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Arts - School of Arts and Media - Engagement Week Data


  • Engagement Week Feedback Faculty of ArtsSchool of Arts and Media

    Vice President of Academic Affairs Engagement Week Data Faculty of Arts School of Arts and Media Hi everyone, Weve been busy coding and analysing your comments from Engagement Week, now on a School by School basis. The sheer amount of data we have collected is amazing! From teaching to transport, assessment to accommodation and canteens to Camtasia you clearly have an opinion on all areas of academic life and are not scared to let us know about it. Demographics We collected qualitative feedback from 113 students across the School of Arts and Media. The majority of these students (70%) were from Grand Parade Campus and the rest were from Hastings (23%) and Moulsecoomb (7%). Respondents were mostly female, 66, with 47 male respondents. The majority of the respondents were in first year (34%) and second year (54%). This summary includes an overview of comments on the top six comment subject areas with comparison to the university comment trends. The full Keep, Start, Stop commentary from students in the School of Arts and Media is included at the end of the document. Thanks again for all of your feedbackwe look forward to closing the feedback loop and reporting the changes very soon! Amy Rutland | VP Academic Affairs E: Facebook: VP AcademicAffairs Brighton-su Twitter: bsuacademic

    I MY EDUCATION A Few Words on the Data Analysis

    We have now coded the data under a number of categories coving academic issues, organisational issues an d other facilities and activities at the University of Brighton. We collected data from 1126 students and often each Keep, Stop and Start comment box had multiple comments addressing a number of areas of concern, delight and suggested improvements. Comments ranged from brief and specific to long and detailed and we would like to thank all students that took part for the consideration put into the responses given. This research now forms a rich database of student opinion across the university and will be a valuable source of input for not only the upcoming institutional review but also decision making process at the university. A detailed discourse analysis of the comments will be available soon with a school by school breakdown. Keep an eye on the new research area on the Students Union website for updates!

  • What have you said? Most of your comments have been about Teaching and Learning, with a large amount indicating a positive experience. However, there are also a large amount of statements on what needs to stop and what you would like to see start. Following this are your comments on programme design with a large amount of comments about the value of guest speakers and desire for increased one to one time. Learning resources is another area of commentary where you are looking for more access to workshops and longer opening hours. Timetabling is a key issue under organisation. While you enjoy the catering and appreciate local sourcing of food there are some concerns over costs. You would also like to see a new students union bar in place and more events.


  • Teaching and Learning The positive comments on teaching were made by almost 50% of students giving feedback. These comments were about tutors saying that were motivating, professional and brought a fresh approach to subjects. There was a clear preference for practical/technical workshop based learning and an appreciation of one to one contact time. Integrating different years and peer feedback was also commented on as a positive approach to keep in teaching and learning. Having a high number of students in a class or seminar group was seen as detrimental to teaching and learning. Other Stop comments concern lengthy lectures and a lack of cross-course working. Again, in the Start comments there is a desire for more tutorial time and increase in the provision of free additional workshops.

    Programme Design Commentary on Programme Design is slightly more positive than that at the rest of the university. Almost 25% of students at the School of Arts and Media commented on the positive aspects of programme design. Much of this focussed on the importance of guest lecturers and speakers (independent artist talks) coming to

    discuss industry experience and also the study trips, practical and workshop sessions that were built into the course. Students expressed a preference for shorter feedback session that were one to one rather than longer ones in a group. Suggestions for improvements to programme design focussed on cross course collaboration, cross disciplinary projects. There is a desire for an increase in tutorial time to be built into courses and shorter, more frequent lessons.

    Some more detail...

  • Learning Resource

    Positive comments on learning resources concerned the access to studio spaces with varied equipment, the ability to access facilities in other departments, late access to the media centre and a well stocked library. Critical comments were about limitations on studio and library opening times, especially at weekends. Suggestions for improvements were about increasing opening hours for workshops/libraries and improving software in the computer suites.

    Organisation Structuring of timetables with large gaps was criticised alongside changing timetables and last minute changes that resulted in clashes. The late receipt of timetables (i.e. on first day of classes) was also and issue raised. Suggestions for improvements were better communications, back up plans for when tutors are off ill and more structure to the courses.

    Students Union Positive feedback on the students union included comments on our Facebook interactions, events and the SU shop at Grand Parade. Comments around improvements showed a call for more events, a Students Union bar and better value for money in the SU shop.

  • Catering

    While there were comments about the quality of canteen food being good many students also found it very expensive and would like to see free hot water and microwaves available to students.

    What Happens next with the Engagement Week Data This data is already being used in the university to inform de-cisions that they will be making to improve the student expe-rience. Reports from the data will be fed into university com-mittees and any changes made as a result of your comments will be fed straight back via course reps and the Students Un-ion website. The data will also be feeding into the Student Written Submission which we are due to submit to the QAA as part of the Institutional Review in November 2012. The first draft of this document will

    be available late June for you to pass com-ment on. We will be passing reports to school reps and course reps to ensure they have evi-dence to help them make changes in their own areas. If you would like any further information please dont hesitate to get in touch:

  • lectures

    keep having guest lecturers motivating environment

    lectures, engaging study guest speakers

    cash machine

    The cafe having things such as the pool table and table tennis

    listening to students helpful with work problems

    Guest lectures

    providing relevant visiting lecturers and guest speakers Providing support for students that require help scholarship incentive

    studio spaces for fine art computer room and hiring out media

    good studio space listening to students

    good library facilities good hot canteen food

    the student support and services student nights etc

    more technical equipment better cameras etc.

    independent artist talks

    Open facilities - I find it very useful that it is possible to go to other departments for inductions in specific equipment and also use other facilities which builds a strong bond between students, staff and technicians. It also encourages a greater awareness outside your immediate study environment

    Keeping a relaxed, friendly and proactive atmosphere.

    working with third years tutorials invaluable, contact time to father ideas and receiving feedback for me helps improve my higher education learning experience

    our environment (college campus)

    Outside articles in south gallery

    professionals from the industry to talk about what their experience of the industry

    the food co - op cash point

    good access to studios and able to use equipment when I want

    price down on the campus food cleanness in the studio a good support for dyslexic people

    showing lots of art exhibitions making cakes and raising money for charity

    Engaging students into community projects and with each other

    Support Groups allowing people to get involved with student radio "BURST"

    access to music rooms and instruments

    Great accommodation

    Keep the Facebook pages and interaction with reps

    Being helpful with student services =)

    Support for students with Learning difficulties

    having different workshops about jobs, English course

    having breaks during 2 or 3 hour lessons

    updating students on their progress

    social nights in collaboration with brass monkey or other local bars.... live music :) hot food is good :) - prices are good too

    nice art gallery within building and lots of visiting lectures

    increase studio times more tutor time assessment feedback more materials on offer

    small classes on how to tackle work. notes in lectures and how to write essays prices low in student shop more lectures available in the SBT

    All the events and fund-raising-I think they're very effective

    visiting artists

    Student/Teacher 1 on 1 tutorials

    organising student union events and also LGBT events. I have also found the student services helpful when going to them for advice on careers student newspaper and student radio

    be positive and supportive and give us all the information about possibilities of assisting, exhibitions etc/

    keep students being involved Keep Alice Smith-she is ACE!

    providing technical support but we need more group tech sessions

    creating green areas & eco friendly projects. Keeping the media centre open till 8pm.

    Consistent feedback allows for improvement. This throughout the year also helps shape what needs to be done later through the year.

    Emails promoting students welfare Stocking the library with excellent resources

    Keep Comments

  • Canteen food is good Keep doing Veg Packs

    Sell cheap coffee

    Social Events

    Student university shop

    tutorials lectures

    Making nice food Good teaching

    The office Materials activities

    one to one tutorials

    exchange student with Seoul National University

    Awesome lecturers reaching us on current subjects, making us think about what is going on and how to change the world

    seminar post lectures studio work readings (but maybe less focused/ more relaxed and varied)

    opening hours great at GP tutors brill in printmaking good cafe at GP great shop at GP

    Professional Practice lectures

    Group crits as well as one to one tutorials exhibitions organised by uni talks from practising artists

    good computer resources no studio fees

    great facilities great teaching committed tutors

    great technicians (sina) good student rep system having cash point

    Promoting events Up to date information

    providing technical support current and up to date software/equipment availability of resources friendly, homely atmosphere, part of a family!!

    great facilities good food

    guest lectures , film showing

    Emailing us opportunities all sporting activities poster sales

    visiting artists exhibitions cake stands

    various extra curricular activities are great as is student services (employment help, counselling etc)

    the helpful faculty (atmosphere generally at ease) the news updates on all sorts of arty things going on

    Giving relevant feedback on our work in class

    exchange trip opportunities

    Workshop inductions lectures study trips

    Providing computers Workshops Lectures

    tutorials, very useful. workshops great visiting artist lectures

    year exhibitions events/promotions/sales in foyer sign-ups to a variety of workshops


    Module elections Helpful tutors

    Helpful Learning centre

    Give us more lessons 23ish weeks a year + only 10hrs a week I could complete this two year course in 6 months

    make it easier to a uni card as an exchange student

    Visiting lecturers

    Have lectures from external visitors

    providing computers updating computer software

    Emailing us opportunities about media placements and encouraging us to participate in current events. Free sports teams

    great teaching bringing professionals to l1ecture

    open minded education focussing on student skill set amazing tutors

    lectures and informative times

    joint projects with other years on the course

    providing support and fresh approach to the techniques, encourage interesting and innovative talks and exercises

    mixed year classes have open lectures

    offering student services for-careers, volunteering/work, extra curricular activities having staff who have experience of working in relevant industries

    personal tutorials with lectures are really useful for feedback

    keep giving assessment feedback and keep having professional practice lectures

    Emailing students about events ETC.

    regular weekly crits and staff/peer feedback

    Keep Comments

  • Making lessons practical

    support for athletics

    SU events

    the old buildings

    being helpful

    technical resources

    Social Events Organised Outside of lecture activities, i.e. documentary/film screenings

    Using the studio

    Keep Comments

    Stop Comments

    closing school at 8pm - 24 hour studio needed

    having different access codes for buildings

    big gaps between lectures 9AM lectures


    Bad timetabling

    using Flairz as a venue time table clashes mixing radio and broadcast media groups ( they are not interested in radio and it disrupts our lessons)

    greater opening times

    trying to make so much money out of students

    stop sending all the emails

    open more facilities to graphic design or inform applicants correctly on the accessibility of other facilities course costs

    hidden course costs (materials)

    Prices at the SU shop - charging so much for materials such as paint, pens, and pencils etc. Means that a lot of students are prepared to travel into town to save money

    Not letting students have hot water in the canteen.

    payment of resources

    external exhibitions that last ages

    charging for use of sallis benney

    closing at 8pm

    charging 9000 stop locking doors

    group project / too many most often I can't use a workshop because there is limited opening time

    buying rubbish for the library - we don't even have a workable Mac computer in our campus (custle street)

    ignoring the student radio station potential and offer some support for it to become a platform, rather than a struggling part time society.

    closing the library at 6

    maybe the key card thing

    Closing the library early

    Nothing, you're pretty

    Charging too much for meals

    colour printer not working well (library)

    being really vague

    can't think of any negatives really? (except perhaps paying for printing, which is a pain in the arse...)

    giving us our timetable the day it starts

    give timetable in advance

    people smoking outside by the windows - put up a smoking shelter

    sending junk email

    too many people on courses

    printer credits online top up

    student central should be easier to navigate - it can be hard to find information

  • having such long breaks between projects and practices stop closing facilities so early and on weekends and holidays (student ones of course)

    shutting the uni for no reason (snow!!)

    having lessons that involve embarrassingly patronising drama games in which nothing professionally enriching occurs

    Limited time in spaces where we use facilities - i.e. Bookarts is only open 2 days a week. The darkrooms close for lunch/at 5pm.

    Readings on the computer. I understand the money saving from not printing but no one likes reading from a screen and it's a nightmare trying to make quality notes when you don't have the source in front of you.

    raising tuitions fees raising prices in the cafe

    Make seminar groups too big Learning computer pool rooms 'unattended'

    Partnering Root group regarding accommodation

    Make lectures smaller

    stop talking for hours and hours

    Making students pay for equipment for course seeing as we are paying so much to come here already

    the ladies from the lounge being so stingy about having hot water!

    less formal crits less rigid projects

    Tutor, please start liking my work , stop slating it

    fee increases

    long gaps of miscommunication and lessons

    expensive canteen food

    having too hot heating in summer and winter!

    Nothing! resources are on point!

    expensive food

    bad/complicated time tabling unavailable tutors on phone

    making everything good to be at Falmer

    limiting spares on some extra curricular courses Couldn't attend German classes just because I couldn't make the sign up session, despite attending the first session the day before

    in halls (the random posters)

    lectures on a Wednesday

    complaining about attendance to the people that attend

    1st year is too much like secondary school - students are already prepared from college

    Such limited time in the studio spaces

    analytical sessions that last for hours, I prefer tutorial feedback group sessions short be shorter but we should have more 1 to 1 tutorials with lecturers

    lack of cross - course inductions of limitations to number of people able to do alternative inductions

    all good :)

    Early mornings Too much to read

    locking the doors at 5pm

    Closing university at 8 more hours on the weekends?

    having expensive prices in the uni shop (need better materials)

    long gaps of non - communication for lessons we have 4 months of holiday we don't need anymore

    closing uni in the evenings

    using the red and yellow tables in our studio

    institutionalising people and their needs, have a bit of personal approach to peoples needs

    giving such extensive readings. splitting it up would help take more info in.

    cancelling lectures and seminars at last minute!

    access cards and have studio space open for longer

    having long breaks between lessons on timetables. For example 3 hours

    changing the timetable - please make the time table more accessible

    big gaps in between lectures

    selling expensive food at uni

    moving out to Falmer I don't think it's even in Brighton

    essays email

    hand in essays - should just be email

    capping marks for attendance

    Stop boundaries across subject contact

    Stop Comments

  • 24 hour studio access to facilities interdisciplinary programmes please language classes

    A little more structure to the way things are run

    actively promoting course events and help student

    allow non photography students to borrow equipment such as flashes

    Arrange more student events, nights out

    be in more days a week

    Better availability of site facilities

    better communication as to avoid misunderstandings better explanations and clarity on assignments

    better SU shop for cheaper and larger range of art materials

    better value for money in cafe/shop

    cleaner studios needed expensive canteen cold food / hot drinks

    closing hours closer to assessment

    coach services from Eastbourne and Brighton at early morning, like 1am,2am,3am more music events, bands and stuff give new students money for printing

    cross disciplinary collaboration

    cross disciplinary collaboration crits

    Dialogue between campus - e.g., extra curricular activities are difficult to participate in when studying at Grand Parade. A (subsidised) mini bus service to the relevant campus would encourage a lot of the arts students to get involved with activities outside of GP. Sometimes GP feels like a bit of a bubble - it is an exceptional working environment but has plenty of room to improve its social potential

    Encouraging different courses to interact more.

    encouragement of collaboration between different disciplines. I want to become more aware of others learning experi-ences

    existing more student work at GP campus

    facilities in the sculpture course better

    finding scholarships for students to attend sports clubs - martial arts

    free film screenings (like slackens club at the duke of York)

    free food

    free food more job experience

    getting more of the students work on show around the university

    give more funding to moving image

    Give those graduating from a foundation degree, an introduction prior to summer break to their 3rd year top up providing material and course handouts to allow students to spend the summer researching their final project, instead of the rush and panic that arrives in October.

    giving work back on time after assignments open on Sundays

    have extra curricular activities

    Have more of a community on campus by making more of events such as holly ball.. etc.

    have more things arranged for Hastings campus and Halls also free pool table or cheaper tables

    Have services that take us into Eastbourne/Brighton. it's not fair that our campus is so far away from the main events and we don't have a way to get there

    Having cheaper meals, ask the government to subsidise

    having induction of print making

    having module guide books in the same format as LB102's documentary course

    having more tutorials

    I would like to see more local sports teams to Hastings, not just under the umbrella of "Brighton"-we should do out own thing...

    improve software in compute suite

    improve software on computers

    improve student central website - difficult to navigate more uni socials bike shelter

    include more participation for students to organise events

    interesting way for mature students to meet and share experiences etc. as it is very isolating faculty trips

    introduce retail shops offers within the uni, not just pubs and clubs

    It can be hard to meet people on your campus and socialise especially on GP the courses are quite small classes. I think introducing an SU bar would make it easier to meet people and also make connections between art courses to encour-age collaborations I think GP could be open for more hours. Advertise societies more

    Start Comments

  • job placements - more industry experience stuff leave facilities open longer

    Keep a happy VIBE!

    lessons every day 10 - 5 rather than 1 hours tutorial per week with 12 hours of criticising work of others as this lowers their moral and productivity or performers

    let us use the screen printing and lithograph facilities

    Longer hours in darkroom!

    Longer sessions in university. Self study is easy to ignore and having 11 or 12 hours a week seems a little slack for the amount of debt.

    lowering prices in the cafe bringing UCH into like with Wednesdays sport commitments

    Make canteen food cheaper Have more shows at the SBT More fundraising nights

    Make communal areas nicer, more sociable make the uni a more welcoming, homely, comfortable space, art exhibi-tions, get communal microwaves

    make Hastings exclusive events on a similar scale to Brighton/Eastbourne

    Make the break out areas time to relax and meet up with friends rather than just a cafe. Many people have hours to wait around for classes, so would be good if the cafes were more relaxed

    make tutorials and lectures more interesting more workshops open criteria more creative

    Making the food slightly cheaper

    Meeting party for Erasmus/ student exchange

    microwaves / bigger studios


    more activities e.g.- water-sports, kite-surfing, surfing a discount gym in Hastings more variety of food in the cafeteria hot water for FREE! more help for student who don't get a maintained loan e.g. free food in the lounge or something like that!!

    more artist / curators / relevant people brought into talks more intertutor

    more bike storage? cheaper printing in media centre? more sport activities in Brighton centre

    more contact hours with tutor - more tutor time 1 on 1 time smaller crit groups Provide screen printing for us

    more equipment

    more events! free cakes and tea for all

    more free extra classes

    more healthy food in the canteen

    More information on clubs and societies

    more PC friendly-too many Mac's! some people are not compatible with apple and need more of the latest PCs

    more random events!

    more regular time tabling

    More societies and more info on them doctors open for longer hours open gym on weekends more societies and sports clubs at Cockcroft

    more societies! do a lot more with the students union build more accommodation!!!

    more societies, accommodating more interests

    more societies that people can join around campus

    more student societies in Hastings campus

    more trips or a trip!

    more variety in extension studies more student reps

    More workshops (inductions) workshops open to all courses

    more workshops and "taught" sessions. Drama and movement workshops. Some more visiting artist lectures.

    more workshops into -video editing 3d bookbinding photography more group gallery visits

    Offer more vegan options in the canteen and open after at night

    open building and media facilities available for longer or on Saturdays

    Opening the Doctors for longer hours Improve the Cockcroft gym

    opening uni for longer please

    organising the classes better. have a back up plan if the tutor falls ill or is away inform us more on what we are sup-posed to be doing give us more material for us to work on outside of uni I know this is fine art where everything is conceptual but more direction would be valuable

    party! free stuff

    projects with other courses interdisciplinary things 24 hours studio time

    Start Comments

  • promoting LGBT events/ meet ups more frequently, more widely

    provide materials on the fine art course can be very expensive. more input from technical side and more attendance more contact with individuals

    provide more info on free classes etc .. life drawing, since it's hard to find a kettle! students don't have enough money to buy tea every day mixed studies classes

    provide tutorials for queries with work of make more obvious events for sport, night-life

    Providing Materials to work with just a small amount Actual skill sessions when we actually get taught skills whether it be learning how to use metal and wood or computer programmes Seriously lacking in taught skills sessions

    providing personal space. like the fine art and painting bit. somewhere for us to call 'our own' for making work without having it taken down

    put the css.s onto the maces in the media centre and lower the price of food in the canteen give more help to get work experience placements

    putting work placements on student central if there are not already or emailing

    regular weekly schedule

    shorter lessons more often

    sports centre in Hastings table football more entertainment at Hastings campus transport support between different campuses

    sports teams specific for Hastings campus instead of travelling to Eastbourne!

    start mixing courses - group discussions more group exhibitions

    Technicians should be open from 9am

    technical help should be open at 9 not 10

    University Union: Bar and other sports open at night

    Use resources more -library -workshops -computer room More talics available

    Start Comments


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