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The Association of Mature American Citizens


  • Trace Your Genealogy Visit Historic Charleston, SCHave a Heart-Healthy Year Consider Going Solar

    AmacAdvantageSPRING 2008 FREE

    The Greatest

    The magazine of The associaTion of maTure american ciTizens

    Medical Care in the World

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    Publishers Letter

    Dear Reader,Welcome to the second edition of AMAC Advantage. In this issue, we focus on Americas great health care system. Statistics clearly show the more education you have, the better your health will be. As you learn

    more about healthy living, preventive medicine, and health care in general, you increase your chances of staying in good health. Our feature article takes a look at advances in our health-care system over the last century. Is Michael Moore rightis our health care system Sickoor is Mr. Moore guilty of sick thinking?

    AMAC Advantage will carry a regular section on Health, to focus on this important issue and find ways we can continue to improve our health-care system for all Americans.

    We would like to thank Steve Levy, the County Executive from Suffolk County on Long Island, for his thoughtful letter to our Association.

    Its nice to know the 1.3 million citizens of Suffolk County have an elected official who is willing to listen and respond to the people.

    In 2008 well strive to increase our membership and to be your advocate on issues affecting your well-being. AMAC is expanding into Florida this year. Our first chapter is located in central Florida, between Ocala and Leesburg, just north of Orlando.

    Watch us grow!Best regards,

    Dan Weber, Publisher

    P.S. Please tell a friend or neighbor about AMAC. For the first part of 2008, well be offering a one-year Free Membership to new members. (See the membership ad in this issue, or visit our website,

  • Daniel C. Weber Publisher

    Rebecca Weber Keiffert Associate Publisher

    Gary J. Christiansen Production Director

    Bill Terpenny Advertising (contact)

    David G. Weber Account Executive

    David G. Weber Gary J Christiansen Web Developers

    Gary J. Christiansen Contact for Membership

    Rebecca Weber Keiffert Editorial Inquiries


    Association of Mature American Citizens 5 Orville Drive Bohemia, New York 11716 631-589-6675

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    2 Publishers Letter

    5 Money Leave a living legacy

    7 Health Have a heart-healthy 2008

    9 Home Consider going solar

    10 Food Satisfying soups and stews

    13 Commentary AMAC publisher Dan Weber comments on our nations health-care system

    16 Genealogy Start at home to track your familys roots

    20 Travel Americas Historic Cities: Charleston, SC

    22 Essay Thoughts from Brother Juniper

    23 Did You Know? Tidbits to think about

    24 Parting Thought Words of inspiration

    Contents 3

    The magazine of The associaTion of maTure american ciTizens

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