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American Furniture, Silver, Decorative & Folks Arts Auction 4/30/12


  • American Furniture, Silver,Folk & Decorative Arts04/30/12

  • American Furniture, Silver,Folk & Decorative Arts 04/30/12

    American Furniture, Silver,Folk & Decorative ArtsSale 1427

    Monday April 30th at 10am

    Inquiries:lynda caindirect tel:

    amy parentidirect tel:

    whitney bountydirect tel:

    Exhibitions:Wednesday, April 25ththrough Friday, April 27th10am to 6pm

    Saturday, April 28th andSunday, April 29th10am to 5pm

    or by appointment

    Catalogue $30

    Inside Front Cover: Lot 536 (detail)Inside Back Cover: Lot 4 (detail)

    Color images of every lot areavailable

    Bidding:bids departmentbridgette bonnertel: 267.414.1208fax:

    Printing by Brilliant Studio

    Exton, Pennsylvania

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  • freeansfine english & continental furniture, silver & decorative arts



    Important Informationfor Buyers


    Buyers Premium

    Sales Tax

    Catalogue Descriptions



    Removal of Purchases

    Shipping and Packing

    All potential buyers must register for the sale prior to placing a bid.Registration information may be submitted in person at our reception desk,by fax or through our website at We will requireproof of identification and residence and may require a credit card and/or abank reference. By registering for the sale, the buyer acknowledges that heor she has read, understood and accepted Freemans Terms and Conditionsof Sale.

    A Buyers Premium will be added to the successful bid price and is payableby the buyer as part of the total purchase price. The Buyers Premium shallbe: 25% on the first $20,000 of the hammer price of each lot, 20% on theportion from $20,001 through $500,000, and 12% on the portion of thehammer price exceeding $500,000.

    All items in the catalogue are subject to the 8% Pennsylvania andPhiladelphia sales tax. Dealers purchasing for resale must register their taxnumbers on current PA forms. Forms should be submitted to our ClientServices office on the second floor.

    All item descriptions, dimensions and estimates are provided for guidanceonly. It is the buyers responsibility to inspect all lots prior to bidding toensure that the condition is to their satisfaction. If potential buyers areunable to inspect lots in person, our specialists will be happy to preparedetailed Condition Reports on individual lots as quickly as possible. Theseare for guidance only, and all lots will be sold as is as per our Terms andConditions of Sale.

    At the sale Registered bidders will be assigned a bidder number and given apaddle for use at the sale. Once the first bid has been placed, theauctioneer asks for higher bids in increments determined by the auctioneer.To place your bid, simply raise your paddle until the auctioneeracknowledges you. The auctioneer will not mistake a random gesture for abid.By phone A limited number of telephone lines are available for bidding byphone through a Freemans representative. Phone lines must be reserved inadvance. Requests must be submitted no later than 24 hours prior to thescheduled start of the sale.In writing Bid forms are available in the sale room and at the back of thecatalogue. These should be submitted in person, by mail or by fax no laterthan one hour prior to the scheduled start of the sale. The auctioneer willbid on your behalf up to the limit indicated, but is not responsible for errorsor failure to execute bids.On the internet A fully-illustrated catalogue is available on-line Registered bidders may leave absentee bidsthrough the web site and will receive email confirmation of their bid.Freemans is not responsible for errors or failure to execute bids.

    Lots purchased will not be released until we have received full payment.Payment may be made in cash, by check, money order, or debit card.Payments by check must clear the bank before goods will be released.

    Deliveries will not be made during the time of the sale unless otherwiseindicated by the auctioneer. All items must be paid for and removed withinten (10) working days of the sale. Purchases not so removed may be turnedover to a licensed warehouse at the expense and risk of the purchaser.

    Responsibility for packing, shipping and insurance shall be exclusively thatof the purchaser. Upon request, Freemans will provide the purchaser withnames of professional packers and shippers known to us.

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  • SILVERlots 1-87

    Monday, April 30th, 2012at 10am

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  • 1 121090/16Sterling tankard18th centurySlender egg and urn form finial to domical lidwith reed and scrolled thumb grip, plainflaring body with lyre form handle having amolded frame hinge terminating in ahemispheric butt, molded base, bottominscribed with the name J.Clarke in script(partially worn).H: 8 5/8 in. Weight: 25 1/2 troy oz.$1,000-2,000

    2 11-2490/129Coin silver ladlematthew cluff, norfolk, va,early 19th centuryHaving a tapered handle with coffin handleend, monogram.L: 14 1/8 in. Weight: 4 troy oz.provenance:Property from a prominent Virginia family.$500-700

    freeansamerican furniture, silver, folk & decorative arts



    3 11-2441/21Silver coffee pot and matchingcovered sugar bowlchaudron and rasch,early 19th centuryBaluster forms with pineapplefinials, rims engraved with circles,chased midband with stars, leavesand intertwined rib bands, ring baseengraved with loops and fans. Pothas an ebonized handle carved atthe bottom.H: 11 1/2 in. (pot)Total weight: 65 troy oz.$1,500-2,000

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  • freeansamerican furniture, silver, folk & decorative arts



    4 121207/1An assembled Classical sterling silver tea servicethomas fletcher, sidney gardiner and anthony rasch, philadelphia, pa,circa 1815A very high style service including a hot water pot, teapot, covered sugarbowl, waste bowl and creamer. The form is a rectangular body on a plainpedestal and a rectangular plinth raised on winged lion head and claw feet.The lids have cast rose and leaf finials; a thin star chased band at the top;and a rose and leaf midband on stiple, line and plain fields, this is mirroredon the edge of the plinths. The pot spouts are paneled and roundterminating in vigorous eagle head tips and the handles are square, reededC mahogany handles terminating in cornucopia mountings. The creamerhas a loop handle with bearded mask head and the waste bowl and sugarbowl have twin U shaped handles, grape bunch and two bird head endsbelow which is a cast rams head and shell. The teapot and creamer are byFletcher and Gardiner; the covered sugar bowl and waste bowl are byAnthony Rasch; and the hot water pot is unmarked.H: 10 1/2 in. (hot water pot) Total weight: 171 troy oz.

    provenance:This tea service belonged to Dr John Conrad Otto (1774-1844) ofPhiladelphia , the son of Dr. Bodo Otto, Senior Surgeon of the ContinentalArmy during the Revolutionary War.Descended in the family to the present owner.note:Otto graduated from Princeton in 1792 and from the Univeristy ofPennsylvania in 1796. He was the first modern physician to write abouthemophilia, publishing An Account of an Hemorrhagic Disposition inCertain Families, in 1803. He succeeded Dr. Benjamin Rush as physicianand clinical lecturer of the Pennsylvania Hospital and held the position for 21years. Dr. Otto was well known throughout the United States and revered inPhiladelphia. He served as physician to the Philadelphia Orphan Asylum andworked to establish sanitary measures and hospitals throughout the cityduring epidemics. Otto married Elizabeth Tod, daughter of prominentPhiladelphia merchant, Alexander Tod in December of 1802.$7,500-10,000

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  • 5 121064/9Large silver covered sugar andcreamerr & w wilson, philadelphia, pa,19th centuryBoth of urn form with foliatebanding, the covered sugar with anacorn finial and twin C scrollhandles. The creamer with a Cscroll handle, both on a steppedcircular foot.H: 10 1/4 in. (sugar)Weight: 24 troy oz.$500-700

    8 11-2441/19Sterling silver footed fruit compotebailey & co., mid 19th centuryOf circular form with gadroonedborder on flaring pedestal,conforming base.H: 6 1/2 in. Diam: 9 in.Weight: 21 troy oz.$450-550

    9 11-2490/116Sterling silver trayfrank m. whiting co., attleboro,ma, late 19th/early 20th centuryOf circular form with chasedClassical decoration; together with asterling silver circular bread baskethaving an openwork body and asterling silver oval bread basket withan openwork border and melonreeding, monogram.Diam: 13 1/4 in. (tray)Weight: 38 troy oz.provenance:Property from a prominent Virginiafamily.$800-1,200

    10 11-2223/2Sterling silver bowlwhiting mfg. co., providence, ri,early 20th centuryHaving a scalloped edge decoratedwith applied pansies and a tulippattern body and paneled lowersection.Diam: 13 in. Weight: 24 1/2 troy oz.$500-700

    freeansamerican furniture, silver, folk & decorative arts



    6 121064/8Coin silver butler dish with lidgorham corporation, providence,ri, mid to late 19th centuryOf oval form, the lid with a puttofinial, pierced star tray insert andClassical medallions to each end,engraved Geo. W. Webb, 1865-1893., monogram.H: 5 1/2 in. L: 7 7/8 in.Weight: 18 troy oz.$500-700

    7 11-2331/66Large sterling silver basketgale & willis, new york, ny,mid 19th centuryOf oval form with a beaded borderand swing handle, acanthus chasingto interior on a conforming foot,monogram.H: 10 7/8 in. Weight: 36 troy oz.$800-1,200

    11 11-2490/120Sterling silver basketlebkuecher & co., newark, nj,late 19th/early 20th centuryOf oval form with an openworkborder and swing handle oncartouche form feet; together withan oval sterling silver footed dish byMeriden Britannia Co. having areticulated border and body on anoval beaded foot, and tworeticulated plates and a reticulatedoval bread basket.H: 9 in. (basket)Weight: 40 troy oz.provenance:Property from a prominent Virginiafamily.$1,000-1,500

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  • 13 121064/11Four sterling silver candlesticksj.e. caldwell & co., philadelphia,pa, late 19th/early 20th centuryEach of vasiform having an egg &dart and beaded border to thecandle cup, knop and to the circularbase, weighted.H: 12 in.$700-900

    12 11-2440/11Two sterling silver coveredvegetable disheswilliam b. durgin co., concord, nh,late 19th/20th centuryOf oval shape with a scallopedborder and paneled body withoverall cartouche and floral garlanddecoration to lid and body.L: 11 1/4 in. (largest)Weight: 62 troy oz.$1,200-1,500

    freeansamerican furniture, silver, folk & decorative arts



    14 11-2018/4Sterling silver chocolat pot andsugar casterjacobi & jenkins, baltimore, md,and galt & bro., washington, d.c.,early 20th centuryBoth pieces with all-over floral andleaf decoration on textured fields;the chocolat pot is pyriform with arattan bound handle, on three leafand claw feet; the sugar caster isoval shaped.H(s): 7 1/2 in. (chocolat pot) and4 1/2 in. (sugar caster)Total weight: 18 1/2 troy oz.$400-600

    15 12-8015/8Two sterling silver repouss dishess. kirk & son, baltimore, md,early 20th centuryOne a candy dish and the second aserving dish; together with asterling silver repouss winecoaster, all with a foliate and foliageborder, monogram.Diam: 9 in. Weight: 21 troy oz.$500-700

    16 12-8015/6Sterling silver repouss platters. kirk & son, baltimore, md,early 20th centuryOf oval form with a foliate and floralborder.L: 17 in. Weight: 36 troy oz.$800-1,000

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  • 19 11-2440/4Sterling silver repouss ewerj.f. fradley & co., new york, ny,mid 19th/early 20th centuryOf urn form, having a C shapedbranch handle and an over-all vineand berry pattern, engraved withcoat of arms, raised on a circularfoot.H: 14 1/2 in. Weight: 38 troy oz.$900-1,200

    20 121109/46DSterling silver dishblack, starr, & frost, new york, ny,early 20th centuryOf rectangular form having a floral,cartouche, and scroll border.L: 15 in. Weight: 26 troy oz.provenance:Estate of James M. Seabrook,Mannington, New Jersey.$600-800

    21 121109/46FSterling silver repouss dishreed & barton, taunton, ma,20th centuryOf oval form, in the Francis Ipattern, on four shaped feet,monogram.L: 15 1/4 in. Weight: 31 troy oz.provenance:Estate of James M. Seabrook,Mannington, New Jersey.$70-900

    22 12-8015/10Large sterling silver repouss trayand sterling silver repouss plates. kirk & son, baltimore, md,20th centuryBoth of circular form with a foliageand floral decorated border,monogram.Diam: 13 in. (tray)Weight: 53 troy oz.$1,200-1,500

    23 12-8015/3Sterling silver repouss baskets. kirk & son, baltimore, md,20th centuryOf circular form with a floral andfoliage decorated border, swinghandle, and circular base,monogram.H: 10 in. (handle up)Weight: 33 troy oz$800-1,200

    24 12-8015/9Six sterling silver repouss breadand butter platess. kirk & son, baltimore, md,20th centuryOf circular form with a floral border,monogram; together with a sterlingsilver repouss bread and butterplate by A. Jacobi.Diam: 6 in. Weight: 30 troy oz.$800-1,000

    25 12-8015/13Group of sterling silver repoussserving piecess. kirk & son, baltimore, md,20th centuryComprising two circular footedcandy dishes, a circular salver, andan oval bread tray; together with asterling silver repouss dish by J.F.Fradley, monogram.L: 12 in. Weight: 34 troy oz.$800-1,200

    26 11-2440/10Large sterling silver centerpiecebowltowle silversmiths, newburyport,ma, early 20th centuryOf circular form having a moldededge with a floral border, acartouche chased and lobed bodyon a stepped conforming base.Diam: 27 in. Weight: 27 troy oz.$700-900

    17 121173/5Sterling silver ChineseChippendale mixed metal bowlretailed by bailey, banks, & biddle,late 19th/early 20th centuryA shaped rim with an openworkborder and applied gold tonemedallions and chased bowl, abovean openwork and shaped foot,monogram.H: 3 1/4 in. Diam: 9 1/4 in.Weight: 19 1/2 troy oz.$500-700

    18 11-2490/130Sterling silver pitchers. kirk & son co., baltimore, md,early to mid 20th centuryOf helmut form with a foliatechased body and scroll handle on astepped circular foot; together witha silverplate pitcher.H: 14 1/4 in. Weight: 40 troy oz.provenance:Property from a prominent Virginiafamily.$800-1,200

    freeansamerican furniture, silver, folk & decorative arts





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  • freeansamerican furniture, silver, folk & decorative arts










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  • 27 11-2018/3Sterling silver tea servicejenkins & jenkins, baltimore, md, circa 1921Including a hot water pot, teapot, covered sugar bowl, creamer andwaste bowl with twin handles, all-over floral and leaf repoussdecora...