2015 Annual Volunteer Education Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare

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2015 Annual Volunteer Education Gillette Childrens Specialty Healthcare Slide 2 Annual Education Annual education is required for all volunteers at Gillette in order to be up to date with safety, customer service and Gillette guidelines. Please read the following information and contact us with any questions Paula 651/229-3937 Nancy 651/578-5004 There is a link on the last page to a quick on-line quiz. Submitting the quiz verifies that you have completed this required education. Thank you! Slide 3 N EW T HIS Y EAR ! V OLUNTEER H ANDBOOK ! How exciting is this! A Volunteer Handbook is now available to you 24-7 on the Gillette website Go to gillettechildrens.org click on Giving, Volunteer, Volunteer Orientation This handbook is intended to provide a summary of and to acquaint you with Gillette Volunteer Services policies, guidelines and general information. Please read the handbook as soon as possible and refer back to it often for additional information. The quiz you take at the end of this education will verify that you know about the handbook and how to access it. Slide 4 Patient & Family Confidentiality The hospital is required by law and medical ethics to protect the privacy of patients. Because of this responsibility to our patients, volunteers as well as paid staff must keep all information seen and heard at the hospital confidential. Specific information about patients and families is NOT to be discussed with anyone except hospital staff, and then only in a confidential setting Slide 5 HIPAA Law The HIPAA Law is a federal and state regulation that protects and ensures the confidentiality of patient/family information. Protected health information includes medical reports, doctors reports, billing claims, notes, phone conversations, etc. All such information must remain private and confidential. REMEMBER: What you see, hear, or talk about at the hospital, STAYS IN THE HOSPITAL! Slide 6 C OMPLIANCE C ONCERNS What to report? If you have concerns about: Improper billing Unethical behavior Confidentiality concerns Falsifying information Inappropriate care of patients or equipment Bribes Conflicts of interest Questions/How to Report: Call Gillette Quality Improvement Resources Dept at 651/229-1732 Call Compliance Hotline: 800/826-6762 Calls accepted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Retaliation is prohibited by law when you report concerns in good faith. Slide 7 Infection Control Hand Washing Hand washing should be done when you arrive for volunteering, before and after meals or breaks, after using the restroom, before you leave for the day and after any contact with patients or patient articles. Soap and water, as well as waterless hand sanitizers, are both acceptable methods for hand washing. Slide 8 Infection Control Patient Safety Precautions Special safety precautions may be needed for some patients with special medical conditions. These patient rooms will be identified by Precaution Signs. Precaution Signs are posted on the room door or next to the door. A cart sits by the door with required supplies for entering the room: gloves, masks, gowns, etc. Volunteers do not enter these rooms without first getting permission and instructions from staff. A special Isolation sign is required when a patient has a contagious condition. Slide 9 Volunteer Guidelines Smoking Not allowed in the hospital or on hospital grounds. Photos Patient photos may not be taken with any personal equipment including cell phones. Cell Phones May be used in public areas of the hospital (waiting rooms, Ginkgo coffee shop, skyway, Volunteer Office). May not be taken onto nursing units or in clinics. Leave your phone in a locker in the office when volunteering. And PLEASE turn it off or on silent! Slide 10 Volunteer Guidelines Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.). If you post items remember: Write your comments in first person making it clear you are speaking for yourself, not Gillette. It is OK to share public news about Gillette but do not discuss patients, services, or vendors whether confidential or not. Follow all Gillette policies regarding patient privacy, HIPAA, photo images, confidentiality agreement. You can be held responsible if your comments are considered defamatory, obscene, insulting, racist or proprietary by any offended party, including Gillette. Slide 11 Volunteer Guidelines Dress Code Reminder Shoes & SOCKS must be worn when you interact with patients. Required in all waiting rooms, Health Resources & Education, Imaging, Rehab, anyone who goes onto the nursing units. (PlayDate volunteers) Shoes should be closed-toe and comfortable. If you are in an office with no patient interaction (ex: QI, Finance) you may wear open-toe shoes and are not required to wear socks. Check with your department contact first. Wear your ID badge at all times. Slide 12 Volunteer Guidelines Dress Code Reminder Nice pants are great. No blue jeans, shorts, scrubs. Longer capris are fine. T-shirts with no writing or logos are fine. Nice shirts or sweaters are good. No hoodies please. Please tie longer hair back while volunteering. Please do not wear dangling earrings or necklaces. Please do not wear perfumes, colognes, or scented lotions Gillette is a fragrance-free zone. Note: Evening/Weekend volunteers: Remember NO BLUE JEANS ! Slide 13 Emergency Codes (overhead paging) Please follow these guidelines until the All Clear is announced. Long Grass Fire Alarm announced with chimes and flashing lights. Location of fire is announced and fire doors close on that floor and floors above and below. Blue Alert Bomb Threat. Proceed with normal activity, staff will search immediate area. Code 2 Cardiac or Respiratory Arrest/Medical Emergency. Patient room number/location is announced. Move out of the way of responding staff. To announce a Code 2 call 254-3343 (number is on a sticker on every phone). Stay with patient until team arrives. Slide 14 Emergency Codes (overhead paging) Orange Alert Major Disaster in community. Report to Volunteer Office or your department for instruction. Code Stork Infant or child abduction. Proceed with normal activity, staff will monitor exits. Code Yellow Security alert and lockdown. Stay in your area, move throughout hospital with another person, do not enter elevator or stairwells alone. Tornado or Severe Weather Alert Move away from windows to safe area as directed by staff. Slide 15 Please click on this link to complete your Annual Education on- line quiz: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/2013AnnualVolunteerEdu cation Contact us at 651/229-3937 or 651/578-5004 if you have problems or questions with the survey link. And you are done! Thank you for completing the 2013 Annual Volunteer Education! Paula & Nancy


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