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<ul><li><p>TM</p><p>LOCAL LIFESTYLETMINANDAROUND MAIDENHEAD, COOKHAM and BRAY</p><p>OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2012</p></li><li><p>2 ALONG THE THAMES</p><p>A Good Read</p><p>The books on this page are from Book Guild Publishing</p><p>To order, please call 01202 665432 (weekdays only) </p><p>or visit to view our other titles</p><p>BOOK GUILD</p><p>Childrens</p><p>Fiction</p><p>PUBLISHING</p><p>Strange Days by Janet HoptonDrug-running, attempted murder and a hostage situation in pithy thriller</p><p>A stranger takes a shine to young barmaid Laura and becomes a regular at the pub where she works. But when Laura witnesses a car accident in which the stranger is injured, little does she realise the chain of events that follows will propel her into the most dangerous situation she has ever faced.</p><p>As Lauras life switches from humdrum normality to a life-threatening tangled web involving drug-running and attempted murder, she needs all the help she can get, and finds it from an unexpected quarter.</p><p>This fast-paced crime thriller moves from small-town England across the Channel to France as </p><p>justice is sought for the death of a young drug addict and to finally catch the drug baron guilty of kidnap and murder.For your chance to win a copy of Strange Days, please send an email to by 9th November.</p><p>The Priceby Ron WellingA modern thriller set in the world of industrial espionage</p><p>Harry Stone is a self-made man and has come a long way from his humble upbringing in the East End of London. He his cold and ruthless, and the only thing that truly arouses him is the making of money by whatever means he sees fit. He believes it must also be the motivation of those around him along with his employees and his enemies alike. Harry Stone does not have friends.</p><p>When a lucrative property deal in St Lucia goes disastrously wrong, Harry finds himself unusually on the back foot, targeted by a vicious Caribbean drug cartel and in fear for his life. Desperate to compensate </p><p>for his losses, he throws himself into a fresh acquisition with wild abandon and far more deadly results. For to make money the way Harry makes it, you need good judgement, and Harrys judgement has been challenged, and he is afraid</p><p>Clever By HalfBy Donald Read Learning and Loving in a Fifties University</p><p>For staff and students alike, universities resemble volcanoes, calm on the surface but rumbling beneath. </p><p>It is the early 1950s and the newly-independent University of Blackchester is no exception to this reality. History Professor Andrew Grey and English Professor Daniel Mellors are keen to double or treble their student numbers in order to promote </p><p>their academic reputations and embark upon a fiercely competitive contest to make theirs the most popular subject at Blackchester.</p><p>When Mellors achieves national notice on the BBC, Grey responds with newspaper articles and a nationwide lecture campaign. When student numbers for English look like becoming unmatchable, Grey shows political cunning by contriving to make all first-year English students take a History course. </p><p>But campus tensions are not all about academic rivalry. Sex looms large. And not just between students. Cross-subject romances are high-risk, and the actions of Tom Tongue, serial seducer and senior lecturer in English, threaten the reputation of the entire university. </p></li><li><p>ALONG THE THAMES 3</p><p>EDITORSerena Edwards</p><p>SUB EDITORAlex</p><p>ADVERTISINGSerena EdwardsOffi</p><p>PUBLISHED BYAlong the Thames Magazine1 Bell Street, Maidenhead Berks SL6 1BUt: 01628 771419 m: 07711 887107e: offi </p><p>CONTRIBUTORSHarriet Subramanian, Phil Walker, Alexander Parsons, Christine Chalkin, Kasia Cole, Jill Coleby, David Rhys Price, Claire Fryer, Sally Todd, Alex Iszatt, Vanessa Woolley, Niki Schfer, Jacky &amp; Mark Bloomfi eld, Sophie Ward, Rosanna Mundy</p><p>FRONT COVER: By Boulters LockCourtesy Kate RobinsonAlong the Thames Magazine ISSN 2047-3389</p><p>Along the Thames Magazine Marlow is the sister title to Along the Thames Maidenhead - prints and distributes 16,400 copies bi-monthly and hand delivers copies into ABC homes inandaround Marlow, Bourne End, Maidenhead, Cookham and Bray, as well as in bedrooms and reception rooms of hotels, golf clubs, coffee shops, hairdressers, libraries and local information centres. </p><p>2. A Good read 8. Interiors - Wallpaper14. Favourite Walks - Burnham Beeches15. National Trust Walks16. On the Hunt - Etiquette18. How to be healthy this season20. How your feet reflect your body</p><p>22. Christmas Tidings28. 6 of the best gadgets for cheese lovers 30. Time for Tea!34. Wines - a Good Red36. Fashion40. Hair by Alexander41. Beauty + competition42. Sallys Smalltalk</p><p>43. Horoscopes45. Book Giveaway - Jo Hawes: Children in Theatre 46. Clare Balding: My Animals and Other Family 47. Country Wise 49. Business52. Out and About 58. Useful Numbers</p><p>The views expressed in Along the Thames magazine are not necessarily the views of the editor/publisher. While all reasonable care is taken to ensure accuracy of our content, the publisher cannot accept liability for errors/omissions relating to the editorial/advertising in this publication or for loss rising as a result. No part of the contents of this publication can be reproduced without the express permission of the authors and is protected by copyright.</p><p>Contents 14 30 36</p><p>Copyright 2012 Along the Thames </p><p>Welcome to the October/November issue. As in the true tradition of us Brits we must talk about the weather and the fact that it is now Autumn, the days are getting shorter (dont forget the clocks go back at the end of October) and it is getting colder. But that can only mean one thing and that is the countdown to Christmas has begun!!In this issue we have some gift ideas for treating yourself, some thoughts for cheering up the home, along with gadgets for cheese lovers, just to name a few of the articles. We have several giveaways including the chance to win a party for you and 5 friends at Benefit in Windsor, our usual Book Offer plus a signed copy of the new book from Clare Balding and Jo Hawes. Jo, a casting agent for children, gives many useful tips for those budding actresses and actors and their parents! As usual we have our regular fashion pages with this edition featuring - Red Alert, Florals and Shimmer, along with some beauty products youll love for the party season. We particularly love the 4 palette compact from Clarins - it stays on all day with the added attraction of some glitter for those evenings out! Sophie offers some advice on how to stay healthy during the party season and if you are driving anywhere this winter we have some advice from TyreSafe on how to look after your tyres.With Christmas coming up we are all starting to think about food for the table, so with that in mind we have articles on cooking your Turkey and on red wines as well as some cheese gadgets for those cheese lovers. Hopefully we will have some lovely autumn days to look forward to and you may be tempted to enjoy one of our series of favourite walks from Kate around Burnham Beeches or the National Trust who have provided us with several guided walks you can join in with.We hope you enjoy this jam packed edition and as always....Until next time, Happy Reading..........</p></li><li><p>4 ALONG THE THAMES</p><p>Ovens Agas G r i l l s Hobs Ex t r a c t o r s M i c r owaves BBQs</p><p>Ovenproudthe best you canget in domesticoven cleaning</p><p>To book your oven in or to ask for a quote</p><p>call 01494 450 794</p><p></p><p>For everything related to the loft, callThe Loft Access Company on 01628 771177</p><p>Need more space?Loft Conversions Roof Windows Loft Boarding Insulation &amp; Lighting</p><p>LOFTLADDERS</p><p>SUPPLIED &amp;</p><p>INSTALLED FROM</p><p>99</p></li><li><p> ALONG THE THAMES 5</p><p>INSIDE OUT</p><p></p><p>Painting and DecoratingPainting &amp; Decorating Interiors and Exteriors</p><p>Commercial / Domestic Experienced Staff National Trust Work Free Quotes and Advice No Job Too Small</p><p>Family Business - Established 25 Years - A Name that you can Trust</p><p>www.insideout</p><p>01628 07711471291 846285</p><p>R.S. HALL UPHOLSTERY30 years experience</p><p>ALL UPHOLSTERY WORK UNDERTAKEN</p><p> re-upholstery pubs &amp; clubs sofas &amp; chairs schools loose covers hospitals antiques office chairs</p><p>Contact Bob on 07809 140988 / 01494 461481</p><p>email:</p><p>Free Estimates</p><p>large contracts - over 300 fabrics available</p><p></p><p>Do you dream of a new kitchen?</p><p>Dont replace it,reface it.Transform your tired kitchen in just afew days from start to finish...</p><p> Trusted reputation 50% deposit balance on completion Huge choice of doors, worktops, appliances, sinks &amp; taps</p><p>New local showroom opening soon View our credentials at</p><p>Call Ian or Jo now for your FREE no obligation quote on01628 912012</p><p>* Terms &amp; Conditions apply. Offer valid until 31st August 2012only. Not available in conjunction with any other offer.</p><p>Well paythe VAT</p><p>*</p><p>This Month only</p></li><li><p>6 ALONG THE THAMES</p><p>Its the little things that make a difference when relaxing after a long day!</p><p>Colour Changing Spa Lights give tranquility normally reserved for a luxurious spa resort and can be experienced in the comfort of your own home. The Colour Changing Spa Lights effortlessly change from blue, red and green letting their glow melt your stress away. Attach them to the side of your bath or let them simply float on top of the water. They come in a pack of two and one set of batteries will provide 120 hours of relaxing light. 4 x AAA batteries required (not included) 6.95 from (0844 2495 007) </p><p>Aquala Bathtub Caddyin natural bamboo wood this expandable bathtub caddy features a book, soap and wine glass holder. 48 - - (01269 822288)</p><p>Wine Glass Holder for the bath Polished steel holder with suction cups to attach to the </p><p>rim and the side of the bath. Holds a wine glass by the stem. 7.99 723800)</p><p>Stephen HillBathrooms &amp; Kitchens</p><p>Tel: 01628 526124Mobile: 07732 591251</p><p>Complete installations including Plumbing, Carpentry &amp; Tiling</p><p>Wishbone fl exible Soap Dish in teal. A funky soap holder thats designed to add a splash of colour </p><p>to your bathroom. Design: Jeremy Alden / Pratt Institute. 5.99 - From Stylish Life - 01269 822288</p><p> </p><p>December/JanuaryDeadline - 9th November</p><p>T: 01628 771419 / M: 07711 887107</p><p>E: offi</p><p>Marketing is an Investment not an Expense</p></li><li><p>ALONG THE THAMES 7</p></li><li><p>8 ALONG THE THAMES</p><p>Wallpaper can transform the mundane to the spectacular and the cold to the cosy. Wallpaper can disguise flaws, it can alter perceived proportions and it can add dynamism, sophistication, elegance or seduction to any interior. Whats not to love about wallpaper?</p><p>SelectionSelecting a wallpaper can be </p><p>quite overwhelming as there is an abundance of choice, growing enormously by the design season. Traditional papers are revised and updated, or lovingly replicated for historical accuracy. Flowers can be found in all shapes and sizes from the large Victorian bloom, to cherry blossom, stylised poppies and flocked chrysanthemums. Textures are becoming equally more alluring through technology as they are more eco through our awareness and demand for environmental sustainability. </p><p>ReactionsCertain patterns can make </p><p>one person feel nauseous, while another will be excited and exhilarated by it. Some people will count obsessively the repeat in a pattern, while others will find </p><p>the sequence soothing. There are also scientifically proven effects that certain patterns will give us all optical illusions that will cause eyes to vibrate, making us feel dizzy or simply suspicious that the wallpaper is crawling. You will be pleased to hear that manufacturers are well aware of these psychological effects and test thoroughly before producing a paper. </p><p>Hidden delightsHowever, some designers </p><p>thrive on what people might discover in their papers and there are many witty editions of Toile de Jouy or more modern cartoon style depictions of everyday life. These can tell stories and will make interesting historical references in future years but they are also very pleasing on the eye the imagery merging into a soothing pattern from a distance.</p><p>CostThe cost of paper is an </p><p>interesting point in itself. Some you can pick up for 10 a roll whereas others, hand blocked and of unique design, can run into many hundreds for the same quantity. Metallics will add to the cost of the paper as will flocking, </p><p>and if the paper is a one-off then the price will naturally escalate.</p><p>TrendsI truly value what texture can </p><p>add to a room, because while pattern, be it wild or subtle, will date, texture will always contribute to a room without it being too offensive to the fashionistas. I suspect that the metallics of today will soon start to fade but I believe that the idea of papers changing in different light conditions will be developed further. Flocking has made a giant comeback (having made its first foray into interiors in the early 17th century) and will undoubtedly go again, as will the gigantic geometric swirls and possibly even the old faithful stripe. </p><p>My point is that it doesnt matter, as long as you enjoy them. Be bold and brave with your walls and put up something that you adore. It will make the room sing and you will feel great pride in it every time you see it and that cant be sniffed at. And that will probably be the next big thing perfumed or worse yet, a Roald Dahl-inspired lickable paper </p><p> Something to think about.Niki Schfer </p><p>dwell-being designs </p><p>Wallpaperbrings warmth, texture, colour and pattern to a room. </p></li><li><p>ALONG THE THAMES 9</p><p>To see videos on some of our products go to</p><p></p><p>Telephone: 01628 898123Email:</p><p>All types of Blinds, Plantation shutters &amp; Awnings - all supplied &amp; fi ttedManual or Electric controls available</p><p>Family run business with over 20 years experienceTo visit our showroom, call for an appointment</p><p>Extensions - full architectural services</p><p> Full detailed building design Planning and building regulation </p><p>applications Full specifi cations and project </p><p>management Budget and cost management</p><p>FREE initial consultation</p><p>Thinking of extending or remodelling?</p></li><li><p>10 ALONG THE THAMES</p><p>CARPET HOMES</p><p>Family run business serving Maidenhead since 1978</p><p> wood fl oors laminates Carpets Vinyls rugs</p><p>Tel: 01628 780580</p><p>85-87 Queen Street, Maidenhead, SL6 1LR</p><p>Brighten up your home with some of these ......... festive decorations</p><p>Big Decs White Standing Moose is a fun addition to the home complete with a knitted striped scarf he is simply adorable. 12.99 - - 0845 519 2408 </p><p>Stunning heart and rose chair back from Interfl ora (designed To order) - 35 - www.interfl - 0800 434343. </p><p>Solid sterling silver...</p></li></ul>


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