The Macro Level Context of Teaching and Learning AKD Symposium Teaching and Learning Southern Sociological Society 2014 Maxine P. Atkinson NC State University

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The Macro Level Context of Teaching and Learning AKD Symposium Teaching and Learning Southern Sociological Society 2014 Maxine P. Atkinson NC State University 1 Slide 2 The Olden Days. 2 Slide 3 Olden Days 3 Slide 4 1973 Teaching Sociology first published 1980 Passing on Sociology: The Teaching of a Discipline by Charles A. Goldsmid and Everett K. Wilson Slide 5 Modern Era 1990 Boyer Scholarship Reconsidered 5 Slide 6 Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Chin, 2002 SoTL in Teaching Sociology (1984-1999) 6 Slide 7 Today Student Debt, Lack of State Support Accountability Assessment Online Learning MOOCS Contingent Work 7 Slide 8 Diminished State Support, Increased Student Debt The tipping point: students are beginning to pay more in tuition than states Within 20 years, 6 states will provide no support (CO, AK, SC, AR, RI, VT) 8 Slide 9 Cuts to Higher Education 9 Slide 10 Tuition has increased sharply 10 Slide 11 Student Share of Cost of Ed 11 Slide 12 Student Debt Among 27 yr olds who went to college 40% have no student debt, 36% have $25k or less, 13% have between 25 and 50k, 11% have 50k+ Only 33% have a bachelors degree or higher 12 Slide 13 Accountability, Assessment Should our degrees be tied to jobs? Competency based learning? 13 Slide 14 Obamas Ratings Proposal Access (% Pell Grants) Affordability (Tuition) Outcomes (graduation and transfer rates, graduates earnings, graduates advanced degrees) 14 Slide 15 Online Courses 32% US students 87% colleges have courses 62% colleges have some online program changing_course_2012 15 Slide 16 Slide 17 Are online courses effective? Bergstrand and Savage. 2013. Teaching Sociology, July. Driscoll et al. 2012. Teaching Sociology, July. 17 Slide 18 18 The Council of Independent Colleges and the Teagle Foundation Consortium for Online Humanities Instruction 20 Small Colleges Offer Online Courses for Member Institution Students Slide 19 The Future? State U Online state_u_online State University systems organizing their online courses and programs More Programs online 19 Slide 20 Challenges? Faculty Buy-in Retention Reward Structures Credentials Credit, including transfer 20 Slide 21 MOOCS! Massive open online courses Companies: Coursera, Udacity, edX, 2U Potential Problems?......for us.., not companies Potential Advantages? 21 Slide 22 Employers, MOOC Potential If [an applicant] is trying to educate themselves, it says something about the individual. [It shows that individual wants] to stay on top of what is going on in their field. Were always looking for ways and options for team members to engage in ongoing learning to help the business grow. 22 Slide 23 Contingent Faculty 23 Slide 24 24 Slide 25 Contingent Challenges Low Pay Difficult Work Environment Inadequate Hiring Policies Short Lead Time Limited Job Security No Professional Development No Involvement in Curriculum Planning Limited Office Space, Support 25 Slide 26 Standards for NTT Faculty Recognize high performing faculty Written procedures for hiring Support for professional development Increase lead time Hire more full time NTT Integrate into departments 26 Slide 27 Impact on Student Learning Lack of contact Limited use of high impact pedagogies Negative effect on retention Negative effect on graduation rates 27 Slide 28 Recapping Todays Challenges Diminished State Support Increased Tuition Increased Student Debt Increased Accountability Obamas Ratings Proposal Online Learning MOOCS Two-Tiered Faculty 28 Slide 29 29 Slide 30 30 Slide 31 Opportunity? Challenge? Would you rather Develop and teach an online course? Create an advising program that connects your majors to jobs? Design an assessment instrument that evaluates students critical thinking skills? 31 Slide 32 Sociologists have marketable skills to teach! Sociologists have valuable skills for the university! Teaching is likely to become more highly valued. Sociologists understand the importance of job conditions. 32 Slide 33 The Future? 33