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Amber Jewelry – sunlight in a stone

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high quality, and affordable jewelry for every age group. Our collection includes fashion jewelry and gemstones that range from imported amber, authentic turquoise, sterling silver, and gold to cubic zirconia, crystal, and more. We have also added high quality jeweled trinket and jewelry boxes to our collection. Our goal is to deliver our customers with the highest quality modern jewelry designs which are uniquely designed with amber, turquoise stones at affordable prices

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Amber Jewelry sunlight in a stone

This honey colored stone is indeed one of a kind, as it has been admired and adored by one and all. Today amber is considered to be not only one of the most timeless pieces of jewel in your jewelry box, but it is also considered to be truly unique. The history behind the stone, the color of the stone, the texture of the stone and the amazing value you get for money makes this an amazing stone that you are not going to be forgetting in a hurry ever again. This has been one of the wisest purchases when it comes to jewelry and history. If you want to be a part of history, then Amber Jewelry is the right choice.

Amber Jewelry and the gem as such, is divided into four groups

1. Baltic amber

2. Burmite (Burmese amber)

3. Semitite (Sicilian amber)

4. Rumanite (Rumanian amber)

All of these differ from the place they are mined to the color in which them come. They are mined all across the planet; they are mine in Iran, USA, Turkey, Russia, Germany, Sicily, China, etc. Everything about the gem, depends on the place from where it is manufactured the feel, the color, as well as the texture of the gem. The best part about this stone is that it is soft and pretty durable. This is one of the lightest and delicate stone among all gems. This is the reason why it can be polished and made into the type of jewel you want it to be. Necklaces, chokers, bracelets, bangles, rings, earrings, lockets and pendants are pretty popular across the globe when it comes to amber jewelry. It can be polished to fit the right type of jewelry and to make it into one of an excellent hand crafted piece of jewelry. The most common color of amber is the honey golden one, however there are others as well. You have black, green, red, maroon, yellow, orange, brown, some of these gems are considered to be rare and some are even said to be completely extinct.

No matter what your preferences are, amber jewelry can actually meet your expectations. As a gift, nothing could be ideal for any occasion, and if you want it for yourself you could not have made a better decision