Integrated Map Tool Overview, Current Status, and Things to Come…

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  • Integrated Map ToolOverview, Current Status, and Things to Come

  • Integrated Mapping and Analysis Tool (IMAT)map widget Integrated Mapping Tool IMATReusable components for portrayal, query, analysis, and exchangeAnalytical capabilities provided through application proxy servicesScalable and extensible, but not a full-featured web-based GISFastLightweight (small footprint on server) with browser-based clients Modular, reusable components, designed for service-oriented architecture (SOA)Built on interoperability standardsLeverages development funding from DHS, FGDC, and IR&D.~$50k in WRAP-centric development funds from CAP grant alone

  • Integrated Mapping and Analysis Tool (IMAT)Service interfaces based on Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) specifications:WMS = Web Mapping ServiceWFS = Web Feature ServiceWCS = Web Coverage ServiceWPS = Web Processing ServiceCSW = Catalog Service for the Web

    Features are simple like points, lines, and polygons.Coverages are rasters, lattices, or TIN surfacesProjection & analysis will be WPSs

  • WFS Proxy

    WMS Proxy

    WCS Proxy

    WPS Proxy

    Application Services Container

    Map Viewer

    Query Tool

    Web Browser

    Analysis Tool

    AJAX Container




    NSDI Web Services





    WRAP Web Services

    Data Tier

    Application Tier


    Data Exch. Tool


    Internet or LAN


    CSW Proxy

  • IMAT Functionality - Existing

  • IMAT Current Work aka Cycle 1 Interactive Scaling and other client-side controls (operated by users) collaborative task by ENVIRON and Image Matters provides capability to shade features (e.g., county polygons or model output grid cells) for local-scale area based on values of a continuous variable allows changing colors and other symbology for layer features Metadata Catalog Implement Catalog Service for the Web (CSW) Storage location for metadata from WRAP layers Provides connectivity to National Spatial Distribute Infrastructure (NSDI) distributed Clearinghouse network allows discovery of WRAP geodata from any of the 6 Clearinghouse Gateways Metadata management through CatMan tool Direct Access (one-click-away) to metadata from IMAT viewer

  • IMAT Planned Work and associated functionalityIterative process with 2- to 3-week cycles planned (currently in Cycle 1) Web Feature Service (WFS) provides access to WRAP vector data at the feature level. Makes data available for display, analysis, & export from TSS, and accessible to external systems as appropriate. Feature Selection Capability single or multiple mouse clicks Feature Selection Capability box, polygon, and circle/ellipse Feature Selection Capability on basis of attribute values (logical statement with boolean operators) Add layer button provides access to layers that are present in the metadata catalog (can be extended to layers from web services) Web Mapping Service (WMS) provides service to be ingested for display through IMAT, or through an external web mapping system. Create AOI layer button makes a temporary (cached) layer that serves as the users Area-of-Interest for analysis and/or data export.-------- Cycle 2 -------------- Cycle 3 ------

  • IMAT Planned Work and associated functionality Support for multiple projections reprojection capability allows display of layers whose native projection differs from the RPO Lambert or GCS (Long/Lat) implemented as Web Processing Service (WPS) Capability to perform summary statistics on set of vector features from layers (accessed locally or through WFS) for user-defined region (i.e., the AOI layer) Web Coverage Service (WCS) provides access to WRAP raster data at the cell or nodal level. Makes data available for display, analysis, & export. Allows access to external systems as appropriate. Style Layer Descriptor (SLD) provides access to WRAP data with symbology dictated by requesting client, either by IMAT, or through an external web mapping system. Extends current work. Summary statistics capability for raster layers for user-defined AOI.------- Cycle 4 --------------- Cycle 5 -------

  • IMAT Future Work & associated functionalityPotential Post-October 2006 development: Provision of CatMan and MetaMan tools as appropriate. Metaman provides metadata editing and validation capabilities. Design and Implement Registry (Catalog) for contextual geospatial data and other key WRAP layers available through web services. Identify key web services of interest (WMS, WFS, WCS) and populate the web service Registry with service info and capabilities. Data download capability site with ftp from HTTP transfer capability develop tools and web pages that utilize the AOI functionality and the indexed data. Potential output formats include shapefiles, SDTS format, GML, and ASCII. Metadata upload tools Data upload tool allow States and Tribes to upload data to TSS------------------- Cycle 6 --------------------

  • Architecture OverviewThird-Party Libraries (Mochikit, DWR)userSmarts Javascript Framework(aka TANDOM)IMAT(Integrated Map Tool)Widget

    CanvasTool BarLayer BarView ContextScale LegendLocation BarMapTagGeom. Rend.OGC Proxy Services(userSmarts owsremote)WMS-PJSON using DWR over HTTPJavascriptJavaOGC Web ServicesHTTPWMSWFS-PCSW-PWFSCSW

  • Service Communications(Using WMS Example)WMSOWS RemoteIMATWMS(1)(1)(3)(2)http://wmshost:port/wms?REQUEST=GetMap&LAYERS=1,2,3WMSRemote.getFeatureInfo({request:GetFeatureInfo,layers: [1,2,3], wms:http://wmshost:port/wms});http://wmshost:port/wms?REQUEST=GetFeatureInfo&LAYERS=1,2,31)2)3)

  • Current CapabilitiesDisplay a set of layers defined by an OGC ViewContext documentwhere each layer can be hosted by a separate WMS than the restExtendable Tool-based interactionPanningZooming (in, out, to box)Geometric area selection (box, polygon, circle) with support for callbacks returning geometryDistance Measuring (with configurable UOM)Bookmarking (context save/restore)Feature description query support (using WMS GetFeatureInfo)Layer management controls using LayerBarShow/hideActivate/deactivate (for query)Shift up/downMultiple supported projectionsCassini (standard latitude/longitude)Lambert Conformal ConicReal-time user location status in given projection using LocationBarScale legend (with configurable UOM)Geometry Renderer API with default implementations for Firefox and Internet Explorer

  • Near-term CapabilitiesLayer property editorAllowing on-the-fly adjustments to certain layer propertiesOpacityColor scale min and maxAnd many more (TBD)Inline with the layer information provided by the Layer BarShown/Hidden by clicking an Edit button

    Layer legend informationRequires either turning on legend support in Arc or creating default icons (non-scaling layers)Scaling service will provide legend information for dynamically shaded layers

  • Near-term Capabilities, contdMetadata ViewerComponent integrated with the IMATAllow for querying a CSW and displaying the resulting metadata hitsAdding layers identified by CSW results to current mapSupporting WFS endpoints for describe feature functionalitySelect by point or bounding region (box, polygon)External component for querying based on attribute valuesArea of Interest LayerSomething else

    Talk about the rest of the cycles ( 4-6 and post-october ) should be considered no longer near-term