AED201 – The Social Context of Teaching and Learning

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AED201 The Social Context of Teaching and Learning. National Education And the Social Functions of Schools in the Singapore System. Your facilitators today. Kai Ting. Elfy. Jun Y uan. Terence. What are we doing today?. AGENDA Introduction to objectives of todays seminar - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Junyuans Part

National EducationAnd the Social Functions of Schools in the Singapore SystemAED201 The Social Context of Teaching and LearningYour facilitators todayKai TingElfyJun YuanTerencePlease insert a photo of yourself here2What are we doing today?AGENDAIntroduction to objectives of todays seminarTime to play! Round 1!Discussion on current national issues in SingaporeActivity National Educations key initiativesTime to play! Round 2!Activity Analysis of students behaviours in NE lessons and teaching strategies for various social contextsConclusion

Seminar ObjectivesAt the end of this seminar, we hope you will be able to:Have the opportunities to reflect and express your personal thoughts and assumptions about National Education programme in Singapore schools.Identify and understand the National Education initiatives practiced in Singapore schools today.Formulate strategies to overcome challenges in teaching National Education for several social contexts so as to make learning NE meaningful both for yourselves and your students.Food for thoughtWhat is it that makes us uniquely Singaporean?

Video 1: Singapore A mixture of Hearts

Activity 1.1Key Facilitator: Kai TingComing up nextHow well do you know one another?

Activity 1.2Key Facilitator: Kai TingActivity instructions? No instructions!We only have a riddle for youAll is not as it seems,Stay and you shall perish,Seek and you shall find.For alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

Activity 2Key Facilitator: Kai TingIC Kaiting10Lets watchVideo 2: Curry Curry NightKT, what articles to insert?Class DiscussionWhat is your opinion on these issues?KT will record the ideas raised by peers on the whiteboard13Thinking PointReflect on your own experience as a student in Singapore. What are your personal thoughts about the value and meaning of NE?

Activity 3Key Facilitator: JunyuanIC Junyuan15Ever wonder exactly what are schools for?

Social Functions of SchoolsTransmission of K _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _Promotion of Social C _ _ _ _ _ _ _Streamlining of Talents for _ _ _ _Fostering of change and innovationKnowledgeJobsCohesionNational EducationSo why the need for National Education?

Profile of SingaporeYoung NationConsists on people from many different races and culturesTherefore, it is essential for us to develop national cohesion in students through understanding Singapores unique developmental challenges, constraints and vulnerabilities.

Objectives of National EducationTo develop National CohesionTo cultivate Instincts for iravvlusTo instil in our Students fnonidcece in our FutureSurvivalConfidenceHead Hearts HandsFramework


???CHARADES!Invite 1 representative from each groupTo invite 1 representative from EACH group to play Charades!21You were awesome!Now, let us look into some of the details of the Head, Hearts, Hands framework

>>>3 Key Thrusts of H3 approachEnabling and Equipping EducatorsDeepen the conviction and commitment of educators to nurture Singaporean citizens with a strong sense of belonging for SingaporeExamples?

EGImportant to frame NE in the context of Singapores rapidly changing circumstances,both domestic and external, and draw on educators desire to deliver a holistic education. Outreach efforts to educators could be through engagement workshops, existing communication channels between MOE and schools and within schools233 Key Thrusts of H3 approachEnabling and Equipping EducatorsEnhance the knowledge, skills and interest of educators in delivering NE through professional developmentExamples?EGIn-service and pre-service training (NIE)243 Key Thrusts of H3 approachB. Engaging and Empowering StudentsProvide a more effective guide for the customisation of NE programmes for students of different age groups and inclinationsHow?253 Key Thrusts of H3 approachC. Enhancing NE through Strengthening SchoolCommunity LinkagesIn many ways, NE is not taught but caught. It is through encounters and interactions with people from different backgrounds, young and old, at home and abroad, that students learn about life and themselves as Singaporeans.Examples?EGSchools could also strengthen links with their alumni and the community. The knowledge and experiences alumni and community bring with them could add a different perspective to students views about Singapore, Particularly Singaporeans who have contributed to the country in various ways could be invited to speak tostudents. Their personal stories could help students realise it is people from all walks of life who collectively make the Singapore story a precious one26

Activity 4Key Facilitator: Elfy27Lets play

Change to 5th grader PPT


Activity 5Key Facilitator: Terence29Class discussionWhat did you observe from the short skit?Was there anything that surprised you?Why do you think the students responded that way?Class discussion30Coming up next...Divide yourselves into 4 groupsEach group will be given a scenario of different social contextDiscuss and formulate strategies which you will adopt as a teacher to teach National Education in that particular social contextGo to onlinestopwatch 5mins!314 different social contextsSec 3Branded ACES High SchGEP classHigh abilitySec 3NeighbourhoodChinatown Sec SchNormal Academic classSec 2NeighbourhoodPulau Ubin Sec SchExpress classwith 30% foreign studentsSec 1Neighbourhood Deepavali High SchExpress classMixed abilitiesThinking PointsIdentify the possible attitudes of students and teachers towards the NE programme in each social context. What are its implications?Formulate NE teaching strategies in a way that is meaningful for both themselves as teachers, and for their students in the particular social context.

As we proceed towards the end of todays seminar34What are your key takeaways?ACTIVITY 1.1 and 1.2Ice Breaker gamePuzzle activitiesValues and learning points Implicitly and metaphorically

ACTIVITY 2Singapores current national issuesOpinions towards these contentious issuesPersonal thoughts towards the value and meaning of NE programmes in school

ACTIVITY 3Introduction to National Education initiatives and the Head, Hearts, Hands frameworkWhat are your key takeaways?ACTIVITY 4Are you smarter than a 5th grader?

ACTIVITY 5Evaluate reactions of students responses as observed in skitGroup collaboration and discussion to formulate strategies to make NE more meaningful for both yourselves as teachers and students.On a final noteHandout bookletsWikispaces: Follow-up discussion treats for you! :)ReferencesAdapted from Are you smarter than a 5th grader?[Television programme]. (2011). Los Angeles: Fox Broadcasting Company.Lee, H. L. (1997, May 17). Speech by BG Lee Hsien Loong , Deputy Prime Minister at the Launch of National Education. Retrieved from, T.Y. (2007). Speech by Minister of State Liu Tuck Yew on NE: Strengthening Heartware and Rootedness. Retrieved from of Education. (2007). Executive Summary of the Committee on NE Report 2007. Retrieved from from MONOPOLY DEAL Card game. [Game]. (2011). Pawtucket, RI: Media Materials.Ng, E. H. (2008, Aug 14). Speech by Dr Ng Eng Hen, Minister for Education and Second Minister for Defence, at the 4th anniversary public lecture at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy. Retrieved from, J. (2008). Whither national education? In J. Tan & P. T. Ng (Eds.), Thinking schools, learning nation: Contemporary issues and challenges (pp. 72-86). Singapore: Pearson Prentice Hall.THANK YOU!We hope you have enjoyed our seminar!