2014 Alaska SHARE Campaign. 2014 Goal Website AlaskaSHARE.org  Pledge online  Get charity codes  Contact campaign staff

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Text of 2014 Alaska SHARE Campaign. 2014 Goal Website AlaskaSHARE.org  Pledge online  Get charity...

Combined Federal Campaign South Central Alaska Coordinator Orientation

2014 Alaska SHARE Campaign

1 2014 Goal$415,0002 WebsiteAlaskaSHARE.org Pledge online Get charity codes Contact campaign staff3E-Pledging Returning online donors Encourage them to confirm profile & make a 2014 pledge; do not create an additional account New users create an account Returning donors must update pre-existing profile and new must create an account in order to participate in the drawing no pledge needed

Five Steps to a Successful Campaign

Believe in the CauseMake your gift firstEducate othersASK for contributionsGive THANKS to ALL!Make it FUN5Believe in your Cause

The more you know about SHARE, the more effective you will be when you invite people to participate.6MAKEYOURGIFTMake your own gift first. Thisshows you believe in thecause, and it will be easier to inviteothers to participate in SHARE.

7Educate OthersMany state employees arent familiar with SHARE or mayknow very little about the campaign. It is your job to make sure allemployees have the informed opportunity to give.


ASK Others to Contribute Personalize your comments Advertise payroll deduction Ask for a contribution Remember No is okay9Ways to Accept No GracefullyThank them for listening

Thank them for what they are able to give, whether it is through SHARE or not (ex. they may volunteer at a soup kitchen on the weekends, or sit on the Board at a local animal shelter)

Remember, they are not saying no to YOU so it is important to not take it personally

Give Thanks to ALL!

11Food For ThoughtThe last 3 campaigns raised slightly more than $400,000 If we increase participation to 10% of the workforce and multiply by the average gift of $416 thats $659,693!12For just over $17 per pay period (24 pay periods) you could make a pledge of $416. That equates to about 3 large coffee drinks at your favorite coffee shop every pay period, one dinner out with friends or one movie and a drink at the movie theatre.

Pledge FormEnvelopes

Giving Levels$199-499 Pledge ~ Sports Water Bottle

$500-999 Pledge ~ Lunch to Go Kit

16$1,000 and Above Pledge Todd Salat print The Legend

Mail completed envelopes and gift requests to:SHARE Campaign-Paula PawlowskiServe Alaska550 West 7th Avenue, Suite 1770Anchorage, AK 99501

For questions regarding the campaign contact:Paula Pawlowski 269-6720; paula.pawlowski@alaska.gov

For questions regarding e-pledging contact:Barbara Dreyer 263-3834; bdreyer@ak.org


We appreciate your efforts to help make SHARE 2014 a success!19