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    Forwarding Adtlress;Mr. b. Mrs. Walter L. SpratlP. O. Box 825

    Field Address: Carl Junction, Missouri 64834P. O. Box 39?0

    Salisbury, Rhodesia

    Bruce and Karolvn Ammermai

    Vol. 12 No. 9 CARTHAGE. MISSOURI August -- 1977

    Tod in his school unifornn.He is 12 years old now.

    Raphael and Cherzetr Nyamutoi

  • Dear Friends,

    I suddenly looked at the calendar and discovered that it is time again to write toall of you. We need to write many personal letters to you who have given so generously for our needs here. Don't give up hope, you will hear from us soon. Wevalue your confidence and relationship with us in the Lord's work.

    Today is a beautiful, bright sunny day. Spring is in the air, and the trees andflowers are budding out for the new year. The weather is warming and I doubt thatthere will be more frost this season. We just came from the airport, where wewaved goodbye to Mrs. Thomson from Joplin, Missouri, who is MarciaThomson'smother, one of our missionaries. Paul Pennington, a student at OBC, and son ofJack and Peggy Pennington, who has spent several weeks here, was also flying outtoday. A bit of news that surprised us -- we received a telegram saying that Kar-olyn's folks, the Walter Goodmans, plan to arrive in Salisbury on the 19th of August for a short visit. By the time you receive this letter, we should be enjoying anice time with family.

    No doubt you all heard about the bomb blast which shook Salisbury a few days a-go. This is one of the first, and certainly the worst incident of terrorism in thiscity. We were terribly shocked by this destruction and death. Since this has happened, every store in town has adopted security measures, similar to those in Belfast. Fvery shopper is closely scrutinized when he enters the store. All shoppingbags are looked into, and schools have put emergency plans into action. Anotherincident might not happen for a long time, but at least people are more on the alertfor it. There is absolutely no terror here. We don't feel any danger, and continueto move freely through all of the African areas. So we do not want you to be tooconcerned about us. We do appreciate, however, the concern which many have expressed on our behalf. But it seems that this city is much like Belfast. Life goeson, day to day, even though everyone knows that there is a potential for trouble.We pray daily for reason and common sense to prevail, and that the leaders canyet work out something satisfactory for all.

    In July we travelled out to Chidamoyo for the wedding celebration of RaphaelNyamutora, who has worked with us for several years. This was a very excitingoccasion. Karloyn has been asked to make the wedding dress and also the fourmaid's dresses. Amy decorated a beautiful cake for the affair. Most of the wedding party was from town, so we took them with us in the Kombi. Sunday morningthe congregation gathered for the worship service. The sermon of the day was tobe my wedding message. Everything went well, and the church was full. It is always an impressive scene, when two Christian people are united in marriage.

    After the ceremony we all went to the Nyamutora village, where many preparations had been made. We were served large dishes of rice and sadza, with chicken and goat. After that we had cake and cool drinks. Many gifts and money werepresented to the couple. There had never been such a wedding celebration outthere, mainly, I think, because of the high respect in which Raphael was held byeveryone there.

    On the way back home, we stopped in at Sinoia where they had just dedicated anew church building. Their church meeting was continuing on Monday. Karolyntaught one class, and I preached the message of the morning. All in all it was avery enjoyable trip. We don't take too many trips out of town these days, becauseof the security situation, so that made it even more a special treat.

    Since we have opened the new building in Glen Norah, we have experienced avery steady growth. From attendances of 50-70, now we are having 80 to 100people each Sunday. On a recent Sunday there were nearly 130 people in attendance.In the past two weeks there have been six baptisms at Glen Norah and one at Hun-yani. The Hunyani work has been gaining new impetus recently. The congregationdecided to move from the old location, and are now meeting in the small home of

  • one of the members. The room is always over-crowed, but there is a spirit of cooperation and enthusiasm which was not there previously. Two men came to renewtheir faith in Christ recently. Karolyn has been having larger groups for her Tuesday ladies' group, and I'm sure that this is having a steadying affect on the total work.

    I could tell you much about the Bible correspondence work. Yesterday Raphaeland I worked solidly all day, marking, recording, filing, typing, etc. Finally wehad prepared 176 lessons for mailing. We can see definite results from this work.Every city and centre in the country is being touched, and many have expressed thejoy of new relationship with the Lord through the course. Someone wrote, "I amvery glad and proud with your Bible studies. I have seen some of my friends whoare also studying the same course. They were the drinkers, smokers, and badmanners. But now they are the seekers of God's words, and I would like you tosend me the lessons too". Another wrote, "I thank you very much for the certificateyou sent me. You helped me to understand the Bible better.. .Now I'm a new person in everything because of your lessons". We are always gratified by these letters.I could tell you so many things which students have written to us.

    School will soon be out, and my Scripture classes will cease until the new termopens. Amy and Tod will be only too glad for the month vacation, though they willmiss the special activities--basketball, soccer, tennis, and the Friday eveningChristian Youth meetings.

    All for now. May God be with you all.

    Yours in His service.

    Bruce & Karolyn

    Contributors continued:

    Mr. & Mrs. Jack Richatdson, Moberly MissouriWestridge Christian Church, Raytown, MissouriChristian Homebuilders, Cambridge City, IndianaChristian Church, Centerville, Indiana

    Westside Christian Church, Berryville, Arkansas

    Receipts:June I Balance

    June receipts




    American Exprese Co.Med. Thread & PostageSalaryDan Burris-Loan Repymt.National Miss. Cov.


    $ 17.48

    3519. 16$3536. 64



    20. 00

    36. 12






    Rece ipts:Balance July 1July Receipts




    Loan RepaymentSalaryC. A. M.

    $ 19.02




    28. 13





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  • Mr. &! Mrs. Goodman

    Amy and Mildred

    Goldthwaite, after

    church at Glen Norah


    Forw arding Address:Mr. & Mrs, Walter L. SprattP. O. Box 825

    Field Address: Carl Junction, Missouri 64834

    P. O. Box 3950

    Salisbury, Rhodesiamm

    Karolyn, Tod and Amy,

    along with Mrs. Goodman

    have a look around at the

    Salisbury Agricultural


  • Dear Friends and Loved Ones,Hello to one and all, as we take this opportunit/through the Herald to share with