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Concepts & Words Melmaruvathoor AMMA


The Moola MantraOm Sakthiyea, Parasakthiyea; Om Sakthiyea, Aadhiparasakthiyea; Om Sakthiyea, Maruvoor Arasiyea; Om Sakthiyea, Om Vinayakaa; Om Sakthiyea, Om Kaamatchiyea; Om Sakthiyea, Om Bangaru Kaamatchiyea

Table of ContentsBangaru Adigalar & Adhiparasakthi... Melmaruvathoor Adhiparasakthi Temple ... Means Of Worshipping .. Festivals in Melmaruvathoor... AMMAs Family ..

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Bangaru Adigalar & Adhiparasakthi


rulthiru Bangaru Adigalar:

is ad-

dressed as AMMA by his hundred and thousands of devotees around the world as he possesses and shows motherly qualities. He is also a spiritual guru and a Siddhar. AMMA and Adigalar are one and the same. Bangaru Adigalar was born on the 3rd of March 1941, as the eldest son to Gopala Naicker and Srimathi Meenambal. Balagan - name is which the mother divine Adhiparasakthi refers to Bangaru.


mman/Adhiparasakthi: Hindu philoso-

phy interprets Sakthi or Cosmic energy as goddess Amman the almighty create of this universe. In simple terms Adhiparasakthi and Amman are one and the same referring to the one god energy. The deity of Adhiparasakthi is represented by statue which is 36 inches in height over a lotus platform and it leans on left leg, keeping lotus on right hand and sin muththirai on left hand to show that Amman is the top most level of any god.

Thiruvadi: is the lotus hollyfeet of AMMA. This holly feet of AMMA is said to harbor Adhiparasakthi.



Suyambu: is a shapeless monumental stone. Its self emerging naturally formed and close to an oval shaped object. In 1966, a severe storm uprooted a neem tree, which exposed the Suyambu underneath to the villagers for the first time.


elmaruvathoor: A small village 92 km south of Chennai in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, India. This is the place where the temple stands today and this place is said to have a history of over 2000 years. At Melmaruvathoor 21 Siddhar have attained Jeeva Samaadhi (leaving the physical body but alive in astral plane).

Sinmuththirai: A particular positioning of the hand. It isheld by opposing the tips of the thumb and index finger, while the middle, ring and little fingers are fully extended along side each other



Siddhar Peedam: is thepowerful temple of AMMA. It is not called a temple because it is very unique in its structure and customs. Unlike other temple here you dont find a Raja Gopuram nor temple priests conducting pooja activities. In the Tamil language Siddhar means enlightened or god realized beings similar to Jesus, Buddha, Moses and Peedam means throne. Thus Siddhar Peedam means The throne of spiritual souls. This temple is an open house of all of AMMAs childrens, irrespective of caste, religion, race, gender language all can go inside the sanctum sanctorum touch the Adhiparasakthi idol, perform poojas and archinas.



Melmaruvathur Adhiparasakthi Temple

Karuvarai: is the sanctum sanctorum, aprivate and holy place with inviolable privacy where the main deity is constructed in an area that is in a separate building by itself inside a traditional Hindu temple. The main deity of Adhiparasakthi resides in the Karuvarai within the Siddhar Peedam temple.


Mandabam: is a second

shrine south of the Karuvarai. It houses a snake mound where mother Divine has willed to reside in the form of a snake.



(Hall of voice divine) is the adjoining ante chamber to puttru mandabam. This is where AMMA speaks in the Voice of the Divine (oracles/ Aurlvaakku) to her devotees.6


OmSakthi medai: this isa stage at the entrance of the temple where a trident (soolam) is set with the words OM SAKTHI in Tamil written. Before entering the main temple (siddhar Peedam) devotes must go around the soolam three times.




for seven virgins) Temple: Is where the seven goddess of Birami, Maheswari, Gowmari, Vainavi, Varahi, Indrani, and Chamundi are presents with powers of AMMA to reduce sins





where the mother deity is seated on a pedestal in the same posture as in the main sanctum sanctorum, but with a protective snake hood. This is where devotees light half-lime lamps. AMMAs oracle states that the worship in this peedam with lime lamps yields the combined grace of worships of the Trinity of the Mother Deities (Kaanchi Kaamaatshi, Madurai Meenatshi, Kaasi Visaalatshi).7




Kaali Temple: An exclusive form of Annai Adhiparasakthi to remove black magic and witchcrafts by performing specific rituals.





amidst tranquil nature, surrounded by a coconut grove is another snake mound, idols of various gods (vinayakar, 6 forms of subramania, seven virgins, omsakthi peedam and Neem tree(s). Daily worships including worship of Mother Nature takes place at the thotta temple on a daily basis.

Holy Neem tree: Margosas tree


special and sacred for the mother divine. Neem leaves given by AMMA has cured many illness. Devotees tie thaali or replica of cots on this tree to fulfill their yearnings.



Arul koodam (Abode ofgrace): is where AMMA stays during his visits to the Siddhar peedam. This is also where devotees do the Paatha pooja to AMMA.

Aanmeeha mandabam: Ahall dedicated to perform charitable activates. This is where AMMA gives the needy with desired tools for self sufficient employment or the provide them with free necessities such as spectacles for the blinds.

Thiyana mandabam(meditation hall): a hall dedicated for meditation. AMMA gives high importance for meditation at the Siddhar peedam.



Means Of Worshipping





form of worshiping, this signifies the acceptance of AMMA as the guru. Performing paatha pooja by offering of fruits, flowers and pouring of holly water on AMMAs feet cancel your karma and removes any evil forces.

Abishekam (holy bath): is conductedevery morning at 3 am by devotes and volunteers clad in red. This is the process in which the Amman statue or the Suyambu is cleansed by pouring of milk, water, manjal, kumkum etc.

Arulvaakku:Know as Oracle in English. It is known as the divine sayings of AMMA or voice of Sakthi the mother of the universe. This is secret lingo that is spoken to you and to your family in a private audience with AMMA at the Puttru mandabam. In the early days for a few hours every Tuesday, Friday , Sunday, New moon and Full moon Arulvaakku is given by AMMA to those who participated in Abishekams to the deity.10




process of rolling on the ground around the temple. AMMA usually performs this maneuver once every year (during Aadi pooram) to charge the earth with energy and grace to earth while extracting all the since that has been let by us.



Festivals in Melmaruvathur


poosam: two main as-

pects of Thai poosam are Irumudi and the Jothi. Irumudi is the process where AMMAs devotees wear sakthi maalai and fast for a number of days and then carry irumudi to the siddhar peedam and perform Abishekam to the Suyambu with their own hands. Lighting of the Jothi takes place on the poosam that falls in the month of January (Tamil calendar).

Irumudi: People wear the maalai(a holy necklace) and stay pure and pious for some period and they visit the temple with 'irumudi' which contains, rice, coconut etc and is offered to the Goddess Amman.


Thirunaal (AMMAs

Birthday): is His Holiness Arul Thiru Bangaru Adigalars day of incarnation March 3rd. This day is celebrated in a grand manner by AMMAs devotees in Melmaruvathoor siddhar peedam as well as the weekly worship centre around the world. The celebrations commences on the 1st of March and continues till the 3rd of March and includes special Paatha poojas for AMMA, cultural programs and public dharshans.12


Chithira Pournami: Full moonday of the Tamil month April (Chithirai). A sacred festival occasion where devotees partake in sacrificial fire rituals and kalasa vilakku poojas.

Aadi pooram: takes place on the poora natchathiram in themonth of July (Tamil calendar). Two main aspects of Aadi pooram are the offering of kanji and the milk Abishekam to the suyambu by the devotees themselves. The offering of kanji takes place the day before pooram followed by the milk Abishekam on the day of Aadi pooram. An aspect that makes Aadi pooram a precious event is that fact that His Holiness Bangaru Adigalar himself performs Angapradhatshai in the siddhar peedam.

Navarathiri: is devoted toAadhiparasakthis nine different incarnations and is celebrated for nine continuous days. AMMA lights the Aganda lamp in a miraculous manner AMMA kneels before the Aganda lamp in the Karuvarai and lights the lamp with her tongue. This lamp is then lit continuously as per AMMAs instructions. Inhaling the fumes emanated from the Aganda lamp cures many illnesses.13


AMMAs Family


AMMA (Lakshmi):

On September 4th 1968, Selvi Lakshmi, the ninth daughter of Sri. Venkatachala Naicker and Srimathi Vishalakshi got married to Bangaru Adigalar. AMMA has two sons and two daughters. His