ARTICLE WRITING Paper 1, Section A : Directed Writing

Article Writing Exercise - SPM

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A presentation to help Form 5 Students to do their revision for Section A Paper 1 Directed Writing

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Page 1: Article Writing Exercise - SPM

ARTICLE WRITINGPaper 1, Section A : Directed Writing

Page 2: Article Writing Exercise - SPM


1. Title - begin each word with a capital letter and underline the title- ex : Effective Ways To Study

2. Introduction – related to the topic.

3. Body – use all the information given4. Conclusion5. Writers name

- Written by Grace William

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Page 4: Article Writing Exercise - SPM

FIND MEANING OF THESE WORDS :1. Support – sokongan 2. Common – sama3. Interests – minat4. Favourite pastimes – kenangan lalu yg digemari5. Extend – meluaskan6. Friendship – persahabatan7. Listener – pendengar8. Trustworthy – boleh dipercayai9. Fair-weather friend – Sahabat yang pilih kasih10. Pest – parasit11. Boundary – sempadan12. Correction – pembetulan

Page 5: Article Writing Exercise - SPM

1. What is the title?2. What are the main points?3. How many points given?

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5 sentences Must be related to the topic but not directly

write on the main points.

Page 7: Article Writing Exercise - SPM

BODY Paragraph 2

Benefits Paragraph 3

How 1 : be a good listener Paragraph 4

How 2 : don’t gossip about your friends How 3 : be trustworthy

Paragraph 5 How 4 How 5

Paragraph 6 How 6 How 7

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3-5 sentences

Page 9: Article Writing Exercise - SPM


Friends are like chocolate syrup on your vanilla ice-cream, they make life beautiful; friends are like candles in a blackout night, they give you hope when you are in a midst of hardship. “ A friend in need is a friend indeed”, this idiom has clearly illustrated the importance of friendship in our lives. There are many benefits of having good friends.

Page 10: Article Writing Exercise - SPM


The benefits of having a good friend include having someone to talk freely and secretly about any problem one may be having. The benefits of having a good friend to talk to in the above sense also mean that it is having someone to lean on and to reach out to for support. A good friend is someone whom one is likely to share common interests and favourite times. Sharing activities such as these with a good friend can alone give great pleasure. Your good friend will also help you extend your circle of friends as you may not know everyone whom your friend knows. It will be lots of fun to meet new people who may one day become good friends of yours too.

Page 11: Article Writing Exercise - SPM


That is why we need to learn how to be a good friend. Firstly, we need to be a good listener. We need to be a good listener to help our friends to release their stress. It can also help our friends not to feel lonely in facing their problems.

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Secondly, we must learn not to gossip about our friends. It is because gossiping is not good. It can cause a fight and it can change friendship into enemies. That is why we must be a trustworthy friend. It will increase the trust of our friends towards our friendship.