40 calls a weekend. Common side-effects seen with these people can be vomiting, numbness and unconsciousness. They are being taken to the hospital where they are checked.

    The government of the United Kingdom realized they had to do something to stop these under-aged drinkers. Theyre introducing a minimum price to cans of alcohol. The result of this will be that teenagers have less to spend and this might reduce the harm of alcohol consumption and abuse.

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    British TV-series What to watch?A great hobby of the British people, is watching TV series. There are shows in many various genres, but most English TV series are being associated with humour. British humour is often compared with sarcasm and self-deprecation. This stands for undervaluing yourself in a humorous way. This kind of belittling yourself or other people is a type of British humour. In addition to this type of humour are a few more types of British shows of laughter. An example of this is the humour of British class systems. This class system is about tensions between characters in a TV series. The characters often have outspoken personalities and appearances and in every episode there is a different storyline to tell. One of these series is Are you being served?

    Are you being served is a British sitcom broadcasted from 1972 to 1985. A sitcom is based on characters that appear every episode of a TV series. Styles and subjects can vary in sitcoms, but most of them contain comedy. Are you being served was a TV series that was set in a ladies and gentlemens clothing department in a fictional department store.

    The main characters were personnel of the department. Almost every episode was shot in the store and the storyline contained conversations with almost all of the staff. They were polite to each other, never calling each other by their first name. Addressing another by their formal titled names, conversations often contained subjects of misunderstandings, mistaken identities and belittling themselves and others.


    Another example of British humour is the TV series Little Britain. Little Britain is a British comedy sketch show which had their first episode aired in 2003. This show contains a lot of different funny characters, played by two actors. David Williams and Matt Lucas created this show originally for radio. The transition to television was big and it had more outspoken characters. Main characters are being portrayed as self-deprecating, sarcastic, arrogant or a bit dumb. Episodes include satire, absurd and macabre humour. Subjects are being expanded and exaggerated with a touch of sarcastic humour.

    A different kind of genre with British TV series is drama. Skins is a dramatic TV series which includes a lot of humour and cursing. Some say Skins is too rude and revealing to the teen public, but the cast defends that the storylines are being heightened for entertainment. Storylines of this TV series have explored subjects like anorexia, mental illness, family problems, substance abuse and death. Every episode revolves around one teenager, interacting with other teenagers. Every episode has a different perspective of the teenagers problems. This seven award winning TV series is being remade in the USA.

    Humour can come in many forms and shapes. It can contain an emotional subject or it can express feelings towards someone, but the main point is that people enjoy it.

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    Most certainly you have read a magazine once that had an interview in it, for example with you favourite movie star or your favourite musician. This is one of them. The people writing these interviews mostly arrange a meeting with this artist/actor and ask them questions. We decided to take the test and try to arrange an interview with a celebrity, and we picked Lana Del Rey. Or to be honest, I picked Lana Del Rey, because I had to interview her. Well, after deciding I would interview Miss Del Rey, I tried to get an appointment with her to interview her, in a hotel in Amsterdam because she has to perform here and wanted to see the stage.

    There was a woman sitting on a chair in the lobby of our hotel. I couldnt see who it was, but when

    I came closer, she walked to me. It was a woman in a simple yellow dress and red Vans shoes. She welcomed me and smiled: it was Lana Del Rey. We decided to sit somewhere else, where there were no fans that could disturb our interview, and the big bosses from this magazine arranged some kind of setting in a conference room. We started talking and then she asked me: arent you going to ask me some questions? That reminded me that I had to take an interview with her and I started asking.

    Hello Miss Del Rey, Lana, Lana Del Rey, how are you today?

    LDR: I am fine, thanks! And you?

    I am fine too. Well, there is one question that we want to know the most: Where did you get the name Lana Del Rey?



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    LDR: When I was younger I felt like I wasnt the person I was supposed to become yet. I had a vision for myself that was as beautiful as I wanted the music to be. I generally dont deny my creative impulses so that was just one of those creative impulses that I had.

    You released your album Born to Die a few years ago, did you expect it to be this successful?

    LDR: When I made that record, I brought it to a lot of different record labels and they werent interested in it because it was sort of weird. It wasnt party music, my music was more down beat. People who got involved in it kind of got involved with it as a passion project. My photographer was my sister and my little brother was helping me. I was making my own movie stills from videos I took from YouTube. I have been doing that for a long time so I felt like if it was gonna work, it would have worked a long time ago. So no, I didnt expect the success at all.

    Thats surprising! Well, well go on to the questions the readers wanted me to ask you, because a lot of them are fans of you. Lets start with the first one: What are your three favourite movies?

    LDR: Dont Look Back by D.A. Pennebaker that covers Bob Dylans 1965 concert tour in the UK. Its fucking crazy! I love American Beauty and The Godfather part one and two.

    You have a great taste! Here is another question from another fan, Felix Janssen is the guy called. He wants to ask you

    what your favourite dish is. So, what is your favourite drink?

    I stopped drinking 10 years ago just because I felt like a person who like trying new things and feel different. You do things so fast, you end up having so many different lifestyles all in one short time.

    I think he did not expect this answer, maybe you can be an example for him. Another question: Whats your favourite colour?

    LDR: Blue and gold

    And the last question is the one I had to ask and I think has already been asked a lot. A lot of people tried to put your music into boxes, if you know what I mean. How would you describe your music?

    LDR: I would say it is film-made, really visual and reflective.

    Then she got called and she had to leave the building as soon as possible because she had an appointment elsewhere. I thanked her for her time and she promised we would see each other again soon at a concert (she gave me tickets). She walked out of the room and I was dazzled about her leaving so early.

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    People go on holiday, and they mostly take a photo or video camera with them. You take a lot of pictures of things that you know, tourist attractions for example, but also things you dont know. Why do people do that? Are they going to use these pictures as a wallpaper for their laptop? Well, to be honest, I did the same. I went to London when I was 16, and I took a lot of pictures of interesting things, unfamiliar things and things that were that much photographed that if I would get one pence for every time, I would be a Quadra zillionaire. But what interested me the most, when I looked back at the pictures, were the pictures that I didnt know what was on there. It was very impressive, but if somebody asked me why I took that picture I wouldnt be able to give an answer. Well, now I will find answers. Ive picked out some pictures that I took in London, and

    I am very interested on what is the history, what the things were used for, and what is behind it, because I dont want to be a person that takes random pictures of something.

    The first picture I found was this factory. And because I am very visual, I saw it as a table, turned upside down! A giant brown table with white legs, waiting to be turned the other way around. Add some giant chairs to it and put some food on it, there is the feast! But when I googled: Big giant table upside down London, I found NOTHING unfortunately. So I had to search for something else. Well, it has four chimneys, so it has to be a factory, because normal houses arent that big as this. and mostly dont have big white chimneys. So when I searched for big factory with four chimneys I found something interesting.! ! ! !



    Pink Floyd, that band? Yes, that band! This factory is on the album of a Pink Floyd album called Animals! Surprising, isnt it? Well, from now on it was very easy to find out what it is: it is a former power station, called the Battersea Power Station. The power station was built in the 1930s and the other part in the 1950s and became decommission in the 1980s. It was a coal fired power station, which means that it used coal to make electricity. A lot of homes have been provided by electricity from this factory!

    When I found this picture, I knew some things about this church because of a guided tour. This church stands in Whitechapel, a suburb of London. Does Whitechapel sound familiar to you? It should, because this was the neigbourhood Jack the Ripper committed his murders. This church was well known as a place that the prostitutes would go to pray for god to forget their sins. After praying they went on the street and pleasure men, so they would be protected by god.


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    But unfortunately some of them werent, and the story goes one Ripper victim left the church and got cut up not very far from the church. Aside from that it is a beautiful church, built somewhere between 1714 and 1729, and has served as a shelter for homeless people. Interesting to know is that the church is an Anglican Church, and the full name is: Christ Church Spitalfields.

    It is very impressive to see a big pillar in London. So impressive that I took the effort to take a picture of it. You can see a pillar with a guy on the top. The rest was a secret to me, because I was too lazy to read what was on the plaque on the pillar. But when you take the time to do some research about the pillar, it is time well spent. This pillar is a monument for a man called Admiral Horatio Nelson, and stands on Trafalgar Square, in front of the National Gallery. This is for a reason, because Admiral Nelson died in the battle of Trafalgar in 1805. This monument was requested by the people, and the commonwealth wanted the people to design the monument.

    This isnt just a monument, because nobody less than Adolf Hitler wanted to ship this monument to Berlin if he had conquered England, but unfortunately for him he did not manage that. The column (thats the best term for this statue) was refurbished in 2006, and those refurbishments costs were 420.000 pounds. Fun facts about this pillar are that there have been people climbing it, for TV or to bring attention to certain aspects. One of the most impressive ones must be the climb of Gary Connery, who base jumped from the pillar to raise attention to the situation in Tibet during the Chinese regime.



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    While walking through the British Museum, I found one of the largest Greek and Roman galleries in the world. There were a lot of statues and other faces from marble, but this one intrigued me. I really dont know why, but after some research I found out that the person on this picture is Pericles, one of the most prominent and influential Greek statesmen. This statesman was also very influential in bringing the culture back to life, and showed the people that culture is very important for everybody in the Greek empire.

    This picture remembers me of that day I was at the museum. After walking around for almost two hours, a bell rang.

    Then an alarm went off. We were being evacuated, because there was a fire. We had to line up and

    just keep calm and walk outside and wait. We did not wait, we just walked away, but you could see hundreds of people walking away from the museum, and it turned out that somebody accidentally pressed at a button unfortunately.

    Did you ever expect that I could find that much information about the pictures I made but did not know why? Do you have pictures of which you do not know what is on them? Just take the effort to find out! It is very interesting but it can take a lot of time if you have some difficult pictures and vague photos. For the people that do not want to research the things that are on the picture, you can still take pictures and let other people do it. But why shouldnt you?


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    VacationAt some point we all go on a vacation right? There are a lot of things to think about before you can even go, like where do you want to go? What do you have to bring? Do you need anything else? With whom are you going? These are all questions you will have to find an answer to before you are going on vacation.

    There are a lot of different people and thats why there are a lot of different places to go. If you love the sun, good places to go are countries like Turkey, Spain or Greece. Those are countries where you can get all the sun and just lay at a pool all day to get a tan. If you are more the walking type, countries with mountains and forests are good places to go, like the Alps, Italy or Great Britain. If you are the kind of person that wants to see a lot of things you should go to places like Rome, Athena or Istanbul. The last group of people is the cheapest ones because those are the ones that dont want to go through any trouble planning a vacation; those people are the people that stay at home.

    A lot of people dont know what to bring on a vacation; of course you have to keep in mind where you are going. If you are going to the sun you dont need very warm clothing but a lot of summer dresses for the ladies and shorts and t-shirts for the guys.

    It doesnt matter where you are going or in what you will be staying except at all inclusive hotel, it is a

    good idea to make some food at home for the day that you arrive, because nobody feels like cooking when they arrive at their destination. If you go to the sun you should think about bringing enough sun cream. If you go for a walking vacation or going to the snow you should bring clothing that is easy to wear and warm. Dont forget good shoes because you plan on walking a lot.

    Of course you need a lot more than clothing and sun cream. You also need to make sure that you have a valid ID card and if necessary shots for different deceases that you dont have in your country. It is also very important to make sure that if you are going by plane that you have your plane ticket, if you are going by car you should make sure you have your driver license and your insurance papers.

    The most important question to answer is probably with whom you are going, because you will have to think about this. If you have a husband and children you will probably go with them. However if you want to go with friends it is wise to think about who you will go with, because you might get along with all your friends when you see then once a week for a few hours, if you have to hang out with them for a whole week you have to make sure that you are able to do that without having fights all the time!

    Overall there are a lot of things to think about before you go on a vacation, but once you are there those weeks are the best weeks of your summer! - Joena Goeree


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    Champions League FinalArjen Robben scored a heart-stopping 89th-minute winner to earn Bayern Munich a dramatic 2-1 win over German rivals Borussia Dortmund after a thrilling Champions League final at Londons Wembley Stadium. With extra time beckoning, Robben collected a back-heel from Franck Ribery, eluded the challenge of Mats Hummels and rolled a delicate shot past Roman Weidenfeller to give Bayern their fifth European crown. It was a moment of long-awaited deliverance for both Bayern and Robben, after defeats for the Bavarians in the final of the competition in 2010 and again in 2012, when they lost a cruel penalty shoot-out to Chelsea on home soil. Robben had set Bayern on the way to victory after an hour of the first all-German final when he teed up Mario Mandzukic for the opener, only for Ilkay Gundogan to equalise from the penalty spot in the 68th minute.

    Victory made Bayern coach Jupp Heynckes only the fourth manager to win the trophy with two different clubs, after a 1998 triumph with Real Madrid, as he prepares to step aside for incoming successor Pep Guardiola. Having already claimed the German title, Bayern will now look to complete an unprecedented treble by beating Stuttgart in the German Cup final next weekend. There was no second title for 1997 winners Dortmund, but Jurgen Klopps side more than played their part on a night of gripping drama in front of 86,298 fans at the home of English football.

    The player who had generated the most column inches in the weeks leading up to the game was in the stands for kick-off; a hamstring injury having denied Mario Goetze a farewell appearance for Dortmund before his 37 million euros (31.7 million, $47.8 million) move to Bayern. His transfer was the latest show of strength from a side who romped to the Bundesliga title by a record-breaking 25-point margin, but Bayern were left looking like the underdogs as Dortmund flew out of the blocks.

    Bayern goalkeeper Manuel Neuer had to save from Robert Lewandowski, Jakub Blaszczykowski, Marco Reus and Sven Bender, before Bayern finally came to life when Weidenfeller tipped a Mandzukic header onto the bar. Javi Martinez sent a header onto the roof of the net from the resulting corner, but the best chances of the first half both fell to Robben. On the half hour, Thomas Muellers pass sent him clean through on goal, but the angle was prohibitive for a left-footed player and Weidenfeller rushed out swiftly to make a sprawling save. The Dutchman found himself with only the goalkeeper to beat again moments before half-time when the ball fell kindly for him in a tussle with Hummels, but Weidenfeller stood up bravely and blocked with his face.




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    In between, Neuer produced a superb last-ditch block to thwart Lewandowski, who had deftly rolled Jerome Boateng from a Reus pass, as the play passed from one end to the other at breathless speed. It looked as if another major final was set to pass Robben by, but on the hour he atoned for his earlier misses by creating the opening goal. Ribery rolled a pass towards the byline and Robben evaded the offside trap by a matter of inches before nudging the ball beyond Weidenfeller and crossing for Mandzukic to hook the ball home from a yard. Dortmund might have been forgiven for feeling deflated given their first-half exertions, but instead they drew level. Dante was penalized for an untidy high foul on Reus inside the area and Gundogan steered his penalty into the bottom-right corner to send the hordes of yellow-shirted fans behind Neuers goal leaping from their seats. Moments later, Dortmund were indebted to a breathtaking piece of defending from Neven Subotic, who slid in to hook Muellers goal-bound shot off the line as Robben closed in for a tap-in.

    But Bayern continued to push, Weidenfeller repelling fierce strikes from David Alaba and Bastian Schweinsteiger, before Robben tiptoed through the Dortmund defence to score a famous late winner