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The news, features and other content found in the Sept. 30, 2015, edition of The Current Newspapers, which is distributed to homes and businesses in Northwest Washington, D.C. Email to subscribe to the newsletter; contact for other inquiries.


<ul><li><p> All Things Current: What you'll find in your Sept. 30, 2015, edition</p><p>BUSINESS The River Inn lost a long-running battle with the Foggy Bottom community yesterday, as the D.C. </p><p>Board of Zoning Adjustment concluded that a sidewalk cafe is an improper expansion of commercial activity at the boutique hotel. (Dupont Current, Foggy Bottom Current)</p><p> Located inside The Carlyle hotel in Dupont Circle, the Riggsby restaurant offers an upscale take on childhood nostalgia. (Dupont Current) </p><p>EDUCATION With Sidwell Friends slated to buy the Washington Home's Tenleytown campus, both the private </p><p>school and the elder-care institution expect great benefits from the $32.5 million deal. (all editions) </p><p>HISTORIC PRESERVATION The owners of a 19th-century farmhouse at 2207 Foxhall Road NW will be able to relocate the </p><p>structure elsewhere on their property to make room for a new two-story home and detached garage behind it, following a decision by the Historic Preservation Review Board last Thursday. (Northwest Current, Georgetown Current, Dupont Current) </p><p>RECREATION Rock Creek Park reached its 125th anniversary on Sunday but the birthday party was as much a </p><p>preview of the next 125 years as a celebration of the ones that came before. (all editions) </p><p>ON THE MARKET (all editions) The three units of a newly constructed boutique condo building on Blagden Alley NW draw on the </p><p>area's turn-of-the-century charm at prices ranging from $599,000 to $999,000. </p><p>OPINION (all editions) Editorial: A $60 million incentive package to keep Advisory Board Co. in the District shows great </p><p>promise, and we hope it stands up to the appropriate D.C. Council scrutiny. Editorial: Signs directing tourists from the Foggy Bottom Metro station toward Georgetown are a cost-</p><p>effective common-sense approach to addressing to the neighborhood's lack of its own subway stop and the sort of initiative we'd like to see sprout up across D.C. </p><p> Sherwood: The party's over for a once-promising Nationals season. </p><p>SPORTS (Northwest Current, Georgetown Current) St. Johns outlasted Good Counsel 29-23 in a triple-overtime thriller on Friday night, spoiling the </p><p>Falcons homecoming festivities and marking the second time the Cadets have won a football matchup between the two teams over the last three seasons.</p><p> Wilson's girls soccer team is hoping its long-running DCIAA successes will also translate this season into a state championship title. </p><p>DISPATCHES (all editions) Lafayette reflects on its temporary building, St. Albans debuts new athletics facilities, and other </p><p>reports from local schools. </p><p>ALSO IN THE CURRENT Crime report Advisory neighborhood commission reports and agendas Reports from local citizens associations Calendar of the week's events Classified ads and service directory</p></li><li><p>Email us to receive this newsletter every Wednesday. </p><p>The Current comes out in print every Wednesday and is posted online on Thursdays at and To reach The Current with a news tip,correction, advertising inquiry, or other question or comment, email or call 202-244-7223. </p><p>The Current Newspapers5185 MacArthur Blvd. NW, Suite 102Mailing address:Post Office Box 40400Washington, D.C. 20016-0400Copyright 2015, The Current Newspapers, all rights reserved</p></li></ul>