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The Association of Mature American Citizens

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  • VOL. 3 ISSUE 2$2.95

    Shall We Dance?

    Turning 65,Health InsuranceOptions

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    GovernmentWatchSen. Byrd warnsof Obamapower grab


    The GreatAmericanVacation

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    Call us today to learn more about our Medicare Advantage plans.

    Call: 1-866-836-1716TTY 1-877-833-4486

    8 a.m. to 8 p.m., 7 days a week

    Medicare approved HMO, PPO, and PFFS plans available to anyone enrolled in both Part A and Part B of Medicare throughage or disability. Enrollment period restrictions apply, call Humana for details.


    Its the Little Things

    MedicareGroup HealthIndividual healthDental, Life, Vision

    No matter what the little things in your life may be, you owe it to yourself to see how Humana can help safeguard your health.Humana has been serving people just like you with Medicare for over 20 years, and currently provides coverage to more than 4.3 million people with Medicare across the country.million people with Medicar

    er 20 yvoHumana has been ser

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    ving people just lika has been serw Humana can help safeguarelf to see ho

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    e it wou oy,,y bemaay be

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    Call us toda

    t8 a.m.TTY


    n more about our Medicare y to learus today

    eekys a w7 daays a w.m.,,to 8 p1-877-833-4486866-836-17161-

    ore about our Medicare



    .antage plansvAdare


    Enrollment period restrictions a


    .bilityge or disaapproved HMO,Medicare a

    ,ypplment period restrictions availaand PFFS plans aPPO,O,

    or Humana fyone enrolled in both Part ble to ana


    A and Part B of Medicare throughoth Part

    n, VisioefiL,htlaehlaud


    care through

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    Yes, I want to become an AMACMember!

    Choose One Option: 1Year/$12.50 2Year/$22.00 3Year/$27.50

    I would like to make an additional donation in the amount of $

    Name Date of Birth

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    Phone ( ) Email

    MAIL TO: AMAC, 5 Orville Drive, Suite 400, Bohemia,NewYork 11716with your check ormoney order payable to The Association of Mature American Citizens

    Call 1-888-262-2006 or sign up online at:

    Help Us Grow !AARP recently endorsed President Obamasgovernment directed health proposal!

    His proposal promises a reduction in the cost ofhealth care, whichmany health care professionals saywill likely result in restrictions and rationing in yourmedical treatment.

    AMAC, the conservative organization forAmericans 50 plus, is strongly against this proposal.We believe the Government is already involved in toomany areas that the Constitution provides for.

    If you think our Government has grown too bigand costly, putting the financial future of our childrenand grandchildren in jeopardy - please help AMACgrow!

    We need more members to get the attention ofour elected representatives and to balance the powerand influence of the AARP.

    If you are already a member, please give yourfriends, family and neighbors this enrollment form -or have them contact us directly to join.

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    Publishers Letter

    What a great country we live in!We sometimes take for granted the freedoms ourforefathers bestowed on us. Over one million people from all walksof life gathered across the nation on April 15th to have TeaParties which recalled the Boston Tea Party and the colonialistprotest over unfair taxes.

    These Tea Parties were festive affairs where citizens of all agesbrought homemade signs expressing their views on governmentspending and taxes in general. I ask you, what other country couldhave had such a peaceful turnout of such large numbers? (See theAMAC in Action story for the Tea Party we sponsored in Florida.)

    This issue brings our readers helpful garden tips as we getready for spring and highlights great American summer vacationdestinations. You will also find what fun you can have withdancing, including the many health benefits you get frommovingaround the dance floor.

    Speaking of health - its hard to speak of health care withoutthinking of the cost. In this issue well cover the options you haveonce you reach age 65 and information on how to choose the bestoptions for you under Medicare. Some options could save as muchas $3,000 or more a year.

    AMAC continues to grow. If you like what we are trying to do toprotect our way of life, please refer us to your friends andneighbors. The more people who join, the more positive impact wecan have.

    Remember, there is strength in numbers! Enjoy the summer!

    Best regards,

    DanWeber, publisher

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    VOL. 3 ISSUE 2


    Association ofMature American Citizens5 Orville Drive Bohemia, New York 11716


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    There is a simple solution to the health careproblems facing Americans today. First wemust be sure to correctly identify what the coreproblems are, and then wemust apply solutions thathave proven to be effective repeatedly over a longperiod of time.

    Lets be realistic, we are not facing a grave crisis inour health care system. In fact, America has thegreatest health care system that ever existed in thehistory of humankind. Some folks inWashingtonmaybe being a little too dramatic in order to alarm votersand other politicians to drive them to take someaction. The truth is our health care system functionsvery well. That is not to say that the system is perfect.Of course there is always room for improvement.

    There seems to be a consensus that the twobiggest problems we face are:

    Millions of Americans are not insured formedical care.

    The cost of health care is high andgetting worse.

    The simple solution is this; Let our free enterprisesystem operate freely to take care of these problems.Capitalism works-if given time and a littleencouragement.

    After World War II there was a housing shortageand homes were too costly for many Americans tobuy.What happened? Builders saw an opportunity to

    mass produce homes insuburban housingdevelopments, likeLevittown, NewYork, andsoonmillions of veteransbegan buying their firsthomes. The governmentprovided incentives inthe form of taxdeductions and helpedmake loans available toqualified families. Thesame free market canwork to help solve the

    health care problems facing us today.Give credit toHillary Clinton, as First Lady, and to

    President Obama for at least trying to tackle theproblems. But the plans coming from theadministration and Congress are dangerous ideasthat will lead to government control of health care.

    The first part of the solution is to create a low costhealth insurance plan and require those who do nothave coverage to enroll.

    The right way to do that is to gather all theinsurance companies together and ask them to comeupwith an affordable insurance plan. The plan couldprovide for basic hospital andmedical coverage, witha low co-payment for low income families. Insuranceworks best when the risk is spread over manypolicyholders- so it should be mandatory foreveryone to have some kind of coverage. For example,in NewYork and other states, there are limited plansthat are much cheaper than full fledged plans butoffer the policy holder the really important coveragethey need.

    Employers could help pay a portion for theiremployees as long as it was not more than half thepremium. In order to do that some companies wouldlikely have to hold off on pay raises to help pay for thehealth benefit, and perhaps a tax incentive could beadded to help reduce the burden on the employer.Everyone would be covered without governmentcontrol and wasteful bureaucracies.

    The AMAC SimpleSolution to Health Care!

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    HealthThis would not affect

    anyone over age 65 asnothing would change withthe currentMedicare system.

    The second part of theproblem, rising cost, isalready starting to beaddressed by themarketplace.

    Recently you may havenoticed some of the drugstore chains and big boxStores like Wal-Mart and Target have been offeringgeneric drugs at $4 for amonths supply of medicine!Those prices are cheaper than the co-payment formost drug insurance plans. That is what wemean byletting the free enterprise system function. Othercosts saving ideas are already in the works.

    There is a new kind of Medical Care that can nowbe found at some Drug store chains. Inside the storeis a small office where a Nurse Practitioner orPhysicians Assistant sees patients and treats them forminor ailments. Operating under strict guidelinesthat tell themwhen to refer to a doctor or emergencyroom, these trained medical staffers are able toexamine patients and pr