Aboriginal Affairs Branch Department of Canadian Heritage ABORIGINAL PROGRAMS

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Text of Aboriginal Affairs Branch Department of Canadian Heritage ABORIGINAL PROGRAMS

  • Aboriginal Affairs BranchDepartment of Canadian Heritage


  • ABORIGINAL AFFAIRS BRANCHEstablished in 2003 Strong Aboriginal policy base Some $67 million for programsDeveloping relationship between Aboriginal & non-Aboriginal societies in CanadaModernizing programming

  • Branch Foundations Building on over 30 years of experience ofFostering the development of Aboriginal organizations Pan-Aboriginal programs & policy to enable Mtis, Non-Status Indian, Inuit and First Nations peopleStrong Urban/off-reserve focus

  • Branch Foundations contdPromoting and supporting Aboriginal languages Fostering Aboriginal cultural distinctiveness

  • Foundation for ProgrammingNeed for Aboriginal partnershipTo engage Aboriginal people in government decision-makingTo improve Aboriginal socio-economic circumstancesTo develop mutually acceptable solutions to Aboriginal issues

  • Policy & Program Environment

  • Government Agenda TodayGathering Strength: Canadas Aboriginal Action Plan2002 Speech From the ThroneImproving life chancesCreate and share opportunityStrong focus on youth issuesInternational commitments

  • Continually Evolving Political partiesCourt decisions Legal challengesInternational influences Land Claims/Self-GovernmentPublic opinion

  • Canada TodayCanadians support resolution of Aboriginal issuesPublic celebration & recognition of Aboriginal heritage & contributionsNational Aboriginal DayNational Aboriginal Achievement AwardsAboriginal Peoples Television Network

  • Aboriginal People TodayIncreasing portion of total Canadian population Majority do not live on reserveAbout half live in urban areasA young population Starting to ageSome evidence of improvement

  • Impact for the Branch ProgramsContinuing need to sustain momentum Restructure to enable flexibility to respond to ongoing change

  • Aboriginal Programs & InitiativesAboriginal Affairs Branch

  • Nature of Branch ProgramsPan-Aboriginal Predominately off-reservePrimary programming for Aboriginal Languages renewal and preservation

  • Key Programming ElementsRepresentation & AdvocacyParticipation that supports Cultural Distinctiveness & Capacity Building Aboriginal LanguagesAboriginal BroadcastingAboriginal Youth

  • Central Goal 13 interrelating programs and initiativesIntended to improve short to mid term benefits by Enabling a concerted approach to complex Aboriginal issuesStrengthening Aboriginal cultural identity and heritage

  • Key MilestonesPrinciple programs in place since 1971Newer programming designed to dovetail with and complement older programsPractice of Aboriginal delivery since 1996

  • Purpose of Funding Majority of the funding is directed to Aboriginal organizations To Sustain their operations to enable them to work towards their larger goals To deliver Branch programs on behalf of the Minister

  • Major SuccessesKey Aboriginal partners on domestic & international issues Announcement of an Aboriginal Languages and Cultures Centre APTN cable television networkStrong urban infrastructurePrimary federal programming for urban Aboriginal youth

  • Aboriginal Youth ProgramsAboriginal Affairs Branch

  • Nature of Youth ProgrammingUrban focusCulturally relevant & respectfulActive engagement of Aboriginal youthPrimarily delivered by Aboriginal organizations

  • Goal of Youth ProgrammingEncourage full Aboriginal youth participation in Aboriginal and Canadian societies byStrengthening their cultural identity and attachmentBuilding their self-esteemEquipping them with skillsFostering peer & elder support

  • Success Factors Aboriginal organizations have extensive experience developing Aboriginal labour forceAboriginal organizations reach the majority of urban communities with significant Aboriginal populations Aboriginal organizations have extensive experience in delivery of federal programs

  • The Road AheadAboriginal Programming

  • A Time of ChangeGovernment modernizing Program management All federal programsFocus on citizens, results & responsible spending

  • OpportunityTo work with Aboriginal clients to consolidate programming toAchieve greater flexibilityRelieve administration burdensIntegrate learning & ExperienceIntegrate common understanding of success & risk

  • Key Milestones New consolidated policy framework by fall 2004New consolidated program in place by April 2005

  • Impact for Young Canada WorksContinue within the new consolidated program frameworkNo loss of integrity of initiativeReduced NAFC administrationEnhanced impact of YCW