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  • 7/27/2019 Afrika Playbook



  • 7/27/2019 Afrika Playbook


    1. What level of play are you focused on?2. What are the fundamental principles tankers must know & understand?

    1. Principles of War

    2. Principles of Armored Combat.3. The four basic functions of armored combat

    1. Shoot- Gunnery & fire planning

    2. Move- Formations & battle drills

    3. Communicate- Multi-tiered coms

    4. Command- Strats & how to document them4. The four basic fundamentals of basic tactics

    1. Find em,

    2. Fix em,

    3. Flank em,

    4. Forget em.5. Tank/team survival

    1. Inside the Decision cycle

    2. Movement, contact, & action drills

    6. How to understand what's happening around you.1. Situational Awareness2. Area of Operations, Interest, and Influence

    7. Missions/Plays8. Operational Art and its application In Clan Wars9. Murphys laws10. The After Action Review

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    l Skills



    Joint Tactics










    Is it drive tanks around and fight as a lone wolf?

    Is it get with a group of friends and fight as a wolf pack?

    Is it more of an intellectual challenge to negotiate a new alliance,

    develop a winning team or develop a killer strat for the new map?

    Your answer will determine which level of play you are interested in

    and which skill set you should begin working on.

  • 7/27/2019 Afrika Playbook


    Confidence- We can win anytime,anywhere, under any conditions

    Commitment- We are committed to thepursuit of excellence

    Discipline- We will take the time topractice, train and rehearse wheneverpossible.

    Mental agility- We will develop andreinforce innovative thinking

    Reinforce success- We will seek outopportunities to excel and reward stellarperformance

    Positive attitude- As a team we willmaintain a "Can do" attitude

  • 7/27/2019 Afrika Playbook


    Confidence- We can win anytime, anywhere, under any conditions because we areproficient in a host of sophisticated tools techniques and procedures that describehow we envision fighting tanks.

    Organization- We are committed to the pursuit of excellence and we have taken theintellectual effort to develop a unifying doctrine that governs how we approachfighting tanks.

    Discipline- We will take the time to develop focused practice sessions, trainingevents and rehearsals whenever possible.

    Mental agility- We will develop and reinforce innovative thinking. We will know ourdoctrine inside & out and apply that to a rapidly changing and dynamic tacticalenvironment.

    Reinforce success- We will seek out opportunities to excel and reward stellarperformance. We will bond as a team of successful clan wars competitors and thatcohesion and tactical competence will lead to consistent success in clan warsengagements.

    Positive attitude- As a team we will maintain a "Can do" attitude. Its not the size ofthe dog in the fight; Its the size of the fight in the dog!

    Technical and tactical proficiency- Through study, training, and practice we willdevelop a suite of battle drills that will enable us to think, act, and react faster thanour opponents.

  • 7/27/2019 Afrika Playbook


    Or the theory behind why & how things work in combat

  • 7/27/2019 Afrika Playbook


    Point of










    Unity of



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    Stated Objective- Every battle has an objective, stated or unstated. In order to focusyour combat power and the efforts of your team one must envision, describe andarticulate that objective to your team.

    Point of Decision- a point in space and time where the relative strength of therespective sides will decide who wins the battle

    Relative Combat Power- A comparison of the available number of weapons systems,& crew and equipment capabilities

    Mass- the density or number of tanks at the point of decision. Can be number ofguns, tanks, or size of the units in contact.

    Synchronization- the degree of coordination and cohesion of your force. The ability tofocus combat power in space and time.

    Optempo- the rhythm or timing of an operation. Has a direct bearing on how youobtain mass and synchronize actions at the point of decision.

    Mentalagility-the ability to rapidly and efficiently adapt to a dynamic and fluid battleenvironment

    Unity of Effort- All available resources are committed to support the main effort inorder to achieve the stated objective.

    Tactical proficiency-The grasp an individual has on the underlying doctrinal rules ofhow to fight tanks.

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    Shoot, Move, Communicate & Command (SMCC-


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    Tank model manipulationcomplex mixture of eye-hand coordination, visual & audible

    cueing from your computer(feedback from views, reticle data, map data, sounds, etc.) and

    your situational awareness of what's going on around you in cyberspace.

    That 6th sense youve heard about is real; even in cyberspace. If it dont feel right, it aint

    right learn to trust that 6th sense and see how it saves your bacon.

    Formation driving- Ability to maintain relative location to a lead tank

    Use Defilade- Whenever possible shoot from hull defilade or cover

    The Hide and firing platform- use firing position hide position to protect your tank

    Three types of gunnery-

    Long-range- sniping

    Short-range- Arcade view Melee- Shoot on the move

    Crew management- Techniques for managing crew skills, and rotating crews .,

    Consumables management- Techniques for selecting & managing consumables

    Equipment management- Techniques for selecting & managing special equipment.

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  • 7/27/2019 Afrika Playbook


    How to engage targets effectively both as an individual

    as a team.

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    Make the first shot count; you maynot get a second.

    Select the right munitions for the

    selected target Learn each tanks weak points and

    target them Aim small, Miss small If in doubt; hit it again. Life is

    precious, ammo is cheap! Continue engaging a target until its

    destroyed- A dead tank cant hurtyou!

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    Types- Short Range-

    Long Range,

    Melee Ammo-

    Armor piercing- Main anti armor round

    High Explosive- HE a hardened shell filled with explosivecompound. Useful against higher tier tanks or softertanks

    Gold Rounds Sabot- armor piercing discarding sabot APDS Kinetic energy


    HEAT- High Explosive Anti-Tank- uses focused jet of an explosivecharge to cut through armor

    Sight reticles Sniper vs normal modes

    Auto aim- Moving targets or in a Melee

    Aim small; miss small

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    THE STEPS The Alert- Target! Volley or

    fire at will The Description- IS-4 at 11:00

    oclock, The response- up number 1-4!

    When you have seen and IDdthe target (Number of tank 1-A Section Leader, 2-Wingman, 3- B SectionLeader 4- wingman)

    The Command- on Ready 1-Ready 1

    The response- UP number 1-4!When you are reloadedand ready to engage.

    To do it again- Repeat onReady 1; Ready 1.

    THE METHOD BEHINDTHE MADNESS This opens the ball and alerts your group of

    tanks that you plan to mass fires on one tank

    or position.

    Describe the target and locate it near a

    readily recognizable terrain feature- A tree,

    Ridge, wrecked or specific tank. Use the T

    key to designate the target.

    Your subordinates respond with UP tank #when they have the target located and in

    their sights.

    When you hear response from your group of

    tanks and are ready; issue the command of

    execution Ready 1

    Continue to fire until the target is destroyed.

    Repeat has a very specific meaning when

    working with fire support. Repeat means

    reshoot the previous fire mission, Do not

    change any data on the guns. So be careful

    when your talking to the Gun Bunnies If you

    need them to retransmit the previous

    message the correct phrase is Say Again

    Not Repeat!

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    Line of Site

    Firing or








    Engage from cover whenever possible, protect your tank from direct

    Fire by using your surroundings to mask the vital parts of your tank.

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    Tank positioning-

    Defilade- the part of your tank

    masked by the terrain.

    Cover- Protection from direct

    fires Concealment- protection from

    threat observation

    The Hide & Firing Platform


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    Light Tanks- Scouts, Dedicated CAP, Mobile defense, Screeningmissions, etc.

    Super Light Tanks- Sub category of lights with unusually high speed,maneuverability, & armor.

    Medium Tanks- Workhorse of the Force/Multirole tanks- Scouting,Dedicated cap, general engagement, Custom missions.

    Super Medium Tanks- Sub category of medium with unusually high speed,

    maneuverability, & armor. Super Medium Frenchy- A whole new class of tank. Marriage of an autoloading

    cassette with a very fast chassis, and armored just enough to sustain a fewcritical hits.

    Heavy Tanks- They provide the punch and the armor to blaze a trailwherever we as a team need to go.

    Super Heavy- Behemoth tanks that are slow, ungainly, incredible armorand require special attention to kill.

    Super heavy Frenchy- A whole new class of tank. Marriage of anautoloading cassette with a very fast chassis, and armored justenough to sustain a few critical hits.

    Tank Destroyer- A vehicle especially designed and built around a biggergun than was possible to mount within a turret proper. Kill tanks atextreme ranges.

    Self Propelled Guns- a specific category of armored vehicles where theguns can hyper elevate to achieve indirect fires. The King of Battle

  • 7/27/2019 Afrika Playbook


    Targeting- A systematic method of analyzing thethreat force structure and equipment andassigning engagement priority to specific targets.

    Priority categories- High Payoff targets- This category is usually

    assigned to the vital items that comprise the threatCenter of Gravity i.e. BFGs, SPGs, Heavys, orfast movers

    Critical targets- Usually the mediums and TDs. Maybe area denial, or prepping a choke point prior to anassault.

    General orRoutine targets- the ash & trash Targets of opportunity- a target that develops on

    the fly. Can be equipment, area denial, or arty prep.

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    Task Organization

    1 Tier 7-8 Gun GS to


    2 Medium to Heavy guns

    DS to team

    General Support (GS) A category of Fire

    Support where the fires from the SPG

    are dedicated to a particular mission

    such as counter battery. Fires from the

    gun in GS can be requested anywhere on

    the map.

    Direct Support- (DS) A category of FireSupport where the fires from the SPG

    are dedicated to a particular maneuver


    Priority of Fires- a designated list of

    targets; prioritized in the following


    High Pay-off targets

    Critical targets

    On-call targets.

    Targets of Opportunity

    When processing in-coming calls for fire;

    The gun crew shoots the targets

    following the priorities developed in


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    How to maneuver successfully through Battlespace

    both as an individual and as a team.

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    The foundation of Maneuver techniques andformations are either: TwoTank Section-usually called A&B or Red/Blue or Three Tank Platoon

    Four Tank Platoon. The four tank platoon is made upof two; two tank sections.

    In theory these movement formations shouldprovide: Improved speed of maneuver

    Enable a formation to move as a team with guntubes always oriented towards the threat.

    This system will improve our ability to move rapidlythrough Battle Space and change orientation veryquickly to meet whatever threat with sufficientcombat power to dominate that opponent.

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  • 7/27/2019 Afrika Playbook


  • 7/27/2019 Afrika Playbook


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    The norm in every battle is that you willencounter a threat and must respond to thatthreat. In order to win you need to think, act, andreact faster than your opponent.

    Youre in the game and moving through the map;all of a sudden you see a threat Icon popup onyour right.

    You must decide quickly and correctly what, how,where, and when to respond to the threat.

    Types of responses: Contact Drill

    Action Drill

    Battle/Mission drill.

  • 7/27/2019 Afrika Playbook


    The Goal: Hear command, react immediately.

    Four types-

    Movement drills- Cobra-L/R/Front/Box-the team practices formation changes until itsautomatic and instinctive.

    Contact drills- Contact L/R/Front/Rear-These drills are for initial contact or enemysightings. The leader must decide whether to continue on his direction of march,engage with maingun only, deploy or bypass. If he deploys then it becomes an actiondrill.

    Action Drill- Action (Threat description- Arty, tank in village tanks on ridgeline, etc.)L/R/Front/Rear-The Action command triggers an immediate turn to face the threat.Usually in anticipation of going to gunline and engaging. With incoming arty a modifiersuch as prepare to maneuver or give a direction of movement i.e. Section Cobra left2 Oclock 600 Meters; Go

    Mission drills- understanding the type of mission your on helps shape your responsesand as a result the types of fire and maneuver you will use in that battle.

    This is the most complex Battle drill we will tackle.

    Getting fifteen tanks, each with specific roles and responsibilities in the drill, to work inconcert and putting just the right combat power, at just the right place, at just the right timeis our objective.

    How will we do it? Practice, Practice, Practice!

    Repetition combined with thorough After Action Reviews is and will remain the key.

    I propose we focus on the fundamentals first. Movement, Contact and Action drills mustbe mastered first. But the different phases and considerations of the mission drills canbe discussed and phased into the match play now.

  • 7/27/2019 Afrika Playbook


    BASIC MANEUVERELEMENTS A section is made up of

    two tanks led by the mostexperienced tanker.

    B section is led by the

    second most experiencedtanker. They can and do operate

    independently but thereal power of thisformation is when twosections work together.

    One covers or supports

    by fire while the othermaneuvers to a flank andassaults the objective byfire and maneuver.


    Blue Section Red Section

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    CONTACT DRILLS CONTACT Contact L/R/Front/Rear- As an element moves

    downrange it will spot an

    enemy unit on the left. Thelead must decide whether toengage, deploy or bypass. Inthis example he decides toengage with main gun andcontinue his advance. Thecommand is

    Contact left- Target- tanks in the wood line Maingun, Identified Engage The section continues on its

    axis of advance and engageswith main gun

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    Action L/R/Front/Rear As an element moves downrange it

    will spot an enemy unit to its front.The lead must decide whether toengage, deploy or bypass. In thisexample he decides to deploy andengage. The go signal is to executethe maneuver. Set means the crewis in position and ready to fire;

    Identified means they haveacquired the target and are readyto engage. Engage is the commandto open fire on the designatedtarget.

    The command sequence is: Action front Guns. 2 o'clock Target- tank next to farmhouse Go Set- up #1 Set- up #2 On 1 Ready 1 Engage The section deploys to gunline and

    orients to 2 oclock. Upon getting aSet from both tanks, they engage inunison.

  • 7/27/2019 Afrika Playbook


    ACTIONAs a section moves downrange it detects an enemyunit to its front. The lead must decide whether to

    continue to march, deploy, bypass or execute a fire

    on the move technique. In this example he decides

    to go to guns and initiate Rolling Guns. The go

    signal is to execute the maneuver. Moving informs

    the covering tank that movement is in progress.

    Set means the calling tank is in position and ready

    to execute the maneuver.

    The commands are:

    Section! Target- tank in the open!

    Guns 12 oclock Rolling guns- Go!

    Moving preset 2.


    #2 Moving;

    up! #2

    On Fire, Ready, Fire.

    The section deploys to gunline and orients in the

    direction of movement. Upon getting the alert

    Moving & preset two from his lead. #2 initiates

    his move and selects speed control #2. He acquires

    the designated target and waits for the fire

    command. As the section rolls forward they

    continue to engage targets while on the move until

    all targets are destroyed




  • 7/27/2019 Afrika Playbook


    The norm in match play when faced by a superior tank or

    Arty is to find and hide behind the biggest rock or duck

    behind the nearest corner to evade getting hosed by your

    opponent. Having a plan on when, where and how to

    position your tank behind that obstruction and how to

    stack a series of tanks behind an obstruction will be

    instrumental in deciding the match.

    Key Points

    Trigger- Anticipate observation and fields of fire andinitiate the tap-dance Drill as early as possible. i.e

    a Watch the minimap and keep track of your location

    and route. Look for cover and concealment both on-

    screen and on the map.

    Angle of attack- try and angle your tank so you arenot broadside when you pop out to engage.

    Build the Stack- with multiple tanks align your tankwith the lead vehicle. Dont crowd in behind andblock the lead from his retreat path.

    Coordinate- If at all possible cross talk with theother tanks and try and time your pop-out

    maneuvers so only one tank is exposed at a time.

    Types- two basic types-Volley fire- all tanks pop-out simultaneously.Fire at will- tanks pop-out independently as they reload.




  • 7/27/2019 Afrika Playbook


    Quite often in match play when faced by a superiortank or Arty we need to disengage and reposition .

    Having a plan on when, where and how to

    disengage while in contact will be instrumental in

    deciding the match.

    Key Points

    Trigger- Anticipate changes in the tacticalsituation that will drive a bump and run Drill

    as early as possible. i.e Watch the minimap

    and keep track of your location and route.Look for threat disposition and combat power

    changes both on-screen and on the map.

    Step 1- mass fires get a good volley on targetand the trail tank backs down, spins and

    moves rapidly to the next position. When he

    calls set the next tank gets a shot, backs

    down and moves as rapidly as possible to the

    next position.

    Step 2- disengage. As each successive tankfires, backs down and then spins and moves

    rapidly to the next position this will enable

    the team to reposition and maintain contact. Step 3- set up new position- As each tank

    bounds back it assumes its position in the

    stack and prepares to defend. Coordinate- If at all possible cross talk with

    the other tanks and synchronize your actions

    to reduce you exposure to hostile fire and

    provide covering fire for moving tanks.




  • 7/27/2019 Afrika Playbook


    Quite often in match play when faced by a tank orArty on the flank of our formation. We need to

    secure that flank and suppress or destroy that

    threat. Having a plan on when, where and how to

    dispatch an element while on the move will be

    instrumental in deciding the match.

    Key Points

    Trigger- Anticipate changes in the tacticalsituation that will drive a Flanker Drill as

    early as possible. i.e Watch the minimap and

    keep track of your location and route. Lookfor threat disposition and combat power

    changes both on-screen and on the map.

    Step 1- P re-designate- Develop a plan for andassign two tanks to execute the drill.

    Step 2- Maneuver- . As the march formationmoves through sector the designated

    flankers watch for and identify likely firing

    point. Upon Command Action L/R/Front/Rear

    Flanker the 2 tanks drop from formation moveto covered and concealed firing line and

    engage any targets on that flank.Step 3- Rejoin- Immediately upon destructionof threat thr remaining tanks rejoin the march

    formation as quickly as possible

    Coordinate- If at all possible cross talk withthe other tanks and keep track of their

    frontline trace so you can rejoin the main

    body quickly and efficiently.



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    ADVANCED ACTION DRILLSAs an element moves downrange it suspects anenemy unit to its front. The lead must decidewhether to continue to march, deploy, bypass ormove by bounds. In this example he decides tomove by bounds. There are two types of boundingoverwatch. Rabbit 1 is move by bounds. RabbitII is move by successive bounds. The go signal is toexecute the maneuver. Moving informs the coveringtank that movement is in progress. Set means the

    calling tank is in position and ready to execute themaneuver.The commands are

    Section Rabbit one(move by bounds)# 2 cover my moveon GoLet me know when youre SetSetGo, MovingSet

    #1 cover my move. MovingThe section deploys to gunline and orients to thedirection of movement. Upon getting a Set fromboth tanks, #1 initiates the move with go and thecommand Moving When he reaches the limit ofhis bound he says set. #2 initiates his move andinforms his lead by the command #1 cover mymove, Moving. When he comes even with the leadhe stops and issues the command Set then thedrill repeats


  • 7/27/2019 Afrika Playbook


    How to communicate successfully both as an individual

    and as a team.

  • 7/27/2019 Afrika Playbook


    Bandit- Scout in-bound


    suppression byarty


    Anvil- HastyDefense Smoke-Frontal

    Screen Fog- Flank Screen

    Backdoor- Reverseslope Defense


    Defense Thor- Time on

    Target Bounty Hunter-

    Counter Recon

    Gun Runner-Deepzone Recon

  • 7/27/2019 Afrika Playbook


    INDIVIDUAL SKILLS Roger- understand

    your message

    Wilco- Understandand will comply Phonetic alphabet Keep it short and to

    the point. One person has the

    floor at all times-Dont be a channelpig.

    Battle Coms- If it aintrelevant keep it toyourself

    TEAM SKILLS Codewords convey a

    great deal of meaning

    in simple terms Individual skills formthe foundation formore complex teamsynchronization andcoordination traffic.

    Brevity, clarity, andprecision in what yousay, when and howyou say it makes orbreaks a team

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  • 7/27/2019 Afrika Playbook


    Traffic ExamplesBattle

    commandsGo here, do this,


    statusIm in position awaiting orders, Imat guns , ready to engage, what isyour current status? Etc.

    Intellupdates Weve got a strong pushdeveloping on the 8 line; Arts up!Current

    situationForce is down, Blue Platoon is at%100 & moving to cap.




    X Red platoon go Start yourmovement.Fire


    Gold Platoon; Target! T1110 onridge, volley on !Fire

    MissionsArty: Fire Mission; T34 in volleyWest of aquaduct.

    routine That @#$* arty just hosed me.Logistic or

    Admin infoWhat basic load should I take as aTD

    The chart to the leftdepicts some examplesof the types of traffic tobe passed on a commonTask Force suite ofchannels.

    We replicate this in team

    speak by setting whisperlists and combining theCommand, Operationsand Intelligence, andAdmin Log channels intoone channel we callBattle Command.

    *Note the following twoslides

  • 7/27/2019 Afrika Playbook


    Traffic TFCMD O&I CoCMD A/LBattle

    commandsX X


    statusX X X X



    situationX X X



    sX X


    commands XFire


    routine XLogistic orAdmin info


    The chart to the leftdepicts types of trafficto be passed on acommon Task Forcesuite of channels.

    We replicate this in

    team speak by settingwhisper lists andcombining theCommand, Operationsand Intelligence, andAdmin Log channelsinto one channel we

    call Battle Command.

  • 7/27/2019 Afrika Playbook


    Traffic BTLCMD PLTBattle

    commandsX X


    statusX X



    situationX X



    sX X


    commands XFire


    Routine XLogistic orAdmin info


    The chart to the leftdepicts types of traffic tobe passed on a TeamSpeak Battle Command orPlatoon Commandchannel

    We plan to have two

    options for evaluation- Opt I- all members monitor

    BTL CMD and only PltLdrs, arty, scouts andcommander may transmit

    Opt II- All platoonmembers are onrespective Platoon

    channels and Plt leaders,arty, scouts &Commander are on BTLCMD

  • 7/27/2019 Afrika Playbook


    1. Set whisper listto: New

    2. Set new Hotkey3. Set Whisper to:

    Groups4. Set Group

    Whisper Type to:ChannelCommander

    5. Set Groupwhisper Targetto: Completechannel Family





  • 7/27/2019 Afrika Playbook


    1. Go to your name &right click

    2. Select: ChannelCommander

    3. Your transmit buttonshould change toorange when yourenot transmitting

    4. Your transmit buttonshould change tored when you press

    the Whisper GroupHotkey



  • 7/27/2019 Afrika Playbook


    How to command successfully both as an individual in

    a team and as a team.

  • 7/27/2019 Afrika Playbook


    INDIVIDUAL Learn how to follow


    Be Ready. Be able to follow

    directions andexecute your missionwith precision and

    audacity. Master the individual

    skill sets discussedabove Know yourtanks inside and out

    TEAM LEADER Be- competent, calm,

    courageous, honestconsistent, authentic

    Know- leadershipprinciples, basic tactics,relative strengths &weaknesses of allclasses of tanks

    Do- Lead from in front,treat your team withrespect, nevercompromise yourintegrity.

    Visualize, Describe andDirect your Team tosuccess.

  • 7/27/2019 Afrika Playbook


    Types of Commands- Fire commands- general, volley, guns, rolling guns

    Maneuver commands- Cobra, Action, Contact Elements Or Parts Of A Command-


    Prefix (Squad, Platoon, Section etc.) Type- (Target, FireMission, Guns, Rolling guns, Tap Dance etc.)

    Description-Describe the target in as much detail as youcan ( tank 2 oclock in treeline, on ridge etc.)

    Location or orientation-(reference a grid, knownlocation, or target reference point)

    Command of execution-Go, fire, engage, booty, whatever!

    Inflection/audible cue- use the inflection or emphasis ofyour voice to reinforce the importance of your message.Section!;Target!... Tank in treeline at 11:00 oclock; Fireat will

  • 7/27/2019 Afrika Playbook


    Field commander(FC) Deputy Commander(DC)

    *Battle Captain (BC)

    *Logistics Officer(LO)

    **Net Control


    **Tech Support

    Officer(TSO) *These positions are filled temporarily on an as needed basis

    before, during and after a clan war engagement. They are

    empowered to perform duties in their functional areas as

    needed. ** These positions are filled temporarily on an as needed basis

    before, during and after a clan war engagement. They are

    empowered to perform duties in their functional areas as

    needed. They are drawn from the general membership as

    volunteers to assist in technical skillsets that are required as

    needed. i.e. Database, TS3, video recording, training

    preparation etc.

    FC- Overall Battle Manager. He is responsible for allactions necessary to achieve victory in designated


    DC-stationed in team room. Manages and directs all

    actions necessary to prepare for, fight and recover

    from a clan engagement.

    BC- Coordinate, direct and manage the Teams

    execution of designated missions while in Battle.

    Alternative tactical commander.

    LO- Collects, updates and passes team logistic

    status to Clan leadership. Excel spreadsheet- Each

    player who reports for an engagement should fill

    out and keep current the Team inventory and status

    spreadsheet. (TBP) .

    NCS- Monitors, controls and directs traffic on

    TeamSpeak Channels. Ensure Battle Command,

    Intell, and Admin/Log traffic channels are free and

    clear of all unnecessary chatter.

    TSO- Provides subject matter expert or technical

    support to the Team i.e. TS3, Graphics T, EXCEL,

    Twiddle A, 7th ID website, etc.

  • 7/27/2019 Afrika Playbook


    The chart to the left depicts the key

    positions which must be filled, trained and

    practiced to ensure successful coordination,

    preparation for, and conduct of Clan wars


    Functional areas-

    Battle Command- This functional area

    pertains to all command, control,

    communication & training functions

    of the team

    Political- this functional area involvesthe negotiation, preparation and

    management of diplomatic operations

    between other clans, alliances, and

    strategic level planning.

    Intell- this functional area is primarily

    focused on how other clans fight and

    the preparation of intell summary

    reports. These reports are focused at

    the tactical level and educate and

    inform the players on how theircurrent opponent fights.

    Logistics- This functional area is

    focused on the management of the

    battle roster, preparation of standard

    load plans for ammunition, equipment

    & consumables and clan Gold

    distribution plan for the team


  • 7/27/2019 Afrika Playbook


    IPB is critical. you must define the threat and yourown Center of Gravity (CoG) and develop a plan toprotect yours and hammer his. This will drive the restof your task organization, maneuver, and firesplanning.

    Analyze 1-6 below from both perspectives- threat andfriendly. Then you can develop a plan to control thedecisive terrain or focus on the force. Defining theTwo types of targeting- force oriented or terrainoriented. Which one you pick will determine the restof your targeting analysis.

    1) Observation/Fields of fire

    2) Cover and Concealment3) Key terrain & Decisive terrain

    4) Obstacles & Engagement Areas

    5) Avenues of approach/ Axes of advance

    6) Choke points, dominant hills, Exits from broken terrain

    7) Targeting drills- High Pay-off, priority, on-call and targets ofopportunity.

    * Center of Gravity- Those things that a force must have or control to ensure its success.

  • 7/27/2019 Afrika Playbook


    The ultimate objective of a battle plan is to focusthe relative combat power of your team at thepoint of decision to defeat your opponent.

    The key to successful execution of a battle plan iseach team member must clearly understand their

    role in the battle strat and know what the otherteam members roles are as well.

    Its this knowledge combined with the ability tothink on your feet and adapt to a rapidly changingtactical situation that makes for mentally agileand successful teams.

    Operations or maneuver graphics help describeand define the actions a maneuver force will taketo execute a battle plan.

  • 7/27/2019 Afrika Playbook


    Find Em, Fix Em, Flank Em, Forget Em

  • 7/27/2019 Afrika Playbook


    FIND EM Key Points-


    er-reconnaissance isalways the mostimportant phase of anyoperation

    Dedicate enoughresources to achievethis mission

    Support deep Reconefforts with fast firingarty.

    Use your assetswisely A dead scoutdoes no-one any good.

    FIX EM Key Points-

    Dedicate sufficient

    resources to fix thethreat with direct orindirect fires.

    The fixing force mustdecisively engage thethreat and close withhim.

    Support Fixing effortswith DS Arty.

    Use your assetswisely A dead fixingforce does no-one anygood.

  • 7/27/2019 Afrika Playbook


    FLANK EM Key Points-

    Flanking force is the

    main maneuverelement

    Dedicate enoughresources to achievethis mission

    Support flanking effortswith fast firing arty and

    direct fires. Use your assets

    wisely A deadassault force does no-one any good.

    FORGET EM Key Points-

    Dedicate sufficientresources to destroy the

    threat with direct fires,indirect fires and closeassault

    The assault force mustdecisively engage thethreat and close with himin order to overwhelm him

    Support assaulting effortswith massed fires from allavailable weapons.

    Synchronize your assetswisely A poorlycoordinated attack isdoomed to fail..

  • 7/27/2019 Afrika Playbook


    How to make sense of a dynamic and fluid tactical


  • 7/27/2019 Afrika Playbook


    Watch both the screenand the minimap. Theyare your window intoBattlespace.

    Learn to compute the

    relative combat powerat decisive points. The key is to achieve

    mass at the point ofdecision.

    At some point in thematch there will be a

    point in time and spacethat will give you adecided advantage. Youmust be ready to actdecisively when thisoccurs.

    Look for weaknesses orgaps in the enemiesdisposition that you canexploit.

    Also look for changes in

    the threats forcestructure where he isweakened by losses.Reinforce success.

    Identify and defineTrigger Points wherewhen the threat forces

    reach a certain levelthat event will trigger aresponse from you likea counter attack or atransition to a hastydefense.

  • 7/27/2019 Afrika Playbook


    BATTLE SPACE Organized into three

    areas around your

    tank. Area of Operations- the

    area in which youconduct operations.

    Area of Influence- Thesurrounding area that

    you can influence byyour actions.

    Area of Interest- Theoutlying area in whichyou have an interest



    Area of


    Area of


  • 7/27/2019 Afrika Playbook



    RANKING = 5

    2- [email protected] RELATIVERANKING = 4

    [email protected] RELATIVERANKING = 5

    [email protected] RELATIVE



    OPPONENT [email protected] RELATIVE

    RANKING = 5

    2- [email protected] RELATIVERANKING = 4

    [email protected] RELATIVERANKING = 5

    [email protected] RELATIVE

    RANKING = 5 [email protected] RANKING =5


  • 7/27/2019 Afrika Playbook


    Scenario: Youre in Steppesmoving down the 1 line lowerroad with 3 other tanks. Youcheck the minimap and notice 9threat tanks moving through therock garden along the 8-9 line.

    Those tanks are located in thearea of interest. You need toknow where the threat maineffort is.

    But they reveal that your 4 tankplatoon is probably thestrongest force on the east side.

    This observation influences howyou will fight the rest of thebattle.

    This assessment is reinforcedwhen you destroy a 3 tankplatoon in short order to yourfront.

  • 7/27/2019 Afrika Playbook


    Some ideas on standard missions or plays

  • 7/27/2019 Afrika Playbook


    Characterized by two attacksFirst by fires from the support section who use

    long range gunnery to suppress the defense.

    The second by maneuver hitting the flank with

    speed and agility. Run 'in and gun 'in at its best.

    Use any arty to help suppress the defense

    This takes a few extra seconds to set up and

    takes practice to get the choreography right. But

    when it is done properly it is awesome. Use the

    terrain to your advantage.

    Support element goes to gun line ideally on a

    reverse slope. On the Go signal they move inunison to a hull defilade and start engaging


    The assault element moves along covered and

    concealed route to staging area called an attack


    They orient in their designated battle formation

    and prepares to assault

    On GO the lead moves rapidly but in unison with

    his/her wingmen to either flank and Runs And

    Guns THROUGH the enemy position.Once they are into the position and decisively

    engaged; the support element assaults into the

    position and complements the attack by

    Swarming the defense

    Learn to fight as a pair, Teamwork and

    communication can compensate for varying skill


    Battle formation is driven by terrain and will

    change as both forces move through the

    landscape. Be flexible and mentally agile.







    by Fire


  • 7/27/2019 Afrika Playbook


    Hasty Defense Key Points

    Target Reference Points- Designatedterrain features (Trees, rocks, buildings, ordestroyed tanks) that are used tocoordinate and direct fires.

    Engagement area- Designated terrainwhere you want the threat to go. The KillZone.

    OPTEMPO- Be patient, let them come, Uselong range direct and indirect fires to attrithim down to to 1/3 of your force. Then

    Counterattack using the CoordinatedAttack system.

    Mass Fires- The more the merrier; puteverything that shoots engaging targets intheir sector.

    Anticipate pushes- As the threat moves tobuild up sufficient combat power to assault,youll see a bunch of red indicators massingbeyond the engagement area.

    Reposition teams or sections to reinforcethat flank.

    Hammer the assembly area or ATK positionwith arty. Anything you can do to attrit anddisrupt his OPTEMPO will aid your defense.

    Be patient Be observant Anticipate his moves Use your long range gunnery skills Use the Hide and Firing platform of defilade

    to conserve your force. Watch force ratios closely- Attrit to 1/3 or

    of your force and counterattack.






    Defensive lineEngagement Area











    Massed fires

  • 7/27/2019 Afrika Playbook


    Frontal ScreenTask Organization-French Heavies, Bat Chat,Superlights, etc.

    A screening mission is usually performed by designated scoutsor multirole mediums if additional combat power is required.

    Front Line Trace- A linear description of where the leadelements are on one or several axes of advance.

    The screening force is organized based on the requirements forcombat power to delay and harass the threat.

    The screen performs the following tasks;1. Observe and report

    2. prevent threat scouts from observing friendly disposition3. Deceives the threat by showing a front line trace forwardof our main body.

    4. prevents or delays a threat penetration on a designatedaxis.

    Frontal screen-Usually requires significant combat power to achieve desiredeffect.

    Tank sections may work in concert to delay and harass athreat push down a major axis.

    Usually employed when faced by superior force

    Sections delay by execution of the battle drills Bump & Run,Punt, or Hasty Defense as depicted in the playbook.

    Lead scout element should be within one terrain feature inadvance of main body. Within range of direct fire supportingfires.

    Additional scouts may be dropped at key or decisive terrain toprovide overwatch and direct observed arty fires on flankavenues of approach.

    CharacteristicsMobile DefenseFluidity of maneuver & action; Stick and move, Avoids decisiveengagement.Speed and agility is required of both vehicles and crews.Semper Gumby!!!


    PHASE I- The approachPHASE II- TransitionPHASE III- Frontal Screen

    Front Line Trace

  • 7/27/2019 Afrika Playbook


    Screen Flank

    A screening mission is usually performed by scouts

    or Multi-role mediums

    Key Points:

    May be performed by Mediums if additional combat power is


    Front Line Trace- A linear description of where the lead

    elements are on one or several axes of advance.

    The screening force is organized based on the requirements for

    combat power to delay and harass the threat.

    The screen performs the following tasks;

    1. Observe and report

    2. prevent threat scouts from observing friendly disposition

    3. Deceives the threat by showing a front line trace forward

    of our main body.

    4. prevents or delays a threat penetration on a designated


    Flank screen-

    Lead scout element should be within one terrain feature in

    advance of main body. Within range of direct fire supporting

    fires.Additional scouts may be dropped at key or decisive terrain to

    provide overwatch and direct observed arty fires on flank

    avenues of approach.


    Mobile Defense centered on getting kills in engagement ares

    along designated flank

    Fluidity of maneuver & action; Stick and move, Avoids decisive


    Speed and agility is required of both vehicles and crews.

    Semper Gumby!!!


    PHASE I- The approachPHASE II- TransitionPHASE III- Frontal Screen

    Front Line Trace


  • 7/27/2019 Afrika Playbook


    Invariably, some teams will collapse andwe will have to conduct a retrograde orfighting retreat. The fight will be short anddecisive. Having a plan on when, where andhow to transition from the attack to theretrograde will be instrumental in decidingthe match.

    Key Points Trigger- Plan for some trigger to initiate the

    Punter Drill i.e a dramatic drop in forceratio, collapse of the main attack, or failedscreen etc.

    Rally Point- designate a rally point or HastyBattle Position that you can defend inplace.. As each tank or section disengagesthey move quickly and efficiently back tothe next Hasty BP and prepare to engagewhen the threat drives into their sector.

    Designate Multiple Engagement Area-Synchronize and coordinate all fires into aseries of designated engagement areasthat lead back to your designated Battleposition.

    Designate Target Reference Points- Withinthose EAs pick two distinctive featuresthat are in the sector of fire. Designatespecific tanks to cover sectors or thirds ofthe engagement areas or sectors of fire.

    Successive bounding- Sections or individualtanks move by bounding from position toposition. Always keeping their front andgun tubes oriented towards the threat.

    Tenacity and violence of action- Tradespace for attrition


  • 7/27/2019 Afrika Playbook


    Key points- Quite frequently, we must have a base

    of operations to start from, or

    transition to some form of defense

    overlooking the cap

    Villages make excellent strongpoints

    with plenty of cover and excellent

    fields of fire.

    Designate interior routes within the

    ville for repositioning and reinforcing

    sections of the perimeter.

    Use terrain, buildings, rocks etc. to

    mask you from fires to the front.

    Ensure interlocking fields of fire.

    Designate target reference points to

    coordinate and control fires.

    Each tank covers the front of adjacent

    tanks and engages threat tanks from

    the flank.




  • 7/27/2019 Afrika Playbook


    A positional defense whereby the defender

    occupies a battle position behind a hill mass,chokepoint or other obstacle.

    The defense uses the terrain to mask his BP

    and expose the threat advance to

    concentrated fires as they crest the hill or

    transition through the chokepoint.


    Any section, platoon, or element can

    execute maneuver

    Key Points-

    All tanks occupy covered and concealed

    positions on the reverse slope or the backside

    of an obstacle.

    As tanks assume their position they call set.

    Lead coordinates fires using TRPs and focused

    volley fire on designated targets is the goal.

    Section continues to engage individual targets

    as they are called by the leader.

    Volley fire whenever possible.

    Focus fires on individual targets until they are

    destroyed . Use the T key to help control

    designated fires.




  • 7/27/2019 Afrika Playbook


    Op-Art is a bridge between strategy and tactics.

  • 7/27/2019 Afrika Playbook







    Encompasses all levels of playin World Of Tanks. It is both ascience and an art in itsapplication.

    Tactics alone cannot accomplishstrategic objectives in WoT or win clanwar engagements; results of tactical

    actions are useful only when linkedtogether as a part of some larger designframed by strategy and orchestrated byoperational art

    Operational art sequences andsynchronizes a series of tactical actionsto accomplish operational objectivesthrough the conduct of majoroperations. Strategic objectives in clanwars are normally accomplishedthrough a series of what Operational art

    calls major operations.



  • 7/27/2019 Afrika Playbook


    Operational Art

    Operational Art is the bridge between strategy, tactics, and diplomacy inthe clan wars MetaGame. It describes, integrates and synchronizes a widerange of processes, actions, and theoretical concepts into a cohesive andrational explanation of what we must do to succeed in clan wars.

    It is both a science and an art and It requires a high level of sophistication

    to apply successfully.





  • 7/27/2019 Afrika Playbook


    Sequenced and synchronized employment of all availablecombat power, diplomatic power and other forms of appliedpower or influence in pursuit of our goals and objectives.

    Marked by development of a strategic vision; fully supportedby a suite of tactical plans, resources , and capabilities; and

    executed by resourceful, well-trained, and capable players. Requires a high degree of sophistication, resourcefulness,

    and mental agility to rapidly identify potential threats, and theability to translate that recognition into action, i.e. Developand execute a counter to those threats at the appropriate levelof response.

    This will require carefully crafted strategic plans; to be skillfullyexecuted by the respective divisions and their respectiveteams; all supported by well-trained and proficient players whoare well versed in the playbook tools , techniques andprocedures.

  • 7/27/2019 Afrika Playbook


    1. You are not superman- Marines, fighter pilots and tank jocks

    take note!

    2. No plan survives the first engagement intact.

    3. Ifits stupid but works it isnt stupid.

    4. Lead, follow, or get out of the way.

    5. Any thing you do in conflict can get you hurt; Including

    doing nothing. So, get off your duff and do something


    6. Be mentally agile; Semper Gumby- Always Flexible

    Semper Durus- Always Tough7. If both sides are convinced they are about to lose; They are

    probably both right. Its the little guy at the pointy end of

    the spear who refuses to lose that has kept us free for the

    last 200 + years.

    8. A medal for valor just proves that were you smart enough to

    think of a plan, stupid enough to try it, and lucky enough to


    9. Friendly fire - isn't.

    10. Suppressive fires - won't.

    11.Try to look unimportant; the enemy may be low on ammo andnot want to waste a shell on you.

    12. If at first you don't succeed, call in an artillery strike.

    13. Never forget that your tank was made by the lowest bidder.

    14. If your attack is going really well, it's an ambush.

    15. The enemy diversion you're ignoring is their main attack.

    16. The enemy invariably attacks on two occasions:

    when they're ready. And when you're not.

    17. There is no such thing as a perfect plan.

    18. The important things are always simple; the simple are

    always hard.

    19. The easy way is always mined.

    21. Teamwork is essential; it gives theenemy other people to shoot at.

    22. Don't look conspicuous; it draws fire. For

    this reason, it is not at all uncommon for

    SPGs to be known as priority targets23. Never draw fire; it irritates everyone

    around you.

    24. If you are short of everything but the

    enemy, you are in the combat zone.

    25. When you have secured the area, make

    sure the enemy knows it too.

    26. Incoming fire has the right of way.

    27. If the enemy is within range, so are you.28. The only thing more accurate than

    incoming enemy fire is incoming friendly

    fire. .

    29. If you take more than your fair share of

    objectives, you will get more than your

    fair share of objectives to take.

    30. The Cavalry doesn't always come to the


    31. The one item you need is always in short

    supply; and its usually time or ammo.

    32.It's not the one with your name on it; it'sthe one addressed "to whom it may

    concern" you've got to think about.

    33. Never stand when you can sit, never sit

    when you can lie down, never stay awakewhen you can sleep.

    34. The complexity of your tank is inversely

    proportional to your IQ.

    35. Battle experience is something you don't

    get until just after you need it.

    36. The newest and least experienced tanker

    will usually win the Battle

  • 7/27/2019 Afrika Playbook



    Improve1. List those things that need to

    be improved or deleted.2. Try and identify the specific

    tool, technique, procedure orpolicy which needs to changein order to improveperformance.

    3. Focus on process notpersonality.

    LESSONS LEARNED- Consolidate & document those things discussed above: organize andarticulate the key lessons of this performance iteration. Assign a responsible party to accomplishany specified or implied tasks generated as s result of the discussion, analysis & documentation ofthe AAR.

    Sustain1. List those things that you want to

    keep doing.

    2. Be specific. Again you want to

    document and ultimately reinforce

    what's going well.

    The Plan- Describe the plan which you just executedPerformance- Describe how the organization performed relative to the plan. Documentbelow those tasks, tools, techniques & procedures that need to be improved or sustained.