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7 Wonders Of the World Presented by: Saira Shabbir

7 wonders of the world

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  • 1. Presented by: Saira Shabbir

2. In the beloved memory of Mumtaz. Combinatinon of Indian, Persian and Islamic styles of architecture. 4 pillars Different color at times of the day. 20,000 men and 1,000 elephants used for construction. 3. 6400 km long. Built more than 2000 years ago. 1 million labor used. Under 3 Dynastys. 4. Between Red and Dead Sea. Thin split through the mountains known as Siq. 20 ft wide and 100s of feet to the sky. 5. Open air theater for 6000 people. Not just any stones, carved by hands. Looking to the sky for wisdom, yet digging deep to understand. 6. On top of Corcorado Mountain. Transported from France, piece by piece. Converision of Jew to Catholicism. Soap Stone on the outter layer. Holding globe and cross. 7. Built for gladiatorial fights and mock sea battles. Belief of the day it falls and the apocalypse starts. Over 80 entrances and space for 50,000 people. 500,000 people and 1 million wild animals killed in beast games. Last fight occurred in 435 A.D 8. Pre-Colombian City Skull Platform Sacred Cenote 9. Abandoned for a century. Face shape. Found in 1875. Never can be sure of people who lived there.