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This is a free sample of A.R.T.S.Y MAGAZINE issue "Nº17 | Jimi Tents" Download full version from: Apple App Store: Magazine Description: A.R.T.S.Y MAGAZINE IS HERE TO SHED LIGHT ON UPCOMING AND EMERGING ENTRPRENUERS. FASHION DESIGNERS, PHOTOGRAPHERS, VISUAL ARTIST AND MORE. You can build your own iPad and Android app at

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  • T A B L E O F C O N T E N T S

    V I S U A L A R T I S T S P O T L I G H T: K A R A Y A N C E Y

    S O U N D S E L E C T S : W H A T S H O T | R E S P E C T T H E G R I N D

    R O M E L S R E V I E W S

    E A T S : H E A L T H Y L I F E S T Y L E

    H O T B R A N D S T O W A T C H O U T F O R N Y C

    H O T B R A N D S T O W A T C H O U T F O R A C R O S S T H E P O N D

    S O C I A L H I G H L I G H T S

    J I M I T E N T S

    F R O M T H E W E B : J I M I T E N T S A T W E B S T E R H A L L

    H I P H O P H O M A G E

    W H I T M A N V S . G E N X

    I S A R T D E A D ?

    T H E F U T U R E O F F A S H I O N : T H R I U G H T H E E Y E S O F T H E N E X T G E N E R A T I O N

    T R A V E L D I A R I E S : P U E R T O R I C O

    A . R . T . S . Y C L O S E T A R C H I E V E S

    P E R S O N A L S T Y L E P O R T R A I T S

    T R I B A L

    T R A N S I S T I O N


    | A R T


    KARA YANCEY WORDS BYKWESI MARK From complex concepts of meaning and emotional reactions, to something as simple as the colors used, the importance of art is in the eye of the beholder. So we at A.R.T.S.Y decided to give a shout out - or spotlight - to the visual artist whose work resonates with us in different ways, New York-based artist Kara Yancey, also known as YngKara.


    | A R T

    1. About self

    Im Kara, newly 23 years old. My family is trini, by way of New York. My parents traveled around the world with the air force and landed in Ohio where they had me. I was raised in Ohio where wed run to New York whenever we got the chance. I dont believe in boredom as long as youve got a mind boredom is just a veil. Me living and breathing is me creating. There is no dividing or denying life and art for me.

    2. How long have you been doing art

    Ive been doing art my whole life. I was so hyper and energized as a child but I could wake up early and mind my business and draw for hours. My earliest memories start at late 2/3 years old. My mother still has all my work still. I have to do art as long as Im living.


    3. What art style would you classify your work

    Well Im definitely a drawer. Drawing encompasses all of the tools I use, calling myself a painter seems limiting. My style is like definitely surreal. I like to think of my work as clean with controlled messiness. Its pretty impossible for someone not to see it and say something like trippy

    4. Inspirations

    I pull a lot of inspiration from tattoo art and Sumi-e( Japanese ink painting). I really admire cartoonist and street artists for their eyes for composition and color. But most of my inspiration comes from the balance of country and city that I grew up fighting with and emotional balance in general. My goal is to take what I feel and bring it to life above all instead of trying to recreate things we see all the time that may be short of some truths. There are new truths all the time we need to explore them and be inspired by them.

    5. What do you try to convey with your art?

    I see my art as a way to express the drama, anxiety, and necessary pain that we all have to go through to find peace. Peace has always been important to me to have and hold no matter what else is going on because Ive struggled with anxiety and depression. I want my art to be a shocking sort of empathy for the viewer. While these scenes are moving through space, falling apart and coming together, through rain and tears and growth, I want people to identify with the security of owning your emotions and not being shamed by or for them in order to grow.

    6. Artistic process

    Im inherently impulsive. My best work and the work that I can commit to the most often comes from a burst of energy and then I turn it to the paper. I enjoy working at night and I really dont like having to socialize for a long time while I work, and I mean days. Im in my bubble when Im working and I can definitely be a little over protective of my space and my work while Im creating. Im pretty much always smoking, not cigs. Im hyper by nature so try I find my time and space. I cant eat a lot of bullshit or I just get lazy and out of tune, lots of water and lots of music if I forget to listen to music it becomes very hard for me to concentrate and feel.

    | A R T


    | S O U N D S E L E C T S : W H A T S H O T


    Get acquainted, with these artists. Weve premiered their songs on our website and theyre making us feel good with their talents. take a listen:

    @oxymorronsHello Me

    @RobbiswaveeKey To The City

    @ShaahebrewOf An Idle Boy

    @TanginaStoneDont (Remix


    | R O M E L S R E V I E W S



    From Los Angeles to New York to Japan, the mouths of the underground have been chattering about this guy that has been taking Uber's Everywhere. A few months ago we helped further expose MadeinTYO to the public right before I Want to (Skr Skr) exploded onto the scene. Some people instantly labeled him as a one hit wonder that was destined to fade away by the time of this magazine came out. They were wrong beyond belief, considering MadeinTYO has performed on bills that include with A$AP Rocky and Father since then.

    The MadeinMurda EP was released by Private Club Records and was made available for streaming on MadeinTYO personal Soundcloud. It is the rappers first official project since his rise to fame and can be considered his first real test in maintaining his steadily growing momentum. MadeinMurda

    EP is a group project with label mate Royce Rizzy and strays away from the sound that catapulted the label into underground fame, and focuses more on the traditional Gucci Mane style made famous by 80% of today's rappers.

    The EP is full of songs that are tailored to a particular mood and a particular crowd. Songs such as Flex Up & Win and 1 on 1 may not reach the popularity that MadeinTYOs previous efforts have, but they have the ability to reach the perfect amount of people to keep the labels top star on a forward path. The sound of the project is extremely consistent, which ultimately ends up being a positive and negative thing.

    If you take a step back and truly analyze the music as music and not filler noise from my drunken nights, youll eventually come to realize youve just

    heard the same song six times in a row. There are but so many times I can hear descendants of Gucci Mane rant and rave about the finer things life, such as money and women. It eventually becomes boring and its disappointing considering MadeinTYO has made the effort to be a diverse rapper while still maintaining the core of the Gucci Trap Rap sound.

    As mentioned, the MadeinMurda EP is tailored to a particular audience that is in a particular mood. However, there are no shorts in delivering a great project. It is one thing to create a project that captures a mood and it is another to create a project relying on the moods of people to make your project great. A project should be considered a good or bad project based on the music alone and not based on whether or not Im downing shots at a party.