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Automobile Industry - Benchmarking

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1. The Automobile Industry A SOCIAL MEDIA ANALYSIS 2. The Indian Scenario Tata Motors Facebook: 15.8k likes Twitter: 15.9k followers LinkedIn: 103k followers Mahindra & Mahindra Facebook: 800k likes Twitter: 61.8k followers LinkedIn: 61k followers 3. The Global Benchmark General Motors Facebook: 639k likes Twitter: 419k followers LinkedIn: 515k followers Mercedes Benz Facebook: 18 million likes Twitter: 1.31 million followers LinkedIn: 113k followers 4. Digital Presence: The Benefits Credibility Establish yourself as the leading expert in the Automobile Industry Showcase innovations and breakthroughs to the audience Build brand visibility through a strong digital presence Business Build connections with prospective clients Your position as experts attracts general public as well as clientele Market Insights Know the market trends, the sentiments surrounding your products, problems if any Connect with leading experts/influencers in the field to know feedback and elevate your position 5. How Digiqom Steps In? We prepare engaging content using text, images and videos to get the audience interested We target the active communities in the Automobile domain and gain their attention and trust We engage such influencers in vibrant conversations and drive the visibility of your brand 6. Now lets talk!