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  • The proven, fast slab formwork made of high-strength aluminium




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  • Important notes:

    Our products are to be used in accordance with therelevant national and european safety regulations.

    The illustrations in this brochure are photographs ofreal site situations. Safety or formwork anchor detailsare therefore not to be taken as a definitive guide tothe way the equipment is to be used.

    Safety precautions and allowable loads are to bestrictly observed. Separate structural calculations arerequired for any deviations from the standard designdata.

    The information contained herein is subject to technical change in the interests of progress.

    Edition 01/2007

    PERI GmbHP. O. Box 12 6489259 WeissenhornTel.: 0 73 09 / 9 50-0Fax: 0 73 09 / 9 [email protected]

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  • 1PageContents

    The proven aluminiumslab formwork system 2 - 3

    The cost-effective slab formworkwith many advantages for the user 4 - 5

    Forming with drophead 6 - 7

    SKYDECK infills 8 - 9

    Detailed solutions with system components 10

    Even the logistics have been rationalised 11

    Design tables 12-19

    Range 20-33

    PERI International 36-37

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  • 260 m


    PERI SKYDECKThe proven aluminium slab formwork systemfor sensationally fast formwork erection

    SKYDECKs main beam reducesthe number of props

    You only need 0.29 props per squaremeter of slab. This corresponds to agrid rectangle of 2.30 x 1.50 m (3.45 m2) supported by just oneprop.

    Fewer props save time and leavemore space.

    Formwork materials can be trans-ported across the site, or building materials such as bricks easily storedbetween these widely spaced propsready for subsequent use.

    SKYDECK has a drophead

    that allows you to strike after only 1 day (depending on the depth ofthe slab and concrete strength).This allows you to reduce formworkstock levels on site, since the beams and panels are than availablefor the next concreting cycle.Striking after a short time meansstriking and cleaning is also mucheasier, since the panels separatefrom the concrete effortlessly. Thedrophead principle enables you towork more flexibly, for instance bystriking early during poor weather, or when you have labour free.

    The large prop spacing of 1.50 x 2.30 mmeans time saving and more space formoving materials.

    The panels and coverstrips form the soffitof the concrete.

    The cover strips anddropheads remain while the panels and beamsare struck.


    Drophead lowered

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    dere Pulverbeschichtungvon



    Easy Clean Coating



    el l e r s a ube


    The main beam lies protected under the panels. This reduces cleaning.

    The ECC powdercoating preventsconcrete adhering to SKYDECK.

    SKYDECK minimises cleaningcosts

    The SKYDECK panels and main beams have self-draining edges,and the edges of the panels are undercut. This keeps the side surfaces cleanand reduces cleaning to a minimum.

    SKYDECK components are madeof aluminium to make them verylight.

    No part weighs more than 15 kg.Thanks to the low individual weightsPERI SKYDECK enables easy and tireless erection and striking.

    The SKYDECK main beam with

    powder coating and plastic rack is designed to minimise cleaning, andis therefore an important factor inthe speed achieved with this system.

    SKYDECK has manageable parts.

    The largest part measuresonly 1500 x 750 x 120 mm.

    This allows optimumtransport between

    the rows of props and through door and

    window openings.

    Working with SKYDECKmeans easy and tirelesserection and striking thewhole day.

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  • 41,50


    2,30 m

    The outward projecting teeth "catch"the panels. The panels clip in and liesecurely in the rack. The SKYDECKsystem provides working safety during erection.

    SKYDECK systematization means you no longer have to set out props don't have to determine primary and

    secondary beam spacings do not have to take account of the load capacity

    of the formlining

    The panels are secured automatically by the lugs onthe main beam.

    The main beam is mounted rigidly on the drophead orprophead and cannot tilt.

    3.45 m2 are erected with one standard field.Using main beam SLT 225 means only 0.29 props per m2.

    The cost-effective slab formworkwith many advantages for the user

    SKYDECK forms slab thicknessesof up to 950 mm.

    See design tables.

    SKYDECK offers a systematic erection sequence and safety features that rule out erection errors.Handling is quickly mastered, evenby personnel unfamiliar with thissystem.

    SKYDECK panels positioned from above.

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  • 5SKYDECK provides: Benefit to you:

    Mounting SKYDECK head

    The SKYDECK drophead and prop-head are fitted with the new type ofself-locking coupling. This allowsyou to mount the head without laborious bolting or pinning andwedging. Simply place it and allowit to engage thats all there is to it!The head is now securely mounted.

    SKYDECK speeds up formwork to reduce your costs.

    Removal is simply a matter of releasing the coupling and taking the head off.

    Self-locking coupling = time saving.

    Works with all standardprops. Diameter of hole 40 mm.

    Main beams that save on props Fewer props

    Drophead principle Earlier, easier striking

    ECC powder coating Less cleaningself-draining edges, plastic profiles

    Individual components made of Easy erection and strikingalum. and weighing less than 15 kg without fatigue

    Straight formwork line Simple perimeter adjustment

    Structurally optimised system Very accurate surfaces

    Systematic erection sequence Operating errors ruled out

    New type of self-locking coupling Quick mounting on the propwithout screws or bolts.

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  • 6AA



    Typical application with wall return,angled wall junction and column tobe formed.

    SKYDECK standard gridpanel with drophead system

    Formwork with drophead

    Gives you the advantage of rapidconcreting cycles with small stockof equipment.

    The drophead principle allows striking after 1 day, depending onslab depth and concrete strength.

    Striking is easier, since the panelsrelease from the concrete more readily after a shorter time.

    The possibility of striking after ashorter time allows you to work more flexibly (eg during bad weatheror when personnel have free capacity).

    The main beam cuts the number ofprops. You only need 1 prop for a2.30 x 1.50 = 3.45 m2 bay. This corresponds to 0.29 props persquare meter of slab.

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  • 70,41


    prophead dropheaddrophead

    Only the props withdrophead and cover strip remain after striking.

    Cross section A-A

    The design principle with the panelslying on top of the main beam makes the wall junction possible asthe main beam can be set back,along the panel.

    Longitudinal section B-B

    Wall junction with prophead setback. The prophead is held on thebeam automatically.

    An important advantage in application:

    The extended length of the prop remains the same, irrespective ofwhether you are working with drophead or the prophead drawnback at the wall junction.

    Striking with drophead

    The drophead is released with ahammer blow, causing all of theformwork to drop 60 mm. Panelsand main beams can then be takenoff. The drophead props with coverstrips remain in the grid rectangle.Props in the edge or infill areas canbe removed. You will therefore onlyneed about 70% extra dropheadprops for your new cycle.

    Prophead set backat the wall junction


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  • 8SLT 225 SLT 225

    Infill length L


    Transition from standard grid rectangle toinfilling with the end support

    SKYDECK infills

    Longitudinal infilling

    For infilling up to 1.50 m, formworkis simply continued with panels andprophead until the gap left can beclosed with filler timbers.

    Infilling lengths: 2.25 m with main beam SLT 150 and appropriate infill 1.50 m with 1 panel 750 mm wide and appropriate infill 750 mm panel with appropriate infillor with infill panel 375 mm wide and appropriate infill(see SKYDECK Poster for detailed infilling)

    drophead SFK drophead SFK

    end support SSL

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  • 9Transverse infilling with 150 x 75 panel, SPH fillertimber and filler plate.

    max. 1.50 m


    pri-mary beam

    Formwork is taken around columns with a maximum edge length of 1.38 m in this way.When the edge beam SRT-2 75 is being usedthe maximum edge length is 630 mm.

    Transverse infilling

    Transverse infilling or adaptation forangled walls is carried out in the same way as longitudinal infilling,using panels and prophead until thegap left can be closed with a fillerplate. The panels can be turned inthe other direction to achieve this.

    Formwork around a column

    With the secondary or edge beam in one direction.

    Edge beams turned sidewayscan be