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Furniture & Decorative Arts Auction 7/29/11


  • Jewelry & Watches07/27/11

    Paintings, Prints & Sculpture07/28/11

    Furniture & Decorative Arts07/29/11



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    www.freemansauction.com1808 Chestnut Street Philadelphia Pennsylvania 19103Tel-215.563.9275 Fax-215.563.8236

    Summer Estate Auctions

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  • Freemans1808 Chestnut Street

    Philadelphia, PA 19103

    Telephone: 215.563.9275

    Fax: 215.563.8236

    126 Garrett Street

    Charlottesville, VA 22902

    Telephone: 434.296.4096

    Fax: 434.296.4011

    45 School Street

    Boston, MA 02108

    Telephone: 617.367.3400

    Bidding:bids department

    Natalie Difeliciantoniotel: 267.414.1208

    fax: 215.599.2240

    Catalogue $20

    Inside Front Cover: Lot 593

    Inside Back Cover: Lot 937

    Color images of every lot

    are available at

    Printing by Brilliant Studio

    Exton, Pennsylvania

    Summer Estate Auctions

    Jewelry & Watches07/27/11

    Auction:Wednesday, July 27, 2011 at 11amSale 1405

    Inquiries:Ellen Byrdtel: 267.414.1227

    Auction:Thursday, July 28, 2011 at 11amSale 1406

    Inquiries:painting and sculpture Aimee Pfliegertel: 267.414.1221

    printsMaya ODonnell-Shahtel:

    Auction:Friday, July 29, 2011 at 11amSale 1407

    Inquiries:Kerry-Lee Jefferytel: 267.414.1231

    Furniture & Decorative Arts07/29/11

    Paintings, Prints & Sculpture07/28/11

    Exhibitions:Saturday, July 2312pm4:30pmMonday, July 24 throughThursday, July 2810am4:30pm

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  • Estates Include:

    Estate of a Wyndmoor Gentleman

    Estate of M. Lothaine Pinnick

    Property of a Philadelphia Estate

    Property of a Southern Estate

    Property of the Yannopoulos Estate, Philadelphia, PA

    Property of a Gentleman

    Property of the Kathryn Gillespie Estate, Philadelphia PA

    Summer Estate Auction:Jewelry & Watches lots 1365

    July 27, 2011

    Lot Detail: 120

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  • 1 10-1257/168*Pink cashmere sweater set, EscadaTan cable knit trim sweater and matching sleeveless shell.European size: 34.$150-300

    2 10-1257/165*Group of five ladys dress skirtschanel and moschinoThree black skirts by Chanel of classic form, single raspberrycolored A-line skirt by Moschino, together with a chiffonabstract print Chanel summer skirt.$600-800

    3 10-1257/161*Black slip dress, Yves Saint Laurentretailed by neiman marcusElongated silhouette with ruffled scoop neck, racer back styleback and ruffled bottom. Accompanied by black slip. US size:small.$200-400

    4 10-1257/160*Teal silk and gold thread suit, Oscar de la Rentaretailed by saks fifth avenueDelicately embroidered silk suit, with gold tone thread andcopper sequin, button down front and fitted to hip,accompanied by matching pencil skirt. US size: 4.$800-1,000

    5 10-1257/159*Brown wool and fox fur jacket, Michael KorsBrown hounds tooth knit jacket, fitted to hip, with largeremovable fox fur collar, flat front pockets, accompanied bycalf length matching dress skirt. US size: 4.$400-600

    6 10-1257/156*Silk and cotton navy blue dress, Redux by Charles ChangLimaNavy blue silk dress, sweet heart neckline accented by softblack tulle, bottom hemline also displays black silk flowersand tulle that has been gathered in flower formations, A-linefrom the hip. US size: 8.$350-550

    7 10-1257/145*Mustard ladys pants suit, AkrisMustard tone cashmere fitted blazer with front patch pockets,knit turtle neck sweater with chocolate trim and chocolatetone flat front plants. US size: 6.$350-550

    8 10-1257/140*Blue wool skirt suit, Ralph LaurenNavy blue blazer with tri button front, princess darts,accompanied by black watch plaid pencil skirt. US size: 6.$150-300

    9 10-1257/136*Purple wool jacket, ChanelVeri colored purple blazer with copper chain link woven intoknit texture, three front buttons, purple silk lining,accompanied by original Chanel blossom brooch. Chanel size:34.$400-600

    10 10-1257/133*Apres le ski ensemble, Chanelretailed by neiman marcusGrey wind breaker style jacket with Chanel logo white trimand accent, zip front closure, accompanied by cream and greycashmere knit lounge pants. Chanel size: 36.$600-800

    11 10-1257/125*Blue stripe wool and linen jacket and knit top, ChanelShades of light blue stripes, front breast pockets and threequarter length sleeves, light blue linen lined, cream coloredknit top with matching knit belt. Chanel size: 36.$300-500

    12 10-1257/117*Black boucle knit jacket, ChanelFitted asymmetrical front tight boucle cotton and nylon blendknit jacket, black silk lining.Chanel size: 36.$300-500

    13 10-1257/112*Silk blouse and skirt, ChanelPleated cream color silk skirt, and pastel silk blouse. Chanelsize: 36.$200-400

    14 10-1257/49Off white leather hobo, GucciTraditional green and red stripe along bottom of bag, longshoulder strap.$300-500

    15 10-1257/29Red leather passport travel case, CartierL: 4in., H: 7in.$75-100


    freeansjewelry & watches


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  • 16 10-1257/39Coated canvas suitcase, Louis VuittonSoft sided hard framed suitcase with tan canvas interior, andinterior garment straps, interior pocket and exterior leatherstraps.$700-1,000

    17 10-1257/59Coated monogram canvas garment bag, Louis Vuitton$500-700

    18 10-1257/40Coated canvas overnight suitcase, Louis VuittonfrenchInterior garment straps with Vuitton logo, interior patchpockets on side, fully lined in cream colored cotton.Accompanied by original luggage tag.$300-500

    19 09-1484/177Pink, silver and black mini minaudiere, Judith LeiberAccompanied by original dust bag and accessories.$1,000-1,500

    20 09-1484/193Gold tone chatelaine style minaudiere clutch, Judith LeiberOriginally designed in the late 1960s. Accompanied byoriginal dust bag and accessories.$600-800

    21 11-1632/2Six ladys and gentlemans wristwatchesGentlemans Hamilton, slightly curved rectangular gold filledcase and bracelet, ladys Hamilton hexagonal gold filled caseand bracelet, ladys Elgin circular case with black clothbracelet serial no. 843270, gentlemans Elgin circular caseserial no. 10062295, gentlemans oblong and circular casewatches no name.$75-110

    22 11-1632/108Four gentlemans and four ladys pocket watches19th and 20th centuriesSwiss ladys gold watch, Humbert displays fancy hands,Systeme Roskope also displays fancy hands, ladys Elginhunting case watch serial no. 6178715. Ladys Waltham silvercase pocket watch, 19th century hunting case GustaveDubois, Elgin serial no. 16926564 and a gentlemans goldfilled hunting pocket watch case with floral engraving, 9pieces total.$200-250

    23 11-1632/60Eight gentlemans pocket watches20th centuryTwo with trains, one with an antique car and one with analarm.$50-70

    23A 11-1632/10Seven gentlemans hunting cased pocket watches20th centurySilver and gold washed repousse cases, one with a steamengine, one with a fire pump, one a National CommemorativeArchives watch.$50-70

    24 11-1632/12Eight gentlemans steel cased pocket watchesThree Westclox watches including a Scotty and Sceptormodel and one with a sweep second hand, together with aGalco, New Haven, Sindaco, Sentinel and Ingersoll.$80-120

    25 11-1632/19Eight gentlemans pocket watches19th and 20th centuriesAncre, Benedict Brothers and one Elgin are hunting cased,serial no. of Elgins are 5704085 and 30160021, the no nameis circa 1850 with an interesting face, and another Ancre,Locust, Cylindre and Gotham.$175-225

    26 11-1632/25Nine gentlemans steel cased pocket watchesMentier with alarm movement, the Galco displays a sweepsecond hand and serial no. 3364R, the Ingersol Sweepstermodel displays a sweep second hand, and two Biltmores, aNew Haven, a Satelite, a Sentinel and a Bulls Eye.$100-140

    27 11-1632/40Four gentlemans and two ladys pocket watches19th and 20th centuriesM. J. Tobias circa 1840 and is the inside of a pear case, serialno. 22866, Illinois serial no. 4324494, Elgins serial no.1726340 and 16676635 (this watch has a fancy face) andboth Elgins are ladys watches.$100-150


    freeansjewelry & watches


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  • 28 11-1632/66Six assorted pocket watches and clock19th and 20th centuriesTimex mini alarm clock, Illinois Marquis Autocrat, serial no.4676436, no name ladys watch, Waltham(1) serial no.8774757, Waltham(2) table clock and Icablocladys huntingcase watch.$90-120

    29 11-1632/80Five gentlemans and one ladys pocket watchesHunting case Elgin serial no. 6377383, Arnex displays apolychrome decorated face in a fam motif, Waltham serial no.9796825, the Incabloc displays a polychrome face in a fammotif and the Lady Tess has a silver case, and an Olympic.$80-120

    30 11-1632/17Five gentlemans pocket watches19th and 20 centuriesIncluding an Elgin serial no. H653307, a Bonheur withenameled face, two Hebdomas and a Wyss Freres.$140-180

    31 11-1632/20Three gentlemans pocket watches and two ladys pocketwatches20th centuryIncluding a Tiffany and Co. ladys watch and one of the Elginsis a ladys watch. Serial no. of Elgins are 2175201870 and6570413 (ladys), Burlington serial number 4329844(gentlemans).$175-225

    32 11-1632/22Five ladys pocket watches19th and 20th centuriesSilver and gold filled cases, including a Waltham serial no.29492185, one no name circa 1850 with key wind, a Gavour,a Reuge and another no name.$45-75

    32A 11-1632/9Four ladys and one gentlemans pocket watches20th centuryHunting case Mignon and Aspen, a Marvin and a no name.$100-150

    33 11-1632/26Five gentlemans pocket watches19th and 20th centuriesThe Hampden is a hunting case with a serial no. 33265, oneElgin has a serial no. 90442222357, the other Elgin wasretailed by G.M. Wheeler and has a fancy face and theIngraham has a goldstone case and a Helbros.$125-175

    34 11-1632/39Five gentlemans pocket watches20th centuryThe no name has a chronograpic movement with three smalldials in a large dial, Rockford serial no. 560584, Illinois serialno. 3007281, Imperial serial no. 734299 and South Bendserial no. 103215.$190-250

    35 11-1632/13Four gentlemans pocket watchesOne Illinois is retailed by Harry W. Penn, serial no. 4512700,another Illinois is 19th century in a hunting case, the Moynieris a hunting case, and a Clayton 18th century pear case watchwith a short chatelain.$140-170

    36 11-1632/14Four American pocket watches20th centuryThe Hamilton with a serial no. 4612640, one Elgin with aserial no. 3154664 and one with a serial no. 4844723, and aBulova.$150-200

    37 11-1632/18Four gentlemans pocket watches20th centuryThe Buren has a fancy face and chapter ring, serial no.660349, the Elgin has an open back with lens, serial no.13191190, and the Illinois serial no. are 4189162 and 3831403.$140-180

    38 11-1632/30Three gentlemans pocket watches19th and 20th centuriesM. J. Tobias circa 1840 hunting case and key wind, Hamiltonserial no. 1880587and the May and Malone serial no.150060.$175-200


    freeansjewelry & watches


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  • 39 11-1632/44Four gentlemans pocket watches, Elgin20th centuryOne with a thin case, serial no. 27904144, one serial no.10127438, one serial no. 13117370 and one with a peacockdecorated silver face, serial no. 18077645.$130-170

    40 11-1632/55Four gentlemans pocket watches19th and 20th centuriesOne Waltham with a fancy face and serial no. 7724523, theCooper is early 19th century serial no. 57092, the Stanley isthe interior of a pear case serial no. 3277, and the secondWaltham is a Premire model with lens front and back serialno. 278336.$200-300

    41 11-1632/76Three gentlemans pocket watches19th and 20th centuriesHamilton in a steel case with a locomotive etched on theback, Elgin is a hunting case serial no. 1595224, and theVacheron and Constantin (19th/20th century) serial no.292024.$175-250

    42 11-1632/78Three assorted pocket watches19th and 20th centuriesLadys gold 3/4 hunting case by John Bennett, London circa1835, Ancre key wind silver hunting case watch, and Tavannesthin case serial no. 5874070.$200-300

    43 11-1632/68Gilt metal table clock19th century, probably germanEasle design with scroll and floral decoration, circular black onoff-white Roman numeral dial, enamel panel depicting aballoon decent below.H: 6 1/4 in., W: 2 1/8 in.$50-100

    44 11-1632/1Ladys 14 karat yellow gold and diamond wristwatch, PalleVallettemid 20th centurySquare case set with two minute diamonds, brown corddouble strand bracelet.$40-75

    45 11-1632/3Ladys 14 karat yellow gold wristwatch, Waltham20th centuryCircular case, garnet dot dial, subsidiary seconds dial, goldfilled flexible bracelet.Diam: 1 in.$75-125

    46 11-1632/11Gentlemans silver and jeweled hunting cased pocket watchfirst half of the 19th centuryBlack on white arrow dial, subsidiary seconds dial, basket offlowers and floral repousse case set with twenty-threecabochon petite red jewelsDiam: 1 3/4 in.$75-125

    47 11-1632/56Gentlemans steel cased musical pocket watch, ArmitronBlack dot dial, Road Runner and Fox to lens and face,musical quartz movement.Diam: 1 3/4 in.$15-25

    48 11-1632/89Gentlemans English hunting case pocket watch, M.J. Tobiasliverpool, circa 1830Leaf engraved circular gold filled case, black on white Romannumeral dial with subsidiary seconds dial.Diam: 2 in.$100-150

    49 11-1632/111Oval folding table clock with alarm, Gerrd. Holdeckswiss, 19th centuryOval folding case with front having an opening with Romannumeral dial, the inside has a chased cover with circular clock,black on white Roman numeral dial, key wind, watch stemhanger above.H: 4 3/8 in.$100-150

    50 11-1632/142Gentlemans circular silver and black enamel cased pocketwatch, Omegacirca 1900Black on off-white Arabic numeral dial with subsidiaryseconds dial, case with silver array of flowers, bird and vineson black enamel field. Inner cover engraved with sixgraduated stamps Grand Prix, Paris, 1900, serial no.5785804.Diam: 1 13/16 in.$100-200


    freeansjewelry & watches


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  • 51 11-1632/12218 karat yellow gold ladys hunting case pocket watch,Henry Captgeneve, 19th centuryBlack on white Roman numeral dial with subsidiary secondsdial, key wind, demi chronometre, serial no. 27556.Diam: 1 1/2 in.$150-250

    52 11-1632/34Gentlemans 14 karat yellow gold pocket watch, Waltham20th centuryRaised gold on silver Arabic numeral dial with subsidiaryseconds dial, serial no. 22070674.Diam: 1 3/4 in.$225-325

    53 11-1632/45Gentlemans silver repeating pocket watch19th/20th centuryBlack on gold Roman numeral dial, subsidiary seconds dial,quarter hour repeating movement, the face is etched with acoastal scene with house and boat.Diam: 1 7/8 in.$200-400

    54 11-1632/48Gentlemans 14 karat yellow gold pocket watch, ChatonswissBlack on white...