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The Last Ride

Text of Abby Huang

  • The last ride

  • Once we arrived at the barn we began to tack up our horses for our ride.

    We would definetely miss the fun times weve had with our horses.

  • There was a note on the board along with our riding schedules. we all had fun as we found our horses once again.

  • Since that day was our last day in the barn, the barn owner prepared pizzas for all of us.

    Everyone rushed to get a slice of Pizza after our ride, it made our day all better as we looked for-ward to getting Dunkin Donuts

  • Time always flies by when we are having fun soon it was time to say goodbye... We have left unforgettable memories in the barn and also valuable lessons with our horses, eventhough its the end of our team riding meet its not the end of our memo-ries.

  • We always asked for DunkinDonuts on our way back to school after practice but never once did we go there.

    On our last and final practice we went to Dunkin Donuts.

  • This event unfolded on the last day of our winter rid-ing practice, as it was the last day everyone felt a sense of longing as everyone of us left our footprints in the barn. It was an unforgettable day and experience since we had to say our goodbyes to horses as well as to the seniors on the team. Despite the emotions we all felt, we all had the chance to go to Dunkin Donuts after our last ride. Never once were we allowed to get Dunkin Donuts but the last day was an exception and we had a very memorable experience as we walked our seperate ways in Loomis Chaffee. I decided to shoot this event since I believe it is a very important experience for everyone in the riding team. Eventhough some of us are still doing club equestrian in the Spring, alot of the members are leaving the team thus bring-ing the mix of joy sadness to the Riding team. This project portrays both the fun and crazy times everyone on the team had with eachother as well as their horses and we all cant wait to do this again.