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American Furniture, Folk & Decorative Arts Auction 4/17/1982


American Furniture, Folk & Decorative Arts04/17/1304/17/13american furniture, folk & decorative arts Samuel T Freeman & Co. 1808 Chestnut Street Philadelphia Pennsylvania 19103Tel-215.563.9275 Fax-215.563.8236G13-14380_AmericanaCOV_square back cover 3/14/13 2:40 PM Page 1G13-14380_AmericanaCOV_square back cover 3/12/13 7:37 AM Page 2American Furniture, Folk & Decorative Arts 04/17/13American Furniture, Folk & Decorative ArtsSale 1456 Wednesday, April 17 at 10amInquiries:Lynda Cain267-414-1237lcain@freemansauction.comWhitney Bounty267-414-1254wbounty@freemansauction.comExhibitions:Friday, April 12 & Saturday, April 1310am to 5pmSunday, April 1412pm to 5pmMonday, April 15 &Tuesday, April 1610am to 5pmOr by appointmentLimited viewing morning of saleCatalogue: $32 (in the Gallery)Inside Front Cover: Lot 1 (detail)Inside Back Cover: Lot 248 (detail) Color images of every lot are available atwww.freemansauction.comBidding:Mallory Malkasian267.414.1207fax: 215.599.2240mmalkasian@freemansauction.comPrinting by Brilliant StudioExton, PennsylvaniaG13-14380_AmericanaTXT1-32_Layout 1 3/13/13 9:09 PM Page 12 www.freemansauction.comImportant Informationfor BuyersRegistrationBuyers PremiumSales TaxCatalogue DescriptionsBiddingPaymentRemoval of PurchasesShipping and PackingAll potential buyers must register for the sale prior to placing a bid.Registration information may be submitted in person at our reception desk,by fax or through our website at We will requireproof of identification and residence and may require a credit card and/or abank reference. By registering for the sale, the buyer acknowledges that heor she has read, understood and accepted Freemans Terms and Conditionsof Sale.A Buyers Premium will be added to the successful bid price and is payableby the buyer as part of the total purchase price. The Buyers Premium shallbe: 25% on the first $50,000 of the hammer price of each lot, 20% on theportion from $50,001 through $1,000,000, and 12% thereafter. All items in the catalogue are subject to the 8% Pennsylvania andPhiladelphia sales tax. Dealers purchasing for resale must register their taxnumbers on current PA forms. Forms should be submitted to our ClientServices office on the second floor.All item descriptions, dimensions and estimates are provided for guidanceonly. It is the buyers responsibility to inspect all lots prior to bidding toensure that the condition is to their satisfaction. If potential buyers areunable to inspect lots in person, our specialists will be happy to preparedetailed Condition Reports on individual lots as quickly as possible. Theseare for guidance only, and all lots will be sold as is as per our Terms andConditions of Sale.At the sale Registered bidders will be assigned a bidder number and given apaddle for use at the sale. Once the first bid has been placed, theauctioneer asks for higher bids in increments determined by the auctioneer.To place your bid, simply raise your paddle until the auctioneeracknowledges you. The auctioneer will not mistake a random gesture for abid.By phone A limited number of telephone lines are available for bidding byphone through a Freemans representative. Phone lines must be reserved inadvance. Requests must be submitted no later than 24 hours prior to thescheduled start of the sale.In writing Bid forms are available in the sale room and at the back of thecatalogue. These should be submitted in person, by mail or by fax no laterthan one hour prior to the scheduled start of the sale. The auctioneer willbid on your behalf up to the limit.On the internet A fully-illustrated catalogue is available on-line Registered bidders may leave absentee bidsthrough the web site and will receive email confirmation of their bid.Freemans is not responsible for errors or failure to execute bids.Payment is due within ten (10) working days of the sale. Lots purchased willnot be released until we have received full payment. Payment may be madein cash, by check, money order, or debit card. Payments by check must clearthe bank before goods will be released.Deliveries will not be made during the time of the sale unless otherwiseindicated by the auctioneer. All items must be paid for and removed withinten (10) working days of the sale. Purchases not so removed may be turnedover to a licensed warehouse at the expense and risk of the purchaser.Responsibility for packing, shipping and insurance shall be exclusively thatof the purchaser. Upon request, Freemans will provide the purchaser withnames of professional packers and shippers known to us.G13-14380_AmericanaTXT1-32_Layout 1 3/12/13 8:19 AM Page 2Rare thirteen-star AmericanRevolutionary Flag and Confederate 2nd National Flag ofthe Louisiana Guard Batterylots 1 & 2G13-14380_AmericanaTXT1-32_Layout 1 3/13/13 9:09 PM Page 3star AmericanRevolutionary FlagG13-14380_AmericanaTXT1-32_Layout 1 3/12/13 8:41 PM Page 5The Patton FamilyNot until its owner retired did he suspect he could have a treasure in hispossession. It was something that was passed on to him in the early 1960'swhen time and interest where in short supply. As the great-grandson ofMichael Patrick Patton (1870-1943), a draper and decorator of patriotic flagdisplays, he inherited a trunk kept in the family and forgotten for decades.An unusual flag was found among its contents. Patton, born to John and Catherine Patton of Upper Darby, Pennsylvania,worked at the Cardington Mills, a cotton cloth factory at nearby Cobb'sCreek with most of his seven siblings. Their jobs included weaving, dying,piecing and picking, but at the time of his marriage to Julia Elizabeth Ruth in1892, he is listed as a weaver. In the early part of the last century, he becameinvolved in decorating buildings and large interiors such as those atPhiladelphias Frankford Arsenal.In time, Pattons great-grandson recognized one of the trunks items as anAmerican flag, though not realizing its potential as an important piece of ourhistory. He then began in earnest to verify that it was, indeed, from the 18th-century. He first had it examined by S. Rabbit Goody, a nationally knowntextile historian. She concluded it was consistent both with 18th centurysewing practices and construction of that era. It was then examined by thethe major forensic lab McCrone Associates, Inc. whose 50 page reportstated that the materials are consistent with the late 18th century. Thepresent owner recently had it conserved and framed by a highly regardedtextile conservator.G13-14380_AmericanaTXT1-32_Layout 1 3/12/13 8:41 PM Page 51Rare thirteen star American Revolutionary FlagHoist inscribed, "natt. ames. of england, march. 26 1784", Comprised of blue wool canton with thirteen 5-pointed cotton stars in a 4-5-4 pattern appliqued on both sides, thirteen white and red wool stripes,cotton hoist, all hand-sewn with linen thread.21 1/2 in. x 38 3/4 in.note:An analysis of the fiber and dye content of the flag materials and inkinscription on the hoist has been completed and accompanies this lot. Thered dye has been identified as cochineal and the blue dye as Prussian blue,both in common use in England and North America by the end of the 18thcentury. The inscription ink was identified as thin Oriental smoke black ink ina gelatin binder, probably mixed with sea water-also appropriate for the late18th century.$175,000-$250,000This flag's unusual hand-written inscription is thought to have been made byNathaniel Ames (1761-1863), born in Killingly, Connecticut. He joined theNew London County Militia at the outbreak of the Revolutionary War and, asa 17-year-old, helped in the building of Fort Griswold in Groton, Connecticut.He later joined the Connecticut Continental Army and served underWashington at Morristown during the harsh winter of 1780. Ames went onto join the crew of a 16-gun brig and privateer, Marquise de Lafayette, andtraveled to Holland and the West Indies, returning home in mid 1783. At theend of that year, Ames signed onto another merchant ship sailing toBermudathis time under an English captain. On the voyage home, the shipwas captured and taken to Bermuda where the crew was thrown in prisonfor three months. It is during this captivity that Ames most likely signed anddated the flag. It is also possible that he was impressed (forced to serve)onto a British ship for three more years at sea.The flag itself is a wonderful revelation of science, history and geography.The red dye has been identified as cochineal, and the blue dye as Prussianblueboth in common use in England and North America by the end of the18th-century. The inscription ink was identified as thin Oriental smoke-blackink in a gelatin binder, probably mixed with sea wateralso appropriate forthe late 18th-century. An analysis of the fiber and dye content of the flagsmaterials and ink inscription on the hoist has been completed andaccompanies this lot.Nathaniel AmesAmes eventually became a farmer and Methodist minister in OneidaCounty, New York until the age of 75 when he then moved to a farm inWisconsin. This flag is accompanied by photocopies of Amess pensionrecords from the National Archives; correspondence relating to his years ofmilitary service; a number of accounts of his life, along with photographsand transcribed interviews with Ames from December 11, 1832 and June 28,1833, recounting his Revolutionary War service. Also included is aphotocopy of "A Sketch of the Life of Nathaniel Ames as Dictated by him,the R.P. Main , Oregon , Wis," and an article from The Saturday Globe,March 5, 1898. Nathaniel Ames died in Oregon, Wisconsin at the age of102, making him the last serving revolutionary war soldier.From the hands of a Revolutionary War patriot and naval adventurer, to thepossession of a Delaware County weaver and draper, to its years ofimprisonment in a familys trunk, this unique emblem of the United Statesis now poised to begin a new chapter in its long and rather circuitous routethrough Freemans to a new home.G13-14380_AmericanaTXT1-32_Layout 1 3/12/13 8:19 AM Page 6G13-14380_AmericanaTXT1-32_Layout 1 3/12/13 8:19 AM Page 7The Richmond Whig of August 18,1864 reports that this handsomebattle flag was presented to theLouisiana Guard Battery on August17th, 1864, through Professor AlexDimitry by New Orleans ladies nowresiding in our city. It was carrieduntil the end of the war. This is thethird flag of the Louisiana GuardBattery; the first was retired, and thesecond, captured in the battle ofRappahannock Ford, November 7,1863.According to tradition, the nightbefore General Robert E. Leessurrender at AppomattoxCourthouse, as artillery andaccoutrements were surrendered toFederal troops, the color bearer,Private William C. Ahern of NewOrleans tore the flag from its staffand wrapped it around himselfunder his shirt. He successfully hidthe flag during the surrenderproceedings at Appomattox andduring troop transport to NewOrleans. Ahern continued to hidethe flag fearing confiscation duringthe Reconstruction years. Heeventually presented the flag to theConfederate Memorial LiterarySociety of Richmond, forerunner ofthe Museum of the Confederacy, in1916. The flag remained on displaythere until 1956.Professor Alexander Dimitry (1805-1883).Appomattox Court House, Virginia.Confederate 2nd National Flag of the Louisiana Guard BatteryG13-14380_AmericanaTXT1-32_Layout 1 3/12/13 8:19 AM Page 92 131218/1Confederate 2nd National Flag of the Louisiana Guard Batteryrichmond, va, 1864Faint hand-written inscription in ink on cotton hoist, Louisiana GuardBattery/ 19th a.c. Wm. C. Ahe..... the canton comprised of blue and redwool bunting, cotton twill tape and thirteen white cotton 5-pointed starsappliqued by hand, field of white wool, mounted and framed.53 1/2 in. x 67 1/4 in.provenance:Property from a Private Collection.Collection of Donald R. Thorpe.$75,000-125,000G13-14380_AmericanaTXT1-32_Layout 1 3/13/13 3:58 PM Page 9G13-14380_AmericanaTXT1-32_Layout 1 3/12/13 8:19 AM Page 10SILVERlots 3-37G13-14380_AmericanaTXT1-32_Layout 1 3/12/13 8:19 AM Page 11Born in Scotland, Charles Macalester, Sr. (1765-1832) emigrated to the UnitedStates in 1786 and thereafter settled in Philadelphia. One of the leading merchanttraders of his day, Macalester later retired and entered into the world of finance,acting as President of the Insurance Company of the State of Pennsylvania, directorof the Bank of North America, founder of the Mariners Church of Philadelphia, andVice President of the St. Andrews Society.Macalesters son, Charles A. Macalester, Jr. (1798-1873) was born in Philadelphiaand graduated from the University of Pennsylvania. He was a well-knownbusinessman, broker, and leader in Philadelphia, having been appointed GovernmentDirector of the Second Bank of the United States and serving as President of the St.Andrews Society from 1864 until his death in 1873. An avid philanthropist, he founded many local organizations includingPhiladelphia Presbyterian Hospital, MacalesterPresbyterian Church, and Macalester College inMinnesota. He acted as an advisor to eight U.S.presidents from Andrew Jackson through Ulysses S. Grant. In 1850, Macalester purchased land and property alongthe Delaware River upon which to build his summer home,a riverfront mansion he named, Glengarry. An exampleof Victorian elegance and tradition, Glengarry served asthe sight of several events and gala affairs. Manyimportant heads of state and dignitaries traveled toGlengarry to be guests of Mr. Macalester and hisdaughter, Mrs. Lily Macalester Laughton, a renownedWashington hostess married to a Belgium diplomat.Today, Glengarry (now called Glen Foerd) is a historicmansion listed on the National Register of Historic Places.3 131198/6Group of silver spoonsfrancis & felix thibault,philadelphia, pa, early 19thcenturyComprising five tablespoons, eightteaspoons, and one salt/mustardspoon; together with one tablespoonby George Russell, Philadelphia, andone salt/mustard spoon by R. & W.Wilson, Philadelphia, all engravedwith the Macalester clan coat-of-arms.Weight: 16 3/4 troy oz.provenance:Descended in the Macalester Familyto present owner.Complete provenance availableupon request.$800-1,200Silver from the Macalester Family of PhiladelphiaGlen Foerd Mansion, Philadelphia.G13-14380_AmericanaTXT1-32_Layout 1 3/12/13 8:19 AM Page 125 131198/5Impressive silver centerpiece bowlthibault & brothers (active 1810-1835), philadelphia, paOf urn form, the everted rim overlaidwith leaf and berry branches, issuingtwin-handles modeled as bountifulcornucopia bouquets, on steppedcircular pedestal foot with flowerand foliage die-rolled rim, the bodyengraved with the Macalester clancoat-of-arms.Diam: 14 1/2 in. Weight: 50 troy oz.provenance:Descended in the Macalester Familyto present owner.Complete provenance availableupon request.$8,000-12,0004 131198/4Impressive sterling silver servingtrayabraham dubois (1738-1807),philadelphia, paOf oval form with reeded rim, raisedon four scrolling palmette feet, withcentral monogram, CAM beneaththe Macalester clan coat-of-arms.L: 15 in. Weight: 34 1/2 troy oz.provenance:Descended in the Macalester Familyto present owner.Complete provenance availableupon request.note:The clan badge is an element fromthe arms of Somerville-MacAlisterof Loup and Kennox, as listed byJohn Burke in 1835. Charles, 12th ofLoup married the daughter andheiress of William Somerville ofKennox in 1792.$10,000-15, 13G13-14380_AmericanaTXT1-32_Layout 1 3/12/13 8:19 AM Page 136 131019/8Pair of early silver shoe bucklesjohn myers (active 1785-1804), philadelphia, paOf oval form, comprised of graduated, faceted lozenges, with metal latchprongs, further marked E.T. and XXXXXXII to underside.L: 3 in. Total weight: 3 3/4 troy oz.provenance:Descended in the family to the present owner.$300-5007 131123/6Collection of coin silver spoonsvarious makers, second half 18th century and laterComprising two tablespoons, Bancroft Woodcock, Wilmington, Delaware;two tablespoons, Thomas J. Megear, Wilmington, Delaware andPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania; two tablespoons, Lowell & Senter, Portland,Maine; two tablespoons, Bard & Lamont, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; onetablespoon, J. Doll, New York, New York; six tablespoons and one teaspoon,F. Curtis, Woodbury, Connecticut; seven teaspoons, R. & W. Wilson,Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; four teaspoons, Conrad Bard, Philadelphia,Pennsylvania; four teaspoons, Lewis Broomall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania;and one additional teaspoon, all with monogram.Weight: 32 1/4 troy oz.$800-1,2008 139062/4Silver tablespoonasa blanchard (d. 1838), lexington, kyMarked, A. Blanchard with eagle to back of handle, monogram.Weight: 2 troy oz.provenance:Property of a Kentucky Lady.$100-2009 131124/11ASilver ladlerowland parry, philadelphia, pa, dated 1807With deep circular bowl, the handle engraved, Beck 1807.L: 15 3/4 in. Weight: 7 1/4 troy oz.provenance:From the Collection of Alvin A. Rosenthal, New York, New York.$400-600Other Properties10 131088/1Commemorative sterling silverinkstandretailers mark john wanamaker,early 20th centuryIn the 18th century style, with a largebaluster-form quill pen holder withswing handle centering twoconforming smaller pots for ink andblotting sand respectively, fitted uponoval stand with shell and scroll border,all raised on four scroll feet, theunderside inscribed, Replica ofinkstand used at the signing of theDeclaration of Independence ofAmerica from Rodman WanamakerPhiladelphia April 26th 1927.L: 10 1/4 in. Weight: 32 troy oz.provenance:Descended in the family from AlbertQuell (1895-1983), a formerPhiladelphia realtor, to present owner.note:The original inkstand, upon which thismodel was based, was made in 1752by Philip Syng, Jr. (1703-1789) for theProvincial Assembly. It is purported tohave been used in both the signing ofthe Declaration of Independence andof the United States Constitution andis presently on display in the WestWing of Independence Hall,Independence National Historic Park,Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.$2,500-3,500G13-14380_AmericanaTXT1-32_Layout 1 3/13/13 3:58 PM Page 1412 122314/2Silver teapotgeorge aiken (1765-1832), baltimore, mdThe urn-form body with beaded edges and looppearwood handle on circular base atop squareplinth, the lid with ball topped urn finial, thecurved spout with fern chased tip; together witha corresponding covered sugar bowl by CharlesL. Boehme (1774-1868) of Baltimore, Maryland,both monogrammed.H(s): 11 in. (teapot) and 10 1/2 in. (sugar bowl)Total Weight: 39 1/2 troy oz.$1,000-1,50013 131232/7Silver syrup pitcherretailers mark for j.e. caldwell, philadelphia,pa, 19th centuryOf urn form raised on a circular pedestal foot,with beaded and Greek key bands, urn form finialto hinged lid, and acanthus leaf thumbpiece.H: 9 in. Weight: 14 1/4 troy oz.provenance:Property of a Chadds Ford, PennsylvaniaGentleman.$400-60014 122315/6Silver creamer and waste bowljohn curry (active 1825-1850), philadelphia, paEach with scrolling handle, the bodies withrepeating leaf borders raised on stepped, circularplinths; the creamer with gardrooned upper rim,monogram.H: 7 1/4 in. Weight: 35 1/2 troy oz.$ 1511 138021/9Small English silver coffee pot ofAmerican interestthomas ducrow and sons,birmingham, 1946Of typical form, engraved with theSeal of the United States ofAmerica.H: 6 3/4 in. Weight: 12 1/2 troy oz.$300-50012 1314G13-14380_AmericanaTXT1-32_Layout 1 3/12/13 8:19 AM Page 1515 122386/1Five piece silver tea servicesamuel williamson (1772-1843),philadelphia, paComprising a hot water pot, teapot,covered sugar bowl, creamer andwaste bowl, each with gadroonedupper rim above lobed, oval body ontwelve-sided stepped base, theteapot and hot water pot withshaped treen handles and hingedlids with urn form finials, thecovered sugar with conformingremovable lid, monogram.H: 10 1/2 in. (teapot). TotalWeight: 89 troy oz.$3,000-5,00016 11-8045/1Five piece silver tea servicechaudron & rasch, philadelphia,pa, circa 1812Comprising a hot water pot, teapot,covered sugar, creamer, and wastebowl, each having a leaf andmedallion band, lobed oval bodyabove a stepped base and scallopedoval foot.H: 12 in. Total weight: 119 troy oz.note:Bearing arms of the Brent family.One member, Robert B. Brent (b.1764) was the first mayor ofWashington.$3,000-5,00016 www.freemansauction.comG13-14380_AmericanaTXT1-32_Layout 1 3/13/13 3:58 PM Page 1619 122542/3Assembled three piece silver teaservicesamuel kirk, baltimore, md, 1824and 1830-1846Comprising a teapot, covered sugarand creamer, each of vase form withbeaded and gadrooned rims, theteapot and covered sugar withblossom finials, the covered sugarwith mask head joins beneath twinhandles.H: 12 in. (teapot)Weight: 69 troy oz.$3,000-5,00018 128043/1Three piece silver tea servicepeter chitry (1781-1861), new york,first quarter 19th centuryComprising a teapot, waste bowland creamer, all with square-shapedhandles, each lobed body withbands of fruiting grapevines onstippled ground, raised on a circularfoot; the teapot with circular knop tohinged lid, curved spout, and ebonyinsulators, all pieces marked P.Chitry to underside, monogram.H: 10 in. (teapot) Totalweight: 53 1/2 troy oz.$1,500-2, 1717 131192/1Four piece silver tea servicewilliam thomson, new york, ny,early 19th centuryComprising a teapot, covered sugar,waste bowl and creamer, each withlobed body with egg-and-tonguebands, raised on conformingpedestal foot, the teapot andcovered sugar with spherical chasedfloral basket finials to domed lids,monogram.H: 9 1/2 in. (teapot)Weight: 83 1/2 troy oz.$1,500-2,500G13-14380_AmericanaTXT1-32_Layout 1 3/12/13 8:19 AM Page 17The likely mate to the BonaparteFamily wine coaster exhibited inUncorked! Wine, Objects & Tradition(2012-2013), Winterthur Museum,Wilmington, Delaware. See fig. 1.Rejected by Emperor Napoleon Iafter marrying his youngest brotherJerome in 1803, Elizabeth BetsyPatterson Bonaparte (1785-1879)returned from Europe to herhometown of Baltimore, Maryland in1805 with only her newborn son,Jerome Napoleon Bonaparte (1805-1870). Though abandoned by herhusband, Betsy refused to letAmerican society forget her Imperialalliance, emblazoning the BonaparteFamily coat-of-arms on her carriageand other items.Samuel Kirk & Son, who advertisedin New York Magazine as havingprovided the service used at thewedding of Jerome and Elizabeth,fashioned silver for Betsy bearingthe Bonaparte Crest. Such piecesinclude this wine coaster; the winecoaster at Winterthur; a tea service;and a repousse sugar dish andcovered tureen currently in thecollection of the Maryland HistoricalSociety (MdHS).Though it remains unclear as to whocommissioned this wine coaster, itbears the same coat-of-arms seenon other pieces commissioned byBetsy. Given the hallmark, it couldhave been ordered by any memberof the Bonaparte family living inBaltimore from 1868-1896, includingBetsy who, in 1834 after sojourns inEurope, returned to Baltimore andlived there until her death in 1879.Betsys tradition of heraldic displaywas adopted by her son, Jerome,who, like his mother, was reportedto ride around in a coach decoratedwith the Crest. Furthermore, Jeromeamassed quite a collection ofNapoleona, which he passed alongto his son, Charles JosephBonaparte (1851-1921).Although Charles Joseph took muchgreater pride in promoting hisAmerican, rather than European,heritage, he kept all these inheritedrelics and collectibles in hisBaltimore Home in a roomappropriately dubbed TheBonaparte Room (see fig. below).He presumably acquired additionalitems directly from Betsy (the souptureen at MdHS is listed as havingbeen made for Betsy but bears hisFigure 1: Coaster, slide, or stand with Bonaparte family arms, Samuel Kirk &Son, Baltimore, Maryland; Silver, wood, cloth, Gift of Dr. Richard C. Weissand Dr. Sandra R. Harmon-Weiss, 1997.33. Courtesy, Winterthur Museum,Figure 2: The Bonaparte Room, Baltimore. Joseph Bucklin Bishop, Charles Joseph Bonaparte (1922), pg. 220The Bonaparte Family Silver Wine Coastermonogram) and may have receivedthe two wine coasters in honor ofhis marriage to Ellen Channing Dayof Newport, RI, in 1875.Upon Betsys death in 1879, herestate of 1.5 million dollars wasbequeathed to Charles Joseph andhis brother, Jerome NapoleonBonaparte II (1830-1893).G13-14380_AmericanaTXT1-32_Layout 1 3/14/13 2:46 PM Page 1920 122472/48Important Bonaparte Family silver wine coasters. kirk & son, baltimore, md, 1868-1896The base of circular form with reeded edge, mounted with six winged lion-paw monopediae supporting smaller, reeded ring, the base engraved withthe Bonaparte Family coat-of-arms.Diam: 6 3/4 in. Total Weight: 13 1/4 troy oz. (includes wood base)provenance:Property of a Prominent Pennsylvania Collector.$6,000-8,000G13-14380_AmericanaTXT1-32_Layout 1 3/12/13 8:19 AM Page 1921 138001/1Silver covered butter dishs. kirk & son, baltimore, md, 1846-1861Of squat circular form with all-overrepousse floral decoration against astippled ground, the removabledomed lid topped with perchedeagle finial, opening to revealpierced liner, the body with two leaf-engraved handles, on circular foot,engraved coat-of-arms to lid,monogram to body.Weight: 19 troy oz.$600-80022 131241/6Pair of silver repousse salt andpepper shakersjohn c. moore and robert rait,new york, new york, first half19th centuryThistle pattern; together with acorresponding repousse mustardpot, lacking liner.H: 6 in. Weight: 8 troy oz.$300-50023 122404/1Silver teapotnewell harding & co., boston, ma,first half 19th centuryAll-over finely engraved and chasedwith flowers, foliage and scrolls, thehinged lid with scalloped edge andacorn cluster finial above pyriformbody with curved spout, the handlewith acanthus thumbpiece and ivoryinsulators, monogram.H: 9 3/4 in. TotalWeight: 24 1/2 troy oz.$600-80024 131229/1Silver pitcherpeter l. krider, philadelphia, pa,dated 1860With all-over repousse scroll andfloral decoration, acanthusthumbpiece to lyriform handle, andtwisted, beaded bands to spout,shoulder and foot, the bodyinscribed, For Theo D. Wagner fromhis Clerks January 19th, 1860.H: 13 1/4 in. Weight: 25 1/4 troy oz.note:A Confederate politician, TheodoreD. Wagner was one of the originalsigners of the South CarolinaOrdinance of Secession onDecember 20, 1860an orderwhich made South Carolina the firststate to withdraw itself from theUnited States Of America andinspired the other states of the DeepSouth to follow suit.$700-90025 138003/5Silver cake basketr. & w. wilson, philadelphia, pa,first half 19th centuryThe swing handle with appliedflower and foliage central panel, on acircular body with beaded upperrim, all raised on a stepped circularfoot.Diam: 9 3/4 in.Weight: 28 1/4 troy oz.$1,500-2,00020 www.freemansauction.com26 131134/1Four piece silver tea servicewilliam l. adams, new york, ny,circa 1840Comprising teapot, covered sugar,creamer and waste bowl, all ofoctagonal form raised on scrollingfeet and profusely engraved withscrolling motif, the teapot, coveredsugar and creamer with scrolledhandles, monogram.H: 9 1/2 in. (teapot)Weight: 84 troy oz.$3,000-5,00023222124G13-14380_AmericanaTXT1-32_Layout 1 3/13/13 3:58 PM Page 2028 131075/3Sterling silver shovel servergorham mfg. co., providence, ri,late 19th centuryWith bright cut engraving, agraduated string of beads leadingfrom the shovel to a gently twistedhandle.Weight: 3 1/4 troy oz.$100-20029 122523/9Sterling silver childs muggorham mfg. co., providence, ri,dated 1868With geometric banding alongupper rim and base, the angularhandle topped with appliedbutterfly, the body with appliedsalamander resting on engraved lilypads above monogram andinscribed date, Nov. 29, 1868.H: 3 1/2 in. Weight: approx.6 troy oz.provenance:From the Collection of Maurice andMary Hunt, Ocean City, New Jersey.$200-30030 122532/5CEgyptian Revival sterling silvermaster saltgorham mfg. co., providence, ri,second half 19th centuryThe bowl with Greek key rim andthree hinged handles, the basesupported by three wingedsphinxes.Diam: 3 1/4 in.Weight: 4 3/4 troy oz.provenance:Property of a Palisades estate.$500-70027 131038/14ESterling silver Birds Nest berryserving spoongorham mfg. co., providence, ri,circa 1865With shaped bowl, the handlemodeled as a branch, terminating inclaw supporting bird perched uponnest with eggs.L: 9 1/8 in. Weight: 2 1/2 troy oz.$800-1, 2131 122421/10Sterling silver Turkish coffee potgorham mfg. co., providence, ri,dated 1884The reeded domed cover atoptapering, elongated neck, the bodydecorated with Orientalist designsand raised on circular foot, withcurved spout and wicker-wrappedhandle, monogram.H: 10 1/2 in. TotalWeight: 20 3/4 troy oz.$600-80032 131232/1Four piece sterling silver repousse tea andcoffee serviceretailers mark j.e. caldwell, philadelphia,pa, late 19th centuryComprising teapot, coffee pot, waste bowl andcreamer, each of squat circular form withflower and foliage repousse bands, the handlesand spouts modeled as branches wrappedwith ivy vines, the creamer and waste bowlwith vermeil interiors.H: 6 in. Total weight: 71 troy oz.provenance:Property of a Chadds Ford, Pennsylvaniagentleman.$3,000-5,000293130G13-14380_AmericanaTXT1-32_Layout 1 3/12/13 8:19 AM Page 2133 131241/2Sterling silver fish service for twelvetiffany and co., new york, ny, 1891-1902Chrysanthemum pattern, comprising twelve fish forks and hollow handlefish knives.Weight: 23 troy oz.$2,000-4,00034 131038/14DGroup of sterling silver flatwaretiffany and co., new york, ny, late19th centuryChrysanthemum pattern,comprising six teaspoons, a smallsugar sifter, and a berry server, thesifter and server with vermeil bowls,monogram.Weight: 12 3/4 troy oz.$600-80035 122523/7Art Nouveau sterling silveramphoratiffany and co., new york, ny,1902-1907Of bulbous form, the evertedfloriform rim above elongated neckwith applied undulating twinhandles, the body with free-flowingflowering plants, the base drilled aslamp, monogram.H: 11 1/2 in. Weight: 26 1/2 troy oz.provenance:From the Collection of Maurice andMary Hunt, Ocean City, New Jersey.$1,000-1,50022 www.freemansauction.comG13-14380_AmericanaTXT1-32_Layout 1 3/12/13 8:19 AM Page 22note:The Woodcrest Mansion of Radnor,Pennsylvania, designed by HoraceTrumbauer and originally completedin 1902, was purchased by Mr. JohnT. Dorrance (1873-1930) in 1925. Helived there with his wife, EthelMallinckrodt Dorrance (1883-1953)and their five children. Dorranceinvented the formula for condensedsoup and served as president of theCampbell Soup Company from 1914until his death, whereupon he wassucceeded by his brother.The Campbell Collection of souptureens, amassed by John T.Dorrance, Jr. (1919-1989) and W.B.Murphy, is currently at WinterthurMuseum, Wilmington, Delaware.$1,500-2,50037 122472/14Significant silver-platedpresentation soup tureen20th centuryThe fluted oval body with scrollingflower, leaf, and shell rim and tworeeded acanthus bracket handles, allraised on four scroll and acanthusfeet, surmounted by fluted anddomed lid with twisted acanthushandle, the body engraved withfamily crest, the lid with Bryn MawrHorse Show Association medallionabove inscription: WoodcrestChallenge Trophy presented by Mrs.John T. Dorrance, Light WeightHunter Championship of the BrynMawr Horse Show Association andalso inscribed with list of winners1937-1940; 1946, and withcompetition rules.L: 17 in.provenance:Property of a ProminentPennsylvania 2336 131009/8Large sterling silver centerpiece bowlalvin corporation, providence, ri, late 19th/early 20th centuryThe ovoid body with everted, openwork rim of well cast fruitinggrapevine, raised on conforming pedestal foot.Diam: 13 3/4 in. (excluding rim) Weight: approx. 118 troy oz.$3,000-5,000G13-14380_AmericanaTXT1-32_Layout 1 3/12/13 8:19 AM Page 23G13-14380_AmericanaTXT1-32_Layout 1 3/12/13 8:19 AM Page 24AMERICAN FURNITURE,FOLK & DECORATIVE ARTSlots 38-311Wednesday, April 17th, 2013 G13-14380_AmericanaTXT1-32_Layout 1 3/13/13 9:09 PM Page 2538 122365/2General Peter Muhlenbergs hand-painted kidskin Masonic apronphiladelphia, pa, third quarter18th centuryInk inscription on verso, Royal ArchMason Apron belonged to Gen.Peter Muhlenberg, of trapezoidalform with fold over flap, paintedwith a beribboned compass, sun andbridge with two men shaking hands,the bridge supported by two pillars.H: 16 1/2 in. W: 21 1/2 in.provenance:Descended in the MuhlenbergFamily to the present owner.note:Minute books from Royal ArchLodge No. 3 of Philadelphia recordthat in a meeting of the Lodge ofEmergency, April 13, 1779, BrethrenP. Muhlenberg raised to the sublimedegree of Master Mason.note:An almost identical apron in thecollection of the the Masonic Libraryand Museum of Pennsylvania, BroadStreet, Philadelphia, belonged topatriot and Philadelphia justice ofthe peace, John Ord (1718-1781).Ord was one of Americas earliestmasons. He is recorded in theminutes of the Tun Tavern Lodge in1749. Tun Tavern, a brewery andtavern on Philadelphias waterfront,is regarded as one of the birthplacesof Masonic teachings in America.Born in Pennsylvania on October 1,1746 to Henry MelchiorMuhlenberg, patriarch of theLutheran Church in America, andAnna Maria Weiser, daughter ofIndian treaty negotiator ConradWeiser, John Peter GabrielMuhlenberg (1746-1807) was aLutheran minister who became acelebrated major general in theAmerican Revolutionary War.Known as the Fighting Parson,General Muhlenberg commandedthe 8th Virginia Regiment and wasinvolved in many important battles,including the Battle of Brandywineand the Battle of Stony Point. Afterthe war, Muhlenberg was elected tothe Supreme Executive Council ofPennsylvania, the U.S. House ofRepresentatives and the U.S. Senate.$6,000-10,00026 www.freemansauction.comG13-14380_AmericanaTXT1-32_Layout 1 3/12/13 8:19 AM Page 2639 122365/3Embroidered silk Masonic apronand collarpossibly philadelphia, circa 1800The apron of shield shapeembroidered with silk, chenille andmetallic threads and sequins withacacia, star, crescent moon and sunenclosing the letter G, the collar ofvelvet backed with iridescent silkwith five stars, embroidered withmetallic threads, sequins andhanging cast Apollo medallion.15 1/2 in. x 14 in.provenance:According to family tradition, theapron and collar belonged to PeterMuhlenberg.Descended in the Muhlenbergfamily to the present owner.note:Literature: Lisa Minardi, Pastors &Patriots: The Muhlenberg Family ofPennsylvania, Journal of thePennsylvania German Society, Volume45, No. 1, 2011, p. 75, Figs. 4.13 and4.14.$5,000-10, 2740 138021/16Brass and marble plaque withprofile of George Washingtonearly 19th centuryMolded frame with porcelainrosettes enclosing brass profileportrait of Washington on a marbleground.8 3/4 in. x 6 3/4 in.$600-800G13-14380_AmericanaTXT1-32_Layout 1 3/13/13 3:58 PM Page 2741 122570/1Large French and Indian Warengraved powder horninscribed, hugh maclain, circa1760With a fluted and notch-carvedspout, the body inscribed at nearend, Hugh Maclain, and engravedwith the British coat-of-arms; amap of New York and Northeasternrivers, cities and forts; andscattered devices including asmiling sun, moon, a turkey-likebird, dragon and figures of anIndian with a raised tomahawk anda Highlander with bonnet, kilt andknee-high stockings with a raisedsword; identified place namesinclude: New York, Albany, Amboy,Shenaktady, Long Island, RhodIsland and Forts Johnson, Hunter,Stillwrs, with other placesinitialized. The date 1702 is a laterinscription.L: 13 1/2 in.28 www.freemansauction.comprovenance:The powder horn descended in aPhiladelphia family to the presentowners.note:Hugh Maclain, or Maclean asoften spelled in the 18th century,was probably a member of thethree companies of Macleanclansman raised by clan leaderAllan Maclean to support theBritish effort against the French inNorth America, and arrived in Mayof 1758 as part of the 77thRegiment of Foot or MontgomeriesHighlanders. Over 4,000 Scotsserved in the three Highlandregiments during the French andIndian Wars (1755-1763): The 77thRegiment of Foot, the 42ndRegiment of Foot or the BlackWatch, and the 78th Regiment ofFoot or Frasers Highlanders. Whilesome muster roles for officers andsurgeons exist, few remain for therank and file soldier of this conflict.At the conclusion of the war, manyHighlander veterans from all theregiments took land grants inAmerica in lieu of returning toScotland. It is interesting to notethat a Hugh Maclean was living inCumberland County, North Carolinain April of 1762. Furthermore, in theearly years of the AmericanRevolutionary War, the British raisedthe 84th Regiment of Foot or RoyalHighland Emigrants fromHighlander French and Indian Warveterans living both in Scotland andin America. The muster rolls of the84th list a Col. Hugh Mclean whoserved in the 77th Regiment and aLieut. Hugh McLean.$10,000-15,000G13-14380_AmericanaTXT1-32_Layout 1 3/12/13 8:20 AM Page 2843 131342/2Pair of painted cast iron architectural eaglesdauphin county court house, harrisburg, pa, circa 1860Each with outstretched wings perched on spheres andcircular bases.H: 24 in.provenance:Property from a Private Pennsylvania Collection.note:The second Dauphin County Court House stood on thecorner of Market and Court streets from 1860 to 1948,when it was demolished.$8,000-12,00044 131038/5American School 19th centuryAfter Rembrandt Peale (1778-1860)portrait of thomas jefferson (1743-1826)Oil on canvas, framed.27 in. x 22 in. (sight)provenance:Descended in the family to Samuel W. Taylor, Jr.,Stamford, Connecticut to present owner.note:Samuel Walter Taylor, Jr. was the editor and publisherof The Rider and Driver: An Illustrated Weekly of OutdoorSport.$3,000-5,00042 131305/13Potzdam musketlate 18th centuryFlint lock firing mechanism with a round barrel, elaboratebrass trigger guard and butt plate, birch ram rod, the stockis carved and the chamber with letters, ...TZDAMMAG...and D.S.E, the latter probably the owners initials.L: 57 in.$1,000-1, 29G13-14380_AmericanaTXT1-32_Layout 1 3/13/13 3:59 PM Page 2930 www.freemansauction.com45 138026/1American School 19th centuryportrait miniature of walkerkeith armistead (1785-1845) ofvirginiaWatercolor on ivory, gilt locketframe with braided hair verso andengraved with the initials M.A.R.2 5/8 in. x 2 in.provenance:Descended in the Armistead familyto the present owner.note:As a dedicated military officer whoserved as Chief of Engineers of theUnited States Army Corps ofEngineers, Walker Keith Armistead(1783/5-1845) was the thirdgraduate from the U.S. MilitaryAcademy at West Point in 1803 andserved as lieutenant colonel andChief Engineer of the Niagarafrontier army and of the forcesdefending Chesapeake Bay duringthe War of 1812. Promoted toColonel and Chief Engineer in 1818,Armistead became commander ofthe 3rd Artillery Regiment in 1821and was brevetted to the senior rankof brigadier general in 1828.Succeeding Zachary Taylor,Armistead served as commanderduring the Second Seminole War inFlorida in 1840 and 1841.Armisteads illustrious militarycareer was paralleled by that of hisrelatives. Walker Keiths brother,George Armistead (1780-1818)fought in the War of 1812,commanding Forth Mchenry duringthe Battle of Baltimore-the battlethat ultimately inspired Francis ScottKeys writing of The Star SpangledBanner. Keith Walkers son, LewisAddison Armistead (1817-1863) wasa Confederate brigadier general inthe Civil War, who died shortly afterhis capture during Picketts Chargeat the Battle of Gettysburg.In 1829, Thomas Sully (1783-1872)completed a portrait of Walker KeithArmistead for West Point Academy.The portrait remains part of theAcademys collection.Walker Keith Armistead marriedElizabeth Stanley Armistead (1791-1861) in 1814. The initials on thecase may have belonged to theirdaughter, Mary Walker Armistead(1821-1857) who married J. TravisRosser, a Major of the 10thRegiment Virginia Calvary, in 1843.$6,000-9,00046 131099/5American School 19th centuryportrait of john longOil on canvas, framed, hand-written note on verso ofcanvas, Loaned(?) by Edgar Schieffelin, New YorkCity. This is John Long-a good friend of my fathersleft to me from the Pearl Street House. Property ofEffingham Schieffelin.29 1/2 in. x 23 1/2 in. (sight)provenance:Son of noted merchant, druggist and Loyalist JacobSchieffelin (1757-1835), Effingham Schieffelin (1791-1863) inherited his fathers company along with twoof his brothers in 1814 and renamed it H.H.Schieffelin & Co. The place of business was locatedat 194 Pearl Street, as listed and illustrated inAmerican Druggist and Pharmaceutical Record, VolumeXXV. July to December, 1894, p. 167. Effingham laterwent on to become president of the Seventh WardBank, a lawyer and a Judge in the Marine Court. Hemarried Mary Samler (1788-1870) in 1813 and theirson, Edgar (d. 1903) was associated with the houseof Schieffelin & Co.$600-800G13-14380_AmericanaTXT1-32_Layout 1 3/12/13 8:20 AM Page 3048 121426/25Pair of Chippendale carved mahogany ribbon-back side chairsphiladelphia, pa, last quarter 18th centuryPierced serpentine crestrails with leaf carving, three conforming horizontalsplats, trapezoidal seats with straight front rails, straight molded legs withH stretchers.H: 37 1/4 in.provenance:Property of a Pennsylvania Estate.$2,000-3, 3147 131200/1Chippendale thirty-hour walnut tall case clockdavid rittenhouse (1732-1796), east norritontownship or philadelphia, circa 1765The hood with stepped cornice and turnedcorner columnettes enclosing a square glazeddoor opening to a brass face with applied castornaments at spandrels, roman and Arabicnumerals, and inscribed, David Rittenhouse,above a thumb molded arched door, plain plinth,and molded base.H: 80 1/2 in.$4,000-6,000G13-14380_AmericanaTXT1-32_Layout 1 3/12/13 8:20 AM Page 3149 122388/1Queen Anne mahogany dressing tabledelaware valley, third quarter 18th centuryThe molded rectangular top with notched corners abovearrangement of five beaded drawers, shaped apron on cabriolelegs ending in Spanish feet.H: 32 1/2 in. W: 32 1/2 in. D: 19 3/4 in.provenance:Ex-collection: Katherine Prentiss Murphy. In the 1950s, thedressing table was on loan to the New York Historical Societywhen Mrs. Murphy was creating the Murphy Rooms.$6,000-8,00050 131331/1William and Mary white oak valuables chestearly 18th centuryRectangular top with applied molded edge with incisedwrought iron hinges on a conforming base embellished withoctagonal raised panels, wrought iron handles, molded baseand turned bun feet.H: 13 1/4 in. W: 19 1/4 in. D: 13 3/4 in.$3,000-5,00032 www.freemansauction.comG13-14380_AmericanaTXT1-32_Layout 1 3/14/13 2:47 PM Page 3254 131138/16Standing wrought iron pricketcandlestick19th centuryLarge bobeche on knopped stemand three arched legs ending in padfeet.H: 63 in.$600-80055 131133/1Small cedar valuables chest18th/19th centuryRectangular form with hinged lid,wrought iron handles on sides,turned ball feet, lined with New YorkCity newsprint from the 1850s.H: 15 1/4 in. W: 27 in. D: 17 1/4 in.$600-80056 131305/10Red-painted blanket chest withdrawerpossibly long island, late18th/early 19th centuryThe rectangular top with appliedmolding above deep well and longdrawer, molded base, cut-outbracket feet formed from extendedside boards.H: 34 1/2 in. W: 41 in. D: 19 in.$1,000-1,50051 122388/2William and Mary bannister backrush seat arm chairconnecticut, 18th/19th centuryArched crestrail above four splitbalusters enclosed by turned stileswith acorn finials, shaped arms,turned supports and vase and blockturned legs joined by vase and ringturned stretchers.H: 43 1/2 in.$800-1,20052 128032/64Painted and decorated Chippendalerush seat side chairnew england, late 18th/early 19thcenturySerpentine crest with pierced splaton rush seat and squared legs joinedby stretchers, painted black with giltvines and flowers.H: 39 in.$500-70053 132000/17Wrought iron candlestand and rushlight18th/19th centuryAdjustable arm with candlecup andrush light holder, tapering post onthree arched legs ending in pad feet.H: 50 in.provenance:Collection of a PennsylvaniaGentleman.Florence and Harold H. Corbin,Three Ravens Antiques, Salisbury,Connecticut.$ 335155525354289G13-14380_AmericanaTXT33-64_Layout 1 3/13/13 4:57 PM Page 3357 132000/19Punch-decorated and incised bellowsulster county, new york, late 17th/18thcenturyThe top decorated with scalloped demilunes andcircles, within a scalloped border, the backdecorated with conforming scallop-edged circleenclosing wrought iron pierced vent plate, irontip, leather strap.L: 20 in.provenance:Collection of a Pennsylvania Gentleman.Jack Whistance, Kingston, New York.$800-1,20058 121563/30Shadowbox with embroideredfeltwork basket of fruitearly 19th centuryPadded fruit worked withpolychrome wool and wool yarns,dark grey ground embellished withappliqued and embroideredbutterflies, verso retains partialprinted framers label, carved blackpainted framed shadowbox.28 1/2 in. x 23 1/4 in.$1,000-1,50034 www.freemansauction.com59 131138/14Queen Anne cherrywood highchestnew england, 18th centuryIn two parts, the upper section withmolded cornice above arrangementof eight molded drawers, centering afan carved drawer, the base withtwo long drawers, the lower, a blindcarved drawer with fan, shapedapron with pendants, all on cabriolelegs ending in pad feet.H: 86 3/4 in. W: 36 in. D: 19 in.$3,000-5,000G13-14380_AmericanaTXT33-64_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:32 AM Page 3460 122522/4Chippendale mahogany andgiltwood pier mirrorbears printed paper label of johnelliott, jr. (1739-1810),philadelphia, paEagle finial above carved pedimentand scrolls, shaped gilt liner, floralvine fillet, scolled below.H: 56 in. W: 26 1/2 in.$1,200-1, 3561 131138/17Chippendale carved mahogany piecrust tea tablepennsylvania, late 18th centuryThe molded pie crust, single boardtop on fluted and carved urn formsupport on carved cabriole legsending in ball and claw feet.H: 30 1/4 in. Diam: 35 1/2 in.$10,000-15,000G13-14380_AmericanaTXT33-64_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:32 AM Page 3562 138032/1Attributed to Ralph Earl (1751-1801)portrait of anne willing bingham (1764-1801)Oil on canvas laid on panel, framed.30 in. x 25 in. (sight)provenance:A brass plaque on verso inscribed, Spotswood House NewCastle, and a note reads, Property of Margaret H. Spruance.note:Fashionable, intelligent, and well-traveled, Anne WillingBingham (1764-1801) was an admired American socialite inPhiladelphia and regarded as one of the most beautiful womenof her time. She was the wife of the wealthy William Bingham,and friend of Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and many otherimportant members of Philadelphia society.She was known for hosting gatherings at her Society Hill home(now Mansion House) which George Washington, John Jay,and Alexander Hamilton frequented, utilizing it as a sight forinformal discussion and debates.Mrs. Binghams portrait done by painter Gilbert Stuart in 1785 isthought to be the image used by Robert Scot for his engravingof Ms. Liberty on the Draped Bust coins.$5,000-7,00063 138026/2Anglo/American School 18th centuryportrait of a colonial gentlemanOil on canvas, framed.29 1/2 in. x 24 in. (sight)provenance:Descended in a Virginian family to the present owner.$1,000-1,50064 131242/2Queen Anne cherrywood drop-leaftablelate 18th centuryOblong top with D shaped leaves,shaped skirt, cabriole legs ending inpad feet.H: 28 1/2 in. W: 38 1/2 in.D: 17 1/4 in.provenance:From the Collection of aPennsylvania Gentleman.Ex-collection: Candace and JamesMcllhenny, Alexandria, Virginia.$1,500-2,50065 131242/1Chippendale maple slant-frontdesknew england, late 18th centuryThe molded slant lid opens toarrangement of drawers andpigeonholes above arrangement offour long drawers, ogee bracket feet.H: 41 in. W: 35 3/4 in. D: 17 3/4 in.provenance:From the Collection of aPennsylvania Gentleman.$2,000-3,00036 www.freemansauction.comG13-14380_AmericanaTXT33-64_Layout 1 3/13/13 4:57 PM Page 3666 131093/1Martin Rosienkiewicz (Polish/American, 1792-1847)paper mill on brandywine (wilmington, del) taken from nature and respectfully presented to dr. h.l. hodgeSigned, By Martin Rosienkiewicz Philadelphia 1838, watercolor and ink on paper, framed.16 1/2 in. x 19 1/2 in. (sight)note:The Gilpin paper mill shown in this work, was established by Philadelphia Quaker brothers, Joshua and ThomasGilpin in 1787. The Gilpins were renowned for instituting the most recent Europeon advances in papermanufacturing. The mill was sold in 1837.An exile following the unsuccessful polish November Uprising against Russia in 1830 and a former professor atPolands Lyceum of Krezmieniec, Martin Rosienkiewicz arrived in Philadelphia in 1834.At the time, Philadelphia showed great support for these exiles and publisher Matthew Carey established acommittee to care for them and supported Rosienkiewicz in writing the first American book printed in Polish,Dialogues to Facilitate the Acquisition of the English Language by the Polish Emigrants. He also ran a Polish school andtaught drawing and painting at the Philadelphia High School for Young Ladies. The Library Company of Philadelphiaholds a lithograph published by Lehman & Duval (1837) showing this school on Spruce Street.Dr. Hugh Lenox Hodge (1796-1873) was a legendary Philadelphia physician, lecturer and Professor of Obstetrics atthe University of Pennsylvania.$8,000-12, 37G13-14380_AmericanaTXT33-64_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:32 AM Page 3767 11-2490/84Chippendale carved cherrywood bonnet top high chestconnecticut, 18th centuryIn two parts, the upper section with molded cornice carved with pinwheel devicesabove carved central drawer and arrangement of seven drawers, the lower casewith molded waist, fan-carved drawer enclosed by three drawers, on shaped apronand cabriole legs ending in pad feet.H: 84 in. W: 37 3/4 in. D:18 1/2 in.provenance:Property from a Prominent Virginia Family.note:Pencil inscription to top board of lower case, Loomis Geo. Chartain, N.Y.$3,000-5,00069 131291/4Chippendale walnut tall chestpennsylvania, late 18th centuryCove molded cornice abovearrangement of eight thumb-moldeddrawers straight bracket feet.H: 55 in. W: 40 1/2 in. D: 21 1/2 in.$500-80070 122167/1Queen Anne walnut tilt-top tableearly 19th centuryThe circular, one-board top tilts onturned support and arched legs withcut-outs at shell-carved knees, andcarved pad feet.H: 28 in. Diam: 30 in.$1,500-2,50038 www.freemansauction.com68 139063/2Chippendale walnut tall chestdelaware valley, circa 1800The molded cornice above arrangement of eight drawers, flanked by moldedcorner columns, molded base with ogival bracket feet.H: 66 1/2 in. W: 43 3/8 in. D: 22 in.provenance:Kendalls Antiques, Fredericksburg, Virginia, 1978.note:Lot is accompanied by photocopied bill of sale.$3,000-5,000G13-14380_AmericanaTXT33-64_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:32 AM Page 3871 131079/5American School 19th centuryportrait of reverend william white (1748-1836)Oil on canvas, glazed and framed.35 1/2 in. x 27 in. (sight)provenance:St. James Episcopal Church, Aston, Pennsylvania.note:A native of Philadelphia and a graduate of the University ofPennsylvania, Reverend William White (1748-1836) was the firstand the fourth Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, firstbishop of the Diocese of Pennsylvania, second United StatesSenate Chaplain, and first and fourth president of the House ofDeputies.He was a member of the American Philosophical Society and aphilanthropist, who was instrumental in the establishment of thePennsylvania School for the Deaf, the Magdalen Society inPhiladelphia for wayward women, and a school for AfricanAmerican and Native American children.Eager for the American Anglican church to remain unified, Whitewas the only Pennsylvania Episcopal cleric to side with theAmerican, rather than the British, revolutionary cause.$2,500-3, 3972 131146/3Chippendale mahogany chest ofdrawersdelaware valley, 18th centuryThe rectangular molded top withshaped corners above four thumbmolded graduated drawers, flankedby quarter round columns, moldedbase with ogee bracket feet.H: 30 1/4 in. W: 34 1/2 in.D: 20 1/2 in.$8,000-12,000G13-14380_AmericanaTXT33-64_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:32 AM Page 3973 131198/3Chippendale mahogany card tablephiladelphia, pa, late 18th centuryThe rectangular top with molded edge above friezewith single beaded drawer, carved molding, squaredturned legs, early surface.H: 29 3/4 in. W: 29 3/4 in. D: 17 3/8 in.provenance:Descended in the Logan family of Delaware.note:Literature: For a similar example by Daniel Trotter(1747-1800), see Robert D. Schwarz, The StephenGirard Collection: A Selective Catalog(1980), item 15,illustration 15.$2,000-4,00074 139062/2Four Chippendale mahogany backstoolslate 18th centuryEach with rounded upholstered backs ontrapezoidal seats, square molded legs joined bystretchers.H: 37 in. Seat H: 16 1/2 in.provenance:Property of a Kentucky Lady.$4,000-6,00075 131138/10Chippendale mahogany chest of drawersphiladelphia, pa, last quarter 18th centuryRectangular top with applied molded edge abovefour thumb molded drawers flanked by flutedquarter columns, ogival bracket feet.H: 33 1/2 in. W: 36 in. D: 21 1/2 in.$3,000-5,00040 www.freemansauction.comG13-14380_AmericanaTXT33-64_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:32 AM Page 4077 131038/18Federal cast brass American eagleand shield doorknocker19th centuryWith bail handle.L: 7 1/2 in.$250-35079 121304/2Chippendale walnut dressing tablemid-atlantic states, late 18th centuryThe rectangular top with applied molded edge above casefitted with four beaded drawers, shaped and fretted apron,squared legs ending in Marlborough feet.H: 31 1/2 in. W: 35 1/2 in. D: 20 1/4 in.provenance:Collected in the early years of the 20th century by Dr.Everett P. Barnard, Class of 1900, University ofPennsylvania, a prominent Rittenhouse Square physician.note:Literature: William M. Hornor, Jr, Blue Book, PhiladelphiaFurniture (1935), pl. 283.$8,000-12,00080 128071/6Pair of mahogany Chippendale side chairsnew england or new york, 18th/19th centurySerpentine crestrails carved with leaves and fluting, a bellsuspended from center, unusual pierced vasiform splatswith lattice decoration, trapezoidal slip seats on squaregrooved and chamfered legs joined by H stretchers.H: 37 1/2 in.$3,000-5,00076 131138/13Chippendale mahogany easy chairThe straight crest enclosed byshaped sides, outscrolled arms,squared legs with molded cornersjoined by stretchers.H: 44 in.$800-1, 4178 139059/6Queen Anne walnut tavern tablevirginia, late 18th centuryThe rectangular removable top above twodrawers on tapering legs ending in pad feet.H: 28 3/4 in. W: 48 in. D: 30 1/4 in.provenance:Jelly jar label inside right drawer inscribed, WillR. Lair Georgetown, Kentucky.$6,000-8,000G13-14380_AmericanaTXT33-64_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:32 AM Page 4184 131138/12Chippendale mahogany cornerchairnew england, late 18th/early 19thcenturyFlattened outscrolled handholds,pierced splats, turned supports onsquared legs with molded edge.H: 31 in.$500-80081 122448/4Seven pairs of ladies shoeslondon, paris and philadelphia, early to mid 19thcenturyIncluding six flat sole, square toed satin slippers, threepair black, two pair cream and one pair brocade;together with one pair of cream satin pumps, severalpairs with paper labels from Philadelphia, London andParis.L: 9 1/2 in.provenance:Property of a Philadelphia Estate.$300-50082 121563/29Queen Anne-style mahogany andneedleworked firescreen19th/20th centuryThe molded frame enclosingwoolworked panel of vase withflowers, turned urn form standardon cabriole legs ending in snakefeet.H: 50 1/2 in. W: 25 in. D: 22 1/2 in.(screen)$300-50042 www.freemansauction.com83 139059/3Cherrywood corner cupboardpossibly north carolina, early 19thcenturyThe molded broken cornice with pressedbrass rosettes enclosing finial above pairof glazed doors and pair of recessedpaneled doors, bracket feet.H: 99 in. W: 51 in. D: 18 1/2 in.$4,000-6,000G13-14380_AmericanaTXT33-64_Layout 1 3/13/13 4:57 PM Page 4285 122448/1Chippendale maple chest-on-chestnew hampshire, late 18th centuryThe upper section with molded cornice above arrangement of seven drawersenclosing a deep fan-carved drawer, the lower section with two long and twoshort drawers centering a fan-carved drawer, molded base on ball and claw feet.H: 80 in. W: 39 1/2 in. D: 21 1/4 in.provenance:Property of a Philadelphia Estate.$4,000-6,00086 121975/13Chippendale mahogany tea tablephiladelphia, pa, circa 1775Circular dished top tilts on birdcage andtapering belted ball-form support oncabriole legs ending in ball and claw feet.H: 29 in. Diam: 31 in.$1,500-2,50087 122278/2Chippendale mahogany side chairpossibly new york, 18th centurySerpentine leaf carved crestrail and ears,pierced urn splat back, trapezoidal slip seatwith plain seat rails, acanthus leaf carvedcabriole legs on claw and ball feet.H: 37 1/4 in.$ 4388 131251/1Chippendale carved mahogany high chest18th century and laterDouble scroll molded cresting with floral carvedrosettes, three flame finials, applied shell and leafcarving above five varisized lip molded small drawersand three graduated wide lip molded drawers, flutedchamfered corners, base with one wide lip moldeddrawer above a highly carved shell and applied leafcenter drawer flanked by two small lip molded drawers,fluted chamfered corners, shaped and shell carvedapron, scroll carved knees, cabriole legs, trifid feet.H: 91 in. W: 41 3/4 in. D: 23 in.provenance:Property of a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Estate.$4,000-7,000G13-14380_AmericanaTXT33-64_Layout 1 3/13/13 4:57 PM Page 4391 131284/2Staffordshire Historical transferware itemsjob and john jackson, burslem, circa 1830 and othersIncluding Select Sketches-New York mulberry platter,Battle Monument Baltimore red plate, Hartford,Connecticut brown plate, Hancock House Boston redplate; together with US Views Near Conway N.Hampshire red plate, and three Millennium-Peace onEarth plates in blue, brown and mulberry.L: 16 3/4 in. (platter)provenance:From the Estate of Harry W. Hartman, collector and ownerof Vernon Antiques, Mt. Vernon, New York.note:Originally a journalist in New York City, Harry Hartmanopened an antique store and then turned his love ofantiques into a career. His collections ranged frompostcards, mechanical banks, to historical Staffordshireand more! The pieces at auction were part of his familysprivate collection.$800-1,20089 131085/5Staffordshire Chelseawareassembled dessert setmid-19th centuryIncluding molded and paneledcoffee pot, covered sugar, creamer,waste bowl, twelve cups withsaucers, twelve small plates, sixserving plates; together with asimilar cup and six saucers.H: 9 1/2 in. (largest)provenance:Estate of Mary L. Fleisher,Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.Belonged to Jacob C. Tressler, authorEnglish in ActionPurchased in 1940 from a SeaCaptain, Holden, Maine.$600-80090 131085/12Staffordshire platter with red andblue Chinoiserie decorationearly 19th centuryWith underglaze blue and enamelred.L: 18 1/4 in.provenance:Estate of Mary L. Fleisher,Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.$300-50092 131284/3Group of Staffordshire Historical transferwarePicturesque Viewsjames and ralph clews, cobridge, 1829-1836Including Hudson, Hudson River black coveredvegetable dish, Penitentiary near Pittsburghmulberry tray, two small West Point Hudson Riverplates, large blue Nr. Fish Kill Hudson River plate,Troy near Mt. Ida large black plate, and Bakers FallsHudson River medium black plate.L: 15 1/2 in. (largest)provenance:From the Estate of Harry W. Hartman, collector andowner of Vernon Antiques, Mt. Vernon, New York.$800-1,20044 www.freemansauction.comG13-14380_AmericanaTXT33-64_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:32 AM Page 4494 131284/5Staffordshire Historical Bluetransferware of New York Viewsvarious makers, 1830sIncluding a Columbia College, NYsmall plate; City Hotel, NY, ParkTheatre NY, New York fromBrooklyn Heights and Grandopening of the Erie Canal plates;Alms House, NY saucer andcreamer; Opening of the ErieCanal pitcher; and Entrance to theGrand Erie Canal into the Hudson atAlbany wash bowl; together with ablack transferware ColumbiaCollege, NY teacup.Diam: 10 in.provenance:From the Estate of Harry W.Hartman, collector and owner ofVernon Antiques, Mt. Vernon, NewYork.$1,000-1,50096 131284/9Staffordshire polychrome bust ofGeorge Washington.after model by enoch wood, early19th centuryIncised at back, Washington born1732, died 1799 Enoch Wood scupt.H: 8 1/2 in.provenance:From the Estate of Harry W.Hartman, collector and owner ofVernon Antiques, Mt. Vernon, NewYork.$400-60097 131284/12Mahogany stand fitted with Staffordshire bidetfirst half 19th centuryThe rectangular case with lid raised on turned legs fitted with a bidettransferprinted in blue with expansive pastoral scene.H: 17 1/2 in. W: 28 3/4 in. D: 19 in.provenance:From the Estate of Harry W. Hartman, collector and owner of VernonAntiques, Mt. Vernon, New York.$300-50093 131284/4Staffordshire Historical Bluetransferware itemsridgway, wood and others, circa1830sIncluding three Boston StateHouse plates, one Insane HospitalBoston small plate, one Fairmountnear Philadelphia plate and a Fallof Montmorency near Quebecplate; together with a blacktransferware Boston State Housesaucer.Diam: 10 in. (largest)provenance:From the Estate of Harry W.Hartman, collector and owner ofVernon Antiques, Mt. Vernon, NewYork.$600-80095 131284/6Group of Staffordshire HistoricalBlue transferware itemsenoch wood and others, first half19th centuryIncluding Washington with scrollcovered sugar bowl; Lafayette atthe tomb of Franklin tea bowl andsaucer; Presidential Four Medallionplate; States small plate; andEagle and Shield waste bowl.H: 7 1/2 in. (largest)provenance:From the Estate of Harry W.Hartman, collector and owner ofVernon Antiques, Mt. Vernon, NewYork.$1,000-1, 45G13-14380_AmericanaTXT33-64_Layout 1 3/14/13 3:39 PM Page 4598 131284/7Group of Staffordshire HistoricalBlue Lafayette at Castle Gardentransferwareclews, circa 1835Including two octagonal platters,creamer, waste bowl, two plates andcovered sauce tureen.L: 15 1/4 in. (largest platter)provenance:From the Estate of Harry W.Hartman, collector and owner ofVernon Antiques, Mt. Vernon, NewYork.$1,000-1,50099 131284/8Four Staffordshire Historical Bluetransferware platesfirst half 19th centuryIncluding Dartmouth with shellborder plate; York Minster plateand soup plate; and Chief JusticeMarshall plate.Diam: 10 in. (largest)provenance:From the Estate of Harry W.Hartman, collector and owner ofVernon Antiques, Mt. Vernon, NewYork.$600-800100 131284/10Group of Staffordshire dark bluetransferware in English Scenesfirst half 19th centuryIncluding two covered vegetabledishes one printed with BothwellCastle; BadmintonGloucestershire well-and-treeplatter; St. Woolstons Kildare,Ireland platter; three tea bowls andsaucers with hunting scenes;together with a teapot, a floralpatterned large pitcher, two castersand two dinner plates printed withromantic scenes.L: 19 in. (platter)provenance:From the Estate of Harry W.Hartman, collector and owner ofVernon Antiques, Mt. Vernon, NewYork.$700-900101 131284/11Staffordshire Historical Bluetransferware Shell patterneditemsjoseph stubb, longport, circa 1830sIncluding covered sugar bowl, wastebowl, teabowl and saucer, gravyboat and two plates.Diam: 10 in.provenance:From the Estate of Harry W.Hartman, collector and owner ofVernon Antiques, Mt. Vernon, NewYork.$400-60046 www.freemansauction.comG13-14380_AmericanaTXT33-64_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:32 AM Page 46103 131202/5Charles Balthazar Julien Fevret de St. Memin (1770-1852)silhouette portrait of joshua fisher (1775-1806)Charcoal, chalk and graphite on pink paper, framed.19 1/2 in. x 13 1/2 in. (sight)provenance:Descended in the family to the present owner.note:Joshua Fisher, Philadelphia merchant in the East India trade, wasthe son of Sarah Logan and Thomas Fisher. He married ElizabethPowel Francis (1777-1865), daughter of Anne Willing and TenchFrancis, in 1806. Their son, Joshua Francis Fisher (1807-1873)became a well known Philadelphia philanthropist and essayist.The Fisher family papers are archived in the PennsylvaniaHistorical Society.literature:See illustration, Anna Wharton Smith Genealogy of the Fisher Family1682-1896 (1896), no. 97.$5,000-8,000102 131131/1American School late 19th centuryphiladelphia street sceneSigned and dated lower left, John S. Powell Nov 3095, oil on canvas, framed, hand-written inscription tostretcher, John Krider Gunstore NW cor of 2thWalnut St. Built 1730 John S. Powell Nov 30 1895.21 3/4 in. x 14 3/4 in. (sight)note:The corner building depicted was built in 1751 as theresidence of Philadelphia native John Drinker. In 1856,John Krider purchased the building and converted itinto The Krider Gun Shop, a Sportsmens Depotrenowned for its fine handmade firearms and fishingreels and rods. Krider was listed as a taxidermist withbirds eggs and skins for sale in The Essex InstitutesThe Naturalists Directory, Part II (1866) and published abook entitled, Forty Years Notes Of a Field Ornithologist:Giving a Description of All Birds Killed and Prepared byHim (1879).$4,000-6, 47G13-14380_AmericanaTXT33-64_Layout 1 3/14/13 3:22 PM Page 47104 121304/1Mahogany inlaid tall case clocknathan gulick (1777-1826), easton, pa, circa 1800Double scroll cresting with inlaid rosettes, fluted finial posts withurn and spire finials, arched face door flanked by slendercolumnettes, painted moon phased face with black on whiteArabic numeral chapter ring, sweep second hand, half round datering above moon phased, Nathan Gulick below post, fan andleaf painted corners, serpentine top, lip molded and band inlaidwaist door, flanked by quarter round fluted corners, fan inlaidpanel below, pencil line and oval panel inlaid base on straightbracket feet.H: 94 1/2 in.provenance:Collected in the early years of the 20th century by Dr. Everett P.Barnard, Class of 1900, University of Pennsylvania, a prominentRittenhouse Square physician.$2,000-3,000105 122448/2Federal inlaid mahogany bow frontchest of drawersmassachusetts, circa 1800Rectangular top with swelled frontwith molded edge above fourveneered drawers, shaped aproncontinuing to bracket feet.H: 39 1/2 in.provenance:Property of a Philadelphia Estate.$1,000-1,500106 139059/2Federal inlaid mahogany sideboardsouthern states, circa 1800Rectangular line-inlaid top with serpentine front and canted corners aboveconforming case fitted with centered drawer and two deep drawers withsimulated double drawer facade, arched apron, squared tapering legs inlaidwith linked ovals and bell flowers, ending in spade feet.H: 37 3/4 in. W: 61 in. D: 27 in.$4,000-6,00048 www.freemansauction.comG13-14380_AmericanaTXT33-64_Layout 1 3/13/13 4:57 PM Page 48108 131175/6Pair of inlaid mahogany knife boxesearly 19th centuryWith serpentine facades with barber pole inlay and ivoryescutcheons, fitted interiors.H: 13 3/4 in.$1,500-2,500109 131201/2Pair of large mahogany knife boxesearly 19th centuryOf typical form with fitted interiors, escutcheonsengraved with crest and monograms, ogee bracket feet.H: 17 in.$1,800-2,200110 131297/2School of Thomas Sully (1783-1872)portrait of a little girlOil on canvas, oval carved gilt frame.23 1/2 in. x 19 1/4 in. (sight)$1,500-2,500107 121563/26Anglo/American School 19thcenturya pair of falconsOil on panel, unframed.15 1/4 in. x 17 1/4 in.$1,000-1, 49111 122393/4Federal cherrywood and bandinlaid tall case clockearly 19th centuryThe hood with urn finials abovescrolled cresting having inlaidrosettes, floral painted wooden face,the case with band-inlaid moldeddoor flanked by diagonally reededquarter columns, band inlaid plinthwith similarly reeded quartercolumns, turned feet.H: 94 in. W: 18 in. D: 10 in.provenance:Property of a Pennsylvania Estate.$1,000-2,000G13-14380_AmericanaTXT33-64_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:36 AM Page 49112 121420/1Walnut tall case clockpeter shutz (1758-1790), york, paDouble scroll cresting with three turned urn and acorn finials,applied floral rosettes, arched face door flanked by turnedcolumnettes, arched brass face, top with applied circular platePeter Shutz, York, 97 flanked by applied fish and scroll brassdecorations, face with black Roman numeral chapter ring,Arabic numeral outer minute ring and subsidiary Arabicnumeral seconds ring, date window and corner applied brassspandrels of scrolls and cupid heads, lip molded waste doorwith cut out corners at the top, fluted chamfered corners, plainbase with fluted chamfered corners on French bracket feet.H: 91 1/2 in.provenance:Estate of Isaac H. Stauffer, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania andNew Orleans, Louisiana.$5,000-7,000113 131221/1Federal maple chest of drawersnew england, late 18th centuryThe rectangular top with molded edge above four graduateddrawers, molded base with ogee molded feet.H: 33 3/4 in. W: 40 in. D: 19 in.$2,000-3,00050 www.freemansauction.com114 131138/1Federal inlaid mahogany swell-front chest of drawersprobably new hampshire, circa 1800The rectangular top with inlaid edge above four band and string inlaiddrawers, the shaped and inlaid skirt continues to bracket feet.H: 37 1/4 in. W: 41 in. D: 19 in.$2,000-3,000G13-14380_AmericanaTXT33-64_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:36 AM Page 50115 139059/5Federal inlaid mahogany sideboardnew york, early 19th centuryRectangular shaped top above conforming case fitted with long drawerflanked by two short drawers and two doors, fan-inlaid brackets, on squaredtapering legs inlaid with ovals and bell flowers, band inlaid throughout.H: 40 in. W: 75 in. D: 30 1/2 in.provenance:Exhibited for many years in the Carlisle House, Alexandria, Virginia.$15,000-25, 51116 132005/1American School 19th centuryportrait of a young gentlemanOil on canvas, framed.24 1/2 in. x 20 in. (sight)provenance:From the Collection of Margery B.George, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.$1,000-2,000117 131227/12American School 19th centuryportrait of a young seatedgentlemanOil on canvas, framed.30 in. x 26 in. (sight)provenance:Property of a Pennsylvania Collector.$1,500-2,500G13-14380_AmericanaTXT33-64_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:36 AM Page 51118 139062/1Federal inlaid mahogany serpentine chest ofdrawersnorfolk, va, circa 1800The serpentine top with veneered edgesabove conforming case, four line inlaidgraduated drawers above shaped apron andbracket feet, chamfered inlaid sides.H: 42 1/2 in. W: 48 3/4 in. D: 21 1/4 in.provenance:Property of a Kentucky Lady.$6,000-8,000119 131075/2Federal inlaid games tablecirca 1800Demilune top to molded edge on squaredtapering legs inlaid with floral ovals at frieze.H: 29 in. W: 38 1/4 in. D: 19 in.$600-800120 139058/1Federal inlaid mahogany card tablemassachusetts, circa 1800Rectangular outset top with inlaidedge above conforming oval inlaidapron and squared tapering inlaidlegs.H: 27 1/2 in. W: 3/4 in. D: 17 3/4 in.$3,000-5,000121 139054/5Federal inlaid and veneered chestof drawersRectangular top with band inlaidedge above four graduated similarlyinlaid drawers, on straight bracketfeet.H: 35 in. W: 36 in. D: 16 1/2 in.$600-800122 122098/7Federal mahogany swell front chestof drawerscirca 1800Rectangular top with swelled frontabove case with four graduatedbeaded drawers on a shaped apronand French bracket feet.H: 38 in. W: 43 in. D: 20 1/2 in.provenance:Dorothy McIlvain Scott Estate,Baltimore, Maryland.52 www.freemansauction.comnote:Noted philanthropist, supporter ofthe arts, and collector of 18th and19th century American furnitureand decorative arts, DorothyMcIlvain Scott gifted both itemsfrom her collection and substantialfunds to the Baltimore Museum ofArt. The museums Americangallery wing is named after her.$500-700G13-14380_AmericanaTXT33-64_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:36 AM Page 52124 OWNED/675American School 19th centuryminiature portrait of a young newyork gentlemanWatercolor on ivory, gilt locket case.2 1/2 in. x 1 3/4 in. (sight)$400-600125 131222/2American School 19th centurytwenty silhouette portraits, including peales museum, william king and william doyleComprising ten gentlemen, including one full length, and ten ladies, one signed Doyle, oneimpressed King and eight impressed Museum or Peale Museum, some sittersidentified, framed; together with a copy of Alice Van Leers Carrick Shades of our Ancestors(1928).11 1/2 in. x 5 in. (sight, largest)$800-1,200126 132000/14American School 19th centuryhollow-cut silhouette of davidduncanInscribed on verso, David Duncanborn Jan 28, 1792, watercolor andink, framed.4 in. x 3 1/2 in. (sight)provenance:Collection of a PennsylvaniaGentleman.$400-600123 131304/1Anglo/American School 19th centuryportrait of a child and white dogPastel on paper, eglomis mat,framed.10 1/4 in. x 8 1/2 in. (sight)provenance:Property of a Main Line Lady.$2,000-3, 53G13-14380_AmericanaTXT33-64_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:36 AM Page 53127 132000/15American School 19th centurysilhouette portraits of lucretiab. and jas. g. bryantSitters identified on jelly jar labels onverso, hollow cut, eglomis mat,pressed brass frame; together with ascherenschnitte wreath with birds,eglomis mat, framed.3 1/2 in. x 2 5/8 in. (sight)provenance:Collection of a PennsylvaniaGentleman.$400-600128 132000/16American School 19th centuryminiature portrait of a man and adaguerreotype of miniatureWatercolor and ink on paper,framed.2 3/4 in. x 2 in. (sight)provenance:Collection of a PennsylvaniaGentleman.$800-1,200129 131085/7American School 19th centurytwo miniature portraits of ladies,newport news, va, 1826The first, inscribed on backboard,Hannah Allen New Port Newf, VA1826 -Harriet James Tucker ofPetersburg, Va and the secondinscribed, Mrs. Enoch Allen neeGreen Newport Newf, Va 1826,watercolor and ink on paper, framed.5 1/2 in. and 4 1/2 in. (sight)provenance:Estate of Mary L. Fleisher,Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.$400-60054 www.freemansauction.comG13-14380_AmericanaTXT33-64_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:36 AM Page 55130 131098/3Near pair of brass candlesticksholland, 18th centuryEach with incised cylindrical cup on paneled andring turned and domed support with a squaredbase.H(s): 6 5/8 in. and 7 1/4 in.$300-500131 131228/8Adjustable brass double candlestick19th centuryEagle finial above adjustable shades and urn-form candlecups on scrolled arms, circular base.H: 16 in.provenance:Property from a New Jersey Collection.Lovrinic Antiques, Lambertville, New Jersey.$800-1,200132 131098/2Brass ink and candle standengland, 19th centuryThe oval footed stand fitted with twocandleholders, bell, covered sander and coveredink well.H: 6 in. W: 7 1/2 in.$500-800133 122492/1Pair of Federal brass andironscirca 1800Lemon on urn finial and tapering columnarshaft, squared plinth on arched spurred legsending in ball and claw feet.H: 27 1/2 in.$800-1,200134 131201/1Pair of Federal brass andironsearly 19th centuryUrn form finials on turned shafts andcylindrical plinths on arched, spurred legsending in slipper feet on balls.H: 15 in.$400-600130134133132131G13-14380_AmericanaTXT33-64_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:36 AM Page 55135 131228/9Ebonized miniature spindle backarmchair19th centuryTurned stiles enclosing conformingcrestrail and vase turned spindles,conforming legs joined by vaseturned stretcher.H: 11 3/4 in.provenance:Property from a New JerseyCollection.$500-800136 131228/6Miniature ladderback ash andmaple armchairdelaware valley, circa 1830Original rush seat.H: 14 1/2 in.provenance:Property from a New JerseyCollection.Purchased from June Lambert.$2,000-3,000137 131228/10Miniature Classical mahoganychest of drawersphiladelphia, pa, circa 1820Rectangular overhanging top abovecase with molded front drawer overthree beaded graduated drawersflanked by acanthus carved pilasters,shaped base, turned feet.H: 15 in. W: 14 1/2 in. D: 6 3/4 in.provenance:Property from a New JerseyCollection.Nathan Liverant & Son Antiques,Colchester, Connecticut.$1,500-2,500138 131228/4Pair of miniature brass andirons19th centuryTurned and faceted form on scrolledlegs ending in ball feet.H: 7 in.provenance:Property from a New JerseyCollection.Nathan Liverant & Son Antiques,Colchester, Connecticut.$800-1,200139 122590/3Painted and stenciled ink wellbears printed label, s.silliman &co, chester, connWith two ink reservoirs, rosewoodgrained with gilt stenciling of eagleand bannerette.H: 3 1/2 in. Diam: 5 3/8 in.$300-500140 131228/3Miniature turned burl bowl19th centuryTurned foot and beaded band.H: 2 in. Diam: 4 in.provenance:Property from a New JerseyCollection.Wayne Pratt, Inc., Woodbury,Connecticut and Nantucket,Massachusetts.$2,000-3,000141 131197/5Miniature Federal mahogany chestof drawers19th centuryOf bow-front form with five beadededge drawers, turned pulls, shapedapron and bracket feet.H: 8 1/2 in. W: 10 in. D: 7 in.$300-500142 131197/3Miniature mahogany and bonewatch hutch19th centuryIn the form of a tall case clock;together with an Elgin pocket watch.H: 11 1/4 in.$300-500143 131228/2Brass, bone, and ivory inlaid andincised sailors boxnew england, mid 19th centuryRectangular hinged lid aboveconforming case, scalloped apron,and bracket feet, inlaid with ivory orbone diamonds and hearts, brassconcentric circles.H: 5 3/4 in. W: 9 1/2 in. D: 6 in.provenance:Property from a New JerseyCollection.Wayne Pratt, Inc., Woodbury,Connecticut and Nantucket,Massachusetts.$1,500-2,50056 www.freemansauction.com138139137136135G13-14380_AmericanaTXT33-64_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:36 AM Page 56148 131228/1Miniature late Classical mahoganychest of drawerscirca 1830Scrolled backboard on rectangulartop above drawer and two recesseddrawers, flanked by spiral turnedcolumns, turned feet.H: 20 in. W: 17 3/4 in. D: 10 1/4 in.provenance:Property from a New JerseyCollection.Kendall Chew and John Formicola,Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.$1,000-1,500149 131291/7Classical mahogany and mahoganyveneer secretary bookcasecirca 1830In two parts, cove molded corniceabove pair of Gothic glazed doorsopening to shelves and drawers andtwo beaded drawers below, thelower case with fold-out writingsurface above half-round faceddrawer and two beaded recesseddrawers flanked by turnedcolumnettes ending in turned feet.H: 72 in. W: 40 in. D: 18 in.$1,000-1,500150 131305/6Federal traytop cherrywoodcandlestandearly 19th centurySquared top with applied sides onvase turned support and arched legsending in snake feet.H: 26 1/2 in.$800-1, 57146 131197/2Miniature inlaid mahogany chest ofdrawerscirca 1800Of swell-front form inlaid withstringing, satinwood and ebonychevron banding, bone pulls, turnedfeet.H: 8 1/4 in. W: 12 in. D: 4 in.$600-800147 131197/7Miniature mahogany slant-frontdesk20th centuryWith molded slant lid opening to afitted interior, five beaded drawers,ogival bracket feet.H: 18 in. W: 16 in. D: 9 5/8 in.$400-600144 131197/6Miniature Queen Anne-stylecherrywood desk on frame20th centuryWith a fitted interior, brass pulls.H: 13 1/4 in. W: 5 1/2 in. D: 5 1/2 in.$300-500145 131197/4Miniature inlaid tilt-top centertablesecond half 19th centuryThe circular top inlaid withgameboard on turned support andshaped base ending in disc feet.H: 5 1/2 in. Diam: 6 1/2 in.$250-350142 (part)146145144143142 (part)140141148147G13-14380_AmericanaTXT33-64_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:36 AM Page 57151 131100/5Embroidered and painted pictureattributed to miss patten familyschool, hartford, ct, circa 1810A bucolic scene with shepherdessand shepherd worked with silk andmetallic threads and paint on satinweave cream silk, framed, pencilinscription on backboard, To...hisgrandmothers work when aschoolgirl. From L.M. Thom.15 in. x 14 in. (sight)$4,000-6,000152 122558/2Needleworked samplerchristiana lovett 1827A silk ribbon border enclosing floral sprays,sentimental verse and panel with gazebo, treesand animals, paper birds, worked withpolychrome silk threads on a linen ground,framed.18 in. x 17 1/2 in. (sight)$800-1,200153 131305/7Needleworked picture and framed wallpaperhat box lidfirst half 19th centuryThe needlework depicting young woman at thetomb of Werter, worked in silk and chenillethreads and watercolor on a satin ground; thehat box lid printed with Middletown ConnWesleyan University, framed.13 in. x 17 in. (sight) and 12 1/4 in. x 9 3/4 in.(sight)$600-80058 www.freemansauction.comG13-14380_AmericanaTXT33-64_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:36 AM Page 58155 131208/2Chenille-worked pictureinscribed, eliza t 1820,attributed to the greenwichschool, new jerseyWorked with chenille yarns andwatercolor on a silk ground, framed.13 in. x 10 in. (sight)$800-1,200156 131208/3Large pastoral needleworkfirst third 19th centuryWorked with chenille, silk andwatercolor on a silk ground, framed;together with a wool-worked andwatercolor picture of a boy near astream, eglomise mat, framed. 23 1/4 in. x 16 in. (sight)$600-1,000154 131208/1Chenille-worked pictureinscribed, eliza t steelmans work greenwichschool 1816, new jerseyAn urn of flowers above embroidered inscriptionon silk satin ground.14 in. x 9 3/4 in. (sight)note:Another needlework by Eliza Steelman worked in1816 at the Greenwich School is in the collectionof the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum,gift of Eve Johnston Coe.$800-1, 59G13-14380_AmericanaTXT33-64_Layout 1 3/14/13 9:22 PM Page 59157 131171/1Pair of Federal carved mahogany side chairsmid-atlantic states, circa 1800With stepped back carved with fans and Prince-of-Wales feathers above a pierced and drapedurn, overupholstered seats and molded squaredtapering legs, old surface.H: 35 1/2 in.$1,000-1,500158 122421/35Federal inlaid astragal-end work tablemid-atlantic states, circa 1820The ovoid top with hinged ends above felted slideand two beaded drawers, flanked by inlaid panels,acorn pendants above reeded urn standard withmolded downswept legs.H: 29 1/4 in. W: 24 1/4 in. D: 13 1/2 in.$1,500-2,500159 131138/3Federal carved mahogany and upholsteredarmchaircirca 1800Crestrail carved with swags and tassels aboveupholstered back, reeded downswept stilescontinuing to arms on reeded columnar supports,reeded seat rail, reeded tapering legs ending incasters.H: 33 in.$600-80060 www.freemansauction.com158 157157159218G13-14380_AmericanaTXT33-64_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:36 AM Page 61160 131198/9Federal carved mahogany pier tablehaines-connelly school, philadelphia, pa, circa 1810The shaped top with reeded edge above conforming frieze carvedwith flower-heads, acanthus leaf carved and tapering reeded legson brass casters.H: 36 in. W: 41 1/2 in. D: 19 3/4 in.note:This rare form exhibits the ovoid acanthus-carved knees, slenderreeded, tapering legs, turned feet and fine mahogany associatedwith the work of Henry Connelly (1770-1826) and Ephraim Haines(1775-1837). For related examples, see the set of settee and chairsmade in 1807 by Ephraim Haines for Stephen Girard, in Robert D.Schwarz, The Stephen Girard Collection, Girard College, Philadelphia(1980), figs. 24, 26, and 27.$15,000-25,000G13-14380_AmericanaTXT33-64_Layout 1 3/13/13 4:58 PM Page 61161 131079/3Henry Inman (1801-1846)portrait of the right reverend william heathcote delancey(1797-1865)Oil on canvas, glazed and framed, paper exhibition label to verso.35 in. x 27 3/4 in. (sight)provenance:St. James Episcopal Church, Aston, Pennsylvania.exhibited:The Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, The Works of HenryInman, April 3, 1987 to August 2, 1987.note:Ordained in the Episcopal Church in 1822, Reverend WilliamHeathcote DeLancey (1797-1865) originally served as generalassistant to Bishop William White in Philadelphia. He waselected a trustee of the University of Pennsylvania in 1826 andultimately became the sixth Provost of the University. The firstBishop to be elected to the Episcopal Diocese of Western NewYork in 1839, he was an instrumental figure in both church andeducational institutions.$8,000-12,000162 131079/1American School 19th centuryst. james churchOil on canvas, framed, hand-written inscription to verso: St.James Church north east corner of Comerce (formerly Snt. JamesSt. and Seventh Sts. Philada. The Church was projected 1806.Consecrated by Bishop White May 1st, 1809. Taken down 1870.Painted for Samuel Croft by W.H. Cooper.21 3/4 in. x 17 1/2 in. (sight)provenance:St. James Episcopal Church, Aston, Pennsylvania.$800-1,200163 131079/4American School 19th centuryportrait of bishop john stark ravenscroft (1772-1830)Oil on canvas, glazed and framed with associated plaque.29 1/2 in. x 25 1/2 in. (sight)provenance:St. James Episcopal Church, Aston, Pennsylvania.note:Elected as the first Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina in 1823, John StarkRavenscroft discerned his religious vocation in 1810 whereupon he joined the "RepublicanMethodists." He was consecrated in St. Paul's Church in Philadelphia in 1823 and in 1824,he proclaimed that adequate study of the Bible required the accompaniment of a qualifiedteacher, a declaration that met with much controversy from the Bible Society of NorthCarolina and sparked a debate between Ravenscroft and Presbyterian theology professorJohn Rice. Ravenscroft published a book in 1826 outlining his beliefs. A portrait of Ravenscroft was painted by Jacob Eichholtz (1776-1842) in Philadelphia in1829, and is currently owned by St. Mary's College in Raleigh, North Carolina.$2,000-3,00062 www.freemansauction.comG13-14380_AmericanaTXT33-64_Layout 1 3/14/13 3:23 PM Page 62165 122421/37Federal cherrywood slant-frontdesknew england, circa 1800The molded hinged top opens to afitted interior above four graduatedthumb molded drawers, moldedbracket base.H: 43 1/2 in. W: 39 in. D: 20 in.$800-1,200164 131198/7Pair of painted cast iron garden seatsrobert wood foundry, philadelphia, pa, early 19th centuryArched crestrail above wreathed, pierced lyriform back,downswept arms, pierced seat, floral patterns to legs withsplayed feet.H: 32 3/4 in.literature:For a related example see Figure 1, from William MacphersonHornor, Jr., Blue Book Philadelphia Furniture 1682-1807(1935), pl.431.$1,500-2, 63166 128072/1Federal inlaid mahogany sideboardprobably virginia, circa 1800Rectangular serpentine top above conforming case fittedwith three conforming drawers and four doors, onsquared tapering legs, line-inlay throughout.H: 39 1/4 in. W: 71 1/2 in. D: 25 in.$2,000-3,000Figure 1G13-14380_AmericanaTXT33-64_Layout 1 3/13/13 4:58 PM Page 63169 122444/44Federal inlaid cherrywood chest ofdrawersnew england, circa 1800Rectangular top with inlaid edgeabove four beaded and similarlyinlaid drawers on shaped apron andbracket feet.H: 39 3/4 in. W: 39 in. D: 20 1/2 in.$1,000-1,500170 131307/1Federal inlaid mahogany secretary bookcaseboston, circa 1810The upper section with shaped cornice above twoglazed doors opening to shelves and two drawers;the lower case with folding writing surface andthree long drawers with beaded edges and two deepdrawers, all raised on squared tapering legs, allinlaid.H: 74 in. W: 41 1/2 in. D: 19 in.$1,500-2,50064 www.freemansauction.com167 131291/8English/Scottish School 19thcenturylandscape with hunters and dogsOil on circular canvas, unframed.Diam: 25 1/2 in.$800-1,200168 122421/42Federal inlaid mahogany card tablemid-atlantic states, circa 1800With shaped top on square taperinglegs.H: 30 1/2 in. W: 36 in. D: 17 1/2 in.$1,500-2,500G13-14380_AmericanaTXT33-64_Layout 1 3/13/13 4:58 PM Page 65172 132000/18American School 19th centuryportrait of a young gentlemanOil on canvas, framed.29 1/2 in. x 24 in. (sight)provenance:Collection of a PennsylvaniaGentleman.Buckley and Buckley Antiques,Salisbury, Connecticut.$2,000-3,000171 132001/2Ammi Phillips (1788-1865)portrait of a young gentlemanwith history bookOil on canvas, framed.33 1/2 in. x 27 1/4 in. (sight)provenance:Property of a Regional CharitableTrust.note:Literature: See Stacy C. Hollander,Revisiting Ammi Phillips: 50 Years ofAmerican Portraiture(1994). Thisportrait is cited in the checklist ofknown portraits by Phillips, p. 77.$5,000-7,000G13-14380_AmericanaTXT65-96_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:48 AM Page 6566 www.freemansauction.com174 131138/2Mahogany armchairsouthern states, late 18th centuryStraight crestrail above pierced urnform splat, outscrolled arms, moldedtrapezoidal seat, squared legs withmolded edge.H: 37 in.$800-1,200173 139059/7Stained cherrywood four posttester bedmid-atlantic states, first quarter19th centuryUrn finials on vasiform turned postsenclosing a shaped headboard,tapering turned legs on turned feet.H: 88 1/2 in. W: 52 3/4 in.$2,000-3,000G13-14380_AmericanaTXT65-96_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:48 AM Page 67175 131098/1Federal inlaid cherrywood work tablenew england, circa 1800Rectangular top inlaid with fans and stringingcentering a star, patterned inlaid edge, above a singlefan inlaid drawer, line-inlaid squared tapering legs.H: 27 1/4 in. W: 15 3/4 in. L: 18 1/4 in.provenance:Philip H. Bradley Co., Downington, Pennsylvania.Richard W. Withington, Inc., Hillsborough, NewHampshire.Ex-Collection: Alice Van Leer Carrick Skinner (1875-1951), New Hampshire.note:Lot is accompanied by bill of sale.$4,000-6,000177 131127/1Joseph Shoemaker Russell (1795-1860)lamp oil store, corner of strawberry andchestnut st., philadelphia, paInk on paper, framed.9 1/2 in. x 7 in.note:Thomas and R.T. Barnes are listed at 55 Chestnut St asCommercial curriers and dealers in leather and oil, inCommercial Directory: Containting a TopographicalDescription, published by J.C. Kayser & Co.,Philadelphia, in 1823. The artist Joseph ShoemakerRussell opened an oil shop at this address in 1818. Aninterior view of that shop was sold in these roomsApril 30, 2012, lot 347.$1,000-1,500176 122522/3Chippendale tiger maple slant-front desklate 18th centuryThe molded slant top opens to afitted interior above four thumbmolded drawers flanked by flutedquarter columns, molded base,ogival bracket feet.H: 42 1/2 in. W: 39 in. D: 19 1/2 in.$4,000-6,000G13-14380_AmericanaTXT65-96_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:48 AM Page 67180 131305/1Federal figured maple andcherrywood slant-front deskearly 19th centuryThe thumb molded lid opens to afitted and valanced interior and fourmolded drawers, grain-paintedbracket base.H: 41 3/4 in. W: 36 in. D: 19 3/4 in.$3,000-5,00068 www.freemansauction.com178 132000/6Schoolgirl decorated boxnew england, early 19th centuryThe lid decorated in polychrome to show a village common withbuildings, carriages, pedestrians and a church beyond, the sidesdecorated with a leafy vine.H: 3 3/4 in. W: 12 1/4 in. D: 7 1/2 in.provenance:Collection of a Pennsylvania Gentleman.Robert Thayer Antiques, Sheffield, Massachusetts.$6,000-8,000179 131138/4Birds-eye maple work standmid-atlantic states, early 19thcenturyRectangular top above single draweron turned legs.H. 29 1/2 in. W: 18 3/4 in.D: 14 1/4 in.$800-1,200G13-14380_AmericanaTXT65-96_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:48 AM Page 68183 131305/12Federal cherrywood and figuredmaple chest of drawersearly 19th centuryRectangular top above fourgraduated, beaded drawers, shapedapron, on turned legs, paneled sides.H: 41 in. W: 40 1/2 in. D: 19 5/8 in.$1,500-2,500184 128032/66Federal four door cherrywood chestof drawerscirca 1800Rectangular top above fourgraduated drawers, shaped apronand bracket base.H: 38 1/2 in. W: 40 in. D: 18 1/2 in.$800-1,200185 131291/5Federal cherrywood chest ofdrawersearly 19th centuryRectangular top above fourgraduated beaded drawers, paneledsides, turned feet.H: 38 in. D: 20 1/2 in. W: 19 in.$600-800182 131305/3Federal fruitwood chest of drawersearly 19th centuryRectangular top above fourgraduated drawers on straightbracket feet.H: 37 in. W: 39 3/4 in. D: 20 1/4 in.$800-1, 69181 131297/1Thomas Wakeman (1812-1878)high street phil usaSigned lower right, entitled lowerleft, watercolor on paper, framed.20 1/2 in. x 29 1/2 in. (sight)$1,500-2,500G13-14380_AmericanaTXT65-96_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:48 AM Page 69187 138021/17Chinese Export porcelain punch bowllate 18th/early 19th centuryDecorated in sepia, gold and black with two deerand flowers on exterior and flowering tree oninterior.Diam: 11 1/4 in.$400-600188 132003/2Two Chinese Export porcelain creamersearly 19th centuryEach of bulbous form, the first, decorated withpolychrome American eagle emblazoned withshield; the second, with a sepia three-mastedship at sea, both embellished with sprigs.H(s): 3 5/8 in. and 3 1/2 in.$800-1,200189 131228/5Three Chinese Export porcelain Rose Mandarinand Medallion itemsmid 19th centuryIncluding a punch bowl and scalloped servingbowl decorated in Rose Mandarin palette;together with a creamer with scalloped edgedecorated in Rose Medallion palette.Diam: 10 1/2 in. H: 4 1/2 in.provenance:Property from a New Jersey Collection.$600-80070 www.freemansauction.com190 131197/1Chinese Export porcelain Rose Mandarinplatter and serving dishmid 19th centuryThe oval well-and-tree platter and lobed servingdish decorated with courtiers in a garden andbirds and flowers.L: 18 1/2 in.$800-1,200191 131342/4Chinese Export porcelain Rose Mandarin punchbowlmid 19th centuryDecorated with panels of courtiers in a gardenand birds and flowers.Diam: 16 in.provenance:Property from a Private Pennsylvania Collection.$2,000-3,000186 131038/10Chinese Export porcelain tazzafirst third 19th centuryStylized neoclassical border enclosing figures ofdignitaries in coral, brown, black and gold.Diam: 10 in.note:See David Sanctuary Howard, New York and theChina Trade (1984), p.114 . This tazza is in apattern reputed to have belonged to the MinorFamily of New York.$300-500188187186189190G13-14380_AmericanaTXT65-96_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:48 AM Page 71192 131342/1Extensive Chinese Export porcelain dinner servicecirca 1790Decorated in blue enameling and gilt with a beribboned shield enclosing theintials GC and a vine border, comprising a soup tureen with cover andstand, a smaller covered soup tureen, pair of covered vegetable dishes, twoopen vegetable dishes, pair of covered sauce tureens and stands, pair ofsauce boats and stands, four oval platters, twenty-three dinner plates,twelve soup plates, twelve dessert and twelve side plates; together with twosimilarly decorated tea caddies, four coffee cups and saucers, two circularserving dishes and six Mottahedeh salts.L: 15 in. (platter)provenance:Property from a Private Pennsylvania Collection.Sothebys, New York, January 20, 2006, lot 567.$15,000-25,000G13-14380_AmericanaTXT65-96_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:48 AM Page 71193 122315/8Pair of Chinese Export porcelainFamille Rose warming dishes withcovers19th centuryEach of oval form with domed lids,butterfly, floral and bird decoration.L: 16 in.$2,000-3,000194 122421/21Large collection of Chinese Export porcelainCanton ware19th centuryIncluding two large chargers, two notched cornerfruit bowls, two octagonal platters, two shrimpdishes, five rectangular covered vegetable dishes,one oval tureen, four open serving dishes,assortment of seventy-five plates of various sizesand thirteen saucers and small plates.Diam: 15 in. (charger)$2,000-3,000195 131251/3Collection of Chinese Export porcelain Canton ware19th centuryIncluding two covered vegetable dishes, oval platter, two smalloctagonal platters, shrimp dish, two rectangular servingdishes, gravy boat, creamer, covered sugar bowl, three eggcups, oval stand, six butter pats, leaf-shaped dish, 32 plates inassorted sizes, five shallow bowls, 12 saucers and six teacupsand eight tea bowls, approx. 85 pieces.L: 13 in. (largest)provenance:Property of a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Estate.$800-1,20072 www.freemansauction.comSelection from lot 194G13-14380_AmericanaTXT65-96_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:48 AM Page 72200 121563/31American School 20th centurywhaling sceneOil on panel, framed.11 1/2 in. x 14 1/2 in. (sight)$300-500201 121534/3Currier and Ives Publisherclipper ship three brothers 2972tons, the largest sailing ship inthe worldHand-colored lithograph, copyright1875 New York.19 1/2 in. x 27 5/8 in. (image totext)provenance:Gale number 1288$800-1,200196 BRISK2013/5American School 19th centuryportrait of a young man withseascape beyondOil on canvas, framed.28 1/2 in. x 24 in. (sight)$1,500-2, 73198 122354/1Anglo/American School 19thcenturyportrait of an english navalofficerOil on board, framed.9 in. x 6 1/2 in. (sight)$400-600199 132003/1American School 19th/20thcenturytwo sidewheelers: thegoldenrod and the bristolOil on canvas, framed.20 1/4 in. x 33 1/2 in. (sight)$2,000-3,000197 131305/5Carved anchor and chain whimseylate 19th centuryL: 48 in. (overall)$400-600G13-14380_AmericanaTXT65-96_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:48 AM Page 7374 www.freemansauction.com204 132001/1Pair of Neoclassical upholsteredand painted birch window seatsfirst half 19th centuryEach with scrolled ends on fourturned splayed legs joined by turnedstretchers and terminating in scrollfeet, hand-painted with neoclassicaldevices in polychrome.H: 22 1/2 in. L: 49 in. D: 19 in.provenance:Property of a Regional CharitableTrust.$4,000-6,000203 131138/15Federal paint-decorated mahogany card tablebaltimore, md, circa 1800Of demilune form with inlaid edges and squaredtapering legs ending in spade feet, decoratedwith polychrome floral swags.H: 29 1/2 in. W: 36 in. D: 18 in.$2,000-3,000202 131100/4Attributed to Gustavus Johann Grunewald (1805-1878)portrait of reverend joseph horsfield kummer (1820-1897),dated may 5th, 1842Oil on canvas, framed, hand-written inscription to verso ofcanvas and to stretcher identifiying sitter and date; the canvasverso stamped, Prepared by Edward DeCheux New York.13 1/2 in. x 11 1/2 in. (sight)note:A near identical portrait is currently in the collection of theMoravian Archives, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.Joseph Horsfield Kummer was born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.He served as a missionary in both St. Croix and Jamaica, and wasa minister in Lancaster, New York and Philadelphia.$400-600G13-14380_AmericanaTXT65-96_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:48 AM Page 75205 131342/3Classical painted and stenciledrosewood mirrorcirca 1835Rectangular three-part mirrorstencil-decorated in gold withneoclassical borders, leafage andarrangements of fruit.H: 74 1/4 in. W: 34 1/2 in.D: 2 1/4 in.provenance:Property from a Private PennsylvaniaCollection.$1,500-2,500207 139059/4Classical carved mahogany cardtableattributed to anthony g.quervelle (1789-1856),philadelphia, pa, circa 1815The rectangular top with roundedcorners inlaid with sectioned lunetteon molded freize, tapering andfaceted support on a shapedplatform, carved acanthus and pawfeet, on casters.H: 29 1/2 in. W: 36 in. D: 17 1/2 in.$1,500-2,500206 132005/6American School 19th centuryitalianate villa on the hudsonriverOil on canvas, framed.24 in. x 30 in. (sight)provenance:From the Collection of Margery B.George, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.$1,200-1,800G13-14380_AmericanaTXT65-96_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:48 AM Page 7576 www.freemansauction.com209 139059/8Classical mahogany, giltwood and ebonized sofanew york, circa 1825The paneled back crest above outscrolled arms with paneledfacings and pressed brass rosettes, inlaid seat rail, giltwoodfeatured brackets and ebonized paw feet, on casters, green horsehair upholstered.H: 34 in. W: 96 in.provenance:Ex-Collection: Marcus Family, Palm Beach, Florida.$4,000-6,000208 131100/1Enameled and gilt decorated porcelain pitcher andwash basintucker & hemphill china factory, philadelphia, pa,1826-1832The elongated urn form pitcher and bowl decoratedwith polychrome floral and gilt leafy sprays; togetherwith a similarly decorated covered box.H: 12 in. Diam: 13 3/4 in.$3,000-5,000G13-14380_AmericanaTXT65-96_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:48 AM Page 76210 131342/7Neoclassical carved, gilt-composition and faux porphyry console tablelate 19th century and later elementsThe brass gallery of anthemion and husks above faux-porphyrized, shapedmahogany top and four drawers with ribbon-tied laurel carved and gildedfacades, on two composition eagle-form front supports and columnar rearsupports.H: 39 3/4 in. W: 119 in. D: 31 in.provenance:Property from a Private Pennsylvania Collection.Christies, New York, March 5, 2003, lot 240.Purchased by Col. Samuel Pomerory Colt (1853-1921) from the Estate ofStanford White, April 6, 1907, lot 157.note:Architect Stanford White (1853-1906), of the famous firm Mckim, Meadand White, used this table in the dining room of his New York, GramercyPark townhouse. The table was accompanied by four single eagle-supportconsole tables, probably designed by White. The 1902 renovation of theWhite House by Mckim, Mead and White included the installment of alarge serving table and two large console tables, all based on the design ofthis table. They were designed by Charles Follen Mckim and produced byA.H Davenport Co. of Boston.literature:The console table is photographed in Stanford Whites dining room, InteriorViews in the House of the Late Stanford White, American Architect andBuilding News, 30 March 1907, Vol. 91, p.128. and L.H. French, The HouseDignified (1908), p. 36.The White House copied this table for use in the State Dining Room.See: The White House Guide,White House Historical Association (1962), pp.97-99; Wiilliam Seale, The Presidents House: A History(1986), p.683; andWilliam Seale, The White House: The History of an American Idea (1992),p.186 and p.198.$10,000-15, 77The State Dining Room, White House, Washington, D.C., circa 1902G13-14380_AmericanaTXT65-96_Layout 1 3/14/13 3:28 PM Page 77211 131251/4Classical giltwood girandolelooking glassfirst quarter 19th centuryA spread wing eagle on plinthflanked by leafage above a reededframe, with shell, rosette and leafagebelow.L: 50 in.provenance:Property of a Philadelphia,Pennsylvania Estate.$1,500-2,500213 122128/7After Rembrandt Peale (1778-1860)portrait of catherine lucy stevenson shinn haddock (1819-1898)Oil on canvas laid on wood panel, framed.28 1/2 in. x 23 1/2 in. (sight)provenance:The Collection of Stewart Malone, formerly of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.The original remains in a private Pennsylvania collection.note:Rembrandt Peale also painted other members of the Shinn family including: Catherinesbrother, James Gallaher Shinn, son of the founder of the Academy of Natural Sciences inPhiladelphia, in 1845; her grandfather, Col. John Shinn; and her mother, Mary White Shinnin 1845.Catherine Lucy Stevenson Shinn married Daniel Haddock, Jr. of Haverill, Massachusetts inPhiladelphia, February, 1838. Upon her death in 1898, Catherine bequeathed $125,000and her Philadelphia home for the founding of the Haddock Memorial Home for Infants.$2,000-3,00078 www.freemansauction.com212 131236/1American School 19th centuryportrait of a young lady, circa1835Oil on canvas framed.30 in. x 25 in. (sight)$1,500-2,500214 131308/1Continental School 19th centurytwo reverse paintings onglass: identified as george washingtonand linaWatercolor on glass, framed.9 1/2 in. x 7 1/2 in. (sight)$250-350G13-14380_AmericanaTXT65-96_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:49 AM Page 78216 122542/5Late Classical marble topmahogany sideboardphiladelphia, pa, circa 1835The original rectangular marble topabove two ogee-molded drawersand two recessed paneled doorsflanked by scolled ends continuingto scrolled feet.H: 41 3/8 in. W: 60 in. D: 24 in.$3,000-5,000215 131192/2Late Federal mahogany secretary bookcasecirca 1825In two parts, the molded cornice above pairof glazed doors with reeded mullions, thelower half with reeded edge top, tworecessed panel doors and turned feet.H: 77 in. W: 45 1/2 in. D: 21 3/4 in.provenance:Ex-Collection: Clarence H. Mackay (1874-1938). Financier, industrialist and collector,Mackay had a townhouse in New York City,an estate Harbor Hill in Roslyn, LongIsland, the largest home ever designed byMcKim, Mead and White, and a retreat onGardiners Island.note:Accompanied by sales tag and letter fromGimbels, New York, 1941 and a letter fromHammer Galleries, describing depth andorigins of the late Clarence H. MackayCollection, New York, 1941.$2,500-3, 79G13-14380_AmericanaTXT65-96_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:52 AM Page 79217 131342/6Classical mahogany secretarycabinetphiladelphia or baltimore, circa 1820In three parts, molded cornice abovetwo glazed doors flanked by tallcabinets, each with lancet-archedpanel and stepped drawer centeringa gallery surface, the lower sectionwith central drawer fitted with pull-out secretary, flanked by bottledrawers, all above lancet-archeddoors on turned beehive feet.H: 89 in. W: 60 in. D: 22 in.provenance:Property from a Private PennsylvaniaCollection.$10,000-15,000218 121960/2Mahogany etagerefirst half 19th centuryTurned finials above vase and ringturned supports enclosing fiveshelves and drawer, the lower twoshelves with turned stretchers,turned feet.H: 56 in. W: 22 1/2 in. D: 15 3/4 in.$500-700See illustration on page 60219 121746/7American School 19th centuryportrait of volney voltaire draper(b. dec. 29, 1819)Oil on canvas, framed, hand-writtenlabel identifying sitter applied toverso: Volney Voltaire Draper bornDec. 29, 1819 in Geneva NY, Marriedto Elizabeth Shirrell, Father of AllanDavid Draper, Born March 18, 1850Phelps.33 1/8 in. x 27 1/2 in. (sight)$800-1,20080 www.freemansauction.comG13-14380_AmericanaTXT65-96_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:52 AM Page 80221 131305/11American School 19th centurytwo children and a dogOil on canvas laid on panel, framed.27 in. x 36 1/2 in. (sight)$4,000-6,000222 131219/1James Reid Lambdin (1807-1889)portrait of a young boy on rocking horse, dated 1844Oil on panel, unframed, hand-written inscription repeatedtwice on verso: J.R. Lambdin Pinx Phila 1844.36 in. x 29 in.provenance:Descended in the family to the present owner.The Estate of Mrs. T. Charlton Henry, formerly Julia RushBiddle (1886-1978), Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia,Pennsylvania.$3,000-5,000223 122571/1Carved walnut Gothic Revival hallchairattributed to klauder & deginter,philadelphia, pa, circa 1845The arched spurred back enclosingtracery on an upholstered shaped seatwith carved seat rail, shaped carved legs.H: 37 in.note:A similar chair attributed to Klauder &Deginter was included in the 2005Philadelphia Antiques Show, LoanExhibition, Vaulting Ambition: GothicRevival in Philadelphia 1830-1860, April9- April 12, 2005, and illustrated in theShow catalogue, fig. 21.$500-800220 132005/2Anglo/American School 19thcenturyportrait of three children, kittenand monkeyOil on canvas, framed.32 in. x 27 1/2 in. (sight)provenance:From the Collection of Margery B.George, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.$2,500-3, 81224 131100/7Two carved Rococo Revival rosewood slipper chairscirca 1865A near pair, each with asymmetrical cresting above piercedback of scrolls and leafy vine continuing to scrolled sides,serpentine needlepoint covered seats on carved seat rail andcabriole legs carved with flower at knees, on casters.H: 41 in.$600-800225 131085/13Renaissance Revival incised and inlaid side chaircirca 1875With arched crestrail above a scrolled, inlaid and openworkback, overupholstered seat on trumpet turned legs, casters.H: 42 1/2 in.provenance:Estate of Mary L. Fleisher, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.$250-350G13-14380_AmericanaTXT65-96_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:52 AM Page 81226 131311/1Renaissance Revival walnut canesettee and two chairswilliam smith and richard r.campion, philadelphia, pa, 1875The settee with incised archedcresting above three-part canedback and turned backrests, canedseat with three triangular drops,turned legs joined by turnedstretchers, the two chairs en suite.H: 43 in. W: 72 in. D: 21 in. (settee)H: 38 1/2 in. (chair)provenance:This settee and two chairs are partof a large suite ordered by theAmerican Philosophical Society ofPhiladelphia in November of 1875from William Smith and Richard R.Campion, furniture manufacturersand upholsterers located at S. ThirdStreet in Philadelphia. The suite ofchairs was in use at the Society formore than a century. A settee andtwo chairs from the original suitehave been retained for the Societyscollection.note:Literature: See Murphy D. Smith,Due Reverence-Antiques in Possessionof the American Philosophical Society(1992), pp. 7 & 8, and illustrationsfigs. 5 and 6a.$800-1,200227 131311/1ATwo Renaissance Revival walnutsetteeswilliam smith and richard r.campion, philadelphia, pa, 1875Each with incised arched crestingabout three-part caned back andturned backrests, caned seat withthree triangular drops, turned legsjoined by turned stretchers.H: 43 in. W: 72 in. D: 21 in.provenance:American Philosophical Society,Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.note:See Provenance and Literature, Lot226.$800-1,20082 www.freemansauction.comG13-14380_AmericanaTXT65-96_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:52 AM Page 82230 131311/1DFour Renaissance Revival walnut armchairswilliam smith and richard r. campion,philadelphia, pa, 1875Each with arched cresting above caned back,incised and shaped arms, caned seat withtriangular drop above turned legs joined byturned stretchers.H: 38 1/2 in.provenance:American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia,Pennsylvania.note:See Provenance and Literature, Lot 226.$400-600231 131311/1EFour Renaissance Revival walnut armchairswilliam smith and richard r. campion,philadelphia, pa, 1875Each with arched cresting above caned back,incised and shaped arms, caned seat withtriangular drop above turned legs joined byturned stretchers.H: 38 1/2 in.provenance:American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia,Pennsylvania.note:See Provenance and Literature, Lot 226.$400-600232 131311/1FFour Renaissance Revival walnut armchairswilliam smith and richard r. campion,philadelphia, pa, 1875Each with arched cresting above caned back,incised and shaped arms, caned seat withtriangular drop above turned legs joined byturned stretchers.H: 38 1/2 in.provenance:American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia,Pennsylvania.note:See Provenance and Literature, Lot 226.$400-600233 132005/7American School 19th centurylandscape with river and mountainsOil on panel, framed.7 1/2 in. x 10 3/4 in. (sight)provenance:From the Collection of Margery B. George,Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.$400-600228 131311/1BEight Renaissance Revival walnut armchairswilliam smith and richard r. campion,philadelphia, pa, 1875Each with arched cresting above caned back,incised and shaped arms, caned seat withtriangular drop above turned legs joined byturned stretchers.H: 38 1/2 in.provenance:American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia,Pennsylvania.note:See Provenance and Literature, Lot 226.$800-1,200229 131311/1CEight Renaissance Revival walnut armchairswilliam smith and richard r. campion,philadelphia, pa, 1875Each with arched cresting above caned back,incised and shaped arms, caned seat withtriangular drop above turned legs joined byturned stretchers.H: 38 1/2 in.provenance:American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia,Pennsylvania.note:See Provenance and Literature, Lot 226.$800-1, 83234 122406/6AEmily Drayton Taylor (Philadelphia, 1860-1952)miniature portrait of mrs. albert c. barneySigned and dated E.D. Taylor 1896, watercolor on ivory, in Stern Brothersgilt bronze frame.Diam: 3 3/4 in.note:Heavily influenced by her fathers support of the arts, by her travels toParis and by her interactions with artists such as Oscar Wilde and JamesMcNeill Whistler, Alice Pike Barney (1857-1931) was a painter, playwright,philanthropist, and patron of the arts. She was devoted to transformingWashington D.C. into a cultural center and to making art accessible to all;consequently, she turned her home, The Barney Studio House by architectWaddy B. Wood, into a gathering place for artists.Defying expectations, Barney became very well known for her eccentriclifestyle, lively art salons, unusual family and scandalous relationships.Alice married Albert Clifford Barney in 1876 and later, at 53, married 23year-old Christian Hemmick.literature:Likely the same miniature portrait of Mrs. Barney exhibited in the AnnualExhibition of Painting and Sculpture at the Pennsylvania Academy of theFine Arts (PAFA) in 1896 as listed in Catalog of the Sixty-Sixth AnnualExhibition, Dec. 21, 1896, to Feb. 22. 1897, pg. 66, item 598.$700-900G13-14380_AmericanaTXT65-96_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:52 AM Page 8384 www.freemansauction.com235 122476/37Renaissance Revival inlaid rosewood, maple, ash and bronze parlorcabinetattributed to pottier & stymus manufacturing co., new york, circa 1865Stepped and shaped top with bronze banding above arched drawer withmask pull and marquetry door (attributed to Joseph Cremer (French, activein New York in the 1860s)) figured with tableau depicting a flower-filled urnand musical instruments, opening to a birds-eye maple interior, flanked bygilt bronze busts and pilasters, urn form ends, shaped base on casters,incised and gilded throughout.H: 55 1/2 in. W: 69 in. D: 23 in.provenance:From a Private Pennsylvania Collection.note:Literature: For a related example see, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, HerterBrothers: Furniture and Interiors for a Gilded Age (1994), pg. 114, fig. 99.$5,000-8,000G13-14380_AmericanaTXT65-96_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:52 AM Page 84238 131312/1Olympio Brindesi (1897-1965)two bronze panels: scenes from the life ofabraham lincolnThe first, signed Olympio Brindesi Fecit Feb.1937 N.Y.C., showing Lincoln as a young man;the second, inscribed Olympio Brindesi 1946,showing Lincoln as president, inscribed thegovernment of the people, by the people, and forthe people, shall not perish.H: 40 3/4 in. W: 15 3/4 in.$3,000-5,000237 139060/1After Isadore Jules Bonheur (French, 1827-1901)bronze advertising figure of a bull, genuine bull durhamSigned, I Bonheur, the standing figure on oval base cast withinscription, For three generations the standard smoking tobaccoof the world.H: 17 1/4 in. L: 21 in.$4,000-6, 85236 131297/4Folk carved cabinetsigned, d. johnson aug.1880 a. smith april1903 albany, new yorkShaped cresting centering a portrait mask abovetwo molded-front drawers above door carvedwith rondel of Adam and Eve, flanked by twoClassical figures, hinged lift top opens to wellbelow, shaped base.H: 29 in. W: 21 in. D: 9 in.$750-1,000G13-14380_AmericanaTXT65-96_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:52 AM Page 85239 131000/4National Union Ticket forPresident, Abraham Lincoln forVice President, Andrew Johnsonbroadsideking & baird printers, 807 sansomst., philadelphia, pa, 1864Printed in blue and red, withAmerican flag, The Union ForeverHurrah Boys Hurrah! Down with theTraitors up with the Stars. And wellRally round the Flag boys, rally onceagain. Showing the Battle-cry ofFreedom, with list of PhiladelphiaElectors below, framed.45 1/2 in. x 31 1/2 in. (sight)provenance:Property of a Haverford,Pennsylvania Estate.note:In 1864, Lincoln was re-elected for asecond term, becoming the firstpresident to do so since the re-election of Andrew Jackson in 1832.Winning the popular vote by40,000, Lincoln won the majority ofvotes in Philadelphia as well as thevast majority of votes by Unionsoldiers, who participated in theelection by absentee ballot innineteen states.$5,000-8,00086 www.freemansauction.comG13-14380_AmericanaTXT65-96_Layout 1 3/13/13 4:37 PM Page 86241 131051/5Fan with Civil War and WWImilitary autographsdated 1863 and 1922Signed on sticks, signaturesincluding General George Meade,John J. Pershing, Winfield Scott andRobert Anderson.H: 10 1/2 in.$300-500242 122433/1Carved and painted figure in tophat with swordinscribed, chas e. chidsey, jr.,1894H: 11 1/2 in.$800-1,200240 131282/3American School 19th centuryzouaves and soldiers with canonsand flagDated, 1868, gouache on paper,framed.7 1/4 in. x 9 1/8 in. (sight)$ 87242243 131146/2American School, 19th centurystill life with fruit and strawbasketOil on canvas, framed.16 in. x 22 in. (sight)$400-600241G13-14380_AmericanaTXT65-96_Layout 1 3/14/13 3:28 PM Page 87245244260301247246244244 131227/10Large wooden bowl and burlwoodladle19th centuryWith wide molded rim; togetherwith a cast iron pot with tin lid, thepot marked, Avery & Co. Phila. PA.Diam: 25 in.provenance:Property of a Pennsylvania Collector.Harry B. Hartman Antiques,Marietta, Pennsylvania.$400-800245 122590/2Cobalt-decorated four gallonstoneware crockimpressed t. & j. ducet petersburg,vaOf ovoid form decorated with afloral sprig.H: 16 in.$600-800246 122496/6William and Mary-style oak sidetableThe rectangular top over plain frieze,raised on turned legs united by H-stretcher.H: 28 in. W: 28 in. D: 20 in.$400-600247 132000/20Copper architectural finiallast quarter 19th centuryWith scrolling arms and leaves,verdigris surface.H: 37 inprovenance:Collection of a PennsylvaniaGentleman.$600-80088 www.freemansauction.comG13-14380_AmericanaTXT65-96_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:52 AM Page 89248 131226/3Anglo/American School 19thcenturythe three wonders of p.t.barnums american museumfeaturing sarah jane campbell,the connecticut giantessSigned and dated lower right, LewisMudon 1879, titled along bottomedge, oil on canvas, framed.23 1/4 in. x 19 1/2 in. (sight)note:In 1841, P.T. Barnum purchased theAmerican Museum in New YorkCity, and set about transforming itinto a titillating spectacle of odditiesand curiosities. People flocked to seeBarnums fair of human freaks,including Ms. Sarah Jane Campbellof Brookfield, Connecticut (depicted,center), the largest Mountain ofHuman Flesh ever seen in the formof a woman; the Siamese twinsChang and Eng Bunker (1811-1874);and Ms. Lucia Zarate (1864-1890)of San Carlos, Mexico, who was 20inches tall and the smallest adultmidget ever exhibited, amongothers.$10,000-15,000John and Alice Durant, Pictorial History of theAmerican Circus (1964), pg. 115.G13-14380_AmericanaTXT65-96_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:52 AM Page 89249 131130/1Group of blown glass speciman jarscirca 1876Enclosing seeds and crystals.H: 9 1/2 in. (largest)provenance:By tradition and as suggested by anaccompanying plaque, part of anapothecary exhibit, Centennial of1876, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.$400-600251 131198/1Pair of painted and stenciled tin coffee cannistersstenciled mark of s.a. ilsley & co., brooklyn, ny, late 19th centuryInscribed, Wm. Boardman & Sons Co. Tea Importers and Coffee RoastersHartford Conn., with roll back lids, mirrored fronts.H: 19 1/2 in.$1,000-1,50090 www.freemansauction.com250 122529/1Blue-painted pine step backcupboard19th centuryThe molded cornice above fourrecessed paneled doors, moldedbase.H: 73 in. W: 42 in. D: 20 1/2 in.$2,000-3,000G13-14380_AmericanaTXT65-96_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:52 AM Page 90253 132000/8J.M. Crowley (active 1829-1836)pair of portraits: a seated lady and a gentlemanGraphite on paper, framed.3 5/8 in. x 4 1/8 in. (sight)provenance:Collection of a Pennsylvania Gentleman.$1,000-1,500255 132000/10American School 19th centurypair of profile portraits: a ladyand a gentlemanGraphite on paper, framed.9 1/2 in. x 7 1/2 in. (sight)provenance:Collection of a PennsylvaniaGentleman.$600-800256 132000/11American School 19th centurytwo profile portraits of youngladiesGraphite on paper, framed.9 1/2 in. x 7 5/8 in. (sight)provenance:Collection of a PennsylvaniaGentleman.$600-800252 132000/7J.M. Crowley (active 1829-1836)pair of portraits: a seated ladyand a gentlemanInscribed on verso, J.M. CrowleyDelineator, one dated 1829,framed.5 3/4 in. x 3 3/8 in. (sight)provenance:Collection of a PennsylvaniaGentleman.$1,500-2, 91254 132000/9J.M. Crowley (active 1829-1836)portrait of a seated young manGraphite on paper, framed.4 3/4 in. x 3 3/8 in. (sight)provenance:Collection of a Pennsylvania Gentleman.$1,000-2,000257 131228/7Carved reclining dog handled canepennsylvania, circa 1880H: 33 1/2 in.provenance:Property from a New JerseyCollection.Olde Hope Antiques, New Hope,Pennsylvania.$1,200-1,800G13-14380_AmericanaTXT65-96_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:52 AM Page 91258 131305/9Blue-painted hanging pinecupboard19th centuryMolded cornice above raised paneldoor opening to three shelves andthree small drawers.H: 27 1/2 in. W: 24 in. D: 11 3/4 in.$400-600259 131297/3Attributed to Jacob Maentel (1763-1863)portrait of a young lady holdinga roseWatercolor and ink on paper,framed.10 1/4 in. x 7 1/4 in. (sight)$3,000-5,000260 132000/3Collection of tin lighting devices19th centuryIncluding two tinware betty lampstands, with iron betty lamps, achamber stick with rectangularbase, a whaleoil petticoat formchamber stick with asphaltumsurface and a squat chamber stickwith asphaltum surface, two paintedand decorated tinware trays withscissor form snuffers, a six lightcandlemold, six hog scraper push-up candlesticks of various sizes anda chamber stick with circular baseand knob-shaped brass handle.H: 13 1/2 in. (tallest)provenance:Collection of a PennsylvaniaGentleman.$800-1,200See also illustration on page 88261 132000/3ACollection of tin lighting devices19th and 20th centuryIncluding pair of miners lamps of conical formwith rounded handles, two miners lamps withhooks, a small oil chamber light, a red paintedhanging three-legged kerosene lamp, a hangingand handled kerosene lamp with glass font andtinware reflector, Norcross, Mellen & Co.Boston, another hanging Kerosene lamp withglass font and blue painted tin frame, a hangingtwo light oil lamp of cylindrical form and apewter whale oil bulls eye lamp (without lens);together with an iron stick it candleholder.H: 11 in. (tallest)provenance:Collection of a Pennsylvania Gentleman.$400-60092 www.freemansauction.com262 131100/6Pair of painted leather fire bucketsfirst half 19th centuryEach painted dark green and inscribed J.B.Kirkham on a yellow reserve, and No. 1 andNo. 2, respectively.H: 12 in.$1,000-1,500263 131138/5Cherrywood adjustable candle table19th centuryRound threaded center shaft with oval incisededge twin candle holder, circular incised edgeshelf below, vasiform pedestal on three turnedsplayed legs.Diam: 22 in. (shelf) H: 38 3/4 in.$300-500G13-14380_AmericanaTXT65-96_Layout 1 3/13/13 4:37 PM Page 92265 132005/5American School 19th centuryriver landscape with boatOil on artists board, framed.9 1/4 in. x 12 in. (sight)provenance:From the Collection of Margery B.George, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.$400-600266 132005/4American School 19th centuryriver landscape with row boatOil on canvas, framed.13 in. x 11 in. (sight)provenance:From the Collection of Margery B.George, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.$400-600264 132005/3American School 19th centurysunset with native americansOil on artists board, framed.9 3/4 in. x 12 1/4 in. (sight)provenance:From the Collection of Margery B.George, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.$ 93267 132000/1Embroidered wool and cottonpenny table rug19th centuryRectangular field with embroideredfloral ring enclosed by circlesembellished with criss-crosses,tab border, rag rug backing.31 in. x 48 in.provenance:Collection of a PennsylvaniaGentleman.$300-500268 132000/5Blue painted bucket benchnew york, 19th centuryRectangular top with arched apronon cut-out slab ends.H: 22 3/4 in. W: 43 1/2 in.D: 12 1/4 in.provenance:Collection of a PennsylvaniaGentleman.Purchased in Rhinebeck, New York.$1,000-1,500269 122165/1AThree carved and painted Pintaildecoysprobably illinois river area, early20th centuryWith glass eyes, keel and lead,weathered surface, shot damage.L: 17 1/4 in.$400-600G13-14380_AmericanaTXT65-96_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:52 AM Page 93270 132000/2Group of painted sheet iron geesedecoysearly 20th centuryWelded to stands.H: 37 in. (tallest)provenance:Collection of a PennsylvaniaGentleman.$800-1,200271 131270/1Federal cherrywood cornercupboardcirca 1800In two parts, the upper section withmolded cornice above two glazeddoors opening to painted interior,the lower section fitted with threedrawers and two recessed doors,each section with reeded pilasters,shaped apron with bracket feet.H: 85 1/2 in. W: 54 1/2 in. D: 26 in.$2,000-3,00094 www.freemansauction.comG13-14380_AmericanaTXT65-96_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:52 AM Page 94273 131023/12Shadow box diorama with sailboatlate 19th/early 20th centuryCarved and painted sails, paintedbackground.21 in. x 26 in.$600-800274 131227/2Classical painted, stenciled anddecorated setteepennsylvania, circa 1840Straight crestrail decorated withfloral sprays and leafage, on turnedsupports joined by straightbackrests, scrolled arms, turnedlegs.H: 34 3/4 in. L: 78 in. D: 19 in.provenance:Property of a Pennsylvania Collector.Harry B. Hartman Antiques,Marietta, Pennsylvania.$4,000-6,000272 131198/2Needlework samplerelizabeth ann drakes sampler 1835, easton, paBears original printers framing label from Edward Newland Northamptonstreet opposite the Easton Bank, a strawberry border encloses alphabet,floral spot devices, pious verse, and hillock with deer, trees, birds andsquirrel in a tree, worked with silk threads on a linen ground, original frame.21 1/2 in. x 21 1/2 in. (sight)$1,500-2, 95G13-14380_AmericanaTXT65-96_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:52 AM Page 95275 131227/1Blue painted step-back cupboarddelaware valley, late 18thcenturyWith four paneled doors, originalpaint.H: 81 1/2 in. W: 44 in. D: 17 1/2 in.provenance:Property of a Pennsylvania Collector.Harry B. Hartman Antiques,Marietta, Pennsylvania.$4,000-6,000276 131227/3Set of six brown painted andpolychrome decorated chairspennsylvania, circa 1840Shaped crestrails with floraldecoration above lyre splats, turnedlegs with stretchers, the splats andseat rails with black and yellowoutlines.H: 34 in.provenance:Property of a Pennsylvania Collector.Harry B. Hartman Antiques,Marietta, Pennsylvania.$2,000-3,00096 www.freemansauction.comG13-14380_AmericanaTXT65-96_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:52 AM Page 96278 131099/6Attributed to Thomas Ware (1803-1836)portrait of a young lady in awhite bonnetOil on panel, framed.15 1/2 in. x 19 3/4 in. (sight)$600-800279 131138/11Walnut harvest table19th centuryRectangular top raised on turnedlegs with ovoid feet.H: 30 in. W: 83 1/2 in. D: 35 in.$800-1,200280 131100/2Embroidered and patchworksewing pocketlancaster, pa, 19th centuryWorked with variously printedpatches centering a square with anembroidered flowering heart.L: 11 1/2 in.provenance:Probably made by ElizabethEberman Demuth (1785-1805).$500-1,000277 121563/25American School 19th centuryportrait of a blue-eyed gentlemanPastel on paper, framed.19 1/2 in. x 15 1/2 in. (sight)$800-1, 97281 121563/28Three wallpaper covered hat boxesfirst half 19th centuryThe first, covered with paper patterned with squirrels, the lid inscribed,Jane C. Goodrich; the second, covered with hunting scene, the lidwith A peek at the moon, and the interior lined with newsprint fromthe 1860s; and the third, covered with quail patterned paper.H: 11 in.$1,000-1,500G13-14380_AmericanaTXT97-124_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:17 AM Page 97282 139059/1Paint-decorated and stencileddressing tablenew england, early 19th centuryRectangular, shaped top with outsetcorners on conforming apron andring-turned tapering legssurmounted by a conforming box,rosewood grained with gilt leaf andfruit stenciling and highlights.H: 34 5/8 in. W: 35 1/4 in.D: 17 1/2 in.$1,500-2,500283 121563/33American School 19th centurya theorem: landscape withmonumentPigment on velvet, framed.19 1/2 in. x 27 1/2 in. (sight)$700-900284 131297/5Attributed to Jacob Eichholtz(1776-1842)profile portrait of a young man,circa 1810Date inscribed on backboard,1806, oil on board, framed.7 1/4 in. x 9 1/8 in. (sight)$2,000-3,00098 www.freemansauction.comG13-14380_AmericanaTXT97-124_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:17 AM Page 98286 129051/1Painted wall pocket and paintedWindsor high chairkentucky, early 19th centuryThe black painted wall pocket withrectangular backboard with shelfabove pocket pierced with heart; thelight green-painted thumb back highchair with shaped seat, turned legs.H: 34 3/4 in. (chair) W: 12 in. (wallpocket)$500-700288 131320/2Shaker arm rockerprobably new york state, early20th centuryBar crestrail above four slightlyarched rungs, the back of the toprung with painted registry number13064, flat red painted arms withround outset knuckles, cord tapewoven seat with turned legs andstretchers, the back of the bottomrung with a diamond shaped paperlabel with the number 1.H: 47 in.$300-500289 122405/1Cotton appliqued Carolina Lily quiltsecond half 19th centuryWith red and tan solid patchesarranged in a vine border enclosinga field of lily sprigs, heightened withflowerhead, feather, conforming anddiamond quilting.82 in. x 80 in.note:See illustration, page 33.$600-800285 139063/1Butternut walnut four door cornercabinetpossibly kentucky, last quarter18th centuryFlat molded top, two raised paneldoors above and two raised paneldoors below, H brass hinges, onstraight carved bracket feet.H: 91 1/2 in. W: 46 in. D: 20 1/2 in.$2,500-3, 99287 131320/1Shaker pine twelve drawer chestnew york state, 19th centuryTwelve varisized drawers, flush base and turn pulls, flush molded base.H: 51 1/2 in. W: 52 in. D: 19 1/2 in.$6,000-9,000G13-14380_AmericanaTXT97-124_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:17 AM Page 99290 131100/3Painted chalkware rooster19th centuryFigure of a standing roosterdecorated with green, red andyellow.H: 7 in.$200-300291 131085/14Two chalkware pigeon banks19th centuryEach heightened with blue, yellowand red.H: 11 in.provenance:Estate of Mary L. Fleisher,Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.$600-800292 131310/1Painted carved figure of a rooster19th/20th centuryMounted on a painted octagonalbase.H: 16 in.$1,000-1,500293 131171/2Painted and decorated dome topdocument boxconnecticut river valley, early19th centuryInscribed on underside, Bushnell ptcontents of box, decorated withtulips and daisies in red, yellow,green and black.H: 7 in. W: 15 1/2 in. D: 9 in.provenance:Descended in the family to thepresent owner.note:According to family tradition, thisbox belonged to Nathan Bushnell,Jr., (b. 1779) and Chloe Scranton (b.1784) who were married in EastGuilford, Connecticut in 1823.$1,500-2,500294 122421/41Small painted and decoratedblanket chest19th century with laterdecorationRectangular hinged top onconforming case and bracket base,painted green and decorated inpolychrome with figures andflowers.H: 17 in. W: 33 3/4 in. D: 13 1/4 in.$1,000-1,500100 www.freemansauction.com293291294292290G13-14380_AmericanaTXT97-124_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:17 AM Page 100295 131000/2Amos Shontz (20th century)a peaceable kingdomSigned lower left, Amos Shontz, oilon canvas, painted wood and fabricframe.23 1/2 in. x 29 1/2 in. (sight)provenance:Property of a Haverford,Pennsylvania Estate.$3,000-5,000296 131085/4David Ellinger (1913-2003)a theroem: still life with fruitarrangement on traySigned, D. Ellinger, oil on velvet,framed.21 in. x 26 1/2 in. (sight)provenance:Estate of Mary L. Fleisher,Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.$1,500-2, 101G13-14380_AmericanaTXT97-124_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:17 AM Page 101298 131222/4Two carved and painted articulated Jack Russell Terriersoil city, pa, 1910 and 1915H: 11 3/4 in. L: 14 in. (largest)provenance:The larger dog with hand-written note, 1910 gift dog made forJean E. Reid by Mr. Gillis-a Scottish pattern maker at Reid GasEngine, Oil City, PA.-1915 small dog for Mary Reid. The smallerdog with pencil inscription to underside.note:The Joseph Reid Gas Engine Company was founded in 1849 andproduced popular oil well pumps until 1939.$400-600299 122161/1Charles M. Wysocki (1928-2002)bucks county sceneSigned lower left, CharlesWysocki, oil on board, framed.23 3/4 in. x 29 1/2 in. (sight)$2,500-3,500300 121563/32Hooked rug20th centuryStarry Night Van Gogh Arles,worked in polychrome cotton andwool on a burlap ground.28 1/2 in. x 32 in.$250-350301 131146/1Large full bodied copper and zincrunning horse weathervaneMounted on a stand withdirectionals.L: 40 in.note:See illustration, page 88.$2,500-3,500102 www.freemansauction.com297 131000/3Fraktur drawing: A mermaid19th centuryInk on laid paper, framed.3 1/2 in. x 2 1/2 in. (sight)provenance:Property of a Haverford,Pennsylvania Estate.$300-500G13-14380_AmericanaTXT97-124_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:17 AM Page 102303 BRISK2013/1Pair of beaded Indian moccasinsand two beaded poucheslate 19th centuryLazy stitched, sewn with sinew andthread.L: 8 3/4 in.$300-500304 131097/11Chippewa beaded bandolier baglate 19th/early 20th centuryFully beaded, backed with printedcotton cloth, depicting leafy, floralsprays against a white ground,beaded wool tassels suspendedfrom bottom edge.H: 39 in. W: 17 in.$1,000-2,000305 131097/13Pair of Blackfoot beaded halfleggingslate 19th centuryA geometric design worked withred, blue and white beads on canvasand red trade cloth.9 1/2 in. x 13 in. (widest)$1,000-2,000302 131292/9American School 19th centuryledger drawing with plains indianand soldier on horseback, circa1870Graphite and colored pencil onpaper.8 in. x 12 1/4 in.$2,000-3, 103306 131097/12Dyed porcupine and deer hairCrow dance Roachlate 19th centuryL: 12 in.$400-600304306303305G13-14380_AmericanaTXT97-124_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:17 AM Page 103307 121563/36Group of blackware potterysouthwest united states, 20th centuryComprising one small bowl with incised geometric design signed, FloraNaranjo Sta Clara; a San Ildefonso black-on-black squat circular bowl withgeometric design by Maria Martinez (1887-1980) and Popovi Da (1920-1970), signed Maria Popovi; a small handled bowl marked, JM (JosefitaMartinez) and SDP (Santo Domingo Pueblo); and another small bowl withgeometric design; together with two Acoma, New Mexico polychromedecorated small pots and a woven basket with geometric design.Diam: 4 1/4 in. (largest)$600-800308 BRISK2013/2Group of blackware and polychrome potterysouthwest united states, collected in the late 1920sComprising three pieces of blackware: one small Santa Clara wedding jar,a creamer with impressed rim, and a handled, double-lobed pot; a Zunipolychrome Frog jar with heartline deer and six frogs with their headsin relief; a Zuni polychrome Frog candle holder with bird figures and afrog handle in full relief; a Hopi polychrome shallow bowl with birds and asmall canteen; a Santo Domingo polychrome bowl with leaves; and twosmall polychrome bowls with geometric design, some retain labels.H: 7 in. (largest)$800-1,200104 www.freemansauction.comG13-14380_AmericanaTXT97-124_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:17 AM Page 104309 122504/7Navajo Germantown blanketcirca 1900Woven with pattern of serrateddiamonds in orange, gray, black andwhite on red ground.112 in. x 54 in.provenance:Property of a Philadelphia Estate.$ 105310 131172/1Male walrus skull with lower jawUnmounted.L: 28 in.$1,500-2,500311 138021/18Two scrimshawed itemsThe first a walrus tusk inscribed, Captain A.Morris. Barque-Indian 1830 with map ofMassachusetts, ship, whaling scene, Captainshead, mermaid and flag; the second, an ivoryletter opener with handle in the shape of awalrus head.16 1/2 in. and 12 1/2 in.$500-800G13-14380_AmericanaTXT97-124_Layout 1 3/13/13 5:02 PM Page 105G13-14380_AmericanaTXT97-124_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:17 AM Page 10620TH CENTURY DESIGNlots 312-339G13-14380_AmericanaTXT97-124_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:17 AM Page 107316 122366/1Gilt-bronze harp desk lamptiffany studios, new york, ny,early 20th centuryThe domical shade suspended fromswinging mount within conformingharp frame continuing to squarebase with Greek Key design, theunderside impressed, TiffanyStudios New York.H: 13 in.$800-1,200317 122133/113Favrile glass vasetiffany studios, new york, ny,early 20th centuryOf squat circular form, the bodywith pinched relief trellis pattern,signed L.C.T. U?5228 to underside.H: 4 3/4 in.provenance:Estate of Miriam Grimes, ElkinsPark, Pennsylvania.$500-700318 139054/28Iridescent Astartig glass vaseloetz, czech republic, circa 1904The body punctuated with irregular,pulled beads, continuing andbranching into two twisted spouts,with spurious signature tounderside.H: 11 in.$1,000-1,500319 139054/30Gold Aurene glass vaseattributed to steuben glass,corning, ny, early 20th centuryOf flaring form, with ruffled rim.H: 9 in.$300-500320 11-1702/121Favrile glass trumpet vasetiffany studios, new york, ny,early 20th centuryThe pulled feather vase in green andgold with button pontil, fitted inbronze base with pinecone stem andcircular foot, stamped to underside,Tiffany Studios New York.H: 15 in. (including base)$2,000-3,000108 www.freemansauction.com312 122504/13Three Arts & Crafts drugget rugsgustav stickley, early 20thcenturyComprising a pair of rugs wovenwith an interlocking darkhoneycomb pattern over a beigeground; together with a similar rugdesigned in the reverse palette.3 ft. 11 in. x 3 ft. 3 in. (pair) & 2 ft.10 in. x 2 ft. 2 in.provenance:Property of a Philadelphia Estate.$500-700313 131344/1A glass and bronze inkwelltiffany studios, new york, ny,early 20th centuryGrapevine pattern, of square formwith domed hinged lid opening toreveal glass liner, all raised on fourball feet, marked to underside,Tiffany Studios New York.4 in. x 4 in.$300-500314 139054/32Six-piece patinated bronze andfavrile glass desk settiffany studios, new york, ny,early 20th centuryPine Needle pattern, comprisingpair of blotter ends, stationeryholder, hinged box, pen tray androcker blotter, each impressed,Tiffany Studios New York.L: 19 in. (blotter end)$1,500-2,500315 122472/21Copper and mixed metal bowltiffany & co., new york, ny, early20th centuryOf shallow, circular form inlaid withOrientalist design, monogram.Diam: 9 7/8 in.provenance:Property of a ProminentPennsylvania Collector.$300-500G13-14380_AmericanaTXT97-124_Layout 1 3/13/13 5:02 PM Page 109314318317319316315320G13-14380_AmericanaTXT97-124_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:17 AM Page 109321 131118/34Reverse painted table lampearly 20th centuryThe domical shade reverse painted to show liliesatop brown leaves against a gold ground, on abronze vasiform base raised on circular pedestalfoot, marked B 304 to underside.Diam: 18 in. (shade) H: 25 1/2 in. (base)$800-1,200322 139054/13Leaded glass table lampbradley & hubbard mfg. co., meriden, ct, early20th centuryThe floral and foliage domical shade withscalloped edge, on patinated metal base markedwith Bradley & Hubbard logo near sockets.H: 22 1/2 in. (lamp) Diam: 18 1/2 in. (shade)$600-800323 131089/12Two Arts and Crafts lampsnicola dascenzo (1871-1954) andfrank x. ferg, philadelphia, paThe first, in blue hues depicting astork at waters edge with paintedand decorated shade with warriorson horseback and a quatrain fromOmar Khayyms (1048-1131) andEdward FitzGeralds (1809-1893)poem The Rubiyt of OmarKhayym; the second, in ruby tonesdepicting a phoenix bird, both oncarved gilt wood bases with hand-written inscriptions toundersides: Designed NicoladAscenzo Carved Frank X. Ferg.H: 24 in. (without shade) and H: 20 1.2 in.note:Originally from Italy, NicolaDAscenzo (1871-1954) arrived inthe United States in 1892 andstudied at the PennsylvaniaAcademy of Fine Arts. He wasknown primarly as a stained glassartist who worked in a Medieval andGothic Revival style, using a paletteof strong reds and blues.DAscenzo established a thrivingstained glass studio in Philadelphiawhere he produced works for privateresidences and public institutionssuch as The Folger ShakespeareLibrary and the National Catherdralin Washington, D.C.$600-1,000110 www.freemansauction.comG13-14380_AmericanaTXT97-124_Layout 1 3/13/13 5:02 PM Page 110325 139054/31Arts and Crafts Pottery vasehampshire pottery, keene, nh, late19th centuryOf tapering cylindrical form, matteblue glaze on white clay body,impressed, Hampshire Pottery 113to underside.H: 6 1/2 in.$200-400326 139054/43Black Art Glass vasesteuben glass, corning, ny, 20thcenturyWith paper label to underside, on anassociated, stepped base; togetherwith a flaring, black Art Glass bowlwith mandarin yellow interior and anombre yellow Art Glass vase withslightly flaring rim edged in black.H: 9 3/4 in. (steuben)$500-700327 139057/1Slat back splint seat rockingarmchairbrian boggs, berea, kentuckyThe six arched slats enclosed bychamfered stiles, shaped arms,splint seat.H: 48 in.$2,000-3,000328 139057/2Slat back splint seat rockingarmchairbrian boggs, berea, kentuckyThe six arched slats enclosed bychamfered stiles, shaped arms,splint seat.H: 48 in.$2,000-3,000324 131243/1Arts and Crafts Pottery vasejoseph meyer (1848-1931) fornewcomb college pottery, neworleans, la, 1895-1907Of tapering cylindrical form, thedark red clay body with opaque dripglaze, transitioning from green tooxblood, impressed cipher, pottersmark, and mark indicating materialsused to underside.H: 11 in.$1,500-2, 111325326 326324G13-14380_AmericanaTXT97-124_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:17 AM Page 111330 131085/2Walnut conoid side chairgeorge nakashima (1905-1990) newhope, pa, 1980H: 35 1/2 in.provenance:Estate of Mary L. Fleisher,Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.note:Accompanied by receipt, dated Feb.9, 1980.$3,000-5,000112 www.freemansauction.com329 131085/3Walnut sliding door cabinetgeorge nakashima (1905-1990) new hope, pa, 1980Signed on backboard, with a free edge topabove case with three solid doors enclosingadjustable shelves.H: 32 in. W: 100 in. D: 12 in.provenance:Estate of Mary L. Fleisher, Philadelphia,Pennsylvania.note:Accompanied by original drawing signed anddated, George Nakashima Nov 29 1980,and receipt dated Feb. 2, 1982.$10,000-15,000G13-14380_AmericanaTXT97-124_Layout 1 3/13/13 5:02 PM Page 112331 131085/1Laurel wood cross-legged deskgeorge nakashima (1905-1990), new hope, pa, 1973The free-edge top with single butterfly join on cross-legged base right andthree drawers pedestal base left.H: 28 1/2 in. W: 62 in. D: 25 in. (at widest)provenance:Estate of Mary L. Fleisher, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.note:Accompanied by original drawings, signed and dated, May 26, 1973 GeorgeNakashima and by bill of sale dated August 8, 1973.$10,000-15, 113G13-14380_AmericanaTXT97-124_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:17 AM Page 113332 131000/1Bill Traylor (1854-1947)a purple catGouache and pencil on found cardboard, mat bears white label inscribed,E-93 Cats, framed.11 in. x 8 in. (sight)provenance:Property of a Haverford, Pennsylvania Estate.Janet Fleisher Gallery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, circa 1988.$15,000-25,000114 www.freemansauction.comG13-14380_AmericanaTXT97-124_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:17 AM Page 114334 131033/1Osetsu Dei dining setdanny ho fong for tropi-cal, circa1960Comprising a rectangular table andfour square stools, each with awoven rattan top above an ironbase.H: 26 in. W: 73 in. D: 29 in.$2,000-3,000333 121659/1Female composition figurine with mandolintony duquette (california, 1914-1999)Signed lower right, Duquette; the standing female in elaborate18th century-style dress and holding a mandolin, embellishedwith papier-mache, fabric, paint, paste jewels, and branches,mounted as a lamp.H: approx. 17 1/2 in. (figure)provenance:Decended in the family to present owner.Purchased from Harriet Snellenberg, Beverly Hills, early 1960s.note:A Hollywood designer and artist, Tony Duquette was renownedfor his wildly fanciful stage and film sets, interiors, jewelry,furnishings and costumes. Duquette was acclaimedinternationally as well; he designed jewels for the Duchess ofWindsor and was the first American to have a solo exhibition atthe Louvre.literature:For related examples, see Wendy Goodman and HuttonWilkinson, Tony Duquette (2007), pp. 144-45 and 190.$2,000-3, 115335 139060/2Art Glass bowljohn lotton (b.1964), dated 1997Of circular form with everted rim, the body heavily layered withthree-petal pink and white irises stemming from base, signed anddated to underside.Diam: 10 3/4 in. Weight: approx. 26 1/2 lbs.note:The youngest son of renowned glassmaker Charles Lotton (active1973- ) of Lotton Art Glass Studios, Crete, Illinois, John began asan apprentice in his fathers studio. He eventually opened his ownstudio, creating works known for their heaviness, thickness andunique design. John retired from glassmaking in 2002.$800-1,200G13-14380_AmericanaTXT97-124_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:17 AM Page 115336 Set of six Teardrop cocktailglassessteuben glass, corning, ny, 20thcenturyH: 3 3/4 in.$300-500337 Group of crystal figurines and handcoolerssteuben glass, corning, ny, 20thcenturyComprising mushroom, apple, pear,squirrel, porpoise, goose and gander,penguin, snail, ram, turtle, cat, frog,and hen.H: 6 1/2 in. (largest)provenance:Several accompanied by photocopyof original bill of sale.$1,000-1,500116 www.freemansauction.comG13-14380_AmericanaTXT97-124_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:17 AM Page 116338 131080/3ARare 1904 St. Louis OlympicGames ribboned participationmedaldieges and clust, new york, nyThe medal of octagonal form, theobverse cast to show a nude male,mid-stride, clutching a laurel branch,the sun rising over his shoulder; theverso with legend and the crests ofSt. Louis, France and the UnitedStates against a background of ivy;the medal suspended from a ribboninscribed, Aug. 29-31, Sept. 1-3,1904 and attached to a barimpressed, Hon. Official.L: 4 in. (including ribbon and bar)provenance:Probably belonged to Samuel MorseFelton, Jr. (1853-1930). Seebiographical note, lot 339.note:Due to very limited participation inthe 1904 Olympic Games, thismedal is considered one of therarest, and thereby, one of the mostdesirable of its kind.Though originally to be hosted byChicago, the 1904 Olympic Games(the Games of the III Olympiad)were ultimately held in St. Louis,Missouri, in conjunction with thecitys Louisiana Purchase Exposition.Similar to the preceding 1900 ParisGames, the 1904 Games weredeemed a failure as they wereovershadowed by the concurrentWorlds Fair and poorly attended.Only 651 athletes representingtwelve countries competed, most ofwhom hailed from North America.$3,000-5, 117G13-14380_AmericanaTXT97-124_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:17 AM Page 117note:Born in Philadelphia, Samuel Morse Felton, Jr. (1853-1930) followed closely in the footsteps of his father,Samuel Morse Felton (1809-1889). Samuel MorseFelton, Sr. was president of the Philadelphia,Wilmington and Baltimore Railroad and later, of thePennsylvania Steel Company.Felton, Jr. graduated from MIT in 1873 and went on tobecome president of various railroads, including theAlton and St. Louis Railroad and the Chicago GreatWestern Railway.He is listed as a member of the TransportationCommittee for the Louisiana Purchase Exposition inClaude Hazeltine Wetmore Out of a Fleur-de-lis: TheHistory, Romance, and Biography of the LouisianaPurchase Exposition, (1903), pp. 383-384.$600-800 END OF SALE118 www.freemansauction.com339 131080/3Collection of commemorative and membershipmedalsLate 19th/early 20th centuryComprising two 1904 Louisiana Purchase ExpositionOfficial Souvenir Medals, one without a star on themap on verso; a 1903 Louisiana Purchase ExpositionDedication Ceremonies medal; a 1904 St. LouisWorlds Fair medal featuring Independence Hall andthe Liberty Bell; a Reception Committee badge withThe Common Seal of the City of St. Louis by Mermod-Jaccard Jewelry; a gilt and enamel Society of ColonialWars membership medal; a 1916 MassachusettsInstitute of Technology reunion medal; an 1879Agricultural & Industrial Society Delaware County PAmedal; a 1920 Republican National Convention badge;a 1905 International Railway Congress Chicago medal;and a Digamma medal, most ribboned with pinbacks.Various sizesprovenance:Most belonged to Samuel Morse Felton, Jr. (1853-1930).G13-14380_AmericanaTXT97-124_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:17 AM Page 118Silver & Objets de VertuAuction 04/18/13www.freemansauction.comFine and rare Austrian hammered silver and ivoryfive-piece tea servicejosef hoffmann for the wiener werksttte, 1923$50,000-70,000Please call 267.414.1256 to order a catalogue or subscription.Exhibition opens Friday, April 12 at 10amDavid Walker267.414.1216dwalker@freemansauction.comAnn Glasscock267.414.1225aglasscock@freemansauction.comG13-14380_AmericanaTXT97-124_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:17 AM Page 119all property offered and sold (property) through samuel t. freeman &co, (freemans) shall be offered and sold on the terms and conditionsset forth below which constitutes the complete statement of the termsand conditions on which all property is offered for sale. by bidding atthe auction, whether present in person or by agent, by written bid,telephone, internet or other means, the buyer agrees to be bound bythese terms and conditions.Premium shall be: 25% on the first$50,000 of the hammer price ofeach lot, 20% on the portion from$50,001 through $1,000,000, and12% thereafter.14Unless exempted by law from thepayment thereof, the buyer will berequired to pay any and all federalexcise tax and any state and/or localsales taxes, including wheredeliveries are to be made outside thestate where a sale is conducted,which may be subject to acorresponding or compensating taxin another state.15Freemans may, as a service to buyerarrange to have purchased propertyposted and shipped at the buyersexpense. Freemans is notresponsible for any acts or omissionsin packing or shipping of purchasedlots whether or not such carrierrecommended by Freemans. Packingand handling of purchased lots is atthe responsibility of the buyer and isat the entire risk of the buyer.16In no event shall any liability ofFreemans to the buyer exceed thepurchase price actually paid.17 No claimed modification oramendment of this Agreement onthe part of any party shall bedeemed extant, enforceable orprovable unless it is in writing thathas been signed by the parties tothis Agreement. No course ofdealing and no delay or omission onthe part of Freemans in exercisingany right under this Agreement shalloperate as a waiver of such right orany other right and waiver on anyone or more occasions shall not beconstrued as a bar to or waiver ofany right or remedy of Freemans onany future occasion.18These Conditions of Sale and thebuyers, the Consignors andFreemans rights under theseConditions of Sale shall be governedby, construed and enforced inaccordance with the laws of theCommonwealth of Pennsylvania andConsignor and Buyer agree to theexclusive jurisdiction of thePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania Court ofCommon Pleas and the UnitedStates District Court for the EasternDistrict of Pennsylvania. will also be responsible for all costs,including warehousing, the expenseof the ultimate sale, and Freemanscommission at its regular ratestogether with all related andincidental charges, including legalfees. Payment is a precondition toremoval. Payment shall be by cash,certified check or similar bank draft,or any other method approved byFreemans. Checks will not bedeemed to constitute payment untilcleared. Any exceptions must bemade upon Freemans writtenapproval of credit prior to sale. Inaddition, a defaulting buyer will bedeemed to have granted andassigned to Freemans, a continuingsecurity interest of first priority inany property or money of, or owingto such buyer in Freemanspossession, and Freemans mayretain and apply such property ormoney as collateral security for theobligations due to due to Freemans.Freemans shall have all of the rightsaccorded a secured party under thePennsylvania Uniform CommercialCode.10Unless the sale is advertised andannounced as without reserve,each lot is offered subject to areserve and Freemans mayimplement such reserves by biddingthrough its representatives on behalfof the Consignors. In certaininstances, the Consignor may payless than the standard commissionrate where Freemans or itsrepresentative is a successful bidderon behalf of the Consignor. Wherethe Consignor is indebted toFreemans, Freemans may have aninterest in the offered lots and theproceeds therefrom, other than thebrokers Commissions, and all salesare subject to any such interest.11No buy bids shall be accepted atany time for any purpose.12Any pre-sale bids must be submittedin writing to Freemans prior tocommencement of the offer of thefirst lot of any sale. Freemans copyof any such bid shall conclusively bedeemed to be the sole evidence ofsame, and while Freemans acceptsthese bids for the convenience ofbidders not present at the auction,Freemans shall not be responsiblefor the failure to execute, or, toexecute properly, any pre-sale bid.13A Buyers Premium will be added tothe successful bid price and ispayable by the buyer as part of thetotal purchase price. The Buyers8Upon the fall of the hammer, title toany offered lot or article willimmediately pass to the highestbidder as determined in the exclusivediscretion of the auctioneer, subjectto compliance by the buyer withthese Conditions of Sale. Buyerthereupon assumes full risk andresponsibility of the property sold,agrees to sign any requestedconfirmation of purchase, and agreesto pay the full price, plus BuyersPremium, therefore or such part,upon such terms as Freemans mayrequire.9No lot may be removed fromFreemans premises until the buyerhas paid in full the purchase pricetherefor including Buyers Premiumor has satisfied such terms thatFreemans, in its sole discretion,shall require. Subject to theforegoing, all Property shall be paidfor and removed by the buyer athis/her expense within ten (10)days of sale and, if not so removed,may be sold by Freemans, or sentby Freemans to a public warehouse,at the sole risk and charge of thebuyer(s), and Freemans mayprohibit the buyer fromparticipating, directly or indirectly,as a bidder or buyer in any futuresale or sales. In addition to otherremedies available to Freemans bylaw, Freemans reserves the right toimpose a late charge of 1.5% permonth of the total purchase price onany balance remaining ten (10) daysafter the day of sale. If Property isnot removed by the buyer within ten(10) days, a handling charge of 1%of the total purchase price permonth from the tenth day after thesale until removal by the buyer shallbe payable to Freemans by thebuyer; Freemans shall charge 1.5%of the total purchase price permonth for any property not soremoved within 60 days after thesale. Freemans will not beresponsible for any loss, damage,theft, or otherwise responsible forany goods left in Freemanspossession after ten (10) days. If theforegoing conditions or anyapplicable provisions of law are notcomplied with, in addition to otherremedies available to Freemans andthe Consignor (including withoutlimitation the right to hold thebuyer(s) liable for the bid price)Freemans, at its option, may eithercancel the sale, retaining asliquidated damages all paymentsmade by the buyer(s), or resell theproperty. In such event, the buyer(s)shall remain liable for any deficiencyin the original purchase price and1Unless otherwise indicated, allProperty will be offered by Freemansas agent for the Consignor.2Freemans reserves the right to varythe terms of sale and any suchvariance shall become part of theseConditions of Sale.3Buyer acknowledges that it had theright to make a full inspection of allProperty prior to sale to determinethe condition, size, repair orrestoration of any Property.Therefore, all property is sold AS-IS. Freemans is acting solely as anauction broker, and unless otherwisestated, does not own the Propertyoffered for sale and has made noindependent investigation of theProperty. Freemans makes nowarranty of title, merchantability orfitness for a particular purpose, orany other warranty or representationregarding the description,genuineness, attribution, provenanceor condition to the Property of anykind or nature with respect to theProperty.4Freemans in its sole and exclusivediscretion, reserves the right towithdraw any property, at any time,before the fall of the hammer.5Unless otherwise announced by theauctioneer at the time of sale, allbids are per lot as numbered in theprinted catalogue. Freemansreserves the right to determine anyand all matters regarding the order,precedence or appropriate incrementof bids or the constitution of lots.6The highest bidder acknowledged bythe auctioneer shall be the buyer.The auctioneer has the right to rejectany bid, to advance the bidding at hisabsolute discretion and in the eventof any dispute between bidders, theauctioneer shall have the sole andfinal discretion either to determinethe successful bidder or to re- offerand resell the article in dispute. If anydispute arises after sale, theFreemans sale record shall beconclusive in all respects.7If the auctioneer determines that anyopening or later bid or any advancebid is not commensurate with thevalue of the Property offered, he mayreject the same and withdraw theProperty from sale.G13-14380_AmericanaTXT97-124_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:17 AM Page 120To ensure the safety of your lot(s) Freemans requests payment in full and removal of property within 10 business days of thesale date. Collection hours are MondayFriday, 9:304:30pm. For larger items, please email toschedule a loading dock appointment. For purchase release to persons not listed on your invoice, 3rd party authorization isrequired. Please mail or fax, 215.599.2240, a signed letter stating sale, lot, successful bidder and name of 3rd party collectingproperty. Freemans does not handle packing or shipping. The shippers listed below have worked with Freemans clients in thepast and will be happy to provide you with quotes for the packing and shipping of your property.VG Packaging LLCContact: Gordon G Murray II12 Salem RoadSchwenksville, PA 19473484.552.8741Fax: 484.552.8744quotes@vgpackagingllc.comUPS StoreContact: John Bohach51 North 3rd StreetPhiladelphia, PA 19106215.629.4990Fax: 215.629.4992store4242@theupsstore.comMr. CsContact: Charles Cohen267.977.9567mrcees61@gmail.comCadogan Tate Fine ArtCadogan House, 41-20 39th StreetSunnyside, New York 11104718.706.7999Fax: 718.707.2847michael@cadogantate.comCraters & Freighters4110 Butler Pike, Suite A-101APlymouth Meeting, PA 19462610.397.0488866.397.0488Fax: 610.397.0878philly@cratersandfreighters.comMastrocco Jr. Moving & StorageContact: Roseanne1060 Louis DriveWarminster, PA 18991215.491.0346Fax: 215.444.9327mastroccomovers@snip.netAiston Fine Art ServiceP.O. Box 3434Grand Central StationNew York, NY 10163212.715.0629Fax: 718.361.8569info@aistonart.comAtelier Art Services103 East Sharpnack StreetPhiladelphia, PA 19144215.842.3500Mizzentop ETS1409 Beaver Valley PikeP.O. Box 196Refton, PA 17568717.786.8809Fax: 717.786.2978info@mizzentoptransport.comOld City MoversContact: John Ziemba1324 North 4th StreetPhiladelphia, PA 19122267.205.5209oldcitymovers@oldcitymovers.comThe Packaging StoreContact: Duane Freed2333 West Main StreetLansdale, PA 19446215.361.6940Fax: 215.361.6941hello@packandshipnow.comFURNITURE & LARGER ITEMS:For larger pieces where delivery time isnot the primary concern, we suggestgetting your 121G13-14380_AmericanaTXT97-124_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:17 AM Page 121SALE NO BIDDER NO CLIENT NONAME BUSINESS NAMEADDRESSCITY STATE COUNTRYZIP CODE E-MAILFAXRESALE / TAX IDENTIFICATION STATEA Buyers Premium will be added to the successful bid price and is payable by the buyer as part of the total purchase price. The Buyers Premium shall be: 25% on the first $50,000 of the hammer price of eachlot, 20% on the portion from $50,001 through $1,000,000, and 12% on that portion of the hammer price exceeding $1,000,000. All lots must be paid for and removed within 10 days.LOT NO DESCRIPTION MAXIMUM BIDbank referenceBANK NAME ACCOUNT NOCONTACT NAME TELEPHONEI hereby confirm thet I have read and am bound by the Terms of Sale presented by the auction house and which govern all auction purchases made by me. Although every attempt is made to execute yourbid(s), the auctioneer is not responsible for errors and omissions.SIGNED(signature required to execute your bids)q PLEASE SEND ME INFORMATION TO SUBSCRIBE TO FREEMANS CATALOGSbidding & registration formFreemans 1808 Chestnut Street Philadelphia PA 19103 Tel-215.563.9275 Fax-215.599.2240 e-mail: www.freemansauction.complease adhereto the bidding increments$10UNTIL $200 IS REACHED$25UNTIL $500 IS REACHED$50UNTIL $1,000 IS REACHED$100UNTIL $3,000 IS REACHED$250UNTIL $5,000 IS REACHED$500UNTIL $10,000 IS REACHED$1,000UNTIL $30,000 IS REACHED$2,000UNTIL $50,000 IS REACHED$5,000UNTIL $100,000 IS REACHEDOVER $100,000AUCTIONEERS DISCRETION(Primary) (Secondary)PHONE PHONEq ID CONFIRMEDG13-14380_AmericanaTXT97-124_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:18 AM Page 122departentsAppraisalssauel freean iijames e buckleydonald e walteramy parentilaura coxConsignmentssamuel h cooperjames e buckleyjeffery milleruseum Servicesthomas b. mccabe ivlynda a cainClient Servicesmary maguire carrolljessica carterbethany mobbsbridgette bonnermallory malkasianjocelyn olsen-accadsusannah mcgovernOperationsnathan norleygerald lightfootmarlon glovertim lambertherbert draytongerald davisdarryll byramFinancemark beckermankaren bajczykBusiness Development & arketingtara theune davismelissa gellerthomas b mccabe ivchristopher browneTrusts & Estatessamuel t freeman iiithomas b. mccabe ivholen miles lewisamy parentilaura coxjeffrey millerPhotographyelizabeth fieldelizabeth schultzthom clarkryan buckwalterofficerschairansamuel freeman iivice chairanmargaret d freemanvice chairanalasdair nicholpresidentpaul robertschief operating officerhanna dougherexecutive vice presidentjaes e buckleysenior vice presidentdavid weisstara theune-davischief financial officereric a smithvice presidentsdavid j bloom lynda a cainanne henrysamuel t. freeman iiiDirectoryPrintsanne henrydavid weissaimee pfliegerandrew hubercandace vivianEuropean Art & Old MasterPaintingsalasdair nicholdavid weissandrew hubercandace vivianPhotographs & Photobooksaimee pfliegercandace vivianModern & Contemporary Artanne henryalasdair nichol david weissaimee pfliegercandace vivianmichael frederickOriental Rugs & Tapestriesrichard cervantesdavid weissBooks, Manuscripts, Maps& Ephemeradavid j bloomkerry-lee jefferyspecialist departmentsAmerican Furniture, Decorative & Folk Artlynda a cainsamuel freean iiwhitney bountyAmerican Silversamuel freean iiAsian Artsrichard cervantesrobert waterhouse (consulting specialist)tianhan gaoandrew zajackEnglish & ContinentalFurniture & Decorative Artsdavid walkerbenjamin fisherann glasscockSilver & Objet de Vertudavid walkerann glasscock Fine Jewelry & Watchessamuel freean iimadeline mccauleyallia dhodynatalie difeliciantonioAmerican Artalasdair nichol david weissandrew hubercandace viviandavid weissWashington, DCdweiss@freemansauction.comTelephone: 202.412.8345colin clarkeCharlottesville, VAcclarke@freemanssouth.comTelephone: 434.296.4096kelly wrightBoston, MAkwright@freemansauction.comTelephone: 617.367.3400robert waterhouseAnnapolis, MDrwaterhouse@freemansauction.comTelephone: 267.414.1239john jonesMountain Brook, ALjjones@freemansauction.comTelephone: 205.803.4949katherine van dellWayne, PAkoldiges@freemansauction.comTelephone: 123G13-14380_AmericanaTXT97-124_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:18 AM Page 123April04/17/13American Furniture, Folk & Decorative Arts04/18/13Silver & Objets de VertuMay05/05/13Modern & Contemporary Art05/06/13Fine Jewelry & Watches05/21/13English & Continental Furniture & Decorative Arts05/22/13Oriental Rugs, Carpets & TextilesJune06/09/13American Art & Pennsylvania Impressionists06/18/13European Art & Old MastersPlease call 267.414.1256 to order catalogues or subscriptions.Upcoming at Auctionwww.freemansauction.comG13-14380_AmericanaTXT97-124_Layout 1 3/12/13 9:58 AM Page 124G13-14380_AmericanaCOV_square back cover 3/12/13 7:37 AM Page 2American Furniture, Folk & Decorative Arts04/17/1304/17/13american furniture, folk & decorative arts Samuel T Freeman & Co. 1808 Chestnut Street Philadelphia Pennsylvania 19103Tel-215.563.9275 Fax-215.563.8236G13-14380_AmericanaCOV_square back cover 3/14/13 2:40 PM Page 1