Arts - School of Architecture and Design - Engagement Week Data

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Arts - School of Architecture and Design - Engagement Week Data


<ul><li><p>Engagement Week Feedback Faculty of Education and SportSchool of Architecture and Design </p><p>Vice President of Academic Affairs Engagement Week Data Faulty of Education and Sport School of Architecture and Design Hi everyone, Weve been busy coding and analysing your comments from Engagement Week, now on a School by School basis. The sheer amount of data we have collected is amazing! From teaching to transport, assessment to accommodation and canteens to Camtasia you clearly have an opinion on all areas of academic life and are not scared to let us know about it. Demographics We collected qualitative feedback from 79 students across the School of Architecture and Design. 58 of these students were from Grand Parade Campus and 21 of these were from Moulsecoomb. Respondents were largely female, 56, with only 22 male respondents. The majority of the respondents were in first year (54%) and second year (35%). This summary includes an overview of comments on the top six comment subject areas with comparison to the university comment trends. The full Keep, Start, Stop commentary from students in the School of Architecture and Design is included at the end of the document. The full Keep, Start, Stop commentary from students in the School of Architecture and Design is included at the end of the document. Thanks again for all of your feedbackwe look forward to closing the feedback loop and reporting the changes very soon! Amy Rutland | VP Academic Affairs E: Facebook: VP AcademicAffairs Brighton-su Twitter: bsuacademic </p><p>I MY EDUCATION A Few Words on the Data Analysis </p><p> We have now coded the data under a number of categories coving academic issues, organisational issues an d other facilities and activities at the University of Brighton. We collected data from 1126 students and often each Keep, Stop and Start comment box had multiple comments addressing a number of areas of concern, delight and suggested improvements. Comments ranged from brief and specific to long and detailed and we would like to thank all students that took part for the consideration put into the responses given. This research now forms a rich database of student opinion across the university and will be a valuable source of input for not only the upcoming institutional review but also decision making process at the university. A detailed discourse analysis of the comments will be available soon with a school by school breakdown. Keep an eye on the new research area on the Students Union website for updates! </p></li><li><p>What have you said? Most of your comments have been about Teaching and Learning, with a large amount indicating a positive experience. However, there are also a large amount of statements on what needs to stop and what you would like to see start. Following this are your comments on learning resources where you speak positively about the resources but would like to see better access at weekends. Under the category of organisation you would like to see better communication of room and timetable chances but feel that the information you receive on university events is good. Positive comments in this category were around the cash machine and exhibition space at Grand Parade and the negative comments around the card activated doors. While you enjoy the catering there are concerns over costs. You would also like to see a new students union bar in place and more SU events. </p><p>Overview </p></li><li><p>Teaching and Learning Much like the rest of the University the majority of comments from Students at the School of Architecture and Design were about Teaching and Learning. Feedback on teaching and learning was extensive with over 40% of students providing commentary on Keep, over 20% on Stop and 20% on Start. The standard or tutors and the positive student/tutor relationship was commented on positively and the lack of formal examinations. There were also positive comments on the use of guest lecturers and industry knowledge. There were a smaller number of more negative comments focused on lectures that were uninspiring, lack of clear guidance on assignments and large class sizes. An increase in contact hours was the most popular comment for what the university should start doing. </p><p>Learning Resources The second largest area of commentary was on learning resources. The positive comments were around workshops and media centres that were well equipped and that opened for longer hours during busy times. Some students felt that the lack of facilities open at weekends and early closure in the evenings (limited workshop and library access) were an </p><p>issue. Also they felt that the material fees they had to pay at the start of the year were not necessarily fair and would prefer to buy materials as they went through the year so they money was spent on what they would definitely use. Students commented that they would like to have access to facilities in other areas of the arts in the university (i.e. dark room). Other requests for improvement centred on longer opening hours, greater informal study space/studio space and more technicians for workshop spaces. </p><p>Some more detail... </p></li><li><p>Organisation </p><p>Organisation comments, much like in the rest of the university, mirrored prior feedback from the National Student Survey and were largely negative with over a quarter of students commenting on what they would like the university to top. The criticisms for this were around poorly structured timetables, last minute changes that were not well communicated and students having to come in for a short period of time. </p><p>Other Facilities Positive comments in this category were around the cash machine and exhibition space at Grand Parade and the negative comments around the card activated doors (also Grand Parade). Start comments focus on putting in place a cash machine at Mithras house, increased opening hours for Reprographics and increasing photocopying facilities. </p><p>Catering At Grand Parade Campus the positive comments focussed on the high stand of food served in the canteen and the knowledge that the canteen uses locally sourced food. Criticisms about catering all focussed on the cost of food on both campuses. Suggestions for improvements centre on having a greater variety of food and allowing students to use a microwave to heat their own food. </p></li><li><p>Students Union </p><p>The positive comments from students focus on the SU shops and their friendly and helpful staff and support given on the occupation at Grand Parade last year. There is significant desire for a Students Union bar and increased promotion of events. </p><p>What Happens next with the Engagement Week Data This data is already being used in the university to inform de-cisions that they will be making to improve the student ex-perience. Reports from the data will be fed into university committees and any changes made as a result of your com-ments will be fed straight back via course reps and the Stu-dents Union website. The data will also be feeding into the Student Written Submission which we are due to submit to the QAA as part of the Institutional Review in November 2012. The first draft of this document will </p><p>be available late June for you to pass com-ment on. We will be passing reports to school reps and course reps to ensure they have evi-dence to help them make changes in their own areas. If you would like any further information please dont hesitate to get in touch: </p></li><li><p>support students through student services </p><p>keeping workshops open late </p><p>inspiring teachers </p><p>the societies exhibitions </p><p>Studying and designing </p><p>Keeping the building warm Staying open till 9 </p><p>Listening to student feedback i.e. laser cutting... Next on the list could be printing perhaps? 24hr access? </p><p>meet artists/ talks - exhibition </p><p>Great helpful friendly staff (security and cafe and shops) </p><p>open the workshop till late nice food in the canteen </p><p>great tutors and yarn supply </p><p>supporting students in protests / occupations having such friendly/ helpful staff in the student services/ union/ shop </p><p>keep the shop open recycling class trips (Milan) </p><p>workshops in different areas </p><p>serving excellent food! nice building and great studio space to work in! </p><p>good campus shop </p><p>good tutors/ lectures </p><p>Bagels - they are amazing! </p><p>Giving sessions and information about everyday university situations and problems </p><p>more professional lecturers and improve the facilities of workshops </p><p>keep the technicians </p><p>cash machine </p><p>Purchasing new technology and equipment like laser cutter etc </p><p>Individual tutorials to talk over ideas with tutor </p><p>Design knowledge from tutors interaction with students </p><p>enough facilities in the class room technicians in room everyday for help nice hot food in the canteen </p><p>Organising external lectures for practice lectures Giving detail descriptions of what needs to be done to till brief </p><p>providing well equipped workshops with a positive atmosphere tasty food in the canteen cash point </p><p>good crits </p><p>Library, great place with great books printing in the library, long opening hours cafe in the school, great place to have a chat or rest uni shops, food, drink stationary - all I need </p><p>Making use of the library easy, accessible. Extending pool room hours during busy times of term </p><p>tutorials all maces should have photo shop </p><p>cash point on site - very convenient yummy canteen food great student services </p><p>Mineral water (free drinking water) </p><p>good fund-raising - cake sales </p><p>good student/ tutor relationships regular feedback compared to prior years student organised events. e.g.. back sales etc </p><p>feedback from tutors </p><p>The teaching/ lack of exams </p><p>teach in a creative way to challenge us to visit exhibitions and the library I have good sources of information in the library to provide us GP health care (NHS) to provide support for international students </p><p>good canteen food at grand parade good student teacher relationships </p><p>good art supply shop </p><p>good teaching - very informal open approach with teachers on the course good shop, facilities on campus </p><p>tutorials and feedback </p><p>having the Mac suite maybe more with Photoshop </p><p>Food co-op </p><p>student central cash machine </p><p>guest lecture </p><p>tutor time I always feel in touch with my tutors / course really interesting historical critical studies lectures </p><p>technical tutorials keeping up to date on student central </p><p>Allow card to buy food provide plastic cups in the Architecture floor, 3rd floor of Mithras </p><p>Keep Comments </p></li><li><p>cash machine in GP is great keep doing veg boxes </p><p>organise events </p><p>The IT guy is cute Johnny's cute but mean </p><p>employing a high standard of tutors </p><p>good campus shop good hot food </p><p>shop open at good hours recycling keep students informed on help they can get with studies </p><p>cash machine at GP </p><p>24 hours library opening times vegetarian lentil lasagne friendly staff </p><p>tutorials, going to the library </p><p>societies drinks machine </p><p>recycling and energy conservation local and seasonal food suppliers to canteen </p><p>local suppliers to canteen </p><p>good tutors </p><p>maces and Photoshop </p><p>good knowledge good resources good shops prices </p><p>pushing us to do lots of work - giving us a good work ethic </p><p>cash machine exhibitions at front long hours in media centre </p><p>keep up media centre, with loaning of equipment etc degree show - always amazing tutors - always available, via email - good constructive feedback lunch time reduced </p><p>Tutors keep open minded and are really helpful the facilities stayed so good using student central </p><p>transport </p><p>promotional seminars with aspirational entrepreneurs HCS lectures </p><p>In 5 days a week </p><p>Language course for international students </p><p>good contact with tutors and feedback </p><p>Keep Comments </p><p>Stop Comments </p><p>stop making so unorganized academic schedules - technical staff should stop treating students so unfairly </p><p>180 material fees when we do not use many materials on design </p><p>making us come in for 4 minutes </p><p>photocopy cards - expensive </p><p>be so pushing </p><p>Charging so much for coffees. Syrups should be complimentary. </p><p>Materials fee at start of year </p><p>Closing the computer room so early on a weekend Being closed completely on a Sunday </p><p>always changing timetable </p><p>organising facilities open hours to be shorter material fees - people should choose what they definitely want to use </p><p>over pricing the uni shop making bad food especially vegetarian over priced not having enough technicians/ technical support workshops are messy and dangerous learning is stifled by the lack of teaching support </p><p>I think general accommodation rules for 1st years is unfair -if you live on the other side of the country or even abroad it makes it very difficult to be told you have to find a house in a town you don't really know (especially with 1 month notice) I know Brighton's a popular town but there should be more uni accommodation to support this! keep the finance office open all week </p><p>sometimes no room to work so go home to do it in cramped house </p><p>giving such boring and uninspiring lectures </p><p>card activated doors </p><p>more individual tutorials </p><p>closing early </p><p>Shutting the library, it should be open 24 hours </p></li><li><p>overworking the technicians </p><p>Stop hand-ins on Thursdays because on Wednesdays everything in the university is closed e.g. reprographics </p><p>having so many problems running alongside each other </p><p>cold food in the canteen highly priced lectures in small classroom and different campuses </p><p>changing lecture times at the last minute </p><p>stop closing the printer room so early (3:00pm) </p><p>making us do the professional practice module or otherwise get the tutors speaking advice and completely re-address the reasons for doing the module </p><p>making us come in for 5 mins </p><p>not allowing students to print in Mithras before pick up </p><p>receiving information from the tutors on student central can be problematic at times </p><p>teachers lateness </p><p>closing workshops Wednesday afternoon professional practise - or at least improve it! having so many locked doors </p><p>being disorganised with times etc for sessions </p><p>charging in the canteen expensive printing photocopying student fees on placement and material fees </p><p>disorganised - unclear briefs </p><p>cold studio </p><p>closing the printing room so early before reviews </p><p>need to improve student central definitely look at Uni of Sussex as an example, it needs to be cleaner , easier to use.. </p><p>maybe smaller classes? </p><p>closing too early on the nights </p><p>closing the workshops Wednesday afternoon </p><p>having a larger year group for fashion in future years stop throwing away food! it could be given to people in meetings, students staying late or sold at a reduced price! </p><p>only pass or fail 1st year feel haven't learnt much about the business world yet </p><p>conflicting teachers opinions - they need to communicate with one another </p><p>expensive printing </p><p>Making the University experience less expensive make classes closer </p><p>stop wasting food/ throwing away excess food - students will eat it </p><p>improve facilities </p><p>course is so disorganised I h...</p></li></ul>


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