Ammerman Bruce Karolyn 1968 Rhodesia

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  • Vol. 5 No. 7

    Chidamo^o HeraldBruce and Karolyn Ammerman

    MISSIONARIES Chidamoyo Mission, P/Bag 38 KaroiRhodesia, Africa


    Miss Mary Lou Crisler

    (Forwarding Agent) Central Christian Church4207 North Boulevard

    Tampa, Florida 33603

    'Heralding the Good News of the Gospel in Africa"

    February 1968


    "New Arrivals at Chidamoyo. The Dr. Dale Erickson family arrived in Salisburyat noon on the 17th of January. They were met at the airport by the Charles Kelleyfamily, who brought them out to the mission that night. They were initiated properly into the activities of the mission field, as the meeting began the next day. Shownhere on Dedication day is Dr. Erickson, with his wife Sue, two children, Erin andKelly, and Nurse Madonna Burget. Madonna has carried on this work almost alonefor a year now. She is thankful for the assistance which Dale will give to the totalprogram. With her experience in Africa and Chidamoyo in particular, she will beable to "clue him in" on various situations and conditions. For two months Dalewill be in Salisbury, taking a course at Harare Hospital in African medicine.

  • Dear Christian Friends,

    What a privilege it is to send greetings to you, our friends and supporters, andto share our many activities with you! Without your loving concern we would notbe able to continue in our work for the Lord in Africa. Just now we are feelinggreat satisfaction of heart and soul over our opportunities to serve our Master inthis place. With each passing month we are able to see added growth and morevictories, and a step further toward the goal of an indigenous church. It may yetbe a long way off before it is completely possible, but many aspects of it are beingevidenced in the bud. This is one of our most earnest prayers--the Christian people in their various communities, will be aware, in a personal manner, of theessential nature of the church and of its place in the midst of the African society.

    January was quite a month! ! ! Such was the labour that went into it, the tremendous joys that we experienced, the victories which were gained, yes, and the reliefwhen it was gone--that we won't soon forget that it was once here. With the dedication of the hospital set for the 20th, so many hours were spent by everyone to getthe building in readiness for the day. A meeting of all the missionaries of CentralAfrica was scheduled in conjunction with the Dedication. This meant countless itemsof preparation. Besides all of this, late January always means the opening of theAfrican schools. With four schools, having an enrollment of somewhat over 525students, this meant a lot of duties. I had to order books and supplies for everyone,see that they were transported to the mission, repair teachers' houses, see thatnew school rooms were finished, transport teachers to new posts and also theirwives and children from previous homes. How relieved I was when January 25th hadcome and gone; school was in progress, and nothing serious had been over-looked.The opportunities which are gained from the schools cannot be over-looked. I go tothe schools three days a week for Scripture classes. I just use the Bible and teachevents and principles. They grasp at the lessons and are so quick to remember.Also through the school comes a contact with young people--some initially to becomeChristians, and some to be fellowshipped with and led into richer relationships withChrist. One such group is the preaching class which meets every Saturday morning.They are only able to meet for one hour, as many of them are working. But in thathour we sing, pray, have Bible study, practice preaching, and discussion. I alwaysgo away encouraged and rewarded from these sessions.

    The time for the missionary meeting to begin. We were all going around at afeverish pace. Early arrivals. Jack Pennington and Berry Kennedy, with their families, helped in last-minute details at the hospital. Dick Smith was put to workhanging gas lamps in the church building for the Singspiration on Thursday night.Of all things he even found time to string a new clothes line and cook macaroni overan open fire while the women were meeting. With each arrival we felt that capacity for blessings was being heightened. Through the Singspiration, women's meeting,business. Dedication and extra activities, our blessings certainly were manifold.

    As the hospital was dedicated to the ministry of body and soul, I believe that weall felt renews in our determination to serve our God. The local District Commiss

    ioner was present; area chiefs gathered; industrial peoples, missionaries, andhundreds of Africans all joined in the dedication service. Dr. Pruett gave the mainaddress of the day. One of the highlights of the service was the reading of a letterfrom Ziden Nutt's mother. She has served as forwarding agent for this vast project,and had sent greetings to the audience on this special day, Ziden has given so manyhours to completion of the hospital. Just recently a husband and wife, both orderliesat the hospital, and denominationalists, expressed their desire to be immersed and

  • become Christians only. Along with several patients in the past weeks, they bearrecord of the work and ministry of this program.

    Each of us is involved in his own activities. Time and space do not permit meto tell you all of this past month's activities. We are doing our best to witnessconcerning the saving power which is in the Blood of Christ, shed for us on Calvary. We would love to hear from you. If you know of someone who would like toreceive the Herald, "please send their name to our forwarding agent, Mary LouCrisler. Thank you all once again for your love and prayers, as well as your gifts.

    Because of Christ,

    Bruce and Karolyn

    Dr. Pruett, with interpreter, giving hisaddress

    First Day of School, January 23.Also Gay's birthday

  • 2nd class permit paid at Carthage,Missouri. Published monthly by theFirst Christian Church at Main and

    Chestnut, Carthage, Missouri. 64836


    Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Kahre, MissouriDederick Christian Church, Youth Group, Walker, MissouriChristian Church, Atlanta, MissouriChristian Church, Ramsey, IllinoisChristian Church, Jasper, MissouriMr. & Mrs. Jack Richardson, MissouriFirst Christian Church, Lamar, MissouriMr. & Mrs. Forest J. King, ArkansasChurch of Christ, Palestine, OhioChristian Church, Jacksonburg, IndianaMr. & Mrs. Dale Sponsler, MissouriFirst Christian Church, Carthage, MissouriChristian Church, Centerville, IndianaChristian Church, Greens'Fork, IndianaFirst Christian Church, Mableton, GeorgiaFairview Christian Church, Carthage, MissouriRon Carter, Missouri

    High School Class, Christian Church, Milford, MissouriMiss Barbara Snyder, MissouriCenter Point Christian Church, Loyal Bereans, Carthage, MissouriMr. & Mrs. Walter Goodman, Missouri

    Beginner-Primary groups, Christian Church, Flippin, ArkansasEsther Circle, Christian Church, Cherokee, IowaWestside Christian Church, Berryville, ArkansasChristian Church, Liberal, MissouriJunior Girls, Christian Church, Flippin, ArkansasCommunity Christian Church, Fort Lauderdale, FloridaMissionary Guild, First Christian Church, Carthage, Missouri(Many other groups and individuals have given through their local church, and arenot, therefore, listed separately.)EXPENSES:

    Hook & Holtsinger (office supplies)Seminole Bank (charges)PostageOffice Outfitters (receipt books)Chidamoyo Hospital (transfer, only)Bruce Ammerman, salaryService Link

    Total Expenses for January


    $ 5.482.00



    510. 00





    $ 28.91 Total receipts for January $1942.941914.03 Total expenses for January 1906.90

    Bank Balance, Jan. 1, 1968Total receipts for JanuaryTotal Receipts for January $1942.94 Bank Balance Jan. 31,1968 $ 36.04

    RECEIVED IN CHURCH BUILDING FUND: $95. 00Total received in this fund to date: $4112.04 Total amount needed: $387.96

  • CMdamoyo HeraldBruce and Karolyn Ammerman

    MISSIONARIES Chidamoyo Mission, P/Bag 38 KaroiRhodesia, Africa


    ^ Miss Mary Lou CrislerU (Forwarding Agent) Central Christian Church

    4207 North Boulevard

    Tampa, Florida 33603

    ' "Heralding the Good News of the Gospel in Africa"

    Vol. 5 No. 9 April -- 1968

    Jaiving Paul is enrolled in Standard Six orEighth grade. He is a good worker, interpreter and preacher. He and Tod are goodfriends.


    It is because of one man's offence, who made mercy of mankind to die for mysin. God gave me a great gift--grace which is by one man, Jesus Christ. He diedin order for me to be saved in His death.

    He first loved me and died to forgive my sin away. For today I follow His instruction of faith through by reading His words in John chap. 4:16, 17. I love Himbecause He is the Saviour of my living.

    By faithwe are saved through Christ and His salvation to everyone who believes.By J. Paul

    P. S. That is why I must be a Christian, to turn away from sin and having a new lifeby baptism.

  • Dear Friends in Christ,

    As I am writing this letter to you on the 9th day of April, my thoughts run to mymother, as today is her birthday. Without our mothers and their wonderful Christian influences, our lives and destinies might have been very much different. It isso interesting and sometimes touching to see the love and interest of a mother inRhodesia. They express their feelings in a different manner from what we are accustomed to. What at first seems to us as lack of concern, and poor care, is reallyjust a result of situations. One young Christian mother, whose own