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Art in Education Issue 3


  • Artcoe page 1Artcoe, Salford, Manchester, M50 1EW TEL: 0845 300 7750 FAX: 0845 300 7751

    The education newsletter from Artcoe

    ArtcoeArt inEducation


    Issue 3 2009

    Excellent products at excellent prices!Freshen up your stock with some of our excellent offers in this issue of Art in Education.

    We have some tempting deals and some extra specialdiscounts which are sure to go down a treat with yourstudents, some only while stocks last, take a look

    Extra 20% OFF Flow Formula Acrylics

    Extra 10% OFF Acrylic Mediums

    NEW Stratford & York Hog Brushes

    Extra 10% OFF Drawing Ink

    Chromacryl acrylic paint offers limitlesspossibilities...anywhere that you needfast drying, bright, durable acrylic paint!

    This versatile non-toxic water-basedacrylic paint has a thick consistency anddries to a brilliant, silky finish that iswater resistant when dry and will paintonto almost any surface. When appliedto paper, it even increases paperstrength!

    It can be used with a spatula or paletteknife and can be mixed with water toachieve some lovely watercolour effects.

    With a carefully designed colour mixingsystem the range of colour possibilitiesare huge!

    Chromacryl Students Acrylic

    HOW TO ORDER Size Code Price Each Pack Qty

    75ml 4500750** 1.60 1500ml 4505000** 4.35 12 Litres 4520000** 10.99 1

    To order add colour number to code (e.g. forSilver 75ml order 450075022).

    Fluoro Pink

    Process Magenta

    Skin Tone Base

    Warm Red


    Cool Red

    Red Oxide

    Fluoro Orange

    Warm Yellow

    Cool (Process) Yellow

    Fluoro Yellow

    Fluoro Green

    Green Light

    Forest Green

    Green Deep

    Warm Blue

    Cool (Process) Blue

    Cobalt Blue Hue


    Neutral Grey


    Yellow Oxide

    Raw Sienna


    Gold Oxide

    Burnt Sienna

    Burnt Umber

    Raw Umber



    Mix virtually any colour you'll everneed with this 10 x 75ml tubevalue pack. Based on Chromacryl'scommon sense colour mixingsystem using warm and cool primarycolours, this set helps to explore manyareas of creativity, including screen-printing,textile block printing and papier-mach. The packcontains Cool Yellow, Warm Yellow, Warm Red, Cool Red, Red Oxide,Cool Blue, Warm Blue, Yellow Oxide, Black and Titanium White.

    Chromacryl 10Tube Value Pack

    HOW TO ORDER Size Code Price Each Pack Qty

    10 x 75ml tubes 45401142 12.49 1

    HOW TO ORDER Size Code Price Each Pack Qty

    Activity Kit 45401903 49.99 1

    Including 9 x 500ml bottles of Chromacryl paints, including, Black,Cool Blue, Cool Red, Cool Yellow, Warm Blue, Warm Red, WarmYellow and 2 White, this Activity Kit also includes 3 x 500ml bottlesof different mediums from the Chromacryl range including theImpasto, Textile and Gel Extender.

    Great Value!

    This pump makes dispensing paint clean and simple. Durable and hardwearing, this one size pump fits the 2 litre bottle and is available in packs of eight.

    Chromacryl Dispenser Pump

    Chromacryl Activity Kit

    HOW TO ORDER Size Code Price Each Pack Qty

    Dispenser Pump 45401910 12.49 8

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    A splash of colour!

    Artcoepage 2

    Metallic and Pearlescent Ready Mixed Poster Colour

    HOW TO ORDER Size Code Price Each Now Only Pack Qty

    284ml 481210*** 1.95 1.75 1

    To order add colour number to code (e.g. for 284ml Gold order 481210048).

    Flow Formula Acrylic Colour is a high quality versatile, economical,quick drying, water based artists acrylic colour, suitable forapplication to paper, canvas, board, wood, plaster and more.

    The colour can be diluted with water and applied with a brush orpalette knife, and its unique cap and bottle is designed toprovide the artist with the following benefits:

    LESS WASTE: the colour is always at the cap end of theinverted bottle.

    NON-DRIP: the unique dispensing valve in the cap stopscolour dripping.

    NON-DRYING: the design of the cap stops the colour inthe bottle from drying out even if the cap is left open.

    IMPROVED FUNCTIONALITY: the unique cap and bottle aredesigned to give the artist complete control over when and wherecolour is dispensed.

    Flow Formula Acrylics

    HOW TO ORDER Size Code Price Each Now Only Pack Qty

    500ml 484395*** 3.80 3.04 1

    To order add colour number to code (e.g. for Blackorder 484395042).


    Flow FormulaAcrylics!

    Extra10%OFFMetallic andPearlescent ReadyMixed Poster


    Matt and GlossAllows you to produce atransparent matt or glossfinish by adding to acryliccolours!

    RetarderThis Retarder is great if youwant to slow the dryingtime of acrylic colour. Notonly this, it will also makethe finished colour moretransparent!

    IridescentCreate a pearlescent/metallic lustre by adding anIridescent Medium to acrylics.Adding to an acrylic colourwill result in pastel shades ofpure colour when dry.

    ImpastoAdding Impasto to acryliccolours will generate adistinctive heavy bodiedbuttery texture...leavingretained brush markswhen dry!

    Acrylic Mediums

    HOW TO ORDER Description Size Code Price Each Now Only Pack Qty

    Gloss Medium 250ml 484501250 3.14 2.82 1Matt Medium 250ml 484502250 3.14 2.82 1Retarder 250ml 484503250 3.14 2.82 1Impasto 250ml 484504250 3.14 2.82 1Irridescent 250ml 484505250 3.14 2.82 1

    Try something


    Extra 10%OFF

    Acrylic Mediums!

    Artcoe REMINDER Orders over 50 will be carriage paid Orders under 50 are subjectto a 7.50 carriage charge.

    This range of bright, opaque, thixotropic, waterbased colours offer a rich flowing consistency,suitable for large scale picture making, where breadthof treatment is desired. This range of Ready MixedPoster Colours, come in an array of beautiful Metallicor Pearlescent colours and offer superb coveringpower and can be mixed with Ocavin Mediums toproduce a wide variety of textures and finishes.


  • Artcoe, Salford, Manchester, M50 1EW TEL: 0845 300 7750 FAX: 0845 300 7751

    Grab a bargain!

    page 3

    Ready Mixed Poster Colour


    Try this NEW range of Ready Mixed Poster Colour, whichincludes a wide variety of standard colours. These bright,opaque, thixotropic water based colours offer the same benefitsas the Metallic and Pearlescent Ready Mixed Poster Colours andpossess excellent covering power. Intermediate hues can also beobtained by mixing the appropriate colours and they can bemixed with Ocavin Mediums for an array of unique effects.


    Size Code Price Each Pack Qty

    Series 103 Long Handle Flat6 420103106 0.20 1

    Series 103 Long Handle Round4 420103004 0.25 1

    6 420103006 0.30 1

    8 420103008 0.35 1

    10 420103010 0.40 1

    12 420103012 0.45 1

    16 420103016 0.50 1

    18 420103018 0.55 1

    Series 156 Long Handle Filbert8 420156008 0.40 1

    A 400ml transparent and flexible spray adhesivefor the gluing of materials such as paper, board,card, modelling carton, film and textiles.

    Gives a temporary bond but a more permanentbond can be achieved by applyingseveral thin layers onto bothsides of the subject.

    This aerosol spray adhesivewill not age and is non-staining, CFC free andis pH neutral.

    Ghiant Retac Adhesive

    HOW TO ORDER Size Code Price Each Now Only Pack Qty

    400ml 66040240 3.50 3.15 1

    Masses of colour at big value prices that will appeal to students!

    Available in a choice of one, two, three or four stackable tiers; eachtier holds a different range of6 quality watercoloursand the lid can beused formixingcolours.

    Koh-I-Noor Watercolour Sets

    HOW TO ORDER Size Code Price Each Pack Qty

    1 Tier (6 colours) 33171501 0.55 12 Tier (12 Colours) 33171503 1.00 13 Tier (18 Colours) 33171505 1.50 14 Tier (24 Colours) 33171506 2.00 1



    Ghiant Retac


    Perfect for Oil, Tempera

    & Poster Colours!


    Designed with the student in mind, these NEWStratford & York Hog Brushes are suitable fortempera, poster and oil painting. Made with whitebleached hog bristle, they have a polishedaluminium ferrule and a plain wooden long handle.

    They are renowned for their robust qualities whichgive the ability to work with thicker mediums andare perfect for any art student.

    Excellent value for money, these brushes are handshaped and not cut, which gives them an improvedbrush head shape and a superior quality to othersimilar student brushes on the market which aremachine trimmed.

    They are a real must have for any classroom!

    Stratford & York Hog Brushes

    NEWcolour range!

    HOW TO ORDER Size Code Price Each Pack Qty

    568ml Standard 481296*** 0.90 1

    To order add colour number to code (e.g. for 568ml Lemon order 481296020)

    Artcoe IMPORTANT INFORMATION All prices exclude 15% VAT

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    Get creative!

    Artcoes PROMISE All orders placed will be sent out the same day. We hold the stock so you dont have to. (Subject to stock availability)

    This quality range of drawing inks havebeen formulated on a shellac mediumwhich dries to a water resistant film.

    The Indian Ink, White, Gold and Silverare ideal for pen and ink drawings andpermanent manuscript lettering and arealso lightfast.

    Growing in popularity they are ideal forpaper/card decoration.

    Drawing Ink

    HOW TO ORDER Size Code Price Each Now Only Pack Qty

    28ml 483288*** 0.77 0.69 1600ml 483297*** 3.75 3.37 1

    To order add colour number to code (e.g. for 28mlLemon order 483288020).