PLNs & Twitter for Teacher Librarians

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How do modern teacher librarians beat the isolation problem and connect with their own unique PLN? TLs explore Twitter as they begin to explore social media tools to enhance their professional learning.

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  • 1. Theres something in the air;its called wi-fi,and it containsthe sum of allhuman knowledge.--Steve Jobs, 2008Flickr CC Image by Brandon Watts: By NC SA 2.0

2. Teacher Librarians Enhancing TheirProfessional Practice Through TwitterandOther Online Learning Communitiesa presentation byJamie Camp, MLS andGrace Erkman, MLSOctober 11, 2014This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. 3. Our role as librarians isdifferent from that ofclassroom teachers.Teachers deal with readinglevel and test scores and otherimmediate goals andobjectives.Librarians deal with selectionand inclusion, access toinformation and ideas. Morecentral to our role is thedevelopment of very long-termgoals such as creatinglife-long learners and habitualleisure readers.--Blanch Woolls, The School Library Media Manager, 1999Flickr CC Image by Duane Schoon: By NC SA 2.0 4. (Professional) PersonalLearningNetworkFlickr CC Images (By:NC:SA) by ChrisInPlymouthWhos in Your 5. Todd Nesloney on PLNsAudio fileclick hereplay this thru 45:10Todds Twitter How-Tofrom his Summer Learning Serieshttp://toddnesloney.comFlickr CC Images (By:NC:SA) by ChrisInPlymouth 6. JoinTwitter! Bio Photo* ~ Flickr CC Image by Frederick Hermann: By NC SA 2.0 7. Link it toHootsuite!Tweetdeckis another optionfor home! Flickr CC Image by Frederick Hermann: By NC SA 2.0 8. Try Twitter for 2 Weeks!5 -- 3 --15:Follow 5 activeeducators (new to you)3:1:Follow 3 #hashtagsFollow 1 educationchat or chat archiveFlickr CC Image by Frederick Hermann: By NC SA 2.0 9. 5 EducatorsKlein Librarians@connect2jamie@GraceErkman@queenblibrarian@nmitchell_15@melissaburon@chilinwithabook@bookvvyrm (Christin Banes)@slgreen3@khollier1@tracyjh33@hvolkman1Teacher-Librarians@joycevalenza@drmaryannbell@technolibrary@jenniferlagarde@NikkiDRobertson@librarian_tiff@mrs_hembree@sue_fitz@edneylib@ProfessorNana@BlueSkunkBlogEducators@TechNinjaTodd@cybraryman1@craigyen@jkdncn@suewaters@coolcatteacher@stevehargadon@DianeRavitch@PGeorge 10. 3 Hashtags#TLChat#TxLChat#TLVirtualCafe#TLNewsNight#Lib2014#TLElemCheck out cybrarymans list of hashtags for educatorsTop Twitter Hashtags for Librariansthis post includes info for alltypes of librarians, not just TLs. 11. Take part in1 Chat#txlchat: every Tuesday at 8pm! If you cant make a live chat, the #txlchat archive is here: Site (Jerry Blumengarten) is THE place to go! a comprehensive list: 12. I tried,I liked,I shared.Flickr CC Image by Niklas Wikstrom: By NC 13. Use a sticky note to tell us what else you want toknow about using Twitter to enhance yourprofessional learning.Then take a break!Flickr CC Image by Wirawat Lian-udom: By NC SA 2.0 14. Need more info? Jerry Blumengarten is a wealth of knowledge about EVERYTHING education! Spend sometime exploring his web siteyou will learn a lot! Alec Couros on Twitter as a force for personal/professional learning: Matt B. Gomez has a great presentation: Twitter 101 For a more in-depth and all-encompassing tutorial, try out: Here are my bookmarks about using Twitter: 15. Other Online Communitiesto Enhance Your PLNTeacher Librarian Virtual Caf:http://tlvirtualcafe.wikispaces.comTL News Night: this is part of TL Virtual Cafgo thereLibrary 2.014: http://library20.comClassroom 2.0 LIVE!: 16. ResourcesAll images/audio/video used in this presentation are licensed under a Creative Commons license, as indicated.ChrisinPlymouthAudio clip: EdGeekCast Episode 11Brandon WattsFrederick HermannWirawat Lian-udomDuane SchoonNiklas WikstromCatherine CroninVideo clip: SLS-Twitter by Todd NesloneyWoolls, Blanche. The School Library MediaManager. 2nd ed. Englewood, CO:Libraries Unlimited, 1999. Print.