Art in Education Issue 4 - Aug 2009

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art in education Issue 4


  • Artcoe page 1Artcoe, Salford, Manchester, M50 1EW TEL: 0845 300 7750 FAX: 0845 300 7751

    The education newsletter from Artcoe

    ArtcoeArt inEducation


    Issue 4 2009

    Get ready for the newterm & top up your stock!With the new term hovering on the horizon, make sure you takeadvantage of our brilliant offers which you cant afford to miss!Enclosed is a copy of our Artcoe catalogue which includes an

    extensive range of products. If you see anything youlike...simply give us a call and as an Art in Education customer we will be able to offer you a special rate.

    Visit our NEW the latest web offers plusmuch much more!

    A high quality versatile, economical, quick drying, water based artistsacrylic colour, suitable for application to paper, canvas, board, wood,plaster and more.

    It can be diluted withwater and applied witha brush or palette knife.

    Flow Formula Acrylics

    HOW TO ORDER Size Code Price Each Now Only Pack Qty

    500ml 484395*** 3.80 2.50 1

    To order add colour number to code (e.g. for Blackorder 484395042).

    Now over a


    These 7cm long Giotto OilPastel sets include the popularprimary colours.

    A fantastic medium to use, they are convenient tocarry, easy to paint with, give a good ground baseand are excellent for layering.

    Giotto Oil Pastels

    HOW TO ORDER Size Code Price Each Pack Qty

    Set of 12 90293000 1.03 1

    Set of 24 90293100 1.79 1

    A greatalternative to

    oil paints!

    HOW TO ORDER Code Price Each Pack Qty

    33477080 0.07 1

    Koh-I-NoorPlastic EraserThis Plastic Eraser is superbfor removing graphitefrom paper, tracing anddrafting film.

    Masses of colour at big value prices that willappeal to students!

    Available in a choice of one, two, three or fourstackable tiers; each tier holds a different range of6 quality watercolours and the lid can be used formixing colours.

    Koh-I-Noor Watercolour Sets

    HOW TO ORDER Size Code Price Each Pack Qty

    1 Tier (6 colours) 33171501 0.55 12 Tier (12 Colours) 33171503 1.00 13 Tier (18 Colours) 33171505 1.50 14 Tier (24 Colours) 33171506 2.00 1

    Artcoe IMPORTANT INFORMATION All prices exclude 15% VAT

    Yellow Ochre

    Cadmium YellowHue

    CadmiumLemon Hue

    Cadmium YellowDeep Hue

    CadmiumOrange Hue

    Cadmium RedHue




    Pthalo Blue


    Sky Blue

    Permanent Blue


    Leaf Green

    Phtalo Green


    Burnt Sienna Burnt Umber Black Titanium White Silver Gold

    Dont forget you will also receive FREE DELIVERY on all orders over 50 and once your order is received itwill be dispatched to you within 48 hours! (subject to stock availability).

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    Unbeatable offers

    Artcoepage 2

    These pastels aremanufacturedusing the finestpigments toproduce asmoothworking, velvettextured pastel.

    Suitable for softdrawing paper, board,wood, plaster and canvas.

    There are 12 colours in each setwith an array of colour sets tochoose from. Alternativelythere is also the full set of 72colours.

    Ashby Artists Soft Pastels


    HOW TO ORDER Description Code Price Each Now Only Pack Qty

    Individual Colours 482780**** 0.36 0.28 1Full set of 72 Colours 4827853010 30.00 24.00 1Assorted Colours 4827852000 4.00 3.20 1Landscape Colours 4827852040 4.00 3.20 1Floral Colours 4827852020 4.00 3.20 1Portrait Colours 4827852030 4.00 3.20 1Dark Colours 4827852050 4.00 3.20 1Light Colours 4827852060 4.00 3.20 1Earth Colours 4827852070 4.00 3.20 1

    To order add colour number to code (e.g. for lemon order 4827800208)

    This quality range ofdrawing inks have beenformulated on a shellac mediumwhich dries to a water resistantfilm. The Indian Ink, White, Gold,and Silver are ideal for pen andink drawings and permanentmanuscript lettering and are alsolightfast.

    Drawing Ink

    HOW TO ORDER Size Code Price Each Now Only Pack Qty

    28ml 483288*** 0.77 0.69 1600ml 483297*** 3.75 3.37 1

    To order add colour number to code (e.g. for 28mlLemon order 483288020).



    Drawing Ink


    Size Code Price Each Pack Qty

    Series 103 Long Handle Flat6 420103106 0.20 1

    Series 103 Long Handle Round4 420103004 0.25 16 420103006 0.30 18 420103008 0.35 110 420103010 0.40 112 420103012 0.45 116 420103016 0.50 118 420103018 0.55 1

    Series 156 Long Handle Filbert8 420156008 0.40 1

    Perfect for Oil, Tempera

    & Poster Colours!

    Designed with the student in mind, these Hog Brushes aresuitable for tempera, poster and oil painting. Made with whitebleached hog bristle, they have a polished aluminium ferruleand a plain wooden long handle. They are renowned for theirrobust qualities which give the ability to work with thickermediums and are perfect for any art student.

    Stratford & York Hog Brushes

    This frustration-free double-sided tape allows foreasy-peel and can be lifted from either side. Its easy-peel, easy-tear and has a translucent dry adhesivewhich is clean and easy to use. Available in a varietyof sizes and lengths, its perfect for art/craft, photoand picture mounting plus general use.

    HOW TO ORDER Code Size Price Each Pack Qty

    25390625 6mm x 25 mtrs (Roll) 0.86 125390650 6mm x 50 mtrs (Roll) 1.65 125391225 12mm x 25 mtrs (Roll) 1.65 125391250 12mm x 50 mtrs (Roll) 2.25 125391825 18mm x 25 mtrs (Roll) 1.99 125391850 18mm x 50 mtrs (Roll) 2.50 1

    Paperwave Easy Lift Tape


    Ashby Pastels

  • Artcoe, Salford, Manchester, M50 1EW TEL: 0845 300 7750 FAX: 0845 300 7751

    Colour with confidence

    page 3Artcoe

    Chromacryl Acrylic Essentials

    Greatquality at a

    great price!

    HOW TO ORDER Size Code Price Each Pack Qty500ml 45505**** 2.64 12 Litres 45620**** 9.15 112x500ml set 455050000 25.50 1(one of each colour)To order add colour number to code (e.g. for Black order 455050001).

    These water based acrylics offer great quality at an economical price!

    They are very versatile and come in 12 vibrant intermixable colours, createdespecially for use in the classroom. Fast drying and non-toxic, they are greatfor acrylic painting techniques including silk-screening, block printing andtextiles, and can be used with all Chromacryl Mediums.

    They offer an acrylic paint experience with the consistency and handling of anartists quality paint.

    Chromacryl acrylic paint offers limitlesspossibilities...anywhere that you need fast drying, brightdurable acrylic paint!

    This versatile non-toxic water-based acrylic paint has a thickconsistency and dries to a brilliant, silky finish that is waterresistant when dry and will paint onto almost any surface.When applied to paper, it even increases paper strength! Itcan be used with a spatula or palette knife and can bemixed with water to achieve some lovely watercolour effects.

    As well as being available in individual colours, there is also a tenx 75ml tube value pack available.

    Or if its a larger quantity you need, then the Activity Kit is ideal as ithas nine 500ml bottlesincludes: Black, Cool Blue,Cool Red, Cool Yellow,Warm Blue, Warm Red,Warm Yellow and 2 White(this kit also includes three500ml bottles of ChromaImpasto, Textile and GelExtender).

    Chromacryl Students Acrylic

    HOW TO ORDER Size Code Price Each Pack Qty

    75ml 4500750** 1.60 1500ml 4505000** 4.35 12 Litres 4520000** 10.99 110x75ml tubes 45401142 12.49 1Activity Kit 45401903 49.99 1

    To order add colour number to code (e.g. forSilver 75ml order 450075022).

    Fluoro Pink*

    Process Magenta

    Skin Tone Base

    Warm Red


    Cool Red

    Red Oxide

    Fluoro Orange*

    Warm Yellow

    Cool (Process) Yellow

    Fluoro Yellow*

    Fluoro Green*

    Green Light

    Forest Green

    Green Deep

    Warm Blue

    Cool (Process) Blue

    Cobalt Blue Hue


    Neutral Grey


    Yellow Oxide

    Raw Sienna


    Gold Oxide

    Burnt Sienna

    Burnt Umber

    Raw Umber



    Artcoes PROMISE All orders placed will be sent out the same day. We hold the stock so you dont have to. (Subject to stock availability)

    HOW TO ORDER Description Size Code Price Each Pack Qty

    Impasto Gel 500ml 45301906 5.35 1Textile 500ml 45301904 5.35 1Clear Gel 500ml 45301905 4.80 1Retarder 500ml 45301912 5.35 1Binder 500ml 45301908 5.35 1Varnish 500ml 45301907 5.35 1Gesso Primer 500ml 45301611 4.80 1


    Chromocryl Acrylic Colour MediumsIf you would like to try somethinga little different with your acrylicsthen these Chroma Mediums are astep in the right direction. Choosefrom either: Gesso Primer: VarnishMedium: Binder Medium: RetarderMedium: Clear Gel Medium:Textile Medium or Impasto Gel.For more information please seepage 4 of issue 1 of Art inEducation.

    * Only available in 75ml.

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    Get creative!

    Paperwave Artists Canvases

    Try our bespoke service and personalise your pads! These great quality Bluebell Pads come ina variety of sizes and are excellent value with wide appeal to the student market. If the sizeyou want is not listed, then simply give us a call as we really are open to suggestions and cantailor your order to suit your requirements. Otherwise there is an array of sizes available, filledwith either 150 or 200gsm cartridge paper or 135gsm Creative Solid Black.

    Bluebell Pads

    HOW TO ORDER Size Sheets Code Price Each Pack Qty

    Long Edge Bo