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  • Jessica Ross Feline Fatale

    JULY 13 : ISSUE #01







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  • The Blanc de Blancs

  • The Blanc de Blancs


    S ISSUE 01 JULY 2013 T

    008 An Interview WithContest Winner Jessica Ross

    012 A Story by Artist & MuseJosimo John Paterson

    017 The Destruction Of...a thirthy feet long Keith Haring mural

    018 A tribute ToMargaret Kilgallen

    022 FEATUREDThe McLoughlin Gallery & Artist Seikou Yamaoka

    & Street Art Germany


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  • IntroductionIssue #001

    Welcome to the first issue of Condign Art! This Art Magazine is created for Art lovers, Art enthusiasts, Art collectors, Art creatives, and Art fans, connecting the art world! Featuring World Contemporary Art, Design and Events from international artists, galleries, organisations and societies.

    Condign Art means to us Worthy Art. Hours, days, weeks, months or even years of hard work go into creating a piece of Art, with heart and soul... Art worthy to be seen!

    What to expect.Condign Art features work from international artists, showcasing contemporary artworks, publishes art news, also interesting and fun articles, events and promoting exhibitions and art fairs. We are passionate about promoting to invest in Art, as we think its one of the best investments you can make.

    Invest in Art.Purchasing Contemporary Art is one of the best investments you can make, it keeps its value, its personal, emotional and at the same time makes your home/office space look a lot nicer and engaging, giving positive vibes all around.

    In this issue.On the front cover is featured the work of Jessica Ross Winner of the online competition we held together with Global Art Agency that lasted for two months. Nearly 200 artists from around the world entered the competition. The public voted for the best artwork entry, and from the top 10 most voted, GAA Curators and Jury members came together to choose the top entry. Read more on page 8.

    What else.Barcelona Showcase April 2013, international art event, was held at the exclusive and facisnating Gaudis Casa Batllo, receiving a record-breaking 3600 visitors in one-day. The Showcase best artist award winners are featured in this issue on page 26.

    This issue is featuring some of the best to-be-discovered contemporary artists.

    Enjoy issue #001Condign Art

    Una familia con raices.

    El Cava se

    disfruta co

    n mod



    w w w . j u v e y c a m p s . c o m

    Tengogustos simples.Me satifacelo mejor

    O S C A R W I L D E



    II Palazzo Enciclopedico

    The Encyclopedic PalaceVeneziaGiardiniArsenale

    Biennale Arte

    p. 006

  • Una familia con raices.

    El Cava se

    disfruta co

    n mod



    w w w . j u v e y c a m p s . c o m

    Tengogustos simples.Me satifacelo mejor

    O S C A R W I L D E



  • p. 008

    I have always been inside a bubble of what I both perceive and want the world to be. It is something that I have never grown out of and have been criticized for, yet I embrace that and bring what I see in this bubble of mine to life through my art. I let things into my imagination that should have been left behind as a child; witches, fairies, and ghostly creatures always frequent my imagination and thoughts. They are and have always been how I understand the world and its issues. Over time, Ive come to realize that the real world is often a very scary and dangerous place, but if you look hard enough you can find beauty, sincerity, and maybe even magic, in those dark places.

    My work is meant to give beauty and attention to both humans and animals who are not respected or accurately represented in the society we live in. All of whom are often misrepresented to be of lesser importance, and as a result, are exploited and degraded. I intentionally reinvent seemingly normal human girls into freaks of nature, often depicted with large, pointy ears, horns, or fins-blurring the line between human and animal. In doing this, I feel that I can influence how the world perceives beauty. When someone is able to find my work beautiful, although it may make them feel a bit uncomfortable due to the tinge of creepiness or oddity that is woven into my portraits, I feel I have successfully done my job. I feel that perception changes the world and if people can learn to appreciate and accept things that are unfamiliar and find the beauty in them, that the world of intolerance and disrespect we live in may slowly become a happier and more accepting place.

    Perhaps my empathy and defensive attitude towards animal rights and civil rights spawned out of my experiences of being bullied as a child and into my late teens. I was constantly ostracized and humiliated by my peers

    due red hair and pale skin. In this I found happiness with other exiles. This is where I found acceptance; on the fringe of normalcy, popularity or beauty. I place with other misfits, both humans and animals. I began noticing how animals were often the object of abuse and humiliation; being tossed into circuses and beaten into submission for pure entertainment. I identified with this abuse and humiliation and that is when I saw these ties between human outsiders and animals that are so often overlooked.

    I created a sanctuary for myself in this unforgiving society by surrounding myself with other outsiders. This sanctuary is my bubble that I have allowed myself to live in, and what strive to show the world through my art: the world through my lens. It is how the world should be or, at least, what needs to be seen with punchy watercolors and thousands of little inked lines.

    Jessica RossAn interview with Award Winning Artist.

    Condign Art congratulates Jessica Ross on winning the competition run by Global Art Agency with 334 Votes by the public, Jessica has been chosen as the worthy winner, receiving the cover feature and an interview in the first ever issue of Condign Art.

  • p. 009

    I created a sanctuary for myself in this unforgiving society by surrounding myself with other outsiders.

    Top left: Jessica Ross (left) with her buddy Adam, who stood model -with

    maku-up- for this piece.

    This is the top half of Adam as Sophiella DaVinci with her loyal subjects and birds of paradise sit

    at either side of her. A chrysalis is about hatch into a beautiful butterfly,

    but unfortunately, a spider sweeps in to consume her and prevent her

    transformationlucky for her, the bird of paradise sits in between them both

    and what do birds eat?

  • I became an artist because I had no choice. From the time I was a small child, I never wanted to do anything else but draw,

    p. 010

    Close-up/Teaser of my current WIP with the dead dolphin fish who, according to biologists are a species of fish that often fall victim to cigg butt litter after mistaking them for smaller fish and eventually die.

    Project in progress: The ugly.

  • CA: What does the artwork on the cover mean to you? Titled Feline Fatale.JR: My artwork on this cover, Feline Fatale, gives me the chance to prove to the rest of the world that I am a serious artist who has a lot to share. It is a chance to become visible even if just for a short while; to stand out and be seen in a very big world of aspiring and accomplished artists.

    CA: How did you become an artists?JR: I became an artist because I had no choice. From the time I was a small child, I never wanted to do anything else but draw, write stories, and live in my own imaginative world. I always struggled in school, where you must learn other subjects, do different activities, and mingle with other children. Instead, I often chose to do things my way, drawing scenes from my imaginative world all over math dittos, even in the dirt outside during gym class. Now, at twenty-six I find myself exactly the same; a stubborn artist who refuses to grow up.

    CA: -Where do you get your inspiration from? How do you deal with artists block?JR: I primarily get my inspiration from old Celtic folktales and legends. Ive always been intrigued with the supernatural and historical events, and so I tie a lot of those elements into my art. I also get a lot of my inspiration from nature, every facet of it, from the ugly creepiness of spiders, grubs, and rotting vegeta