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  • Philosophy



    he Philippine Merchant Marine Academy is committed to a policy of providing the highest standards of maritime

    education and training to its Corps of Midshipmen, and to produce merchant marine offi cers with an assured level of quality which exceeds all national and international standards.

    he Philippine Merchant Marine Academy envisions through its academic program and quasi-military training

    to produce a balanced personality out of every graduate, i.e. an internationally acceptable offi cer and gentleman who can function effi ciently in their fi eld of endeavor and contribute to the development and progress of the Filipino nation.

    o educate and train midshipmen/women to become qualifi ed and competent merchant marine offi cers for

    shipboard and shore-based positions, in response to the global requirements of the expanding international maritime industry, as well as to become competent and capable naval offi cer who can serve as naval and military auxilaries in times of war and national emergencies and to contribute to the improvement of maritime education and the pool of ship business managers through graduate school programs.




  • The past year has proven itself to be a year of opportunities for the PMMA family. Many challenges have come our way and notable outcomes lined up along the corridors of success and the pathway to growth and development.

    We saw the emergence of signifi cant accreditation from different international accrediting bodies thereby paving the way for windows of opportunities for the Corps of Midshipmen, the Academy personnel, and the graduates in general.

    Among the signifi cant accreditations extended in favor of PMMA came from the following:

    1. The European Maritime Shipping Association (EMSA);2. Danish Maritime Authority (DMA);3. The Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT); and4. The Det Norske Veritas (DNV).

    Where others have failed, we at PMMA have managed to succeed in hurdling the challenges that came our way!

    The further cementing of the trust and confi dence of our mutual benefi cial industry partners have attested to the fact that we have steadily regained the once shining glory of the Academy. Our responsiveness to the needs of the industry, and our aggressive marketing approach coupled with hard work, patience and perseverance have proven to be very benefi cial in the overall interest of PMMA.

    As a testament to the continuing trust by the industry, donations once promised have now become a reality and the unceasing support by major industry players have enabled the current dispensation from ensuring the revitalization of the operational capabilities of PMMA leading to a world class performance and genuine public service for the betterment of the Filipino people. We fully subscribed to the constitutional precept that a Public Offi ce is a Public Trust and we are committed to continuing our developmental efforts not only today, but the years to come, as well!

    The Philippine Merchant Marine Academy (PMMA) supporting the call for a more aggressive and dynamic action geared to meeting national set goals for the Filipino people worldwide!

    Mabuhay and lahing Filipino!!!

    Republic of the PhilippinesPhilippine Merchant Marine Academy

    San Narciso, Zambales


  • Table of Contents

    PageTitle Page . iPhilosophy, Vision, Mission ... iiMessage from the President .. iiiTable of Contents ..... iv

    I Curriculum and Instruction .. 5II Faculty and Staff Development ...... 11III Training Center ..... 27IV Student Services .. 32V Research and Extension . 39VI Donations ... 42VII Information Technology Services ... 44VIII Department of Shipboard Training .... 46IX Quality Assurance . 50X Finance ... 52XI Manning/Shipping Partners and Benefactors .. 55

  • Cur








  • Annual Accomplishment Report 2011 Philippine Merchant Marine Academy


    A. Admission/Enrolment

    Table 1Admission Data for Batch 2015

    CATEGORIZATION NUMBERApplicants 6,418Examinees 6,334Passers of Entrance Examination 1,536

    Screening 1. Psychological Evaluation

    Cebu PMMA

    2. Height, Weight, Ishihara, Snellens, Dental Cebu PMMA

    3. Laboratory/Physical Examination Cebu PMMA




    Probationary MidshipmenBSMTBSMarE


    Plebes Sworn-inBSMTBSMarE


    Fourth Class Cadets (1st semester SY 2011-2012)BSMTBSMarE 128153

    PMMA has continuously worked for high standard education and training for its students, from selection to graduation. There is a stringent selection for incoming students, education and training during their stay at the Academy, international shipboard training for all midshipmen/women, and validating examination prior to graduation.

  • Annual Accomplishment Report 2011 Philippine Merchant Marine Academy


    Table 3.2 AY 2011


    COURSE 1st Trisem 2nd Trisem 3rd Trisem

    MSBM 5 4 7

    MAME 0 0 0

    MSM 35 26 28

    MMET 21 12 16

    TOTAL 61 42 51


    Table 2Enrolment by Headcount: BACCALAUREATE

    from SY 2009-2010 to SY 2011-2012

    SY 2009-2010 SY 2010-2011 SY 2011-2012



    st Sem 2nd Sem 1st Sem 2nd Sem 1st Sem 2nd Sem

    BSMT 518 520 471 477 463 433

    BSME 560 549 558 538 537 515

    TOTAL 1078 1069 1029 1015 1000 948

    TOTAL AVERAGE 1073 1022 974

    Table 3Enrolment by Headcount: MASTERS

    from AY 2010 to 2011Table 3.1 AY 2010


    COURSE 1st Trisem 2nd Trisem 3rd Trisem

    MSBM 1 1 1

    MAME 1 1 1

    MSM 35 36 36

    MMET 19 19 19

    TOTAL 56 57 57TOTAL AVERAGE 56

  • Annual Accomplishment Report 2011 Philippine Merchant Marine Academy


    B. College of Marine TransportationIn addition to the usual task of the College to ensure academic excellence, the

    following were also accomplished in support to the mission-vision of the Academy.

    1. Initiated the conduct of internal verifi cation on the compliance of CMT curriculum in reference to the CHED requirements for BSMT program.

    2. Designated Dr. Analiza G. Taberdo, Ph. D. to be the offi cial writer of the college.3. Spearheaded the conduct of Embody Safety Seminar with Green Jakobsen-

    Philippines as the lead agency.4. Participated in the Partnership Agreement for the project entitled Behavioral

    Role Simulation (BeRoSim) concluded among PMMA, SIMAC- Denmark, FMS- Denmark, and AMET Univesity of India.

    5. Hired additional faculty to handle technical and general education subjects.

    a. C/M George Anos.b. Ms. Kristine Joy Manalo to handle Physics.

    6. Draft Safety and Emergency Procedures to follow in any event of disaster for prior implementation within the college.

    7. Coordinators, contestants and coaches attended the National Seafarers Day Oratorical Contest held at Manila. 3CL Gavile garnered 3rd place out of 27 participants from various maritime institutions nationwide.

    8. PSC Coordinator, coaches and participants attended the 2011 PSC Annual Math-Science Quiz Bowl and Turn-over Ceremony held at Camiling, Tarlac.

    9. Validating examinations for Class 2011.

    C. College of Marine EngineeringBased on the Quality Objectives set by the College, the following were


    1. Hired additional faculty to handle technical and general education subjects.a. C/E Alexie Naviob. Mr. Kenneth Dequiac. Ms. Kristine Jo y Manalod. Dr. Jackson Talosig

    2. Graduates of Batch 2011 successfully hurdled the PRC Offi cer (OIC) Level Board Examination (Engineering Watch Licensure Examination Written Phase) last September 2011 with 100% passing rate. Eight of the successful PMMA examinees have entered the Top 10 (1st, 3rd, 4th , 7th and 10th placers were PMMA graduates).

    3. Groundbreaking of the new CME Building donated by Diana Shipping.4. Validating examinations for Class 2011.

  • Annual Accomplishment Report 2011 Philippine Merchant Marine Academy


    Since 2004, the Academy has been performing exceptionally consistent. Although we experienced some detours, and temporary setbacks, the Academy is able to manage and maintain its prestige in terms of the capability of the graduates to compete in PRC standing. Here is the list of Deck and Engine Offi cers Licensure Examination Passers 2011 from PMMA.

    D. PRC Result

  • Annual Accomplishment Report 2011 Philippine Merchant Marine Academy



  • Facu









  • Annual Accomplishment Report 2011 Philippine Merchant Marine Academy


    The continuous commitment to provide the best maritime educators and staff for the corps of midshipmen still holds true as evidenced by the different training seminars, conferences, and scholarships provided to faculty members and employees.

    A. Trainings/Seminars

    Name of Participants Position Training/Seminars attended

    Date Venue

    Benedictos, JLR PROF1 Quality Management System and Internal Auditors Training Course

    November 24-25, 2011

    Seabase Training Center Wacthkeeping, Inc. (STCW, Inc.) Suite A, 11th Floor GE Antonio Bldg., TM Kalaw St., Cor. J. Bacobo St., Ermita, Manila

    Tingson, Lareno A3 PICPA 66th

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