2013 twitter for librarians and teachers

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<ul><li> 1. Twitter: the Who, the How, and the WhyBy Beth Redford @bethredfordDynamic Landscapes ConferenceMay 17, 2013</li></ul> <p> 2. Twitter is the serviceTweet is a nounand a verbUsername ex. @bethredfordVocabulary 3. Jennifer Malphy@jmalphyIm the Library MediaSpecialist and DistrictTechnology Coordinator forKickapoo Area Schools inViola, WI. Im a wife andmother to two little boys. 4. Planning for Summer Checkouts pic.twitter.com**reconstructed Tweet couldnt find the original! BRphoto courtesy of Jennifer Malphy 5. Amy works in Virginia 6. Robin works in Ohio 7. Kim works in Massachusetts 8. Map image by user:Theshibboleth on Wikipedia.com, retrieved 5/7/2012Used under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license 9. Twitter is:A microblogging serviceThe worlds biggest, most up to dateannotated bibliography!A place to share information 10. ConnectionsFor collaborative projectsAsk questions, make requests 11. Grade Four Students Become Vermont Experts 12. FavoritesUse them to collect resourcesCan automatically save to Diigo 13. Hashtags and Chats# makes it searchable#tlchat, #VSLA all dayhttp://cybraryman.com/chats.html#edchat - Tuesdays noon and 7 pm 14. Other Usesschool or library Twitter accounts@resvt@RESVTlibraryClassroom Twitter accounts@hajdunhomeroom@vermontkkids123 15. Tips for Signing UpUsername helpful if it relates to yourreal name, also if its shortPut in a (real) picture and descriptionwhen you get a chance 16. Signup Steps Install Twitter app or go to twitter.com Sign up! Short username, real name, and realpic if possible Search and Follow @bethredford Find @bethredfords Lists Find BethEducatorsToFollow orBethLibrariansToFollow Read the Tweets, Follow the people who lookinterestingTwitter bird image from https://twitter.com/logo 17. BethEducatorsToFollow 18. BethLibrariansToFollow</p>