Dream Catchers

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Literary magazine of creative writing created by students in Jona Ghose's 2011 class at Union Public Schools in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


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    Dream Catchers

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    Dream Catchers

    Dream Catchers An Anthology

    Written by: Union Creative Writing Students


    Jona Ghose


    Shelby Stillwell

    Jennifer Nygren

    Aneesh Shukla


    Lauren Price


    Shae Eleshy

    Yasmine ElBaitari

    Contributing Artists

    Christine Cordova

    Alina Popova

    Janie Staires

    A Special Thanks to our corporate and private sponsors

    Wells Fargo Advisors, Mark Welty, Harrel Eyecare, Dr. Pragna

    Suthar, Omni Pharmacy, and Mr. and Mrs. Shukla

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    Dream Catchers

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    Dream Catchers

    Words from the Editors

    So, when we all first came into the Creative Writing Class in August, we were all a bunch of misfits. A poetry notebook, two childrens stories, a novel, six short stories, a one act play, a research project, a Shakespeare competition, random movie assignments, and plentiful coffee houses later, we became a family? Okay, so were a dysfunctional and completely insane family, but thats beside the point. Or maybe it is the point. Only a dysfunctional and completely insane family could take a serious and isolated class and turn it into a daily celebration of our oddities.

    However, none of this could be possible without the amazing Mrs. Ghose. Though she throws us the occasional disbelieving look and openly acknowledges our strange conversations, she still passes it all off as a part of the creative genius. Somewhere between a blow-off class and the class we all think we should get six points for taking, Creative Writing keeps us on our toeswritingnon-stop...Thank you for that Mrs. Ghose (that might be sarcasm now, but someday thatll be genuine gratitude).

    Now, Mr. Ghose, if you happen to ever read this, then know that though none of us have actually had the pleasure of meeting you, we still feel as though we have. And yes, you are right, Mrs. Ghose would make a wonderful used car salesman, but yet we are thankful that she missed that incredible calling and accepted her role as the mere Union High School Creative Writing teacher.

    Through the year, our family has fluctuated. Many have comemany have gone. Yet, at the end we still find ourselves an odd bunch consisting of the ferret, the photographer, the chill one, the mama, the unpredictable artist, the one who feels pretty, the foundation, the philosophical one, the ghost hunter, the Swedish fairy princess shepherd, the one with cool shoes, the soldier, the flirt, the heart, the sheltered one, the lovable rebel, the one with a thousand expressions, and the puppet master. Clearly, were all exceptionally unique, but we share the privilege of calling ourselves

    Dream Catchers.

    With Love,

    The Editors: Aneesh, Jenny, and Shelby

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    Dream Catchers

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    Dream Catchers

    Table of Contents

    Course Description....6

    Poetry Section...7-34 Where I am From .............8 DM of the Clay Effigy..............9 Thrushborough Way.10 Teapot.......11 Haiku Party12-13 Me and My Sheep.14 The Country..14 Amber Flower...15 Skins..15 The Best Boyfriend...16 Midnight....16 Faery Voyager...16 Forgive Me, Father!...................17 Sonnet 2.....17 Earth..18 Little Bitty Blonde.............18 Untitled Elegies.............19 Time Traveler....20 Beep__Beep__...21 A Gods View.22 Stormy Day.22 Night...............23 Untitled Monologue....23 Awakening..24 My Baby, My.24 The Sun...............25 Mountain Streams...............25

    Tree Concrete Poem...............26 Smoke fills the air...26 Moksha27 There Will Come a Day..28 Such a funny word..28 Used to Be...29 The Arms of Another..29 Remarkable Centenary30 Little White Sheep..31 Down the old dusty road.31 Emily Baylor...32 The songs of the birds.....33 Closed..33 A Truckload of Bread..34

    Prose Section.35-50 Its Betsy!.....36-37 Chain Reaction.....38-39 6:45...40-41 Best Friends..42-43 In the Forest of Love.44 The MIS Man...44-46 For the Dream Catchers...47-50

    Array of Authors.55-56

    Index by Author..56

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    Dream Catchers

    Course Description

    Creative Writing is an elective course; not a substitute for a required English course. This class is for students who are passionate about writing and plan to

    write in the future for profit or pleasure. Students will explore a variety of

    writing modes and situations; identify their personal writing likes as well as


    Units of study will include poetry, childrens literature, newspapers, short stories, novels as well as writing one-act plays. Students will be given

    grounding in the structure and techniques of writing so that their creative

    efforts are credible. Union Intermediate High School & Union High School 2010-2011 Course Offerings, p 27.

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    Dream Catchers

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    Dream Catchers

    Where I am From- Understanding the Insanity of Me

    I am from death,slaugher, and destruction, but from life, love ,and leniency. I am from Tulsa, a city of rain and steel, From Rotc and Union, the best of the best. From peace and war I came,

    from pain and suffering. I came from hope and salvation,-

    mercy, and grace. From Christie and Kevin my mom and dad,

    From Felicia and Shannon my friends till the end. I am from everything, but from nothing

    I am all yet none. I am from the fields of battle and peace the slums and the cornucopias of life I am from the realm of Camelot and from Mt. Doom. I am alive and well

    --Cameron Coats

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    Dream Catchers

    Dramatic Monologue of the Clay Effigy A new companion? That should be nice, Perhaps you can provide me with some amusement. Ive been here for a while now. Here I sit Forever on this shelf. Im supposed to resemble his sleep faerie, But Ive never even slept, My clay eyes forever open. I gaze into the night, the mirror behind me, The phantoms flying out around me, disorienting. I remain stoic, sitting. Im in sight of the others, Envoys from Egypt and Zambia. Id like to say theyre mocking me, But they simply dont have the interest. The Thinking Man, ever absorbed in his thoughts, Stares in my direction but sees only inward. And Anubis- Oh, how I envy him! Anubis, the guide of souls Surely he can guide the child to sleep. All kinds of trinkets lurk in the insomniacs room A dream catcher, which hes had since childhood. A picture of a unicorn, his horn against a maidens head, Giving her the purest dreams. What good am I here? Sitting But, I find my amusements. Sometimes the child sets books near me. Look, the Book of Enoch! Yes, I find my amusement. But, ultimately, here I am, sitting. Sitting. Sitting.

    --David Mahaffey

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    Dream Catchers


    Trudge down the trodden path of Thrushborough Way, To enter into the unknown woods, Of written lore and madmens tales, So perhaps the Earth will take your pain away. Release your soul to the trees hands, Give your heart to the meadows flowers, And trust youll take them if you leave, For many are known to stay a while. Listen to the wise owls truths, Take heed of the wolfs piercing cry, Know that the Earth works in strange ways, And try to live until tomorrow. Wander into Gales meadow at midnights passing, With weary steps and watchful eyes, To avoid disturbing any creatures, Brushing the tips of flowers as you pass by. Observe the moons eerie glow, From the center of the frozen plain, Dont dare to move for a few hours, For fear of ruining natures balance. Reflect upon the years gone past, Of pain and anguish, of joy and glee, Purify yourself through natures paths, Ridding your mind and body of petty ailments. As beams of light break through the nights mask, Return to the forests edge with light steps, To retrieve your now pure heart and soul, And depart from Thrushborough Way. Allow the dawns warmth to coat your skin, Revel in the new days glory, But rush home to begin a new journey, To begin a new life.

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    Dream Catchers

    Allow the dawns warmth to coat your skin, Revel in the new days glory, rush home to begin a new journey, To begin a new life.

    --Shelby Stillwell

    --Yasmine ElBaitari

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    Dream Catchers

    Peace Warm sun on my face Music floating in my mind Im at peace at last --Kali

    Fires burn deep inside Her heart is throbbing for him His love is fading --Rebekah

    Leaves Yellow, orange, green Falling down from naked trees Autumn has come by --Pa Na

    Shiny Striking Star The bold star shines bright. It shines brighter than the rest. Wish upon the star. --ShaBrea

    Beauty beholds you Blossoms on trees make no match True beauty prevails --Jenny

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    Dream Catchers

    I sadly recall How everything changed the day I first held your hand. --Melissa

    Relentless Time There, the sands of time, They flow along, with such ease, Ripping them apart. --T.J.

    The slow breeze begins It rustles through the red leaves Autumn is now here --Jenny

    Driving Small bird tries to lead the flock of migrating geese. Is this who I am? --Shelby

    Like the lonely tree, A preview of tomorrow, I stand quite alone. --Aneesh

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    Dream Catchers

    Me and My Sheep

    My absolute favorite place to be, Is not somewhere under the sea,

    It is not at my grandparents house, But it is somewhere you can find a mouse.

    My favorite place to be is alone with my sheep. There are too many to keep,

    But I lo