The Macro Level Context of Teaching and Learning

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The Macro Level Context of Teaching and Learning. AKD Symposium Teaching and Learning Southern Sociological Society 2014 Maxine P. Atkinson NC State University. The Olden Days. Olden Days. But. 1973 Teaching Sociology first published - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



The Macro Level Context of Teaching and LearningAKD SymposiumTeaching and LearningSouthern Sociological Society 2014Maxine P. AtkinsonNC State University1March 2010The Olden Days.

2Olden Days3

March 2010But.1973 Teaching Sociology first published

1980 Passing on Sociology: The Teaching of a Disciplineby Charles A. Goldsmid and Everett K. Wilson

Modern Era 1990 Boyer Scholarship Reconsidered5

Scholarship of Teaching and LearningChin, 2002 SoTL in Teaching Sociology (1984-1999)6TodayStudent Debt, Lack of State SupportAccountabilityAssessmentOnline LearningMOOCSContingent Work

7Diminished State Support, Increased Student DebtThe tipping point: students are beginning to pay more in tuition than statesWithin 20 years, 6 states will provide no support(CO, AK, SC, AR, RI, VT)

8In 2000, state paid more in 47 states, students paid more in 3. In 2012, state paid more in 26 states, students paid more in 24.Chronicle, March 3, 2014.March 2010Cuts to Higher Education9

Arizona.50.4% since 08-13, New Hampshire, 50%, Oregon, 44%, Louisiana, 42%, Florida, 31% 2010Tuition has increased sharply10

Arizona increased tuition by 78%, California by 72%, Florida by 67%, Washington by 64%, Georgia by 63%March 2010Student Share of Cost of Ed11

Student DebtAmong 27 yr olds who went to college40% have no student debt, 36% have $25k or less, 13% have between 25 and 50k, 11% have 50k+Only 33% have a bachelors degree or higher

12 Educated, Highly Indebted: The Lives of Todays 27 year oldsMarch 2010Accountability, AssessmentShould our degrees be tied to jobs?

Competency based learning?

13Vitullio ASA Footnotes March 2014, Advising sociology majors for job market

March 2010Obamas Ratings ProposalAccess (% Pell Grants)Affordability (Tuition)Outcomes (graduation and transfer rates, graduates earnings, graduates advanced degrees)14 March 2010Online Courses32% US students

87% colleges have courses

62% colleges have some online program

15March 2010 education is so wide spread that US News and World Report now ranks online undergraduate and graduate programs. UF just opened an online branch in 2013. Arizona state advertises theirs as being taught by Arizona State faculty.March 2010Are online courses effective?Bergstrand and Savage. 2013. Teaching Sociology, July.

Driscoll et al. 2012. Teaching Sociology, July.

17students feel they have learned less in online courses, believe they are treated with more respect in in-class courses, and rate online courses less highly than in-class courses,,,from Bergstrand and Savage

Driscoll et al.students achieve just as much once you control for sample selection bias

March 201018The Council of Independent Colleges and the Teagle Foundation

Consortium for Online Humanities Instruction

20 Small Colleges Offer Online Courses for Member Institution Students

Inside Higher Education, Our Powers CombinedMarch 19, 2014ByCarl Straumsheim

Read more:

March 2010The Future?State U

State University systems organizing their online courses and programs

More Programs online

19Challenges?Faculty Buy-inRetentionReward StructuresCredentialsCredit, including transfer

20March 2010MOOCS!Massive open online courses

Companies: Coursera, Udacity, edX, 2U

Potential Problems?......for us.., not companies

Potential Advantages?

21Employers, MOOC PotentialIf [an applicant] is trying to educate themselves, it says something about the individual. [It shows that individual wants] to stay on top of what is going on in their field.

Were always looking for ways and options for team members to engage in ongoing learning to help the business grow.22 Employers see potential for hiring and for professional development.

March 2010Contingent Faculty23 201024 2010Contingent ChallengesLow PayDifficult Work EnvironmentInadequate Hiring PoliciesShort Lead TimeLimited Job SecurityNo Professional DevelopmentNo Involvement in Curriculum PlanningLimited Office Space, Support25Standards for NTT FacultyRecognize high performing facultyWritten procedures for hiringSupport for professional developmentIncrease lead timeHire more full time NTTIntegrate into departments26 2010Impact on Student LearningLack of contactLimited use of high impact pedagogiesNegative effect on retentionNegative effect on graduation rates27Recapping Todays ChallengesDiminished State SupportIncreased TuitionIncreased Student DebtIncreased AccountabilityObamas Ratings ProposalOnline Learning MOOCSTwo-Tiered Faculty


Do these sound like all lemons?I agree but are they also opportunities?

March 201030

Opportunity? Challenge?Would you rather

Develop and teach an online course?

Create an advising program that connects your majors to jobs?

Design an assessment instrument that evaluates students critical thinking skills? 31Sociologists have marketable skills to teach!

Sociologists have valuable skills for the university!

Teaching is likely to become more highly valued.

Sociologists understand the importance of job conditions.

32The Future?33March 2010


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