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    March 2014 4.20


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    COVER IMAGEKeiko Tanabe, Bucharest, Romania I,watercolour on paper, 55x36cm.See more of Keikos work and discoverher techniques on page 40.

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    LAURIE STEENA Canadian artist trained in interior design, Laurie has been workingprofessionally for almost two decades. She moved to the UK sixyears ago and has since exhibited her artwork at the Royal Westof England Academy, Mall Galleries and the Affordable Art Fair.On page 74, Laurie explains her approach to drawing from nature.

    The article is based around ideas explored in her next five-dayresidential course, which runs from 23-27 June at Coombe FarmStudios in Devon.

    Artists&I L L U S T R A T O R S

    Whoknew that hanging an exhibitioncould be such fun? I had the pleasureof spending the first Sunday morningof 2014 at the Mall Galleries,surrounded by our readers paintings,

    as I desperately tried to find a spot for all 50 of them on thewalls of the Threadneedle Space.I couldnt have done any of it without the gallerys in-house

    team (not least because I dont know one end of a power tool fromanother) who were professional and patient throughout. Theyquickly showed me that hanging an exhibition is a lot like makinga painting: you need to establish where the biggest pieces go first(much like the basic shapes of a composition), then work hard tomaintain a balance as everything else slots in around them.Of course, this was all in aid of the Artists & Illustrators Artists of

    the Year 2013 exhibition, which ran for a fortnight in January. Theresponse was fantastic. Shortlisted artists travelled far and wide toattend the opening, where they got a chance to meet, drink andrub shoulders with a host of leading artists and collectors.Were hoping to repeat the fun next year so make sure you enter

    our 2014 competition (details in a forthcoming issue) to be in witha chance of being featured . If youre lucky, I might even hang yourpainting the right way up!


    Steve Pill, Editor





    HOWWAS IT FOR YOU?Did you get a chance to visit our Artists of the Year 2013 show? If so, tell us what you thought:

    EMAIL TWITTER @AandImagazine FACEBOOK ArtistsAndIllustrators

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    FEATURES19 PAINTING ON INSTINCTAn emotive take on art with Iryna Yermolova

    24 GO WESTJames Naughton heads to America to paint

    30 THINKING OUT LOUDHow famous artists use their prep drawings

    34 IN THE STUDIOWith the semi-abstract painter Peter Clossick

    TECHNIQUES39 TIP OF THE MONTHKicking off our 37-page practical guide

    40 TALKING TECHNIQUESWith American watercolourist Keiko Tanabe

    45 SUPPORTSFind the right canvas or panel for you

    50 HOW TO DRAW TREES IN WINTERWhy this is the season to concentrate on form

    52WATERCOLOUR PORTRAITSWork from photos for this months project

    56 ALLA PRIMA Q&ADamian Callan answers your painting questions

    60MASTERCLASSA Fauvist-inspired take on landscape painting

    64 HOW I MADEBill Dean pieces together a figurative scene

    65 LEARN SOMETHING NEWA five-minute beginners guide to silk painting

    66 FIGURE IT OUT!Three great methods for better life drawings

    70 COME TO YOUR SENSESHow to develop your own visual language

    74 DRAWING ON NATUREA new approach to tackling the landscape

    REGULARS6 YOUR LETTERS9 THE DIARYWith our Artists of the Year photo special

    17 COMPETITION36 PORTFOLIO82MY LIFE IN ARTWith illustrator John Vernon Lord


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    holiday inItaly

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    WRITE TO USSend a letter or email to the addresses belowfor the chance to win a 50 GreatArt voucher

    Your LettersArtists & IllustratorsThe Chelsea Magazine Company Ltd.Jubilee House2 Jubilee PlaceLondon SW3 3TQ

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    Your LettersIread MartinKinnears articlein the Januaryissue with great

    interest, particularly because it wasillustrated with work by my favouriteartists, Hammershi and Rembrandt.The article really made me think thatI should do more tonal exercises tosharpen up my observation.The recent inclement weather

    presented me with an opportunity thatwas not exactly welcome, but thatneeded to be taken advantage of: myvillage suffered a power cut for 10 hours.I had planned to paint that evening

    but without my daylight bulbs this wasout of the question. As I sat by theglowing fire with candles spread alongthe hearth, I started looking around theroom at the various objects scatteredabout the fireplace and mantelpiece. Myeye fell upon a small arrangement of oldceramic inkwells and a mustard pot, litfrom below by candles.I found my sketchpad and hooked a

    small LED torch to my jumper to shineonto the paper and began the study.The temptation to put in lines andedges that I really could not see wasgreat but I made a concerted effort toreally look and concentrate on the tonalvalues of what I was seeing. I spent thenext hour or so blissfully engaged in avery rewarding exercise. Who would ofthought it get rid of the lights so youcan really see better!Glynne Bulman, via email

    THE ROAD TO RECOVERYRE: The Healing Power of Art, Issue 334The best things I read over the Christmasholiday both came from the January issueof Artists & Illustrators. I chose to buy themagazine when looking for some inspirationto get me watercolour painting again.Six months ago I was put onto the lung

    transplant list due to respiratory failurecaused by cystic fibrosis. Until recently, I wasstill able to follow my main hobby of wildlifeand landscape photography. In the last twomonths, however, I have become too unwellto continue, so I thought about returning topainting a hobby I had in my late teens.I bought three art magazines, but discovered