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<ul><li> 1. Awesome Sri Lanka ! Paradise awaits</li></ul> <p> 2. SRI LANKA The tropical Island is located at the southern tip of India. A rich history, diverse landscapes and endless beaches makes Sri Lanka into a hot tourist destination. Tourist arrivals in 2010 went up by 47 % compared to 2009. The New York Times made Sri Lanka into the N 1 travel destination for 2010.The country has a booming economy. The Colombo exchange market became the best performing market worldwide with a growth of 111%.Today, a stable political climate attracts investors from around the globe. Tourism and real estate will be the fastest growing sectors. For those who want to retreat in paradise 3. Kalpitiya Lagoon Paradisebeachfront villa 4. Matara Fort Paradise 5. All luxury villas are equipped with the highest quality features and appliances. 6. Nilaveli Golden Paradise 7. The ultimate luxuryliving in a shell on a white tropical beach! 8. Our Properties We offer property in three areas: the west coast, the south coast and the east coast. On thewest coast , the Puttalam Lagoon will be developed in a luxury resort area with beachfront developments, the first seven star hotel in Sri Lanka, shopping area and more.Here we will have 22 luxury villas for sale, some beachfront and some are sitting in a tropical garden but all are just steps from the beach. On thesouth coast , we offer a small ocean front development of 4 luxury villas, within the confined area of an old Dutch fort. On theeast coastwe offer 3 very unique and exclusive beach front villas, each in the form of a shell. . All villas are designed to provide security, privacy and comfort to the demanding owner. 9. Pictures 10. CONTACT: For all info regarding residential properties or investment opportunities Magda Knop International real estate consultant Member of FIABCI Call: +32 (0)497 75 96 96 Email:</p>