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  • 1. 1. Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but onethread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do toourselves. All things are boundtogether. All things are connected. Chief Seattle

2. DREAMS: A popular topic for children duringGK2 Morning MeetingAugust 2012 Riley I had a dream. I loved my dream. I had a dream, then there was a place and then I did a show for everybody. Then I disappeared into the bed and I was home. I loved that dream! It was a fun dream because I loved it so much! Isaac Last night, I dreamed that I was already inside a clock and a flower. I imagined that. Tae My dream was about the police that came and locked me in jail. It looked like a rectangle. 3. * 4. *RILEY It looks like a star.ISAAC It looks like a bee flower.BENNOAH It looks like a bee house.*JACOB Its a spider web. It looks like it has a spider on it. SADIE It looks like a spider web house. 5. * September 2012 TAE When I was dreaming, I was shooting somebody and then the police came and put me in jailwith my mommy. And, I did not have a dream catcher. ISAAC I was on a plane and the plane got shot. Ilanded on a flag and the flag broke and I imagined that Idied. I fell from the tree and it broke. So, I landed on a trampoline and bonked up to space and landed in an alien bucket. I met the aliens and they were kind of silly. JACOB When I was sleeping I dreamed about a ship and going down a water slide. And, I got scaredand the ship was sinking and I got pushed up by water. Isank and I could not swim on top.BENNOAH I had a dream about water and lots of fish. There was an Oar Fish, and I had a dreamcatcher. It did not get caught in the catcher. It is agood and bad dream. 6. * 7. LEGEND OF THE DREAM CATCHER* 8. Rileys list of materials 9. **Feathers*Beads*Pipe cleaners*Yarn*String*Shells & bells*Twigs*Bells*Netting*Tape 10. * 11. * 12. *Darrell teaches us the important aspects the Native American culture and the legends behind dream catchers.* 13. * 14. * 15. Sadie is looking at the netting for hercatcherSadie is holding her pipe cleaner circle * 16. * 17. * 18. * 19. * 20. December 2012* 21. ** 22. * 23. * 24. * 25. * 26. * 27. * 28. * 29. * 30. * 31. * 32. * 33. ** The project is still open.GK2 is currently finished with their Dream Catchers and have taken them home* Aidan and Brooks from GK3 have completed their catchers and they are on display in GK2* Moshe gives us a new Dream Catcher book called Dream Catcher* The Dream Catcher project was initially open during Facilitated Learning Time, but we have now opened it up to students during Exploration Time in the morning* Children who have not yet designed or started working on their own catchers will be invited to come in and begin creating a catcher* *** Side note: Riley informed us his catcher really did not work because he had a bad dream. Discussions ensued and we sent home new materials for all children who wished to add on to their catchers*PUT GOOD THOUGHTS INTO EACH CATCHER. 34. Catcher DesignsOn the Wall Alexander (GK1)Herschel (GK1)Ellie (GK1)Kaden (GK1)Roxie (GK1)Zach (GK3)-----------------------------Catchers in Progress Everett (GK1)Ariella (GK1)Noe (GK1)Marina (GK3)* 35. *Organizing and making lists for materialsSorting and classifying materials by categoriesPre-planning with initial design creationsCreative and artistic expressionFine motor skills with stringing beads, bells, shells, feathers, cutting yarn,weaving, making knotsRespect for different cultures, customs, history, and belief systemsNature and elements of Mother EarthMathematical understanding of how many items - in what order measuringyarn lengthsEye-hand coordination while stringing and weaving yarn and small itemsPatterns with beads and colors and sequencing of beadsRespect for others with opportunity to be helpers and volunteersCommunity building within the 3 Gan Katan rooms and JCC with DarrellIdea of Peaceful and Quiet work time TO BELIEVE.. 36. *Pleasant Dreams to you all fromGK2*