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  • 7/23/2019 Bahasa Inggris (inggris).ppt


    By: Group 7

    Rizky Hariansyah

    Saif Azis Saputra

    Sandy Kurniawan

  • 7/23/2019 Bahasa Inggris (inggris).ppt


    Safety includes the protection ofemployees from injury caused bywork-related accidents

    Health refers to the freedom ofemployees from physical andmental illnesses and emotional

  • 7/23/2019 Bahasa Inggris (inggris).ppt


    Occupational accidents are unplanned

    events and must be analyzed in terms of

    cost and its causes, and can disrupt thecontinuity of the activity.

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    Casualties are hih

    !he year "#$" recorded

    %& '$$ cases

    !he latest data in "#$(,there were %% )%$ cases

    of occupationalaccidents

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    $. *nsafe conditions and other factors relatedto the job-!he unsafe condition as+

    uipment that is not properly maintained

    efective euipment

    anerous procedure in, on,

    or around machines or euipment

    *nsafe storae/ihtin is not appropriate

    0entilation is not ood". Human error.

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    How to avoid an accident?How to avoid an accident?

    1educin unsafe conditions

    1educin unsafe actions

    1educin unsafe acts throuh the selection andplacement

    1educin unsafe acts throuh trainin

    1educin unsafe acts throuh 2otivation+ posters,incentive prorams, positive reinforcement

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    HEA!H " SA#E!$HEA!H " SA#E!$

    Creatin work environments and

    behaviors that support the safety

    and security

    stablish and maintain a safe

    physical work environment, whichcan be chaned to prevent accidents

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    Occupational health programOccupational health program

    is divided into two :is divided into two :

    11 Physical HealthPhysical Health

    !! Mental HealthMental Health

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    11 Physical HealthPhysical Health

    Preplacement physical examinationsPreplacement physical examinations"pemeri#saan $asmani prapenempatan%"pemeri#saan $asmani prapenempatan%

    Periodic Physical examination for all keyPeriodic Physical examination for all keypersonnelpersonnel"pemeri#saan $asmani secara"pemeri#saan $asmani secara&er#ala untu# personalia%&er#ala untu# personalia%

    Voluntary periodic physical examinationsVoluntary periodic physical examinationsfor all key personnelfor all key personnel"pemeri#saan"pemeri#saan

    $asmani &er#ala secara su#arela untu#$asmani &er#ala secara su#arela untu#semua personalia%semua personalia%

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    A well-equipped and staed medical dispensaryA well-equipped and staed medical dispensary"#lini# medis 'ang mempun'ai sta( dan"#lini# medis 'ang mempun'ai sta( danperleng#apan 'ang &ai#%perleng#apan 'ang &ai#%

    Availability of trained industrial hyienist andAvailability of trained industrial hyienist andmedical personnelmedical personnel "tersedian'a personalia"tersedian'a personaliamedis dan ahli h'giene industri 'ang terlatih%medis dan ahli h'giene industri 'ang terlatih%

    !ystematic and preventive attention devoyed to!ystematic and preventive attention devoyed toindustrial stresses and strainsindustrial stresses and strains"perhatian 'ang"perhatian 'angsistemati# dan pre(enti( 'ang dicurah#an padasistemati# dan pre(enti( 'ang dicurah#an padate#anan dan #etegangan industri%te#anan dan #etegangan industri%

    Periodic and systematic inspections ofPeriodic and systematic inspections ofprovisions for propersanitationprovisions for propersanitation"pemeri#saan)"pemeri#saan)pemeri#saan &er#ala dan sistematis ataspemeri#saan &er#ala dan sistematis atas

    #etentuan untu# sanitasi 'ang tepat%#etentuan untu# sanitasi 'ang tepat%

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    !! Mental HealthMental Health

    Availability of psychiatric specialistAvailability of psychiatric specialistand instructionsand instructions"tersedian'a"tersedian'apen'uluhan #e$iwaan dan psi#iater%pen'uluhan #e$iwaan dan psi#iater%

    "ooperation with outside psychiatric"ooperation with outside psychiatricspecialist and instructionspecialist and instruction"#er$a sama"#er$a samadengan spesialis dan lem&aga)dengan spesialis dan lem&aga)

    lem&aga psi#iater dari luar organisasi%lem&aga psi#iater dari luar organisasi%

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    #ducation of company personnel#ducation of company personnel

    concernin the nature and importance ofconcernin the nature and importance of

    mental health problemmental health problem"pendidi#an"pendidi#an

    personalia perusahaan sehu&unganpersonalia perusahaan sehu&ungan

    dengan ha#i#at dan pentingn'a masalahdengan ha#i#at dan pentingn'a masalah

    #esehatan mental%#esehatan mental%

    $evelopment and maintenance of a proper$evelopment and maintenance of a proper

    human relations proramhuman relations proram"pengem&angan"pengem&angandan pemeliharaan program hu&ungandan pemeliharaan program hu&ungan

    #emanusiaan 'ang tepat%#emanusiaan 'ang tepat%

  • 7/23/2019 Bahasa Inggris (inggris).ppt


    RES%&'S(B((!(ES RES%&'S(B((!(ES

    HEA!H A') SA#E!$HEA!H A') SA#E!$

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  • 7/23/2019 Bahasa Inggris (inggris).ppt


    Reasons for Safety %ro*ra+Reasons for Safety %ro*ra+

    ,ana*e+ent Support,ana*e+ent Supportpersonal /osses

    3inancial loss for people who are


    /oss of productivity

    Hiher insurance

    !he possibility of a prison sentence

    Social responsibility

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    ivision of General Responsibilities

    ivision of General Responsibilities

    *nits of natural



    Coordinate health programs andsafety

    Develop a safety reporting

    systemProvide accident investigationexpertise

    Provide technical expertise onaccident prevention

    Train managers to recognize anddeal with situations that are difficult


    Monitor the health and safety ofworkers every day

    Train workers to e aware of the

    safety!nvestigate accidents

    "serving the ehavior of thehealth and safety of workers

    Communicate with workers

    #ollowing security proceduresand recommend changes asneeded

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    #irst aid cou-d .e achieved if there are#irst aid cou-d .e achieved if there are

    e-e+ents that support/ a+on* others:e-e+ents that support/ a+on* others:

    $. Support from top manaement

    ". ducation was provided to all employees toact safely

    (. 2aintenance of records of accidents

    ). 4nalyze the causes of accidents

    5. 6mplementin reulations

  • 7/23/2019 Bahasa Inggris (inggris).ppt


    Study and desin of the work

    environment to meet the demands of

    the psycholoical and physicaldemands on the individual

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    Advanta*es of Er*ono+icsAdvanta*es of Er*ono+ics

    ronomic work environment not only

    helps the employees, but also save the

    cost of business employeecompensation

    6mprovin morale

    /owerin the level of injury

    !o provide a positive return on investment

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    "rganizational approach

    designing %osDevelop & implement

    safety policy'sing safety committeesCoordinate safety investigations

    Mechanical $ngineering (pproach

    )ite planning and working e*uipment +eviewing e*uipment (pplying ergonomic principles

    !ndividual approach )trengthening the motivation and attitude of s Providing safety training of workers Provide safety award

    through incentive programs

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    #('A'0(A E##E0!?#('A'0(A E##E0!?

    #&R 0&,%A'$#&R 0&,%A'$

  • 7/23/2019 Bahasa Inggris (inggris).ppt


    (ccident , Damage


    care needs

    !ncreased health

    !ncreased insurance costs

    -osses time employees

    administrative costs

    -osses time

    The cost of medical claims

    +eplacing defective


  • 7/23/2019 Bahasa Inggris (inggris).ppt


    Occupational safety and health

    proram in 6ndonesia is reulated by

    /aw number $ of $%'# is known asthe Occupational Safety 4ct

    4ct 7o.$( of "##( on /abour

    e*is-ation in (ndonesia Governin* Securitye*is-ation in (ndonesia Governin* Security

    %ro*ra+/ hea-th and safety%ro*ra+/ hea-th and safety

  • 7/23/2019 Bahasa Inggris (inggris).ppt