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Auction 6 - Sect-4

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Auction 6 will be held at our Auction Rooms in Melbourne on 26th November 2010 commencing at 10:00am. To participate in this auction please register on our website or contact us for further information.

Text of Auction 6 - Sect-4

  • Phoenix Auctions - Friday 26th November 2010Page 146


    ex 1663

    ex 1660



    16741670ex 1667




  • AUSTRALIA | Postal Stationery1659 * A/ C 1916-76 Selection: in mixed mainly used condition from 1916 KGV 1d red ASC #E5 used Tambar Springs to Kensington

    NSW in 1918, includes four registered envs KGVI and QEII (3), three KGVI 2d Letter Cards P13 ASC #L41 (back torn)& L42 (2) all used Fremantle to Sydney, couple decimal era (one pre-decimal with decimal uprating and registered fromParliament House). Also NSW used registered env 1897, Queensland 1d postcard used, Tasmania unused 1d + dpostcard fresh unused. Cat for just the Commonwealth period c.$300, well worth a look. (16) $100

    1660P * A/ A+ 1929 & 1967: Two fresh unused with [1] c.1929 long OHMS envelope PTPO for the Education Department, Melbourne with KGV 2d red oval (as HG #KB25),scarce; [2] 1967 5c indigo aerogramme inscribed DEFENCE FORCES/ AIR LETTER..., for use by Australian Forces in VietnamHG, #IFG8. (2) $100

    1661P *F A OHMS Returned Registered Letter: 1943 use from Dead Letter Office Melbourne addressed to Stamp Dealer Wm.Ackland, nice item. $125

    AUSTRALIA | Postal Stationery - Postal Cards1662 *** A- 1917 1d on Separated Tasmania 1d Reply Cards Reply portion with REPLY obliterated by horizontal bar (16x2mm

    approx), unused, trifle foxed, very few exist. [On 17 March 1917 the remaining Tasmania stock was separated and sold assingle postcards; each half had specific details relating to former application as Replycards obliterated.] $500

    1663P * A/A- 1911 1d Commemorative Coronation selection of 16 different cards (KGV x8, Queen Mary x4 & Prince of Wales x4) with10 different frame & portrait combinations, range of shades, 8 with unsurfaced backs, ASC #P4 (HG #4). Generally finecondition. $1100

    AUSTRALIA | Postal Stationery - Postal Cards (Official)1664 *** A 1928 THREE/ HALPENCE on Penny Solid OS in Die on School Committee meeting card, HG #D16, scarce. $250AUSTRALIA | Postal Stationery - Postal Cards (PTPO)1665P *F A C.1947 1d Green KGVI on Department of Immigration OHMS card, used 1947. Very rare. $400AUSTRALIA | Postal Stationery - Letter Cards1666P *** A- Goodmans Patent Letter Card with Reply, private formula purple on pink stock, Australian coat of arms in TLC, zigzag

    roulette, a fine unused example of this rare lettercard, considered by some to be the model for Australias 1912 ReplyLetter Card. $450

    1667P *** A 1911-12 KGV Fullface 1d green on greenish stock first line ends in to with view GOVERNMENT HOUSE/ PERTH, plus2nd card in brown with view ZOO, ADELAIDE, S.A (Flamingos), ASC #L3a. (2) $200

    1668 *** B - in green on greenish stock first line ends in to with GIANT RED GUM, VIC., ASC #L3a, some blemishes on face butview side is fine. $80

    1669 *** A - 1d+1d violet, ASC #L4 (HG A4) Hobart from the bay (warship) / Viaduct (Steam train), both halves ctod withMELBOURNE/ NO11/ 13. $500

    1670P *** A - 1d+1d green, ASC #L4 (HG A4) Hobart from the bay (warship) / Viaduct (Steam train), both halves ctod withMELBOURNE/ NO11/ 13, reply half partly detached. $500

    1671 *** A 1915 KGV Sideface 1d Die I off-white within P10, with view FRUIT EXHIBIT/ ADELAIDE SHOW, spectacular bi-colourtransitioning from purple-brown to violet through the view, ASC #L7. $250

    1672 * F - 1d in varying colours, off-white within, used group consisting of:[1] scene of HAMILTON STATE SCHOOL, QUEENSLAND with KORONG VALE cds.[2] scene of OFFICERS & CREW....HMAS AUSTRALIA, scarce.[3] scene of COLES BAY, TASMANIA (sky removed).[4] scene of HAMILTON STATE SCHOOL, QUEENSLAND[5] scene of FLIGHT FROM POMPEIIall used in 1915, varying condition and faults. (5) $240

    1673 *F A- - 1d dark blue Die I off-white within P10, ASC #L7, with view SUBMARINE A.E.1 (NOW SUNK), uprated with d greenKGV, late use in 1919. $100

    1674P *** A - 1d reddish purple Die I off-white within P12, ASC #L9, with view RUNDLE ST ADELAIDE. [A similar item realised $170in Auction 4.] $140

    1675 *** A - 1d purple-brown Die I off-white within P12, ASC #L9, with view MURRAY RIVER WEST AUST.. $751676 *** A - 1d dark blue Die II off-white within P12, ASC #L10, with view MT BUFFALO VICTORIA. $1301677 *** A - 1d purple-brown Die II off-white within P12, ASC #L10, with view CEDAR LOGS/ QUEENSLAND. $1301678 *** A 1917 Full Face Reply Card With REPLY Overstruck 1d+1d sepia zigzag perf outer half, ASC #L11, GIANT REDGUM

    VIC $3751679 *** A - 1d+1d olive-brown P12 outer half, ASC #L13, TOWN HALL, SYDNEY $1501680P *** A- - 1d+1d violet P12 inner half, ASC #L14, VIADUCT/ NEAR ADELAIDE S.A., some aging. $2001681P *** A - 1d+1d ochre P12 inner half, ASC #L14, QUEENS GARDENS/ PERTH W.A. $3001682 *** A - 1d+1d olive-brown P12 inner half, ASC #L14, VIADUCT/ NEAR ADELAIDE S.A. $3001683 *U A-/ B 1918-30 KGV Sideface [1] 1d black-brown P10, ASC #L21, Cat $140, with view SYDNEY HARBOUR/N.S.W. 12FE19

    Melbourne machine cancel[2] 1d brown Roo Die II with view BOTANIC GARDENS/ PORTLAND, VIC., ASC #L6, Cat $60, 1913 Sydney machinecancel. Both cards with the odd fault. $100

    1684 * U - 2d red, ASC #L26, GOVERNMENT HOUSE PERTH, (framed oval) Unused; edges stuck and other minor faults. $801685 *V A - 2d scarlet on grey with scene Gibberabong Creek NSW CTO JA 22 ASC L26, from Specimen set. $2251686P *V A 1925 1d Red KGV P12 with TO OPEN... at base, ASC #L33, uprated with 1d red KGV, philatelic use to France,

    opened carefully so that selvedge is intact, fresh. $751687 *** A- 1939 KGVI 2d red perf 13, ASC #L40, with violet SPECIMEN handstamp applied at Elizabeth St GPO, couple of minor

    faults. $1251688 * B 1960-65 QEII Facing Right 5d blue with commemorative overprint for AUSTRALIAS FIRST/ AUTOMATIC POST OFFICE

    at the Royal Agricultural Show in Melbourne, ASC #L59a, Cat $250. Slight gum foxing and just the faintest hint of a stainbottom left removable with care. $80

    AUSTRALIA | Postal Stationery - Envelopes1689P *** A 1957-65 QEII Embossed Small Die 5d indigo on buff Overprinted SPECIMEN in red, ASC E37s. $100

    Phoenix Auctions - Friday 26th November 2010 Page 147

    Section 4 begins at 4:30pm

  • Phoenix Auctions - Friday 26th November 2010Page 148

    1690 1692 ex 1696


    ex 1724ex 17221718

    1713 17161717

    1734ex 1732ex 1731

    1728ex 1727ex 1725

  • AUSTRALIA | Postal Stationery - Registration Envelopes1690P *F A 1913 Kangaroo & Map 4d orange, ASC #R2, late use uprated with KGV 1d red and used from Perth 1916 (1Jul),

    unusually fine. $1251691 * A - 4d orange 230x110mm, uprated with KGV 1d violet, unused with very light soiling and minor peripheral faults, scarce

    ASC #R3, Cat $350. $130AUSTRALIA | Postal Stationery - Wartime1692P * B 1941 Malaya & Johore Salvation Army/ Red Shield War Services with printed d/ ring POSTAGE PAID/25 CENTS/ MALAYA

    in red cancelled by indistinct s/ ring Field PO cds dated 2DE41/No.18, triangular crowned censor handstamp withsignature, air mail etiquette, to Parramatta. Creased at left, few spots. $100

    AUSTRALIA | Telegram Forms1693 *** A 1937 AWA Deluxe Beam Wireless Form with multi-coloured Australian river scene and envelope. Rare. (2) $2001694 * A 1943 use of red The Eastern Extension Australasia and China Telegraph Company Limited (associated with Cable and

    Wireless Limited) form, from a serviceman in Middle East sent as code numbers 6 87 35 converted on arrival. Rubberhandstamps of Cable & Wireless (Sydney) and POST OFFICE/ JAN 25 1943/ RANDWICK, N.S.W.. [Each code numberrepresented a specific phrase enabling the messages to be sent cheaply.] $50

    AUSTRALIA | First Day Covers1695 *F A 1928 3d Kookaburra bottom right corner single from exhibition miniature sheet tied to Whellams FDC by red Exhibition

    cds dated October 29,1928, hand-stamped First Day of Issue in Gothic characters and endorsed on the back. Hingeremains, couple small bends and light soiling cleanable with care. Scarce early FDC. $175

    1696P *U A/ B 1930s-1990s including commemorative cancels, Hutt River, Paid At envelopes and some other oddments. Majoritydecimal period including booklet types/ panes, odd Frama, 1971 Christmas blocks of 7 x3 (two different configurations),PSEs, maxicards. Pre-decimals mostly QEII period but among earlier noted env with 1932 3d Bridge tied Celebrationsmetered slogan, several 1936 Queensland Philatelic Society illustrated envelopes for their first exhibition, 1937 2d NSWon coloured illustrated Northern Series envelope (cleanable soiling). Mainly fine. (100s) $200

    1697 *F A 1931 Kingsford Smith 2d and 6d tied to Registered cover by Melbourne cds 19MR31 and flown on first flight to Sydney. $1251698 *U A/ B 1935-65 collection in mainly fine addressed condition (some registered) with a number to Mr AJ Pashen in Brisbane noting

    scarce Standard Stamp Company with 1935 KGV Silver Jubilee 3d, ends with 1965 (Sept 1) 2/3d ICY Royal env. Alsoincludes five AAT incl Wesley 1958 with 2/- Map and Mawson base cancel, another has set of 4 souvenir labels for 1954expedition inside. Also Wesley 1972 set of 4 7c PMs with tabs. (75) $150

    1699 *F A 1935 Anzac 1/- black on registered cover to Buckland Hill, WA, cancelled with light Perth of 18MAR35, clear backstamp.Plus 2d red on commercial local Perth cover. $400

    1700P *G A- - 2d and 1/- lightly foxed and tied to registered envelope by Hamilton, NSW cds with registration label, to Merewether,NSW, backstamp include Newcastle transit. Removable hinge remains and stains cleanable with care. Scarce FDC. $150

    1701 *F A 1935 KGV Silver Jubilee set of 3 on scarce illustrated Standard Stamp Co FDC tied by North Strathfield NSW cds andregistered to Wellington, New Zealand, backstamp, ASC $450+. [Michael