2015 Pitchers & Catchers

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  • Pitchers and catchers reporting means that spring is just around the corner! The Factory Direct Group is bringing you some great genetic packages, bred females, and breed changing bulls that will quickly make an impact on all your operations.

    These young productive females will deliver you a calf on or shortly after sale day. The bulls are ready to turn out. The cows are ready to flush. The eggs are ready to implant. The semen is ready to service cows.

    Again we would like to thank the men of Alpha Gamma Rho for their continued tradition of hosting one of the greatest jackpot shows in the Midwest. This gives us an opportunity to showcase another set of cattle and genetics to a great cattle crowd.

    Please contact any representatives from Knapper Cattle Co., Gamble Angus, Ward Bros. Livestock, Sennett Cattle, and Horstman Cattle Co. We look forward to seeing old and new customers on Valentines Day. What better way to thank that special someone!

    SALE REPRESENTATIVESThomas Carper, Auctioneer 540.336.2737Jeremy Haag, Angus Hall of Fame 816.516.1309Kent Jaecke, Focus Marketing Group 405.408.2440Dave Mullins, Special Assignment 317.503.2798Brian Defreese, Consultant, ASA Board Member 765.491.7421Joe Seale, Consultant 936.261.2980

    Jeremy Haag 816.516.1309

    Insurance available throughAmerican Live Stock Inc.Jame Secondino-Krieger812.208.0956

    All cattle can be loaded immediately after the show and MUST be off the fairgrounds by 3 pm. Arrangements can be made to pick up cattle at Horstman Cattle Co, or Sennett Cattle if you cannot pick up your purchases immediately.

    Trucking to central locations can be arranged. Lafayette provides access to most major hotel chains.

    LIABILITYAll persons attending the sale do so at their own risk and assume responsibility for any accidents.

    HERD HEALTHAll cattle will be accompanied by certificates of health for immediate transport.

    Please discuss vaccination programs with each marketing partner.

    VIDEOSVideos will be available February 1st, 2015 at wwwhorstmancattle.com as well as the websites and Facebook pages of

    various marketing partners.

    GUARANTEEAll females have been diagnosed pregnant. In the event that sexed semen was used for service we cannot guarantee the sex of the

    resulting calf. We can only guarantee that sexed semen was indeed used in the service.

    All sale videos and catalog designwere proudly done by Focus Marketing Group, Inc., www.focusmarketinggroup.net

    PITCHERS & CATCHERS SALE :: SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 2015to be held in conjunction with the Purdue AGR Preview Show in Lafayette, Indiana

    MARKETING PARTNERSLarry Horstman, DVM Joe Horstman, Horstman Cattle Company 765.426.0426Randy Martin, Horstman Cattle Company 765.412.3660Lance Sennett, Sennett Cattle 765.366.4894Lydell Meier, Gamble Angus 865.806.0350Drew McGurk, Knapper Cattle 765.585.0696Neal Grogan, Knapper Cattle 765.413.4829Jack Ward, Ward Bros Livestock 816.261.2980

    Visit www.dvauction.com to sign up to bid online sale day. Please register in advance.

  • Lot 1 LAH Emperor 413BDOB :: February 1, 2014 :: AN

    BC Lookout 7024 x LAH Famous Empress 415BW :: 94 lbs

    Selling 100% possession and 75% semen revenue.

    415s worst ones are good, her best ones are great. It is not often in the state of Indiana you have people asking you to please buy your bull. LAH Emperor 413B has been doted on all summer and fall by all that have stopped to look. Price him is the last thing they say before leaving the farm or talking on the telephone. This bull has been held back just for this young and special event. LAH Emperor 413B is going to help the legacy of his amazing mother 415.

    LAH Emperor 413B was himself named the Winter Bull Calf Champion of the 2014 NAILE ROV Angus Show. His maternal sister, LAH Empress 433B was Reserve Division 1 at the NAILE SimSolution show. His dam had a piece of two VERY competitive divisions in two different breeds and another sister, LAH Empress 459B, helped draw a crowd in the stalls as all three were proudly displayed with the 415 dam sign hanging above, cow fans took notice of what we have already known.

    415 produced in excess of $100,000 of revenue and we finally have some depth to retain some daughters.The final chapter has not yet been written on this elite cow.

    LAH Emperor 413B is himself a very impressive animal. His balance of power and look make him a standout sire. His substance, softness, width, are well complimented by a fresh look and a great hair coat, not to mention a disposition that makes this bull a fun one to take on the road.

    LAH Emperor 413B is no accident as he is sired by the breed leader BC Lookout 7024 who needs no introduction. But his famous dam traces back to the DF Empress 6079 twice! 6079 was the first two million dollar producer in the Angus breed.

    We look forward to finding out who his next owner will be and how this bull can enhance an already great program put one on the map.

    LAH Famous Empress 415 :: Dam to Lot 1 LAH Empress 307A :: $27,000 full sister to Lot 1

    LAH Empress 433B :: $9,200 maternal sister to Lot 1Reserve Division 1, NAILE SimSolution Show

    LAH Empress 005X :: Maternal Sib to Lot 14th Overall SimSolution 2011 Jr Nationals

    LAH Empress 116:: Granddam to Lot 1traces back to DF Empress 6079 on both sides of pedigree

    AAA# 17838547Marketing Partner: Horstman Cattle Company

    LAH Emperor 413B :: Lot 1

  • Lot 2 KNA Sue B410DOB :: January 16, 2014 :: 1/2 SM 1/2 AN

    LAH Sue 604S x NES Suzy 102BW :: 77 lbs

    Selling 100% possession and 75% semen revenue.

    KNA Sue B410 is an outstanding SimAngus herd bull that will add consistency, look, balance, substance, power and maternal traits to any herd. He himself is now a former herd sire display bull at the 2015 NWSS and is sired by a former herd sire display bull, LAH Sue 604S, who was himself a champion, winning the bull show at the Indiana State Fair as a calf. 604S later went on to be one of the featured attractions of the 2007 NAILE Select Simmental Sale and made his way to Canada where he has had a lasting impact on Ron Stewarts herd.

    LAH Sue 604S is known for siring consistent cattle that make very productive females, while not sacrificing that look or power. His most famous daughter, LAH Empress 005X was Reserve Division 1 Female at the 2010 NAILE SimSolution Show, Reserve Grand Female at the 2011 Missouri AGR, and 4th overall at the 2011 Simmental Jr. Nationals. She is now a featured donor for Jason Minnaert.

    LAH Emperor 208Z is a fraternal sib and was Reserve Divosopm 1 Bull at the 2012 NAILE SimSolution Show and the Reserve Division 1 Bull at the 2013 NWSS. 208Z was is a standing herd sire at Knapper Cattle and part of the reason we have made KNA Sue B410 available for public auction.

    LAH Sue 604S has been a go to AI sire at Knapper Cattle and his progeny are a big part of the cow base at Horstman Cattle Co.

    KNA Sue B410 has a very productive, feminine, and roomy mother that is the keeping kind of Angus cow sired by Grubbs Precision 1680-714. There is maternal greatness bred generations deep on both sides of this stacked pedigree. Selling 100% possession and 75% semen revenue.

    ASA# 2869914 Marketing Partner: Knapper Cattle Company

    LAH Sue 604S :: Sire to Lot 2

    LAH Empress 005X :: Fraternal Sib to Lot 2

    Shawnee Miss 145P :: Granddam to Lot 2

    LAH Emperor 208Z :: Fraternal Sib to Lot 2

  • Lot 3 Gambles Shadoe 3117DOB :: March 5, 2007 :: AN

    Gambles Hot Rod x Gambles Miss LR Shadoe

    Here is an unheard of opportunity to flush a proven cow from a royal cow family. This donor recently commanded $50,000 in the Gamble Dispersal Sale. 3117 is the full sister to Gambles Shadoe 988, the only two time NAILE Grand Champion Female in 2005 and 2006.

    Her daughter, Gambles Shadoe 2052, was the $19,000 selection of Weaver family and was later selected Reserve Division VI at the NJAS, 2013 Grand Female of the Pennsylvania Angus Breeders Show, 2013 Owned Reserve Early Jr Champion at Eastern Regionals, Reserve Early Spring Heifer Calf Champion at the Atlantic National and the 2012 Owned Reserve Early Jr Champion at the MAJAC.

    Another daughter, Gambles SS Shadoe 9010, was the $46,000 valued female for Cedar Creek Farms. 9010 went on to be named the Supreme Champion Female of the 2012 Southern National, the Reserve Senior Champion at the All-American Angus Breeders Futurity and the Reserve Heifer Calf Champion at the 2012 Atlantic National.

    AAA# 15765169Marketing Partner: Knapper Cattle CompanyHorstman Cattle Co.Gamble Angus

    Right to Flush

    Terms: Seller guarantees a minimum of six transferable embryos with a cap of ten to the bull of your choice. Flush work is to be done at Horstman Bovine Reproduction Service with the semen and flush cost being the responsibility of the buyer. Upon the use of sexed semen all guarantees are cut in half. Cow is open and ready to flush.

    Gambles Shadoe 3117

    ELITE FEMALE SALESecond Sunday in October

    Mark your calendars for the

  • Lot 4 Gambles Lady 4010DOB :: April 2, 2010 :: AN

    Northern Improvement 4480 GF x Gambles Lady 3016

    This female commanded $31,000 as a feature female in the 2010 Gamble Angus Sale, her dam Gambles Lady 3016 was the Lot 1 $49,000 lead off female in the Gamble Angus Dispersion as an eight year old. Her maternal sister Gambles Lady 2021 was the $50,000 selection by ZWT Angus, she was a many time champion for Colleen Jones. 4010 is a recent addition to the donor pen at Sennett Cattle and we have big plans for this powerhouse Angus female. She is the only Northern Improvement female in existence out of the legendary Lady 3016, who is a direct daught