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ISBN 978-84-15223-01-6 / Layout: 20,3 X 20,5 cm / Pages: 96 / Cover: Softcover / Illustration in the Americas is experiencing a great burst of creativity, where the famous and acclaimed are joined by young upstarts whose rich innovative values are due to their constantly creative skill. American Illustrators is a compilation of work from both acclaimed and novel illustrators, providing us with a peep into this marvellous world of American Illustrators. This is an ideal book not just for creative professionals and students, but also all illustration fans.


  • monsa

    lthis is illustration!AMERICAN ILLUSTRATORS

  • Mateo Dineenp_8

    Ken Gardunop_14

    Christopher Cisnerosp_20

    Gregory Ferrandp_26

    Brian M. Viverosp_32

    Gary Taxalip_38

    Mike Stilkeyp_46

    Justin Nelsonp_54


  • 4-5

    Blain Fontanap_60

    Dylan Bradwayp_66

    Scott Tollesonp_70

    Daniel Limp_76

    Aaron Jasinskip_80

    Jophen Steinp_84

    Ryan Myersp_88


  • 5ul


    Mateo Dineen was born in San Mateo, California.

    In 2003 Mateo moved to Berlin. As he began his new life

    there, his art developed in new directions. He discovered

    that the Berlin flea markets offer a wealth of old materials

    left over from communist Germany. He saw that these

    objects already had the patina of life and presented a

    story of their own. These relics included munitions crates,

    tobacco tins, and old dusty books. By incorporating these

    things into his work, he was able to create something new.

    His characters were given new life on a background of

    collage and history.

    Over the next few years he and his artwork became a

    fixture of the Berlin art scene. In 2004 he and a colleague

    opened the Zozoville Gallery. These days Mateo can

    usually be found in the back room of that gallery creating

    more of his signature characters and monsters.

    Mateo Dineen naci en San Mateo, California.

    En 2003, Mateo se fue a vivir a Berln, donde comenz una

    nueva vida y su arte evolucion en nuevas direcciones,

    descubri que los mercados de las pulgas de Berln ofrecen

    una gran cantidad de materiales de la Alemania comunista. Vio

    que estos objetos ya tenan la ptina de la vida y mostraban su

    propia historia. Estas reliquias incluan casquillos de municin,

    latas de tabaco y libros viejos polvorientos. La incorporacin de

    estos elementos en su obra, le permita crear algo nuevo.

    Insuflaba nueva vida a sus personajes sobre un fondo de

    collage e historia.

    En los ltimos aos, su obra se ha convertido en una parte

    integrante de la escena artstica de Berln. En 2004 abri junto

    a un compaero la Galera Zozoville. Actualmente, es fcil de

    encontrar a Mateo en la sala trasera de esta galera, creando

    ms personajes y monstruos.

  • 8-9

    Proof.Acrylic and collage on wood.

  • Incognito.Acrylic and collage on wood.

    Widow Bird.Acrylic and collage on wood.


  • 10-11

    Out of Body Experience.Acrylic and collage on wood.

  • 5uChristopherCisneros


    I have been an illustrator for as long as I can remember as

    I have always enjoyed drawing. Currently I work for several

    magazines in Mexico, some with political leanings, others

    for children and the world of design.

    It was in university when I realized I wanted to devote

    myself to illustrating on a full-time basis. I think my style is

    not pigeonholed, because I believe that if I settle on the

    combinations that I have developed, I may become

    stagnant. This is why I prefer to experiment with several

    forms to produce something that is both effective and

    visually gratifying. I can say that the sources of inspiration

    in my work can be found in history, mythology and the arts

    such as Baroque, Sacred, Sumerian, Persian and Pre-

    Hispanic Arts. When I make an illustration, I always try to

    communicate a strong idea, one that pulls the reader into

    the text.

    Soy ilustrador desde que tengo uso de razn, siempre me

    ha gustado mucho el dibujo. Actualmente trabajo para

    varias revistas algunas de corte poltico, otras infantiles y

    de diseo en Mxico.

    Desde la universidad me di cuenta que quera dedicarme a

    la ilustracin a tiempo completo. No tengo un estilo

    definido, por que creo que puedo quedarme estancado,

    pero por lo regular me gusta experimentar con muchas

    formas y sacar algo que sea efectivo y visualmente rico.

    Puedo decir que la fuente de inspiracin de mi trabajo es la

    historia, la mitologa y el arte, como el Barroco, Sacro,

    Sumerio, Persa y el Prehispnico. Cuando realizo una

    ilustracin siempre trato de que esta comunique una idea

    fuerte y sea ella la que introduzca al lector en el texto.

  • 20-21

    El Reno mimo.Pen, Adobe Illustrator and PhotoShop.

  • El diablo de Cervantes.Pen, Adobe Illustrator and PhotoShop.

  • JC.Pen, Adobe Illustrator and PhotoShop.


  • 24-25

    Este es mi gallo/Revista Hoja de Ruta.Pen, Adobe Illustrator and PhotoShop.