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Art in Education Issue 1


  • Artcoe page 1Artcoe, Salford, Manchester, M50 1EW TEL: 0845 300 7750 FAX: 0845 300 7751

    All you have to do is tell us what you want, how many of each item you require, and we will do the rest, endeavouringto deliver direct to you within 48 hours, subject to stock availability. Give us a try, it couldnt be easier!

    a) One of each:Bluebell A4 Spiral Pad 2.00Set of Ashby Artists Pastels 4.00Koh-I-Noor Set of 12 1.44Graphite HB Pencils24 Tier Watercolour Set 2.00A3 Lightweight Drawing Board 5.00Paperwave Artists Practice 3.50Paper 10 sheets - 1/2 imperial3 x 25mm x 50m Masking Tape 2.85Pocket Colour Wheel 1.75Kielder Round Brush size 3 0.56Kielder Round Brush size 6 0.86Kielder Round Brush size 10 1.60Dekko Design A1 Folio 3.25


    b) One of each:A2 Hahnemhle Sketch Pad 5.50Frisk C-Trace A2 90gsm 9.00Tracing PadA2 Cutting Mat 6.00Set of 3 French Curves 1.5080cm Flexi Curve 2.00Koh-I-Noor Set of 12 x 12 4.20Coloured PencilsA3 Lightweight Drawing Board 5.00Palette Knife 1.00Box 25 Coates Willow Charcoal 1.75


    The education newsletter from Artcoe

    ArtcoeArt inEducation


    Issue 1 Summer 2008

    Artcoe IMPORTANT INFORMATION All prices exclude 17.5% VAT

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    Welcome to NEW Art in Education!We hope you enjoy your first issue of Art in Education, whichwill bring to you the all important art and craft essentials forthe higher education market.

    Here at Artcoe, we carry over 14,000 product lines across our twowarehouses, based in Newark and Manchester and have chosen whatwe hope will be a comprehensive mix of art products that are suitablefor your needs.

    Our items are priced very competitively and we will also give you theopportunity to order in small or large quantities by offering single or

    multiple units from most of our product range. We will pick for youone of each item, be it a pencil, ruler, eraser, tube of paint or brush.All orders over 50 will be carriage paid and delivered within 48hours from receipt of order, subject to stock availability.

    Take a look at our NEW bespoke pick and pack service where weoffer you the opportunity to order assorted packs for individualstudents where we would pick, pack, wrap, stock and deliver direct toyou. For example:

    Please note: Artcoe cannot split paper, card, and foamboard

    New Pick and Pack Service

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    Massive savings!

    Artcoepage 2

    Chromacryl acrylic paint offerslimitless possibilities...anywhere thatyou need fast drying, bright durableacrylic paint!

    This versatile non-toxic water-basedacrylic paint has a thick consistencyand dries to a brilliant, silky finishthat is water resistant when dry andwill paint onto almost any surface.When applied to paper, it evenincreases paper strength!

    It can be used with a spatula orpalette knife and can be mixed withwater to achieve some lovelywatercolour effects.

    With a carefully designed colourmixing system the range of colourpossibilities are huge!

    Chromacryl Students Acrylic

    HOW TO ORDER Size Code Price Each Pack Qty

    75ml 4500750** 1.60 1500ml 4505000** 4.35 12 Litres 4520000** 10.99 1

    To order add colour number to code (e.g. forSilver 75ml order 450075022).

    Fluoro Pink

    Process Magenta

    Skin Tone Base

    Warm Red


    Cool Red

    Red Oxide

    Fluoro Orange

    Warm Yellow

    Cool (Process) Yellow

    Fluoro Yellow

    Fluoro Green

    Green Light

    Forest Green

    Green Deep

    Warm Blue

    Cool (Process) Blue

    Cobalt Blue Hue


    Neutral Grey


    Yellow Oxide

    Raw Sienna


    Gold Oxide

    Burnt Sienna

    Burnt Umber

    Raw Umber



    HOW TO ORDER Size Code Price Each Pack Qty

    Activity Kit 45401903 49.99 1

    Stock up on this value for money activity kit, which includes 9 x 500mlbottles of Chromacryl paints, including, Black, Cool Blue, Cool Red,Cool Yellow, Warm Blue, Warm Red, Warm Yellow and two White.The kit also includes 3 x 500ml bottles of different mediums from theChromacryl range which comprise of the Impasto, Textile and GelExtender. A great value kit for any school, college or university!

    Chromacryl Activity Kit

    This Chromacryl reusable pump makesdispensing paint clean and simple in theclassroom. Durable and hardwearing, this onesize pump fits the 2 litre bottle, which areavailable in packs of eight.

    Cromacryl Dispenser Pump

    HOW TO ORDER Size Code Price Each Pack Qty

    Dispenser Pump 45401910 12.49 8

    Mix virtually any colour you'll ever need with this 10 x 75ml tubevalue pack. Based on Chromacryl's common sense colour mixingsystem using warm and cool primary colours, this set helps toexplore many areas of creativity, including screen-printing, textileblock printing and papier-mach. The pack contains Cool Yellow,Warm Yellow, Warm Red, Cool Red, Red Oxide, Cool Blue, WarmBlue, Yellow Oxide, Black and Titanium White.

    Chromacryl 10 Tube Value Pack

    HOW TO ORDER Size Code Price Each Pack Qty

    10 x 75ml tubes 45401142 12.49 1

    Artcoe REMINDERThere is no minimum order quantity onArtcoe products and dont forget youcan personalise your pads - a totallybespoke service. See page 16!Call 0845 300 7750 for more details.

  • Artcoe, Salford, Manchester, M50 1EW TEL: 0845 300 7750 FAX: 0845 300 7751

    The best for less!

    Artcoe page 3

    This range of bright, opaque, thixotropic, water based colours offer a richflowing consistency...suitable for large scale picture making, where breadthof treatment is desired. Coveringpower is excellent and intermediatehues can be obtained by mixing theappropriate colours. Mix with OcavinMedium to produce a wide variety oftextures and finishes.

    Calder Colours Ready Mixed Poster Colour

    Block printing colour provides anideal range of inks for simple lino andstick printing techniques. The coloursare designed to give maximumworking time with excellent transferproperties!

    Calder Colours Block Printing Water Colour

    HOW TO ORDER Size Code Price Each Pack Qty

    284ml 481210*** 1.95 1568ml 483496*** 2.10 1

    To order add colour number to code (e.g. for284ml Gold order 481210048).

    HOW TO ORDER Size Code Price Each Pack Qty

    300ml 483094*** 2.31 1

    To order add colour number to code (e.g. forBlack order 483094042).

    Flow Formula Acrylic Colour is a high quality versatile, economical,quick drying, water based artists acrylic colour, suitable forapplication to paper, canvas, board, wood, plaster and more.

    The colour can be diluted with water and applied with a brush orpalette knife. The unique cap and bottle have been designed toprovide the artist with the following benefits:

    LESS WASTE: the colour is always at the cap end of the invertedbottle.

    NON-DRIP: the unique dispensing valve in the cap stops colourdripping.

    NON-DRYING: the design of the cap stops the colour in the bottlefrom drying out even if the cap is left open.

    IMPROVED FUNCTIONALITY: the unique cap and bottle aredesigned to give the artist complete control over when and wherecolour is dispensed.

    Calder Colours Flow Formula Acrylics

    Key to Coding

    568ml Bottle

    284ml Bottle

    HOW TO ORDER Size Code Price Each Pack Qty

    500ml 484395*** 3.80 1

    To order add colour number to code (e.g. forBlack order 484395042).

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    Mediums to create unique effects!

    Artcoepage 4


    Allows you to produce atransparent matt finish byadding Matt Medium toacrylic colours!


    This Retarder is great if youwant to slow the dryingtime of acrylic colour.Not only this, it willalso make the finishedcolour moretransparent!


    Create a pearlescent/metallic lustre by adding anIridescent Medium to acrylics.Adding to an acrylic colourwill result in pastel shades ofpure colour when dry.


    Adding Impasto to acryliccolours will generate adistinctive heavy bodiedbuttery texture...leavingretained brush markswhen dry!

    Calder Colours Acrylic Mediums

    This versatile halfsolid generalpurpose adhesive issuitable forbonding withpaper, card andmuch more. Itdries to a waterwashabletranslucent film andis great for anyclassroom.

    IvanhoeWashablePVA Glue

    This is a full strength glue which is suitable forbonding wood, hardboard, cardboard, paper,and other absorbent surfaces together. It driesto a waterproof translucent film.

    Ocaldo PVA Glue

    Impasto Gel

    Impasto adds more body,building a thick structureand texture. It can be usedfor thick glazes and 3Dconstruction and is anexcellent adhesive for mixedmedia...drying clear andremaining flexible.

    Textile Medium

    This medium creates animmediate and effectivetextile paint with washfastdurability. Great for paintingfree-hand, block print or silkscreen designs onto mostnatural fabrics.

    Clear Gel Medium

    Great as a paint extender andfor transparent glazingtechniques, this medium isideal for mono-printing andoverprinting.

    Retarder Medium

    Slow down the drying time ofyour paint with RetarderMedium, which is great forblending colours, particularlyin fine, detailed work.

    Binder Medium

    This versatile medium is excellentfor sealing and preparing allpainting surfaces and is alsogreat for glazing techniques andproves excellent as an adhesive,dying to a clear finish.

    Varnish Medium

    This mediumgives goodcoloursaturationand is idealfor enrichingand protectingfinished artworks.

    Gesso Primer

    Gesso is used for thepreparation of most paintingsurfaces including canvas,c