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Pure sound should be part of everyday life. In order to achieve this loudspeakers must become part of home interior. We at Amphion do everything we can to achieve this - everything except compromise on sound quality.

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  • Music is Everymans Right.

    Anssi Hyvnen

    Proprietor, Amphion Loudspeakers Ltd.

    Everymans Right = Age-old code of behaviour, which al-

    lows everyone to enjoy natures offerings regardless of legal


    Most forests in Finland are privately owned yet we all have

    equal rights to enjoy them.

    Natures importance in providing direct livelihood has de-

    creased. Yet in the hectic modern world it is more important

    than ever as a peaceful haven.

    Music is like nature. It allows us to relax and recharge our


    Music belongs to all of us. Music is Everymans Right.

    Those who prefer movies to music should remember that

    the human voice is the greatest musical instrument.

  • Amphion customer promise

    Amphion creates loudspeaker solutions

    which enrich peoples lives by providing a means to

    experience the beauty of pure natural sound in their own homes,

    - at any time - without unreasonable financial sacrifices.

  • Pure sound should be part of everyday life. In order to achieve this, loudspeakers

    must become part of the home interior. We at Amphion do everything we can to

    achieve this everything except compromise on sound quality.

    Loudspeakers in your home

  • Loudspeakers in your home

  • I am grateful to you for these wonderful little giants.

    Joe Cali,

    Producer of singer songwriter Lori Lieberman

  • Thanks to U/D/D the dispersion of Am-

    phion loudspeakers is more uniform and

    evenly controlled throughout a large fre-

    quency band. U/D/D reduces the rooms

    adverse effects on final sound, which al-

    lows your loudspeakers to work together

    with your room, not against it. This re-

    sults in increased clarity, especially in the


    The positive effects of U/D/D technology

    are most evident with real world loud-

    speaker placements. Real world refers

    to situations where loudspeakers are

    placed in the room, which is also used for

    Pure room acoustics

    Room acoustics have a major

    impact on how the room sounds

    and what it feels like. To produce

    a purer, more natural sound de-

    spite changing room acoustics

    Amphion uses innovative acous-

    tic engineering called U/D/D

    technology (Uniformly Directive


  • daily living. This often leads to less than

    optimal loudspeaker placement.

    Thanks to U/D/Ds controlled disper-

    sion the speakers keep their clarity and

    naturalness, even when placed close to

    the back wall or other boundaries.

    Amphions experience and sound knowl-

    edge in room acoustics allows you to

    enjoy the positive atmospheric effects a

    purer sound has on your room, and your


  • The biggest challenge in loudspeaker design is to integrate the chosen drivers into

    one seamless product. Amphions proprietary waveguide provides an elegant and

    effective solution as it improves the coupling between tweeter and woofer. This

    superior integration over a broad frequency-band leads into a purer, more natural


    The human sensory system is precise at detecting variations of the time constants

    in music. Amphions innovative acoustical engineering makes electrical time cor-

    rections unnecessary. Result is a more natural sound reproduction, with deeper

    emotional involvement and relaxation.

    Pure driver Integration

    By sounding right, we get things feeling right

    Anssi Hyvnen

    Proprietor, Amphion Loudspeakers Ltd.

  • The secret of Amphions superior 3D imaging lies in using a tweeter

    & waveguide combination, where we humans can hear best. The

    tweeter with its extremely stiff diaphragm and low mass is easily


    Amphions solution increases transient speed, which together with

    very low distortion leads into an airy, open sounding musical expe-

    rience. Unrivalled palpable three dimensionality and pinpoint imag-

    ing allows seeing your favorite musicians on stage, or admiring the

    acoustics of world famous concert halls.

    Amphions sonic 3D HD presentation adds greatly to the magical il-

    lusion of being there. The best part of this 3D HD is that there is

    already plenty of existing software for you to enjoy.

    3D HD - For Your Ear

  • In particular, classical concerts are perfectly

    reproduced with a clear revelation of the room

    acoustics in various concert halls.

    It was fascinating to be able to recognize the

    acoustics of the concert hall so precisely on the

    Amphions and to hear the difference in room

    acoustics between the (perhaps too) dry sound

    from the new Danish concert hall and the more

    open sound from the famous Berlin hall.

    Peter Plaschke


    Amphion Krypton2

    Rauno Tikkanen

    Clarinettist-conductor from Sibelius-Academy of Finland. Rauno has been finetuning his craft under

    Osmo Vnsk & Jorma Panula. Rauno likes the clarity of his clarinet through his Amphions (Rauno has

    recorded an album God Bless the Child with organ master Kalevi Kiviniemi,

  • Human voice the great musical instrument we all know

    Human voice is perfect loudspeaker evaluation material due to its familiarity.

    Amphions unrivalled midrange clarity and speech intelligibility along with an

    unstressed, pure and natural voice band are achieved by seamless driver in-

    tegration and carefully executed natural balance. Listening to realistically re-

    produced human voices is like music to your ears.

    In addition to obvious benefits with movies and music, Amphions unrivalled

    voice band contributes greatly to voice books and learning related applica-


  • Turn the volume down and still hear everything

    The demands of daily life often leave only the after-hours to calm down. Hearing

    unstressed natural sound becomes exceedingly important when one is constantly

    bombarded with information. Like each and everyone of us are. Amphions unstrained

    clarity and speech intelligibility remain unchanged even at surprisingly low listening

    levels. This brings more enjoyment to those late night movie or music sessions.

    Pure and unstrained low-level sound reproduction also offers a great way to enjoy

    high quality audio signals present in normal TV and radio programs.

    The coherent and focused soundfield created by Amphions controlled dispersion is a

    blessing when you want to move around while enjoying your music. It also allows you

    to improve your homes atmosphere by playing something quietly in the background.

  • Erja Lyytinen on her new album Voracious Love.

    Amphion Argon3s were used in the recording process.

    Voracious Love is published by German blues label Ruf

    Records, who in addition to Erja promotes artist like Jeff

    Healey and Jack Bruce.

    More from

    This one really feels like me and sounds like me.

  • Musics miraculous constructive powers are of-

    ten described by Amphions story from Greek

    mythology. Amphion built walls around the city

    Thebes just by playing his golden lyre.

    Just as before, Amphions goal is to fortify our

    lives against the hostile environment. Since 1998

    Amphion Loudspeakers of Finland has been de-

    signing and manufacturing loudspeakers which

    are made based on the requirements of hu-

    man hearing and demands of everyday living.

    Amphion develops and manufactures products

    which allow us to experience musics emotive

    powers in our own homes. Something we may

    need more now than ever before.

    Our award winning products are made in Finland.


    Amphion Loudspeakers Ltd

    P.O.Box 6, FI-70821 Kuopio | Finland

    Tel: +358 17 2882 100 | Fax +358 17 2882 111

    [email protected]

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