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A.R.T.S.Y MAGAZINE - N11: Dave East

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    Our Managing Editor asked A.R.T.S.Ys ears, Romel and Ari (aka Gleesh), about some of their sonic experiences. Find out which one of the two actually uses a digital alarm clock and whos still two-stepping to Mozarts Ave verum corpus and R.Kellys entire Chocolate Factory album.

    Nicole: When you hear Encyclopedia of Sounds, what are some of the first things that come to mind?

    Gleesh: When I hear Encyclopedia of Sounds, I think of a never-ending book of music; music that people have already heard but also music that should be heard. Simple clicks to instru-ments, to vocals to technical music, are things that deserve its own Encyclopedia and I know this will be the beginning of its creation.

    Romel: When I think of the term Encyclope-dia of Sounds, I instantly think of the greatest collection of music throughout the years. This Encyclopedia of Sounds, doesnt just focus on Billboards greatest hits, but all types of music from the beginning of time until now. It would be an accurate account of humanitys greatest, funkiest achievements.

    What sounds scare you?

    R: I kid you not, I instantly freak out when someone scratches a chalkboard. I cant tell you if Im afraid of the sound, because Im not trying to seem like a punk, but I definitely get shivers. I am way too black to feel comfortable hearing sounds associated with clich horror movie scenes.

    G: The sound of fear scares me, whether it be screams, vibes, and even songs. Fear is some-thing that can either bring the worst of people or they can use it as a fire being lit in they ass to overcome it and become better.

    Whats your alarm clock sound?

    G: My alarm clock is and will always be the digital alarm clock. Shit makes me wake up like its 5-0 barging through my house. I love it for just that reason.

    R: My alarm clock sound is Electric Relax-ation by a Tribe Called Quest and has been since 2009. For anyone that knows me, ATCQ is my favorite rap group and that song is in my personal top five, so it makes logical sense to start every morning with a song that I love.

    What sounds annoy you?

    G: Music that has no meaning but its there just to be there. Artists do this all the time and it blows my mind, but in the long run its for-gettable. But at that moment, it sucks.

    R: To be fair, a lot of sounds annoy me and I could easily list a million. I become so annoyed when I hear people chew loudly, the sound of people dragging their feet and the sound of fake farts. Im totally content with real farts because its a part of life, but for some reason, college students love fake fart noises. Maybe its the old man in me, but its annoying as hell.

    What sounds make you two-step?

    G: Turn up music and music with a melody that corresponds with the beat. From the George Baker selection Little Green Bag to Mozarts Ave Verum Corpus to Futures March Mad-ness to even T-Vices Bam Bam have that power over me. If it can blend to create a beau-tiful portrait one can hear then it shall make me dance. Hell, it can make anyone dance if you play it properly. Always remember with great music comes great turn up.

    R: Certain sounds make me two step, such as a grooving breakbeat. Im a drummer boy in my mind, so Im a sucker for breakbeats. The bass is my favorite instrument, so naturally a killer bassline makes me two step like an old black woman during the July Fourth BBQ. If were talking about songs, instantly the Pied Pipers entire Chocolate Factory album is my choice.