AIESEC in Sri Lanka Country Partnership Booklet

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AIESEC in Sri Lanka Country Partnership Booklet

Text of AIESEC in Sri Lanka Country Partnership Booklet

  • Sri Lanka - #1 country in the world for travelling, Lonely Planet, Top 10 Countries 2013

  • About AIESEC in Sri Lanka

    Since the inception in 1995 AIESEC Sri Lanka proudly hosted the

    following events to engage with the network.

    International Conference 1995

    APXLDS 1996

    APXLDS 1999

    International Presidents Meeting 2004

    The Vision of the Generation 13-14 is Leadership,

    Impact, Sustainability, the key driving factors for our main products which are iGCDP, iGIP and oGCDP.

    AIESEC Sri Lanka at a glance

    4 Local Committees

    6 Expansion Initiaitves

    20+ Universities and Higher Education Institutes

    400+ members

    30+ National Partners

    10+ Conferences, Y2Bs and external events


    AIESEC Sri Lanka has been achieving greater milestones during the last

    few quarters in terms of iGCDP, 391% growth in the

    year of 2012 is a clear indication of what we have achieved. By providing Unique life changing experiences to 355 global youth,

    AIESEC Sri Lanka surpassed the target for the term 12/13 which was


    The term 13/14 is planning to bring even more challenges by doubling

    the target to 620 realisations for the term. This requires passion, commitment, dedication and perseverance in set of individuals

    who determine to lead in the process of achieving peace and fulfilment

    of humankinds potential and we are proud to say that it is who we are.

    As at the moment we have achieved more than 200

    realisations for the term clearly indicating the capability of over achieving the goal for this term as well.

    There are four national initiatives under

    iGCDP programme and we also facilitate diverse project range in accordance to the Issue segmentation strategy by AI.

  • Education Initiative

    This is the biggest iGCDP focus area of AIESEC Sri Lanka which falls

    under the literacy category according to the issue segmentation

    guidelines. There have been many projects organised under this

    initiative over the last 10 years and 100s of EPs engage every year for

    the programme.

    The project mainly focuses on uplifting the status of education system

    in the country through the inclusion of innovation and creativity to the

    traditional way of teaching.

    Under this initiative you can find the following projects being executed

    throughout the term,

    Gurugedara, Danuma Focus on English Language teaching

    E-Gurugedara, Feugosticka teaching IT, mobile app and game


    Colour my world 2.0 teaching Aesthetic subjects to


    Hodiya, Ayanna teaching for pre-school children

  • Empowerment Initiative

    The country is leading to a mega development phase achieving over

    8% GDP growth rate during the past few years, with that the need to

    empower youth and others sub sections of the society is a national


    Aligning to that AIESEC Sri Lanka developed the youth empowerment

    project focusing on enhancing soft skills of the undergraduates

    through collaborative efforts of foreign youth, women empowerment

    project to bring more value to the women who could be the front-

    runners of the entrepreneurial development of the country and other

    projects to empower the handicapped soldiers and SME sector of the

    country. All these initiatives falls under the career development and

    economic growth categories according to the issue segmentation

    guidelines. Under this initiative you can find the following projects

    being executed throughout the term,

    YEP 3.0 Focus on enhancing the soft skills of the

    undergraduate students

    API (Ample path of Inspiration) improving communication

    skills and group work

    My Company 2.0 providing entrepreneurial skills to the youth

    [s]heroes, La Femme Women empowerment

    Ranaviru Empowering Handicapped Soldiers

    Spectrum, Spark, Inspire emp owering the SME sector of Sri


  • Tourism Initiative

    In recent times, Sri Lanka has capitalised on its location advantage to

    become a major tourist destination exceeding 1 million tourists per

    year. With the current growth rate of more than 30%, Sri Lanka

    expects to host over 2.5 million tourists by the year 2016.

    The projects developed by AIESEC capitalise on identifying and

    promoting tourist locations and provide suggestions to improve the

    quality to attract high volumes of tourists. Interns with a sense of

    creativity are mostly welcome to be part of this initiative. The projects

    under this initiative falls under the cultural understanding and

    economic growth categories according to the issue segmentation


    You can find the following projects being executed throughout the

    term under this initiative,

    Feel Lanka 5.0 promoting Sri Lankan Tourism in web based


    Explore Sri Lanka 3.0 exploring and promoting hidden

    tourism destinations

    Tourism Photography Promote Tourism Through a

    photography contest

  • Green Initiative

    Ensuring Environmental Sustainability is one of the Millennium

    Development Goals which is being followed up in a global scale. As an

    organisation which demonstrates Sustainability practices as one of its

    core values AIESEC Sri Lanka decided to implement many projects

    under this theme as a national focus area which falls under the

    environment category according to the issue segmentation


    Currently there are projects focusing on reducing waste, energy and

    water as well conducting energy audits to identify and evaluate the

    green practices in various sub sections of the society including schools,

    universities and organisations.

  • Timeline

    Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

    Peak Matching


    Off Peak Matching



    AIESEC Sri Lanka is a growing entity in GIP and look forward to creating more opportunities in the IT, Marketing and Teaching sector.

    Most of the Marketing opportunities are related to the hotel and tourism sector of Sri Lanka

    The TN takers look for candidates with good English speaking skills and who are adaptable to Sri Lankan culture

    The internship durations span from 6-12 months.

    Sri Lanka is country and rich with cultural diversity and your internship experience can offer you a wonderful professional transition and a cultural experience.

    Marketing TN profiles

    Product creating and packaging

    Reaching out to new markets for potential clients

    Assist in developing and implementing growth opportunities within the organization by creating and implementing marketing strategies

    Strategize and implement online marketing, communication and promote products worldwide

    Preparing and executing a marketing strategy to enable the company to expand internationally

  • Countries of Interest






    Other European countries


    For our EPs, we provide:



    Cultural preparation

    Pre-and re-integration

    EP Profile

    Excellent proficiency in English

    1st / 2nd year undergraduates from best Sri Lankan Universities

    Friendly, open minded, adaptable and flexible

    Backgrounds mostly in Business management, Arts, Social science, Engineering and IT

    EPs Expect

    Professional development

    Personal development

    Cultural experience

    Inter personal skill development

    Building a personal network

  • Countries of Interest

    Malaysia (have sent 19 this term so far)

    Poland (have sent 7 this term so far)

    Thailand (have sent 3 for this term)

    Indonesia ( have sent 2 for this term)

    Italy (have sent 2 for this term)

    Philippines (have sent 1 this term and another previous term, quality of projects is questionable but financially fasible for our EPs)

    India (have sent 9 this term - mainly send EPs to Jodhpur, Jaipur and Chandigargh



    Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

    Peak Matching



    EP Profile

    Excellent proficiency in English

    3rd / final year undergraduates and recent graduates

    Friendly, adaptable and flexible

    Backgrounds mainly in IT, Business management and Engineering *High number of GIP EPs in from IT background to be realized during May/June, Nov/Dec

    EPs Expect

    Professional development

    Personal development

    Cultural experience

    Good working environment

    Inter personal skill development

    Personal and professional network

    Countries of Interest



    New Zealand



  • Our Impact

    Visit our Online Platforms to get more information of the impact we created through the projects.

    Connect with Us

    Savinda Ranathunga

    MCVP iGCDP (Project Development & ER)

    Noshan Peiris

    MCVP iGCDP (Matching and Execution)