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  • My Poetry

    Abby C


  • America (Haiku)

    Our flag always stands

    Freedom and justice for allAll races can


  • Spaghetti (Limmerick)

    Its time for dinner, Freddie

    Your mother made spaghetti

    It looks Five thousand years old

    And by the way, its cold

    Time to eat, are you ready?

  • Summer (Haiku)Licking popsiclesLaying under the

    warm sunSwimming in the pool

  • Trees (Haiku)They give us fresh airThey stand up strong,

    tall and brave

  • Packers (Limerick)

    According to the score board

    Aaron Rodgers just scored

    The other team started to stare

    He leapt into the airThen the Wisconsin

    crowd roared

  • Spring (Haiku)The flowers will

    bloomThanks to the sun and

    the rain A beautiful time

  • Soccer (Cinquain)Soccer

    Kicking, ScoringBig gulps of my waterRunning up the field to

    score goalsFutbol

  • Hibiscus (Haiku)Yellow, pink, or redI have not seen in


  • Toes (Limmerick)My toes wiggle out of

    my socksMy toes wiggle into

    my CrocsMy toes wiggle up

    and downMy toes wiggle all

    aroundMy toes wiggle to the

    sound of rock

  • Music (Cinquain)Music

    Singing, HummingPlaying with great feelingEverybody loves the music

    Much Sound

  • Sorrow(Cinquain)

    SorrowWet, cold, and dark

    Crying a lake of tearsLike rain on a bright sunny


  • Colors (Free verse)A girl I know likes

    purpleA boy I know likes


    When they ask my favorite color

    I think that I might scream

    Yellow is the shining sun

    But blue is ocean waves

    I guess I can cross out red

    And pink makes me want to lose my head

    Why are there favorite colors?

    The world may never know

  • I Want a Dog (Free Verse)

    My mother says she loves dogs

    My brothers love them, too

    I love dogs the most My dad says they are

    cuteBut I think he doesnt

    want oneIts been eleven years

    My parents dont want to hear

    Me asking for a dog anymore