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A quick recap of my Digital & Social Media career.

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  • 1. Producer, digital & social media enthusiast. I like to hang out in my imagination and somewhere in the middle of the w w w.

2. ABOUT ME I am an award winning Interactive Producer and have created multiple mobile apps, video and social content for the iconic Degrassi series. Through my time at Epitome Pictures Inc. I built a digital business unit and a fan community of over 2 million connections across various social media. Now at the CBC, I am the Interactive Producer responsible for developing new interactive projects for CBC Comedy brands. I am an avid trend hunter and am constantly looking for new ways to engage audiences- both professionally and personally. I am passionate about opportunities to converge digital and social media with conventional television and film platforms. Constantly experimenting and curious, I have a finger on the pulse of popular culture and the digital savvy to develop, execute and build community. 3. Why Work With Me? Creative Execution Results Queens University 2009: Bachelor of Commerce Studied at Nanyang University, Singapore in 2007-2008 Passionate about the Entertainment business Proven track record and experience with television and web production Experience working with broadcasters (MuchMusic, CTV, CBC, TeenNick, CW) Self-starter and entrepreneurial attitude If you havent seen it done beforeI want to try it 4. Timeline 2009 Graduated from Queens University. Started at Epitome Pictures Inc. (Production Company for TV series Degrassi) as a Finance & Business Affairs coordinator. 2010 2013 Within 3-4 years, created a profitable Degrassi Digital business unit Recruited to start-up a new digital Comedy Channel for CBC Recognized the opportunity for social media community building with the Degrassi tv series and pitched the role of Digital & Social Media Manager 5. Skills BRANDING AND MARKETING SOCIAL MEDIA DIGITAL STRATEGY TELEVISION PROJECT MANAGEMENT BUSINESS AFFAIRS CONTENT STRATEGY Creative COMMUNICATIONDETAIL ORIENTED SELF-STARTER 6. EXPERTISE Able to conceptualize digital mobile, and social media strategy for various entertainment properties. DIGITAL STRATEGY Successfully manage various social media accounts via Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Insta gram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Google+. SOCIAL MEDIA Successful web content producer for numerous TV series such as Degrassi, Mr.D, The Ron James Show, Air Farce, and more. CONTENT CREATOR Create underlying strategy for community building Define business objectives and identify revenue opportunities for Digital products Ability to establish partnerships internally and externally For more visit: si-case-study/ Ability to create content that fosters strong community engagement Proven track record managing various social accounts (Degrassi and CBC Comedy series) Contextualize Omniture, Sprout and Google Analytics to grow community Producer of multiple web series Worked closely with creative and production to produce content Ability to conceptualize and create video, editorial and photo content Very strong instincts on how to create social content 7. WORK EXPERIENCE Digital, social media, web series and more. Some of my most recent work! 8. CBC Comedy: Responsible for all digital and interactive projects for broadcast comedies: Just for Laughs, Mr.D, 22 Minutes, Ron James, Air Farce, Winnipeg Comedy Festival, and Halifax Comedy Festival. Lead producer and creator of the new Digital Comedy Site CBC Punchline About The Project Worked closely with in-house developers and designers to create CBC Punchline Created partnerships with writers, producers and comedians to generate content for the site Produced web series for all CBC comedies More Date: September 2013- Present CBC Punchline: to launch March 2014 CBC P O R T F O L I O 9. Created a Digital business unit within Epitome Pictures Inc. Responsible for conceptualizing and executing digital, mobile and social strategy for TV series Degrassi and The L.A. Complex Collaborated with broadcasters TeenNick and MuchMusic to conceptualize, produce and edit behind-the-scenes videos, extra content and all web branded content associated with Degrassi About The Project Nurtured a fan community of over 2 million across various social media Managed up to 23 twitter accounts Efficiently coordinated with talent and production to produce extra content, photos and social media content More Date: June 2009- September 2013 DEGRASSI P O R T F O L I O 10. ABBYHO.COM F O R M O R E P L E A S E V I S I T 11. SHOWS & BRANDS I have worked with 12. WWW: TWITTER: @AbbyHo INSTAGRAM: @AbbyHo YOUTUBE: Dontbejelly9 CONTACT Find me here: