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Listing proposal for the Aviara Lane properites in Oxnard

Text of Aviara Lane Proposal

  • Property Marke,ng Proposal prepared for

    Pacic Western Bank

    Aviara Lane Proper,esOxnard, CA

    prepared byColdwell Banker Residen,al Brokerage

    andThe Home Auc,on & Realty Group

  • Introduc)on

    Coldwell Banker Residen,al Brokerage and The Home Auc,on & Realty Group are making this proposal together as a team eort because of the close working rela,onship between 4 strong agents in one marketplace.

    For Coldwell Banker, you are being introduced to Fernando Campos and Pearl Reyes, two excellent agents that I have had the pleasure of supervising over the past 10 years as the Branch Manager in the Ventura Regional oce. I have seen rst hand the high level of professionalism that these two agents maintain in our company.

    They work very well together and they treat their clients and peers the way you would want to be treated, always in a courteous and professional manner. Their list of accomplishments are many, as youll read in their bio, as they are fully commiSed to the profession of selling real estate.

    Rich and Andrea Hernandez are equally as qualied and accomplished in our industry as they have demonstrated over many years as full ,me Realtors in Ventura County. They have developed a loyal client list due to their hard work and dedica,on. Although I have not had the pleasure of personally overseeing their ac,vi,es within our rm I have discovered that they too share a strong desire to help their clients achieve their goals. They are strong nego,ators and very persistent. Being a husband and wife team gives them an edge over their compe,,on in many respects.

    I have no doubt that you will have a very mo,vated, enthusias,c and aggressive team on your side if you choose to hire these professionals. I admire their team spirit in deciding to work together with a mutual goal of selling these homes for you.

    As the designated broker for both the Ventura and Oxnard Beach oces I will act as responsible broker for these transac,ons. If you have any ques,ons or concerns regarding our rm please do not hesitate to call me.

    Je HaringBranch Manager(805) 648-5051 oce

    C O L D W E L L B A N K E R

  • Your Real Estate Professionals

    Fernando R. Campos and Pearl Reyes - Coldwell Banker Residen)al Brokerage

    Fernando Campos and Pearl Reyes have been business partners for over ten years at Coldwell Banker and have enjoyed much success during their associa,on together. They have consistently been honored as top sales award recipients in the company over the past decade.

    Members of both the Ventura County Coastal and Santa Barbara Associa,on of Realtors, they specialize in residen,al resale, income, beach and custom housing proper,es through the region. Their long list of clients include rst ,me buyers, investors and numerous repeat & referral customers. Campos & Reyes both have extensive training and experience in working in the short sale market and with many bank owned (REO) proper,es. They are trained members of the Coldwell Banker Reloca,on team in Ventura County.

    Fernando has served on the Board of Directors for the Real Estate Fraud Advisory Team in Ventura County since 2006. A collabora,on between the Associa,on of Realtors and the Ventura County District ASorneys oce, their mission statement is to detect, prevent and report fraud and predatory prac,ces in the real estate industry. Fernando is also past president of the Na,onal Associa,on of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals and a past member of the Board of Directors for our local associa,on.

    A 30 year career built on integrity and honesty within the real estate community, Mr. Campos was given the honor of being chosen as the 2010 Realtor of the Year Award for the Ventura County Coastal Associa,on of Realtors in December.

    Fernando Campos & Pearl Reyes (805) 648-5051

    Y O U R R E A L E S T A T E T E A M

  • Your Real Estate Professionals

    Rich and Andrea Hernandez - The Home Auc)on & Realty Group

    Both Rich and Andrea Hernandez have extensive knowledge and experience in represen,ng the sale of residen,al proper,es throughout Ventura County. As the market shieed in the most recent few years their emphasis has been on the sale of distressed proper,es - both Short Sales and Bank Owner (REO) proper,es.

    They have developed solid working rela,onships with several asset managers and REO rms because of their ability to maintain open communica,ons with these clients and to deal in a spirit of honesty matched with a strong work ethic.

    The Hernandez team stands by their commitment to give the highest quality of service to their clients, whether it is a rst ,me buyer or an asset manager/lender. They are trusted with the management and disposi,on of bank owned assets because of their commitment to get the job done.

    This commitment is a personal guarantee by Rich & Andrea to deliver on their promises. Their reputa,on speaks for itself as evidenced by their many sa,sed clients.

    References: Keystone Asset Management Mariners Companies Brighton REOLansdale, Pa. Newport Beach, CA Salt Lake City, UtahPhone: 215.855.3350 Phone 949.395.1754 Phone 801.456.1729

    Rich & Andrea Hernandez (805) 983-3140

    Y O U R R E A L E S T A T E T E A M

  • Consulta)on with asset manager on pricing strategy and ,me frames for build out/comple,on all 10 exis,ng homes. Strategy for selling remaining 18 lots for poten,al marke,ng assistance by CB if desired.

    Photography and Video of proper,es for publica,ons and dissemina,on to all marke,ng channels

    MLS - submit the property lis,ngs into the Ventura and Santa Barbara Coun,es Mul,ple lis,ng Service including California Real Estate Technology Services (CARETS) - a system comprised of 30 REALTOR Associa,ons serving 106,000+ real estate professionals in Southern California.

    Populate Websites - your property informa,on will then be distributed directly to the following websites by Coldwell Banker:

    www.Californiamoves.com Features proper,es listed on 20 Mul,ple Lis,ng Services (MLS) in Southern California with a full property detail page of each home on Aviara Lane including at least 25 exterior & interior photos. www.Coldwellbanker.com Has more than 1.2 million visitors each month making it one of the industry's leading Websites. www.CBView.com Is the digital version of our weekly color magazine. The online version of the View is distributed worldwide to our online clients via internet. www.Sellsnowmls.com and www.Fernieandpearl.com - lis,ng agents personal websites increasing exposure to local client sphere of inuence. www.,kiblues.com Is an electronic emailing company that will email thousands of of Flyers to a targeted audience throughout the United States within minutes.

    Marke)ng Strategy for the Aviara Lane Proper)es

    C O L D W E L L B A N K E R M A R K E T I N G E L E M E N T S

  • Coldwell Banker On Loca,on - The exclusive Coldwell Banker YOUTUBE.com channel for video tours - the #1 viewed site in the world for videos.

    Facebook Fan Page - Not to be sa,sed with just video - well post your proper,es on Facebook for daily updates, property pricing and networking opportuni,es.

    AviaraLaneHomes.com - A property specic website created for your development. This will be widely distributed to buyers and visitors to the site for updates and informa,on about the project.

    Addi)onal eDistribu)on - automa,cally populate your lis,ng informa,on to: www.Realtor.com, www.zillow.com, www.homes.com, www.AOL.com, www.trullia.com, www.frontdoor.com, www.losangeles,mes.com, www.openhouse.com, www.homender.com and www.cyberhomes.com In addi,on to these major websites, Coldwell Banker proper,es can be found in 297 other newspaper, realty and area informa,on websites around the world.

    LeadRouter: When an online home shopper makes a request for a property showing or for more informa,on on one of your proper,es we will immediately get a call on our mobile phones with the client's contact informa,on so that we can respond in a maSer of minutes. This will insure that no selling opportuni,es will be lost - day or night - 7 days a week!

    Print Media - CBView - A weekly color magazine distribu,on goes to Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and Ventura Coun,es. - Homes and Land Magazine - Distribu,on goes to Ventura County. - Real Estate Living - Distribu,on to Ventura County - Mi Casa- My home ( Bilingual Magazine) Distributed in Ventura and Santa Barbara Coun,es.

    Marke)ng Strategy for the Aviara Lane Proper)es

  • Property Brochure & Post Cards - Create a custom property brochure and marke,ng post cards that will go out to all top producing Realtors and our current buyer mailing lists.

    Special Preview Open House for Top Agents in Our Market - We will invite the top 300 Realtors in our market to a special pre-launch Open House.

    - Custom invita,ons to announce your project - Catered Lunch & Prize Drawing to aSract the largest crowd- Property informa,on will be given to all aSendees for future sales opportuni,es

    Saturday & Sunday Public Open Houses - We will be holding Open Houses each weekend to promote and sell your homes. With our sales team in place we will be ready when the buyers are out looking at homes.

    Press Release - A special press release will be created for your project and published in the Ventura County Star newspaper - Ventura County Star - the leading daily periodical in the county.

    Stang - At all ,mes a member of our 4 person sales team will be available to answer ques,ons or nego,ate the sales. We feel that it is cri,cal that you do not hire inexperienced assistants or hostesses when th